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Ali Vincent beach photo croppedWhat is living?

We often get so busy in our day-to-day lives that we don’t even realize that we aren’t really living our lives to the fullest. I think this week the contestants on The Biggest Loser had some life-altering experiences. It’s kind of ironic that some of the adventures that can help someone realize that they actually can create the life they want, are often not even an option for them when they could really use it. Let’s just break it down: there are weight limits on most adventure challenges.

When someone is struggling with their weight, they are usually also struggling with self-confidence. Only when something scares the crap out of you does a real breakthrough happen and confidence is built. Remember those shirts that said “NO FEAR”? Well, my mom used to say that they should say “KNOW FEAR.” She believed that only when you know fear are you able to have a breakthrough and put it behind you. We as a society have gotten so good at trying to keep the waters calm to avoid anything bad, but that diminishes the possibility of positive changes happening as well.

I think the same is true with having too much on your plate. It’s true that there are more responsibilities put on individuals and families just to make it these days, but is it really necessary to do it all and stay so busy that we don’t even realize that life is passing us by? Or are we keeping ourselves busy just so we don’t have to acknowledge that we’re not where we want to be with our health and the way we’re living our lives? I know that was the case for me. I subconsciously stayed so busy doing everything for everyone else—friends, family, clients and co-workers—that at the end of the day there was no time left for me. I went to the drive-thru for quick meals and I had no time to make it to the gym; no wonder I was 234 pounds and not living the life I wanted. I couldn’t even go for the adventures in life that scared me because I was too heavy. There was “NO FEAR” in my life, that’s for sure. And it sucked.

I was scared to death to stand in line for a show called The Biggest Loser and even more scared to actually show up day in and day out. Then I was scared to go home, but for the first time in years I was experiencing “KNOWING FEAR” and it was amazing. I realized I was even afraid of saying no, how crazy is that?! Now I continue to challenge myself to know fear and I’m living the life I love. So I hope you take the lead from the contestants this week and start experiencing things in life that scare you. Reconnect and find out what that is. Whether it’s jumping off a bridge like Ali did, climbing a mountain like Jay did, or maybe it’s saying “No, I don’t have time to bake all the cookies for the bake sale,” or walking through those doors at your gym…KNOW FEAR!

Like Austin said on the scale with beautiful New Zealand in the background: “This is living!”

Til next week,

Ali xo

2 Responses to “Ali Vincent’s Biggest Loser Blog: Episode 16”

  1. This season is horrible…they are not losing weight and all they do is complain about how much they want to go home. Considering the thousands of people who beg to get on the show it’s very sad.

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