6 Weeks to a Younger You: Let’s Do It Together!

August 9, 2011 at 12:44 pm , by

VegI admit it: I’ve been a little lazy and sluggish in the summer heat lately. I could use a bit of healthy inspiration, how ‘bout you? Luckily, our September issue is hitting newsstands about now, and it has just the ticket: “6 Weeks to a Younger You.”

Here’s what it’s not:
It’s not a depressing, self-depriving weight-loss diet.
It’s not an intimidating workout plan.
It’s not a total health makeover.
It’s not difficult or boring.

Here’s what it is:
It’s a series of small but important lifestyle changes to tune up your body, brain and spirit–in easy-to-swallow doses.
It’s all based on evidence proven to make you look and feel younger.
It will help you develop healthy habits you can live with.
It’s fun!

So grab your copy of the September issue and see page 89, or check it out online here. We’re going to start tomorrow. So get a pedometer if you can and let’s meet here tomorrow for another blog with our first action plan (such as eating more colorful fruits and veggies, like those from my farmer’s market, above). Then be sure to weigh in on the comments about how it’s going. Cheers to a soon-to-be younger you!

2 Responses to “6 Weeks to a Younger You: Let’s Do It Together!”

  1. I’m so lazy I had City Bakery make my healthy lunch for me today! From their salad bar, stocked from the nearby farmer’s market, I chose kale salad, sauteed collard greens, cucumbers in yogurt and mint, cherry tomato and smoked tofu salad (really yummy!), poached Atlantic char and a slice of buffalo mozzarella. Delicious!

  2. The 3-5 pound weight exercises to do while watching TV can not be located at the LHJ.com/weights?????