Ali Vincent’s Biggest Loser Blog: Episode 15

April 14, 2011 at 12:43 pm , by

Ali Vincent beach photo croppedCan we say JEALOUS?!

It’s amazing that the remaining contestants on The Biggest Loser got to go to New Zealand, but there are also realities that come with traveling. The least of those realities has to do with the fact that our bodies naturally retain water when flying. The biggest of them is that when you are traveling you don’t have as much control over your environment, as you would when you are in the comfort of your home. But that doesn’t have to be an excuse! I always travel with plenty of healthy snacks so I don’t have to be victim to whatever is available at the airport or on the plane. It’s also important to drink lots of water to stay hydrated so that your body will not feel the need to retain it. Take the lead from the contestants on the show and find a local market so you can experience the culture where you are. This also helps you make better food choices so you can enjoy your time away.

When I was on the show we went to Australia. I would wake up in the morning and run up the opera house stairs and just take in all the great views. Had I not, I might have never learned that thousands of birds and bats cross the harbor every morning and then return to the other side every evening—talk about an AMAZING sight. You may not be able to run a 5k down a mountain, up a sand dune and across a beach or jump off the highest structure in the southern hemisphere to conquer your biggest fears like Bob and Ken had the opportunity to do, but I’m sure that there is something just as amazing that can challenge you, if you choose to seek it out.

I think this is one of my favorite seasons of The Biggest Loser. I really admire the integrity of the contestants and the vulnerability that they’ve shared with us. I will miss Moses but I’m very grateful that we will continue to share Olivia’s journey.

Until next week’s adventure,

Ali xo

2 Responses to “Ali Vincent’s Biggest Loser Blog: Episode 15”

  1. This is the worst season of biggest loser..It’s so bad i never even finish watching..The reason it’s terrible is that that contestants are not even trying..they gain weight, they eat candy and then they want to go home.

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