Ali Vincent’s Biggest Loser Blog: Episode 18

May 5, 2011 at 11:00 am , by

Almost every little girl has wanted to be a princess at some point in her life, but childhood dreams can start to fade away as our realities become clear. Slowly but surely all our little girl fantasies become just that, or do they?

We may not be able to change the decisions in our lives that brought us to where we are now, but we can always make choices to change our futures. After all, didn’t we just see this week on The Biggest Loser that princess fantasies can come true? I think wanting to be a princess really means wanting to feel beautiful. It’s so important as a woman to feel like your most beautiful self, so that others people will see and acknowledge that beauty too.

I remember the makeover episode in my season over three years ago and how amazing I felt. It had been years since I truly felt beautiful and in many respects, it was the first time I ever felt that way. Beauty took on a whole new definition for me and I realized that beauty is in our differences and our strengths, and for the first time in years I was embracing both in my life. I can honestly say that I feel beautiful and know that Irene, Hannah and Olivia, as well as the boys, felt that too. The strength and confidence behind Olivia’s words as she sang on that scale were breathtaking. I didn’t even know the language and I still had a tear run down my face because I could relate to how she felt in that moment.

I hope that you embrace your beauty and if for some reason you’ve let other’s opinions make you feel differently, now is the time to prove that you deserve to have all your princess fantasies come true!

Until next week,

Ali xo