Join Our Book Club and Win a Nook Color!

August 1, 2011 at 8:00 am , by

To celebrate the start of our book club, we’re giving away a Nook Color. It’s kind of like a Kindle, except you can also read magazines on it (like, ahem, ours), play games and connect to the Internet. I absolutely love mine, so I can’t wait to give one away! We’ll also put Bitter in the Mouth on it, our first book club pick, so you can dive right in as soon as you get it. Just leave a comment on this post, and you’re entered!

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257 Responses to “Join Our Book Club and Win a Nook Color!”

  1. I want to win a Nook Color! :)

  2. I would love to have this for my hubby. He is losing his sight to be able to read from books and he is an avid reader. This would just be an awesome thing for him to read his newspapers. Thank you

  3. My mom has a Nook Color and she loves it! I’d love to have one, too.

  4. Sounds like fun thank you.

  5. Would love to win this!! What a fantastic giveaway!!

  6. Would love to own a Nook color!!!!

  7. I would love to be part of this book club and win the Nook Color!!

  8. A Nook would be great!

  9. Yes I would love to win !!! Then I could read while I’m in the Dr. Office with everyone. I’m at the Dr office a lot with my husband, Mom & Mother And my self. Would love. To WIN !!!!!!

  10. I would love to win this!!!

  11. I sooooo want a Nook!

  12. I have seen the nook at B & N and I love the color! I own another ereader and love it; so convenient and easy to download, carry, etc. But the color is an exciting addition!

  13. Would love to be able to read Bitter In The Mouth on a Nook Color!!!

  14. Thank you for the book club and the opportunity to win a Nook Color!

  15. I learned something new here- didn’t know that you can read magazines on the Nook. Thanks!

  16. Reading is one of my favorite past times! Always a vacation in a book.

  17. I would love to win a Nook Color!!!

  18. Great idea, looking forward to it!

  19. I would love to have this!

  20. Great idea – looking forward to it!

  21. Looking forward to being a book club member

  22. I hope I win and can take a ” green” part in the book club!!

  23. I am excited about the book club. I love to read! it is a passion of mine It looks like a variety of books to read and enjoy.

  24. I love reading! Trying to read more. With kids and schedules it is sometimes hard to get quiet time! Hoping the NOOK can help me escape!!!

  25. I love to read, it is such a great escape

  26. I hope I win! :)

  27. Love to read- glad to have another book club to join!

  28. Would love to have a Nook! Would love to read this book too.

  29. I am an admitted readaholic I get between 15-20 books a week from the library (going there when I am done lol). I would love a Nook as my eye site is extremely poor has been since birth. A Nook would make my life so much easier not to mention the strain on my eyes. My eyes would thank me. I am currently in 4 book clubs everyone has a nook I feel kind of dated in that I get the book at the book store or Lib. A Nook would simplify my life and make it better.

  30. Wow, what a wonderful give away! I have been wanting a Nook Color since last year! And putting the first book club selection for this book club is amazing!

  31. Love to read!

  32. Would love to win!

  33. Sign me up;)))

  34. I love to read!

  35. Count me in! I’d love to win one!!!

  36. I would love to be part of the book club and have been saving for a Nook Color! :) great idea LHJ!

  37. Would love to join..sign me up! The Nook Color is awesome and I’d love to win one for my Mom! Thanks LHJ!!

  38. As a member of two book clubs, I’d love to see what you recommend.

  39. Please, please, pick me!! It would be great to have this!! Been doing more and more reading lately, now that I have a little freetime!!

  40. Wow, what a great gift. I would love this.

  41. Better than the Kindle!!!!

  42. I love to read and would love a Nook :)

  43. I have one of the original Nooks and LOVE it. However, with the sheer number of magazine subscriptions I have, I could save lots of trees and keep my house far less cluttered if I had a Nook Color. :)

  44. Would LOVE to win! I have been wanting one for a year now. My brother came to visit and he has one. I fell in love with it! :)

  45. Wow, a mommy only toy! then I could read books and magazines without my 3 year old twins coloring on the pages! Hope I win :)

  46. I’d love to have a Nook Color! :D its amazing!

  47. LOVE reading and am Loving being friends on facebook with LHJ!!! Nook would make it much easier for this mommy of twin toddler girlies, to escape every now and again in a good book! :)

  48. Looking forward to reading your magazine on the Nook Color!

  49. Can’t wait to get a Nook Color so I can give my son the old Kindle!

  50. Love the idea of a book club. Looking forward to reading the new book.

  51. Yay for book clubs and for free Nooks :) Thanks for the invite

  52. I’m a first grade teacher and this would be a wonderful asset to my literacy program. Having the Nook would enable me to always have the resources at my fingertips. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity. Have a SUPER week:-)

  53. Just love the idea of being given good titles to read. Yeah for book clubs!

  54. I would love one! Love to read!

  55. What a great give away! I’m looking forward to the LJH book club kickoff!!!

  56. Wow! This is exciting! I hope to win the nook, but I am excited about the book club the most!

  57. This one is for my granddaughter!

  58. Like the website

    I like book clubs

  59. I really want a Nook Color and would LOVE to win!! Thanks so much :)

  60. Would love to win….book club sounds great!

  61. Sounds like fun. I love to read!!

  62. A Happy Birthday present to me! How awesome would that be?

  63. Would LOVE to win this…have been trying to decide if I should buy one! Winning would make the decision for me!

  64. I have also look at the other readers and found the Nook is the one I would choose. I have been an avid reader since I was in Jr. High School and a at this time I have no room for many books and magazines in my retirement home. It would be so
    much fun to start reading again. At this time I must go to the library and sit there to read books and magazines

  65. I would love to win a Nook color!!

  66. I look forward to being an active member of your book club. Like others here, I am an avid reader and then discussing with others what I’ve read. I appreciate learning the meaning that books and stories have for other individuals.

    Thank you for allowing me to join and for entering in your contest for a Nook. How exciting!

  67. Would love to win the Nook…Thanks for the chance to enter…really enjoy the magazine, great recipes and good articles…

  68. I’ve never been in a book club but love to read. Hope I win!

  69. I love to read ebooks and would love to win a Nook!

  70. I have been an LHJ fan for the longest time! I love the idea of a bookclub and look forward to participating!

  71. Would be so much easier to take a Nook on vacation than to haul around all the books and magazines I take!!. Great Idea!!

  72. I would live a nook color. Love your magazine

  73. I love reading and have had my eye on a nook for a long time!

  74. I have been wanting a Nook Color since
    It came out. Would love to win it!!!

  75. I would love a Nook Color. My husband and I read all the time-books, magazines, newspapers….would be so much easier to have it all in one place-on my new Nook!!

  76. I would love to win a Nook. One of the best ways to relax for me is with a good book.

  77. I’m an avid reader. My fiance and my sister have been trying to get me on the Nook bandwagon, but I’m not there yet.
    I am looking forward to the book club because I’m always searching for a new, great book to read. Winning a Nook would be icing on the cake! :)

  78. I’d love to win a Nook Color! In my opinion, it’s the best ereader on the market!

  79. I’d be happy to win a Nook Color to read on!

  80. Book Nook would be a great thing to own. I started reading when I was 4 and haven’t stopped yet. It is my favorite activity. Whenever my husband and I go on vacation he usually ends up mad at me on the return trip. We have to pay extra for our luggage because I buy so many books about the areas we visit.

  81. A nook color would be so cool–my kids and I all love to read and having books with us at all times would be awesome!

  82. I would be very happy to win a Nook Color! I am an avid reader!

  83. I love my nook..would love to upgrade to the color to add magazines to my reading materials and pass my nook to my daughter ….

  84. A Nook and a new book to read…who can ask for a better gift?!

  85. I have been wanting a Nook because it is so versatile! Having a small child, it would be nice to have something he couldn’t tear up like a physical magazine.

  86. I love reading using any tool : the Book would be a welcomed device to allow me to READ, READ READ!

  87. would love to win this since I’m shopping for an e-reader right now anyway!

  88. I love the idea of an on-line reading group. GREAT IDEA!!! Oh yeah – would really like to win the nook, as well! :D

  89. A Nook Color is on my wishlist! I want to win!

  90. I would love to win this for college!

  91. Love the idea of the book club! Winning a Nook Color would be great too!

  92. I’d love to win this too!

  93. Please sign me up for the Bookclub or email me how to get signed up.

  94. I read all the time, books and magazines. I would love to join your book club, please enter me.

  95. Would love to win! Thanks!

  96. Love the Nook!

  97. I love to read and have eyesite problems that makes me need to enlarge print. This Nook color would be a great problem solver.

  98. Nook me. I carry a book everywhere I go. It sure would make it easier to travel without 10 books my bag.

  99. My birthday is Aug 31, this would be a nice gift for me!

  100. I’m so excited that you picked Monique Truong’s book to be your first book for your book club! I read Book of Salt, and have read Bitter in the Mouth as well. I think she’s a great writer.

  101. I love Monique Truong’s Bitter in The Mouth.

  102. I am always looking for great books to read and get very excited when the publisher of LHJ is this excited about a pick.

  103. I love that LHJ is starting a book club and that Nook looks pretty amazing.

  104. I am an avid reader, I always wanted to be part of a book club. However, with my busy schedule time won’t allow, with LJH offering an on line club I can finally participate. How exciting and to add to that such a sweet give away.

  105. I love to read and would Love to have a Nook!

  106. My best friend just got a nook and it is so easy to read on. It’s great. My kids and I go to the library often and it would be great to borrow and download books to it. I am a very avid reader and would use this literally all the time!

  107. I love reading and am so excited to be able to join a book club. LHJ organizing an on line book club will fit into my schedule. Thank you for designing this program. A Nook is an added bonus.

  108. I would love to win a Nook Color!!

  109. Love to read, would love a nook and am looking forward to the LHJ book club

  110. I have purchased 3 of these and given them as gifts, every time I buy one for myself another senior citizen comes along and falls in love with it so I give it to them,as a surprise. If I can’t buy one to keep maybe I will win one!!! LOL

  111. I want a NOOK! (and a million dollars)….

  112. I would love to win a Nook!!

  113. OOOOOOOH! A nook!

  114. I’ve been dying to get one of these! Thanks for doing this. :)

  115. It’s a wonderful book by a wonderfully creative author. Great choice!!

  116. Looking forward to winning the nook so I can read the recommended book! But even without the nook, am always looking for a good book and discussion group.

  117. I would love a Nook. I currently use an app on my phone which is small and ever since I dropped the phone – everything is green.

  118. I would enjoy having a nook color. With 3 little boys at home it would be nice to share picture books with them and also be able to use it for books for me!

  119. This is a great giveaway and a great way to get the word out about your club!!

  120. I love the thought of an online book club and, of course, getting a free Nook. :)

  121. I would love a Nook reader. Thanks for the online book club

  122. I am excited to join the book club and winning would be cool!

  123. Wow, it will be easier for everyone in a book club to quickly get a book if they use a Nook — rather than having everyone try to track down a hard copy of the book!

  124. I would love a Nook Color, I have no updated electronics, would love to win one as I am an avid reader.

  125. With the Nook, no one can tell what I’m reading when I’m on an airplane :) Plus, lightens the load!

  126. How fabulous! All my books compact for easy travel and would look great next to my bed.

  127. I would love to win a nook color! :D

  128. I always have at least 3 books going at once! 1 in car- 1 @work- 1 @ home for when I get a few minutes of quiet-(not often with my boys!!!) lol! this would be an amazing win!!

  129. This would be great to use when traveling! Easier than lugging heavy books around! :)

  130. Thank you for this opportunity! My sisters and I would love to share a Nook Color!! :)

  131. The thought of having mutliple books and magazines in one “carry all” spot sounds stupendous!

  132. I’ve never been a member of a book club before but am an avid reader. I would love the opportunity to win a Nook color and dive right in to reading the first book on the club’s list!

  133. I love to read and belong to a book club. I would love to join this book club, too. A nook would be such a smart prize to win.

    Gratefully, Susan

  134. Thank you for this generous offer! I look forward to the book club!

  135. I would LOVE to win a nook color and join your bookclub! I adore reading and I’ve been drooling over the nook color for a long time. I would love to let my kids listen and interact to electronic books, that is, when they could pry it away from me. ;-) Thanks for this awesome opportunity!!!

  136. I think it is great that you are starting a book club. I can’t seem to squeeze the time during the week to discuss books even though I am an avid reader. Looking forward to the discussion.

  137. Can’t wait to see my name in the winner’s cirlce! Thank you.

  138. Excellent contest! I love to read and I would love to read books and magazines on a Nook! :-)

  139. Would LOVE <3 a Nook Color…….

  140. Would like a Nook!

  141. Sign me up;)

  142. I’d love a Nook, but I can’t wait to read Bitter in the Mouth! Please sign me up right away!

  143. just read and without the guilt of killing trees!

  144. I have been wanting a Nook color, and winning one would definitely be the way to go. Plus, following the reading list of a book club sounds like fun!

  145. Oooooh I’ve wanted one of these for SO long – I would have to share it with my 6 year old – I guess I could do that!

  146. I live in a small town that only has book clubs during the day. Because I have a career it is impossible for me to attend. How wonderful to find a club on line AND have the opportunity to win a NOOK Color at the same time.

  147. I would love to read Bitter in the Mouth on a nook!

  148. I would love a nook!

  149. This is the first time I’ve even thought about joining a book club. I love my LHJ and read it cover to cover when it arrives. I’m looking forward to reading the first book club recommendation.

  150. I would love to be able to read LHJ on the nook color along with Bitter in the Mouth!

  151. In a bookclub with my neighbors. Excited about joining yours. Would love to read on the nook.

  152. Would love to win a Nook and join the book club :]

  153. Sign me up.

  154. I am looking forward to reading this book – it sounds good.

  155. i would love to win the nook.It will be fun to join the bookclub, I have 9 children and most of them are grown so I might actually be able to read a complete sentence.

  156. I love Ladies’ Home Journal Can’t wait each month for the new edition.

  157. A FREE NOOK, I’m in! Love to Read, Nook, Book,or Mag, If it’s in PRINT, I’m hooked.

  158. I grew up with LHJ and so glad you are still in print as just as wonderful. Its the magazine that my mother and Aunts always had lying about on the coffee table or somewhere in the house. It’s a traditional magazine that spells respect and trust for me.

  159. Thanks for the opportunity to “Join your Book Club and win a Color Nook. I can’t wait to share this news with all my friends!!

  160. I would absolutely LOVE to win a Nook Color!!

  161. Waaaah Waaaaah Waaaaah!!!! Mommy, I want a Nook Color, PRETTY PLEASE!!!! I’m crying just as I did as a little girl when I cried and begged my mom to buy me “National Velvet” by Enid Bagnold. Soooo, waaah, waah, waah…I wanna NOOK COLOR, pretty please with sugar on it, so I can read “Bitter in the Mouth”. Thank you

  162. Hi, I have been an avid reader for many years, and I would LOVE to own a nook color so my bff and I can share books :)

  163. I’m excited about the Book Club and would love to own a Nook Color!!! Thank you!!

  164. I love Ladies Home Journal and would love a Nook Color to read it on! :-)

  165. A great combination a Nook Color and LHJ !!

  166. Thanks for selecting such a fine writer/novel for your first book club selection. I was hooked after reading the author posts on your website.

    I would love to win the Nook Color for my daughter. She is also an avid reader, but has low vision. The ereader would allow her to enlarge typeface and images when reading for pleasure or for school.

  167. I would love to win the Nook! LOVE IT!!

  168. I love book clubs and I would really love a nook

  169. I would love to have a Nook and be in the book club. :)

  170. Excited about your book club. Have ALWAYS loved to read. Would love a Nook—thinks its cool to be able to carry my favorite place along with me—the library. So many books, so little time!!

  171. Sounds like a great book. Would be happy to join this book group.

  172. Oh how wonderful a NOOK would LOOK in my hands!

  173. This would be great because I love to read books and I can take it with me! :-)

  174. I have been drooling over these for a while now and I just got a regular Nook for Christmas last year! I would love to get a Nook color! Thanks for the giveaway!

  175. Being an avid reader of both books and LHJ, I would dearly love to win the Nook color! Wow, how exciting that would be!!

  176. Oh thank you!! Sounds awesome!

  177. I would Love to win Nook Color and I would give it to my son so he could improve his reading skills for when he goes back to school.. this is wonderful giveaway.. And today I just started to join this Book Club.. Sounds like a good group to be involved with..

    thank you


  178. I would absolutely love having a Nook Color! How wonderful. Funny, I got this book from the library just yesterday because it looked interesting. Here’s to good reading!

  179. I’d love a Nook Color!

  180. Can’t wait to dive into this Book Club! And would be ecstatic to win a Nook Color!

  181. Not only would I enjoy the Nook Color, but so would my 2 yr. old grandson when I read him the books that I will download for him! This book club is a wonderful idea! Thanks for offering it!

  182. Oh, the places I’d go with this colorful nook!

    I’d have books in my hand,
    Magazines in my tote,
    Even the new book Ms. Hammerick wrote!
    LHJ’s not alone – now I’ll know what you know.
    And I’ll take use my nook to decide where to go!

  183. Please enter me in the contest! Would love a Nook! Thanks for having the contest and starting a book club!

  184. I need to join the world and stop reading all my books in paperback.. I would love to win a nook

  185. I’d love to win- thanks for the chance!

  186. I would love to win a nook color. I love reading and it seems the only time I get to read is when my kids are in bed. which means my husband and I are in bed. Which means he wants the lights off and I am stuck trying to read with a little book light. And turning those pages…to loud for him i guess:) If only I had a nook color to read and be “quiet”:)

  187. I would dearly love to win a Nook Color. Reading is not just my favorite pasttime, it is an must in my life! Having a Nook would make it easier to carry around my current book to read, as we all know as nice as it is to hold a book and turn the pages, there are times and places when a book is not convenient. Looking forward to getting into this book club. I need this Nook Color, please.

  188. Pick ME!!! Pick ME!!! I’d love to win this for my daughter who is a single Mom, working her tail off to make ends meet. One thing she loves is reading. Thanks for the opportunity.

  189. I would love to have one. I am a working mom of three and the only way I can read is in between the things for a long time now. As a busy mom and a professional and a volunteer for infertility association I need to read about many different things at the same time: healthy nutrition, disciplining children, business matters, coping with infertility etc. Nook will be great to carry around and tap into many books at the same time. thanks for the opportunity.

  190. I would love to win a Nook! Great contest!

  191. I have a Nook and you can have it….I love books, old fashioned, hard covered, stick something in your place, books but I would love to join a book club. I average two or three a week and am now reading “The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank.” Best book this year is by Pete Hamil…read it and it didn’t make the best seller list….best book in years…..”TABLOID.”

  192. at the rate I have been reading, I need one! Books will take over every spot in my house!

  193. Love books!! This would be an awesome addition to my ability to read on the go!

  194. Would love a Nook!!!!

  195. A Nook Color would be amazing! Yay for Book Club!

  196. What a great opportunity – thank you! Hope I win a Nook; my girlfriend works at Barnes & Noble and from her description, the Nook sounds like an amazing thing to carry around.

  197. Sign me up – this sounds great!

  198. I would LOVE to have one! Too many good books are out of print now in the regular version.

  199. I have already asked Santa Claus for an ereader,but this would be even better. Would also love to be in your book club!

  200. I would love to have a Nook! It would make reading my book club selections so much easier.

  201. Would love this. Thank you!

  202. I’m in

  203. Sign me up!!! Love books and would also LOVE to have a color nook!

  204. My daughter is asking for one for her birthday so this one is for her! She’s 9 yrs old and LOVES to read. Keeping my fingers crossed. ;)

  205. I would love a nook color to take on road trips with my family to read books to my 3 boys!

  206. Sign me up!

  207. I would love to win a Nook!

  208. My husband and I would enjoy this, love sharing.

  209. I love to read and would love to do so on a Nook Color!

  210. The Nook color sounds amazing. I would love to win one!

  211. I’d like a Nook color, please!

  212. I adore books and would LOVE a Nook Color. Having magazines and books at my fingertips would be beyond awesome!!!

  213. NOOK Color is fantastic! Leagues above what Kindle is. You can do so much more: color mags, web browsing and apps!

  214. Congrats on the new book club! I have been an avid reader of LHJ for several years, and I think the book club will be an exciting new addition to an already great publication. I would absolutely love to win a Nook color! As a busy mom of three, wife, and full-time college student, a Nook would provide a convenient way for me to access my books, magazines, and text books.

  215. Ohh I love book Clubs and reading the picks on a Nook would be fabulous. I cannot wait to see what this month’s read has in store for us. Thank you.

  216. Count me in, I would love to participate in the Book Club and I would love to have a Nook Color. I need to look up the book of the month. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  217. This sounds like a wonderful book club and an amazing giveaway to win a Nook Color. I know my house would be excited. I love Book Clubs, they are a great place to share great reads with others.

  218. I would love to win a Nook Color!!!! Every year I take the reading challenge. This year I am trying to read 40 books in a year. I am currently on #28! I think the Nook Color would be awesome to download books faster than waiting for them at the library! Yay for books, reading and the Nook!!!!

  219. I would LOVE a Nook Color! I always have a book with me and would like to have something a bit easier to carry and not worry about lighting. And the color would be great for books with my granddaughter. Thanks!

  220. I would love to win this!

  221. I love the Nook and would love to win this one!

  222. I’ve been looking to buy, would love to win one!!

  223. I would love to be the owner of a Nook!!

  224. I have a Nook but would love to upgrade to color.
    I like your first book club choice. I just checked “Bitter in the Mouth” out from the Public Library.

  225. I would love to win a Nook, count me in.

  226. I love to read and love books!! I want to win a Nook Color to prove myself wrong that I won’t like an e-reader!!

  227. Would love to win this!

  228. I’m looking forward to your book club suggestions., and I would love to read them on a Nook!

  229. I love book clubs and their suggestions of what to read. Wouldn’t mind having a Nook Color also.

  230. Always looking for a good read

  231. Would love to have a Nook

  232. Please enter me. Thank you.

  233. I love books, and I’m sure I’d love the Nook, too!

  234. i would like to suggest two books that i recently read. A HEARTBREAKING WORK of STAGGERING GENIUS (a memoir based on a true story) by Dave Eggers and ON CALL IN HELL (a doctor’s Iraq war story) by richard Jadick

  235. The color nook would be wonderful for travel.

  236. The color nook would be wonderful for travel.

  237. I am an avid reader and would love to have the Nook color, I use the library a lot and have sometimes as many as 10 books out and sitting around.. Just imagine if I could have them all in one place.. I also read in large print and know how large you can make the print on the Nook!! I would love to be able to join your book club!!

  238. I would love to win a Nook. My daughter has one and loves it. I travel a lot and it would be so nice not to have to take three or four books with me each time.

  239. I would love to win a NOOK COLOR! :) I am a commuter with a long ride to and from work every day. The Nook Color would make those long journeys much more engaging and exciting! My 4th grade daughter and I love to read together, and the Nook would be something we’d share and enjoy together!

  240. I am a busy mom who loves to read. My children are already picking up on the love of reading. I would greatly enjoy having a library of favorite books at my fingertips all the time.

  241. I would love to have the nook Color “FREE” would be awesome.

  242. Looking forward to the book club.

  243. I am looking forward to the book club and would love to win a Nook Color.

  244. A Nook! that would be a fun way to be reading books AND magazines!

  245. Nook Color would be awesome to have for one-handed reading while nursing!

  246. I LOVE the idea of a book club AND the free giveaway to get me started! Thanks!

  247. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your book club. Monique Truong’s writing style was quite interesting. I found myself believing each of the characters in her novel were real.

  248. I would love a nook color. Can’t wait to read Bitter in the Mouth so fun!

  249. I would be so happy to win a NOOK Color! I love to read and started a book club almost two years ago. This would make my reading habits a lot easier (and lighter)!

  250. I would love to win a Nook Color! What a great giveaway.

  251. I would love to win the Nook Color, because I hate to read book but electronically I would always read and I would be much happier to read more books and not having to go to the library would be better for me, so good luck to and the winner of this contest enjoy your magnificent prize.

  252. Hey! May I submit this post to my blog? It’s very useful post, I would like to share it with others^^

  253. I seen this contest in your Ladies Home Journal magagine, I would love to Win, I would be so over excited if I did Win.

  254. I travel alot and this would be a great way to carry my books and magazines!

  255. Would love a nook, both my parents have one and don’t know how to use! would love to teach them with my own.

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  257. It would be great to read a book on a Nook!