Go Ask Gab: Finding Your Perfect Jeans

November 8, 2011 at 10:42 am , by


In my opinion, jeans are the second hardest thing to shop for (bathing suits are the clear winner). There are tons of brands, tons of styles, tons of fits — it can be hard to figure out what works. Well now there is something that will help: Macys.com paired up with True Fit technology to create a system matches your body to the perfect pair of jeans.

This is how it works: You build your profile by identifying what brands already work with your body and answering questions about your body type. You then shop as normal and the True Fit Recommendation engine tries on the jeans using a variety of algorithms (yes… it uses math to get the perfect jeans to you — it has come to this!). So when you browse to a pair, you will see how True Fit rates it for your body. It also saves your profile so you can always go back and buy more. The variety of brands and price points is awesome too — everything from Joe’s Jeans, 7 for Mankind, Levi’s and Calvin Klein.

I’ve tested it and it’s pretty great and easy to use! Now I wonder if they can use math to find me a the perfect bathing suit?

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