November Book Club Wrap-Up: The Widower’s Tale

November 16, 2011 at 11:45 am , by

This past month, The Widower’s Tale left us all with tons to chat about. Author Julia Glass vividly depicted four very different characters (who were all male!)—how did she do it? Which was our favorite? Which female character did we wish we’d heard more from (Julia talks about this in her Q&A with us)? And just which of characters is the man illustrated on the cover? We were enthralled with the deep family ties and intense passions of all kinds this novel brought to life. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, take a look at the discussion questions to get you started. And don’t forget about Glass’s ode to her favorite independent book stores—her list is a must-keep for your next road trip.

And while we’re sad to leave the family of The Widower’s Tale, we’re also excited to introduce December/January’s book pick, The Bird Sisters, a story with another intriguing family at its core. Sisters on a Midwestern farm, Milly and Twiss have a special relationship with, you guessed it, the birds that come their way, each one carrying the troubles of the people who own them. It’s a enveloping tale about being a sister (and being yourself) that we know you’ll love. Visit our book club page for an introduction! And, as always, stay with us on Facebook, Twitter, and right here on our blog to join the conversation as we chat about The Bird Sisters all month long.


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