Get-Fit Clicks

March 22, 2011 at 11:29 am , by

* Finally, it’s starting to get nice enough to exercise outside again! FitSugar rounded up great iPod holders so you don’t have to sweat in silence. Love the sleek Nano watchbands from Hex. (FitSugar)

* Looks like lipo isn’t as popular as it used to be: procedures dropped by 43% in the last decade. Breast implant operations, however, are up a voluptuous 39%. (NY Times via Jezebel)

* Thirteen nearly painless ways to cut calories…I can tell you from personal experience that #3 and #5 work really, really well. (Huffington Post)

* Nutritionist Keri Glassman weighs in on the Atkins-esque Dukan diet: “I think it may set people up for intense cravings and overeating.” Agreed—just reading about the rules makes me start daydreaming about Cadbury Crème Eggs. (That’s Fit)

* Speaking of punishing diets, the eating and fitness plan from celeb trainer Tracy Anderson made one reporter black out from hunger. (The Daily Mail)