Go Ask Gab: The Royal Wedding Hoopla

April 26, 2011 at 3:42 pm , by


Kate Middleton Doll, $100; amazon.com

Ahhhh the Royal Wedding is almost here! It seems that everyone’s been talking about it for months now. (Am I the only one avoiding morning TV?)  The hoopla surround this event is crazy. Seriously, do we all need to know about her diet or the number of ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends that will be attending? It’s one thing to buy a replica of her ring on HSN but Kate and William tea bags!?! Guesses about her honeymoon lingerie!?! (Calvin Klein does make some excellent pieces.) E! online even has your royal name generator (you can all refer to me as Princess Gabrielle Tildsley Porcarocock of New York, NYshire). The most ridiculous news was the jelly bean found resembling her face expecting to get £500 in auction. Maybe I should have looked down at the handful I just ate before shoving it in my mouth.

But, honestly aren’t we all just tuning in for the DRESS?!? Who will she wear? Rumors seem to point to either Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen or possibly Sophie Cranston of Libélula designing the future princess’s gown. I am kind of equally as curious about the bridesmaid dresses, rumored to be designed by Alice Temperley. I think the bridesmaid dresses tells you something about the bride and since I’ve worn one or two (or 7) in my day I know what I am talking about. Hopefully they will be as lucky as me to not wear anything tragic.  And yes I’m ridiculously excited to see Judd Apatow’s new film Bridesmaids coming out May 12th!

So are you going to get up early and watch? I most certainly will be! I do love a good wedding and look for any excuse to wear a hat in public… and drink champagne at 6am!

5 Responses to “Go Ask Gab: The Royal Wedding Hoopla”

  1. Love this blog. I mean, seriously…it’s ALL about the dress.
    Baroness Sue Duckworth Ernetaberton of Westfieldpool (but you can just call me Baroness)

  2. Princess of NYshire, I am surprised you are not hosting an all out themed viewing extravaganza as is your custom.. We want to try your scones and tea cakes!

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