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  1. Would love to be in a book club. I read quite a bit and always have opinions.

  2. I love LHJ

  3. Love book clubs as my eyes are horrid and have been since birth a Nook would help me tremendously. Surgery is out or I could go blind. I get 15-20 books a week at the library. Reading and book clubs are my passion. To combine the two into a device where I could read without a headache. Reading to me is so worth it.

  4. LHJ,
    My friend and I started a book club, and we’ve been going for almost 2 years! I love communicating with other clubs because we appreciate suggestions for the best books. My favorites are….Those Who Save Us, The Help, Cutting for Stone, The Kite Runner, Poisonwood Bible, Cane River, and The Long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz.

  5. Would love to win!