Tenley Molzahn Talks Episode 9 of The Bachelor

March 1, 2011 at 3:13 pm , by

Tenley pic“It’s time to take our relationship to the next level…” This is the line often used during the fantasy suite date on The Bachelor, but it doesn’t necessarily mean what you think. The fantasy date is the first time the bachelor and his lady get to spend some time away from the cameras so they can really get to know each other, and I don’t mean that in an intimate way. It’s an opportunity to ask silly questions that wouldn’t make for good TV like, what’s your favorite dessert? Or, where did you go to college? The answers won’t make or break a future, but they do help you feel like you’re getting to know someone a little better.

When I was on the show I was extremely nervous to accept that fantasy suite invite. The whole date I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t sure of what my bachelor’s expectations were and that made me really anxious. I said yes to going to the fantasy suite, but I made sure he knew that I wanted us to use that time to get to know each other while the cameras weren’t around and to catch up on all of the typical first date questions we bypassed. We talked about our childhoods, our friends back at home, our favorite music, books and all that kind of stuff. That would have been a snooze-fest on TV! But of course there is some “smooching” without the cameras around, unless the couple has nothing in common!

So often, the girl chosen at the end of The Bachelor is thought of as the winner, and she is in some ways because hopefully she has “won” true love. But it shouldn’t be so much about competition, it should be more about the compatibility of two people. So last night, who really worked together as a couple behind closed doors? It’s hard to know with all the editing that’s involved, and we didn’t get to see every minute of the dates, but now it’s down to two. Which woman will get him down on one knee?

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  1. Please Tenley go away. I’m sure you are a sweet girl but enough already with tryig to extend you 10 minutes of fame.

  2. Tenley is a sweet girl and if you dont like her then stop reading her blog.
    Tenley! Who do you think its going to be? I have been set on Chantal since the beginning..but after lastnights episode and Brad telling Emily he is falling for her.. im left a bit confused! It could go either way. I will feel terribly bad for the girl going home, because they are both great girls.
    I enjoy reading your blogs Tenley you are such a sweet down to earth girl! =) Big fan!
    -Bailey F

  3. Wow Perez, for someone who just wants Tenley to go away, you actually took the time to click through to this article and respond to her. Believe it or not, you could just ignore her if you aren’t a fan and let those of us who thinks she’s a sweet girl enjoy hearing her thoughts.

    I really think people are being too hard on Brad and Emily. I keep hearing the comment that they don’t have chemistry and are about as fun together as watching wet paint dry. People seem to forget that there are hours and hours and hours of their time together not shown, so what we are seeing on TV doesn’t necessarily reflect how they feel for each other or what their interaction is truly like.

    I like Emily – she’s remained calm and level-headed the whole way through. She hasn’t been part of the drama (not that we’ve seen) and really seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I sense quiet strength in her – she’s extremely sweet, but I can see her being the kind of person who would call Brad out if necessary. I love her and hope she’s the final one.

  4. I was a fan of Tenley’s and then i noticed somethings that made me dislike her, and think she’s a hypocrite. However, I still wish her well, and i like to read what actually happens on the show.
    Perez……..as in Perez Hilton????

  5. I just feel sorry for Kiptyn. She zoomed into him and he is with her for the sex only. No way will he marry her. Who the hell could stand listening to her 24/7. She is like clingon stage 4. Disgusting and super boring and a huge whiner. Can’t wait till she goes away for good.

  6. Great to hear your perspective on last night’s episode Tenley! Jackson n I think Brad is proposing to Emily! He sees the world in her the same way husbands n wives do before, when, n after they exchange vows. We wish both the very best. Both make a cute couple along with Ricki!! Love the safari episode n our little girl enjoys learning all the animals. It was like going to the zoo from our living room. Would have been fun to see Ricki in South Africa!! Much love, Jackson, Cindy, n lil’ Jordyn

  7. Makes no sense to comment poorly on someone’s site who you obviously are following. I believe from all the shows, Tenley, you are the most real one out there. You aren’t afraid to admit you’re a Christian and have a lot of love to give. So happy you found your special one. As for this Bachelor, haven’t watched it this season, lol. Best of blessings~Joy

  8. I don’t think Kiptyn has the same feelings about Tenley that you seem to have. She is one of the most sincere good girls ever on any of the bachelor series. Evidently you know what Kiptyn thinks since you said he was with her just for sex. I assume he told you that. If he didn’t how do you know???? You are a sorry human being with a bad attitude. Instead of Tenley going away I think most people on here wish you would do you ranting elsewhere.

  9. Don’t feel bad for Kiptyn. He likes his women weak. Jobless,buying them a house,and paying their bills for them.He remains in control that way. But hey whatever works.
    My problem with Tenley is she said one thing in front of MILLIONS of viewers, and then turns around and does the things she said she would never do. Used to have tons of respect for Tenley. Then her true colors came shining through. But wish her well just the same.

  10. Again, you rip apart Tenley yet are following her??? My fav band of all times has a lead singer who has gone through more gossip than most. Why do they keep at him? Because he publicly lets them know how much it hurts. Most of it stems from jealousy, as in your case, Tenley. Thanks for keeping it real! Don’t change for anyone! You’re beautiful and your spirit shines brightly! ~Joy