Dishing It: High-Fiber Peanut Butter Bran Muffins

February 10, 2011 at 12:50 pm , by

High Fiber Muffins

Let me guess. You first saw the word peanut butter in this muffin recipe from our February issue and got all excited to make it. But you then saw that the first ingredient was wheat bran and grumbled. I can just hear you now…

I just know wheat bran will be SO hard to find.
OK, so this is might be true, depending on where you live. I went to my local supermarket only to turn up empty-handed, and even Whole Foods had just one option in their bulk grains aisle (which actually turned out to be quite a find, as you’ll see below). However, our trusty food editor Khalil tells me to look more closely next time among the Bob’s Red Mill grains and head to a health food store like GNC for more options.

Sure, but even when I do find it, I’m sure it will be expensive.
The total for my self-serve bag of wheat bran came to a whopping 32 cents, and I had leftovers! What else, I ask you, can you get for 32 cents these days (besides this cancer-fighting, heart-healthy grain!)? Plus, I guarantee you already have the rest of the muffins’ ingredients in your pantry, so you won’t break the bank.

You’ll never use the leftovers, though! What a waste!
How about stirring some into your morning oatmeal? Or adding it as a healthy boost to pancakes? Or – make more muffins!

But… but… WHEAT BRAN??
Stop right there. Try this recipe and I promise you’ll be singing a different tune, and be well on your way toward getting more of that little powerhouse nutrient we here at LHJ keep reminding you to eat (psst – the correct answer is fiber).

Baking these muffins is a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, which is exactly what I did. In a nutshell, you put the wet ingredients in one bowl, the dry in another and stir until combined (I also gave the peanuts a quick spin the food processor to chop them up – but don’t go overboard or you’ll end up with mush!). Totally easy for even the baking-phobic.Honey PeanutsPeanut Butter

Click “read more” below to see how they came out!

Muffin Mix

I did make a couple teensy errors – cracking the egg into the dry ingredients bowl and not using the bigger bowl for the wet ingredients. I managed to avoid a flour dust storm in my kitchen with very slow stirring, but next time will remember to add the dry ingredients slowly to the wet stuff, and not the reverse.  (And yes, that’s a chocolate graham cracker I smeared with some extra peanut butter – I couldn’t resist.) I was reassured that there was no permanent damage to my muffins when the ingredients came together in a thick, chunky batter.

At first glance, I assumed there was way too much batter for 12 muffins, but knew the consistency was a hint that it probably wouldn’t rise very much. “In food editor Tara I trust!,” I thought to myself, and loaded up the baking cups.

Muffins in baking cups

A very accurate 18 minutes later my bountiful muffins were done! They’re peanut-y with a touch of sweetness from the honey, and with all that bran and whole wheat flour packed in I don’t feel like I’m eating empty calories. I’ve been happily toting them to the office for a filling grab-and-go breakfast all week. Might you retire your sugar-loaded blueberry muffin from the bakery and do the same?

Your turn! Find the recipe for these high-fiber peanut butter muffins (and FOUR more muffin recipes) here, or find them in LHJ’s February issue!

Muffins Muffins2

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  1. Nice pics! I’m not crazy about peanut better but this is making me hungry!

  2. Theese muffins look fabulous! Thanks for the info and the pics…I will try to make them soon:)

  3. nice job lauren… i want one now!

  4. Those are some amazing pictures! Can’t wait to try this!

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