What’s Cooking with the Deen Brothers?

April 1, 2011 at 4:04 pm , by

Just think of Paula Deen and you can’t help but be in a better mood (though your arteries may beg to differ)… now think of her charming sons, Bobby and Jamie Deen and you’ve got a family anyone would want to be an honorary member of.

Used with permission. © Paula Deen Enterprises, LLC

The same was true of my phone conversation with Bobby and Jamie  yesterday – as I flipped through the pages of their fun new cookbook, The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up (on sale April 19th) and we talked about food, I felt like I was standing around a grill in my flip flops laughing alongside them. The only thing missing was a cooler! As the brothers, whose last name is practically synonymous with Southern comfort food, prepare to host the 2nd Annual Great Steak Challenge with Beringer Vineyards, their creative and culinary juices were flowing with ideas. When it comes to steak, “Don’t over-think it, the cow has already done the work for you,” Jamie says, “There’s nothing worse than an over-seasoned steak because it masks the beef’s natural flavor. If a steak is cooked perfectly, you really don’t need more than salt, fresh black pepper, and a pat of butter.” But when it comes to grilling, for Bobby it’s not ALL about the beef – he recommends grilling up shrimp on skewers or in a metal grill basket – “they don’t take long to cook, they’re a lighter option, and they pick up great flavor.” Bobby and Jamie don’t discriminate when it comes to what’s grill-worthy, however, charring up everything from string beans, to pineapple, and even pound cake for dessert. Their new cookbook contains 125 other ideas that work well for entertaining outdoors, and the guys are sure to see even more recipes among the home cooks competing for this year’s $25,000 prize in the Great Steak Challenge (professional cooks are not even eligible).  Entries opened today and the Final Grill-Off will be in Napa Valley this October.  To learn more about the Deen Brothers, visit thedeenbros.com.