Martina McBride Lends Her Voice To “A Home for the Holidays” Adoption Special

December 20, 2011 at 2:24 pm , by

Photo: Randee St. Nicholas.

If you drew Martina McBride’s name in the country music superstar Secret Santa and you need a last-minute gift idea, I’m so about to hook you up. “Everybody always says I’m hard to buy for, and I’m not,” McBride tells me. “Just give me bath stuff and candles, and I’m happy!”

What would probably make the Grammy-nominated country singer even happier this holiday season, though, is if you tuned in to the 13th annual A Home for the Holidays this Wednesday, December 21, on CBS. “I was really honored to be asked to do this,” says McBride, who will be hosting and helping the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and the Children’s Action Network shine a light on the more than half a million U.S. children in foster care in need of a permanent home. “It’s a really important show that is literally making a difference to future generations,” she adds, noting that some parents featured on this week’s show had been inspired to adopt from watching prior A Home for the Holidays installments.

The fact that McBride and her husband, John, are blessed to have a family with three beautiful daughters (Ava, 6, Emma, 13, and Delaney, who turns 17 this week) was specifically one of the reasons why hosting this year was important to her. “We kind of take family for granted sometimes,” she explains. “I mean, we decorated our Christmas tree last night and halfway through it I thought, think of all the kids out there that don’t have a family to decorate a Christmas tree with. And yet we take it for granted. We do it every year—it’s a tradition. It really makes you stop and think.”

Another inspiration for McBride’s involvement with the show came from one of her fellow country superstars. “One of my great friends is Faith Hill, who is adopted and has hosted in the past,” McBride says. “She told me how great the show is. And just by hearing her story about finding her mother—and I got to meet her birth mother and all that stuff—I know how impactful it is to someone to be part of a loving family.”

Fans of McBride’s award-winning vocals won’t be disappointed to find out that she does belt out two songs for the special—“Broken Umbrella,” off her latest CD, Eleven, and “Blessed,” one of her greatest hits from 2001. The show also features performances from Justin Bieber, Gavin DeGraw, OneRepublic, Christina Perri and Mary J. Blige, who McBride is quick to label “amazing.” Which leads us to something that is now on my Christmas list: a fantasy duet between the country songbird and the queen of hip-hop soul. “Oh, man,” McBride says when asked of what song of hers it would be cool to someday collaborate on with Blige. “I have a song on the new album called ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’ that kind of has an R&B flavor that I think she would really kill. I think it’d be fun to do that together.”

And I think it’d be fun to hear. Your move, Santa …