Christmas Traditions

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As much as I prefer summer to winter, I still can’t get enough of Christmas time. It’s the traditions – visiting Santa, finding the perfect gift, and baking cookies – that make this time of year feel so special. And getting to experience it all through the eyes of my kids is magical. Seriously, those two haven’t seen a Christmas light they don’t like while Ole Judgey over here (that’d be me) certainly oohs and aahs over the simple, clean white light displays, I also cringe and gasp over the ones with multiple colored flashing lights attached to plastic lawn ornaments. And that’s where my Christmas tree tastes come from. Let me explain:
For all the years I lived in NYC pre-Pablo I never got my own Christmas tree. (Jewish roommate + heading home for Christmas = just not worth it) I always hated the big colored bulbs my parents used and when I was an adult, my mom finally said “When you have your own tree, you can have whatever lights you want.” (Sounds a little snippy but this was only after I nagged her for years to switch to small white bulbs, so you could say I had it coming.)
When Pablo moved in with me, we got our first tree together. When we went to buy the lights, he grabbed for a box of multi-colored lights and I reached for a box of white ones. Um…was he crazy? How could I have not known this shocking personality flaw about the man that I love? You see, he wanted multi-colored because that’s what he always had in the Erneta house and I wanted white because it wasn’t what we had in the Owen house. So we decided that we would trade off each year. Since 2000, he gets the even years and I get the odd ones. (Looks like he won the first year which shows how young and smitten I was.) I figured this was a tradition that we would carry on for the rest of ours lives. Truth be told, Pablo does nothing to decorate the house for the holidays so I’m sure if the colored lights had some kind of tragic accident, no one would ever replace them.

But this year when we put the lights on the tree (my year, yay!), my 6 year old looked at me with sad eyes and asked why we didn’t have “the pretty lights with all different colors”. I re-explained the tradition and told her it was a “white lights” year. But, as I talked I could hear the cracks in my story. Why should Mommy and Daddy each get a vote if the kids don’t? That doesn’t seem fair. So, I fear this may be the last year of the white light tree.  Unless of course, the colored lights fall off a shelf in the attic. Nah – I wouldn’t do that. I’ve got to pick my battles and as long as the outside of the house is lit with white lights, I could maybe budge inside. I said maybe. Pablo keeps threatening to make the outside Griswold-esque and obviously, I couldn’t stand for that. Unless of course, he gets the kids on his side!

If you want to take a picture of your tree that’s all glowy and bright (and have a DSLR camera), check out this blog where I learned how to do it.

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  1. Getting ready for my Jersey holiday weekend.

  2. for being our 4,750th! And Happy New Year!

  3. What a year it’s been! It’s ended on quite a beautiful note. Happy New Year, Beauties!