Getting a Great Deal at J Crew

July 12, 2011 at 3:57 pm , by

sue blog jcrew lovemeknotOk – I know I’ve written about my love of J Crew in the past – many, many times – but when a brand is that good, I need to talk about it a lot. There are many reason to love J Crew – the full sue blog pink j crew dressbreadth of products that are offered, the classic-with-a-twist designs – but the biggest reason for me is the sales.

Believe me, if you really want something from J Crew, don’t wait! I highly recommend ordering it when it’s full price. I did this recently with this dress. I saw it in the store, gasped, and swiftly ordered a petite online. It’s just so me – pink and striped. Does it get any better? But there are also the times – quite often for me – when you just want everything in every color. And this is where the sale is very helpful – it helps you edit down.

Last fall I was dying over about 7 different pairs of shoes from the line. But they were mostly high-heeled sandals and I wasn’t about to spend a fortune on sandals in the fall. So, for over 6 months, every single time I got one of those beloved “take 30% off of sale items” emails (sign up for them here), I would go to the site and type “love-me-knot” into the search bar to see if my faves were on sale. And I waited and waited and waited. And finally, they went on sale.  I just ordered them the other day for a whopping $91, instead of the original $265. Not bad, huh? (It’s almost like I got the dress for free!) And through tomorrow, you can use code MUSTSHOP to get 30% off of final sale items too.

So, tell me…what deals have you scored from your favorite store?

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