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Happy Monday, ladies! I’m the new associate beauty editor here at Ladies’ Home Journal and the newbie here in The Ladies’ Lounge. I’m really looking forward to sharing some of my beauty obsessions and expert recommended tips—and most importantly, hearing from you! I have a weakness for pretty packaging, skin secrets for perpetually clear skin, and any product that will help get me out of the door faster in the morning. For my first post I’d like to focus on something that I can’t seem to get off my mind…vacation. Enjoy!

After a pretty brutal winter, and a summer that won’t seem to come fast enough, I’m beyond ready for a getaway. Although warm days are right around the corner, I can’t stop thinking about blissful spring breaks. These days, a quick trip will more than suffice. It’s also a good time to put my streamlining packing skills to the test.

If a weekend escape from temperamental temperatures is on the horizon for you, you’ll want to pack light without forgetting your most important beauty essentials. Here are some of my favorite travel companions.

Sedu Revolution Pro Shortie Mini Styler Iron ($60,
If my time away doesn’t include afternoon pool dips, I prefer to keep my strands straight. A mini flat iron takes up minimal space, but doles out enough heat to keep frizz at bay.

H. Gillerman Organics Natural Rest Travel Remedy ($48,
Road trips and time zone shifts are a little less uncomfortable with this roll on blend of oils that help ease jet lag and travel uneasiness.

Japonesque Beauty Fixations Tinted Lip Conditioner ($5,
It’s no secret that poor air circulations on airplanes can wreak havoc on our skin (yes, even in two hours). These dab and toss swabs are pretty genius—just snap, swipe, and trash the tips.

Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes ($30,
Blueberries and Coconut helps wipe away the day’s stresses, for a quick refresh with age reversing benefits to boot.

Chris Notti Chain Reaction Sleep Mask ($20,
Let the world around you literally disappear by slipping on a sleep mask. Go ahead, treat yourself to some much-needed Z’s.

What are your beauty travel essentials?

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10 Responses to “Travel Beauty Essentials”

  1. Love this post! I always notice that my hair and skin look AWFUL after flying, but I thought it was just due to stress. Thanks for pointing out that it’s the air circulation too. On the day that I’m scheduled to fly, is it more effective to use a medicated anti-acne product to prevent the breakouts or just a light moisturizer with no makeup? And could my snack/drink choices during the flight affect my skin too? Thanks, Nykia! Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

  2. Hi Nykia,

    Welcome! Looking forward to reading your blog posts. I’m headed to Aruba in 4 weeks — so this blog post is awesome. Def. going to pick up the towelettes.

  3. Hi. I travel a lot and I basically take everything I use on a daily basis – I just cram it all into my quart size travel bag (and my husband’s too). What I’m always amazed at is how careful I am measuring out my products when I travel, but when I’m home I’m much more wasteful. Every time I travel, I always remind myself how little of moisturizer, base, shampoo, etc. it really takes to get the job done.
    Ladies’ Home Journal Beauty Ambassador

  4. This is helpful. I might have to pick me up some toilettes and the sleep mask. And I share your sentiments on vacation season. Can’t get here fast enough!

  5. Love the towelettes, will definitely pick these up. Not only great for travel, but great for summer period. Looking forward to more great tips.

  6. I’m happy to hear that this was helpful for all of you!

    Catherine: When traveling, particularly flying it’s best to stay hydrated so light moisturizer is the best options. Acne products can be drying and the last thing you need is more moisture being sucked out of your skin. And yes, drink lots of water and skip the salty peanuts on the plane! Salt dehydrates also. Hope that helps!

    Robyn: That’s very interesting, but now that you mention it, I realize that I do the same thing. When traveling I use so little product because I want it to last for the duration of my trip, but at home I go overboard with the product.

    And yes ladies, the towelettes are a great addition to your travel bag!

  7. Love all of these tips! Welcome, Nykia.

  8. Thanks, Suzanne!

  9. Self-proclaimed flat iron junkie! Love the first item. Great job, N! Can’t wait to read more from you at LHJ.

  10. Thanks, Ashley! ;-)