Country Spotlight: Little Big Town

February 9, 2011 at 3:52 pm , by

promoWhat’s better than getting one of those fancy giveaway bags that they’ll be handing out at this Sunday’s Grammy awards? In our humble opinion here at LHJ, it’s having nominees Little Big Town visit your office and strip down three songs off their latest CD, The Reason Why. We were beyond thrilled that the band—Kimberly SchlapmanJimi Westbrook, Karen Fairchild and Phillip Sweet—could join us, as they were also busy rehearsing for their high-octane performance of “Little White Church” with the Roots on last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Still, they poured their hearts and soul into their acoustic takes on “You Can’t Have Everything,” “All the Way Down” and “Lean Into It,” which still has staffers stopping me in the kitchen and saying how much they were moved by the song about gritting your teeth, taking your licks and facing adversity head on.

“We were writing the record and we were talking about this great journey that we’ve had as a band,” Fairchild told us about the creative process behind “Lean Into It”, “and how much perseverance it takes just to do the things that we’ve been able to accomplish. Our producer [Wayne Kirkpatrick] played this beautiful hook and then we started thinking about our families and just what’s going on in the States, with people really struggling. So this is kind of our gift back to our fans, about keeping the faith and pushing through.”

As for the instantly addicting “All the Way Down”? “It was just a lot of fun to write and it’s a lot of fun to sing live because, even if people haven’t heard it, they’re usually singing along by the end of it,” Schlapman reveals, with Fairchild quickly adding, “Especially if they’re drinking at a festival. They think they know it!”

Check out LBT’s upcoming tour dates and if you’re lucky enough to live in a city where they’ll be performing, do make a point of catching them. They do not disappoint out on the road.

In the meantime, here’s hoping “Little White Church” will lead these four down the little red carpet this Sunday and right up onto the Grammy stage to grab the Best Country Performance By A Duo Or Group trophy. And if you’re still in the rooting mood, the band vies to become the Top Vocal Group of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 3.

So what do you think? Does Little Big Town deserve to take home the Grammy this year? Let us know what you think!

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  2. Yes, they SO deserve a grammy. These guys are amazingly talented, love what they do and are sweet people and family people!!! I will be hoping for their grammy. I will also see them 3 times this concert season… lucky me! Gena

  3. I totally agree, Gena. No one does harmony quite like them. And I think the song might clinch it for them, although they’re up against some really tough competition. On a sidenote, very jealous you’ll get to see them three times this year. As of now, they don’t have any NYC area dates on their schedule.

  4. They are the best around. Incredible harmony and they pour their hearts into every performance. They deserve the Grammy and the ACM award also!! Thanks for posting this video and article
    Good luck LBT!!

  5. You’re welcome, Donna. Glad you enjoyed it! Good Lord willing, they’ll take one or both home!

  6. They most definitely deserve to win. They are so incredibly talented, the best out there!!!!

  7. I’ve been following LBT since 2002. I can’t wait to see them walk up on the stage and take their Grammy. Lady who????? watch out!!!

  8. So deserving of this Grammy nomination and if there is the voting Grammy people have any sense at all they should be running up that aisle to pick up the Grammy!!!
    Talented beyond any other performing group or duo!!!

  9. I agree with you, NormaJean. If they do win, though, let’s hope Karen and Kimberly walk up onstage. Did you check out the shoes they have on in our video? Gorgeous, but not sure they’d be suitable for running in! ; )

  10. Big fan of countryt and LBT> I’m NOT a hater but Lady A has not paid their dues in the business, and most of their songs sound the same.