October Book Club Wrap-Up: I Think I Love You

October 11, 2011 at 2:12 pm , by

Did you spend the past month daydreaming about your favorite teen idol and bopping along to the music of your youth like we did? While reading I Think I Love You (and allowing the song of the same name to get lodged in our brains), our thoughts wandered back to the good ol’ days when the pop stars we adored wallpapered our bedrooms. We hope you got the chance to take a walk down memory lane as well, and read the open letter from author Allison Pearson and her candid Q&A with us. Still haven’t picked up the book? You can start by reading an excerpt here. We recommend listening to these tunes to really get you in the mood for this retro read.

And with our November issue on newsstands today, it’s time to reveal our next pick! The Widower’s Tale is an enveloping read told from the point of view of four very different men—a retired librarian dealing with the loss of his wife (and the host of other characters in his family), a Harvard student who finds himself wrapped up in an activist movement, and an immigrant landscaper and a preschool teacher—both with a secret past. Their lives weave together in this beautiful story of family and finding oneself; it’s a novel that will truly keep you turning pages. Visit our book club page to get started! And, as always, stay with us on Facebook, Twitter, and right here on our blog to join the conversation as we chat about The Widower’s Tale all month long.

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