Ali Fedotowsky Blogs The Bachelor: It All Starts Here

January 3, 2012 at 5:00 pm , by

Please welcome the lovely Ali Fedotowsky to the Ladies’ Lounge blog! She was the lucky lady with her pick of 25 men on season six of The Bachelorette, and now she’s recapping the new season of The Bachelor with us! Be sure to check back each week for her take on the new episodes.

Hi guys! I’m so excited to watch this season of The Bachelor with all of you! This first blog is going to be a bit all over the place since the first episode of the season is really just about meeting the girls. It feels so surreal that it’s been two years since I was one of the girls walking out of the limo to meet the bachelor. The funny thing is, I was super sick the night I met the bachelor and I’m really sick today too. Something about the anticipation of this night must kill my immune system. Maybe I’m allergic to roses! ;)

Let’s start with Ben. I really like him. He seems like a normal, chill guy looking for love. Plus he owns a winery, which puts him ahead of the game in my book! I wish we saw a little more of his interactions with the girls during this episode, but I guess there was too much drama going on. I hope the next episode focuses on Ben’s connections with the girls a little more.

Jenna: The poor thing definitely overanalyzes everything. I really liked her at the beginning of the show and then she just took things way too seriously! There was a lot of awkwardness between her and Ben during their first meeting, but I thought she would recover. She definitely didn’t. Instead, she turned the show into some sort of tragic comedy. I wanted to feel bad for her, but then I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculous things she was saying. I have to say the “maybe we can share a tampon sometime” statement was hilarious and sad at the same time. Where did that come from?! I have to wonder if that was a spontaneous comment or if she had said that sometime before. Either way, she should never use that saying again… ever. My conclusion on Jenna is that I think she was drunk and this just isn’t the right experience for her.

Nikki: I think Nikki is a sweetheart and I find it very interesting that she is a dental hygienist. She reminds me of former bachelorette Ashley Herbert—which makes me like her even more! Ben seemed to like her when they first met outside of the limo and their one-on-one time was nice too.

Casey S.: She was so beautiful and sweet, although she didn’t have much to say when they first met. I hope we hear more form her throughout the season.

Brittney: How cute is Brittney’s grandma, Sheryl?! I love my grandma so much, and I just loved that Brittney’s grandmother came with her. I would have given ANYTHING to have my grandma there with me that first night. I feel like Brittney and I have a lot in common based on the little bit we got to know about her. I hope we get to see a lot more of her!

Anna: I cannot believe she walked right by Ben when she got there. But people say that guys like a girl who plays hard to get, so we’ll have to see if that works in her favor. I personally would have been super turned off by that, but who knows what Ben thought.

Lindzi C.: I think it’s awesome that she rode in on a horse and called the horse “first impression rose.” Their one-on-one time was super cute and I love that she was able to make fun of herself by trying to make wine with store bought grapes. I think she will be around for a long time, especially since she got the first impression rose. That first rose means a lot. And we all know what happened to the guy I gave the first impression rose to…

Monica and Blakeley: What the heck is going on there? I am all about finding love on The Bachelor but I think they should be focusing on Ben right now.

I wasn’t really surprised by which girls went home. Many people might find it strange that Ben kept Jenna, but I don’t think it’s weird at all. We need her for drama people! Of course she is going to hang around. I am more interested to see if she’s sent home at the next rose ceremony. If she is sent home, I think she made it past the first ceremony for ratings. If she makes it past the next rose ceremony, maybe Ben is keeping her around because he feels bad for her. Regardless, I don’t think she and Ben will have a real connection.

And on a side note, here’s a little behind-the-scenes scoop about these ceremonies. One question I always get asked is, “How does the bachelor remember everyone’s name during the rose ceremony?” Most people wouldn’t be able to remember all those names, although I tended to pride myself in remembering all of the guys’ names. What happens is the bachelor comes out and names four or five girls, and then he goes out of the room and comes back naming four or five more girls—this happens until all of the roses are given out.

The super tease (that’s what the producers call it) at the end of the episode was awesome as usual. It’s supposed to suck you into the season and get you excited for what’s to come. Well, mission accomplished! This season looks great. There’s lots of drama, tears, love and hot tubs—all of the things we love about The Bachelor. I will be blogging for Ladies’ Home Journal all season long so make sure to come back and read my blogs each week. Until next time…



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85 Responses to “Ali Fedotowsky Blogs The Bachelor: It All Starts Here”

  1. Thanks Ali – love to hear your input. looking forward to hearing more! (and more behind the scene tib bits!)

  2. I think you get paid for all this. Really? Get out there in the real world and get a real job where you work from 8 to 5 and sweat for the money. You like to much the spot light and I think that is why Roberto left you.(which we know he did, not you him). I really thought you were totally different from all those others that want nothing but to become in the spot light and get paid for being on the magazines and anywhere there is a camera. Please just get a job. Not everyone wants to continue seeing and hearing from you.

  3. I love watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette, and Ali was my fav! I wish Ben F all the best! :)

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  5. @Sandra- didn’t your mother ever tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. If Ali wasn’t getting paid for this blog then someone else would. We did just read it and I am sure there are many others reading it to. We have no right to judge Ali on why her and Roberto didn’t make it. Would it have been better for them to get married on TV and then split a few months later? If you don’t like her or want to hear from her then stop! Noone has a gun to your head! If I’m going to read any blogs on the bachelor then I would RATHER it be from someone who has been there and can explain stuff!!!

  6. Um..were you watching the show Ali?? Anna got sent home. Her “playing hard to get” didn’t work for her at all….And I agree with sandra–Get a job and get out of the spotlight! It’s Roberto we cared about!! Now that he’s gone you’re just boring…

  7. to the comment above, no one said YOU had to look or listen, so here’s an idea..maybe don’t.

  8. to the comment from sandra, no one said YOU had to look or listen, so here’s an idea..maybe don’t.

  9. I agree with ya Ali, you hit the nail on the head with that review in my opinion. It is interesting to read a blog from you about this, since you have so much backround experience.

    Ps Sandra… I read your comment, in my opinion you need to mind your own business. I don’t know who you think you are coming onto Ali’s blog and telling her what she needs to do with her life. Most people do want to hear what she had to say, and you should not even be on here reading and commenting if you dont care what she says.

  10. Yikes, so mean! If the previous commenter doesn’t like you then why the heck is she reading your blog? I read it because I liked you on the show(s) and wanted to hear your take on it. So, thanks for that LOL!!

    Anyway, take care and I look forward to reading more next week!

  11. I think the above statement is a little bold.. and who is anyone to judge.. If you didn’t care why would you take time out of your life to worry about Ali’s life.. I loved Ali and Roberto’s season it was my favorite thus far but some things are not meant to be, it’s life but it doesn’t make either one of them a bad person, and if Ali enjoys the media and keeping us all up to date on things, maybe you need a life/job to worry about. Ali is a smart/talented individual and I am glad she is in the lime light :)

  12. Ali how about if you take an English 101 class BEFORE you start blogging for a living! This show is NOT about you maybe you should remember that before you do the next blog. Oh and leave out the word “super” Get a real job.

  13. To Sandra, don’t be a coward by hiding behind a keyboard to say something about a woman none of us truly know. If you’re bothered, just don’t read it!

    In regards to the blog, I love getting some behind the scenes input from Ali. I will definitely be following along with this blog. :)

  14. If you do not like Ali then why do you bother to take your precious time to not only read her blog but post negative comments…this only makes you look like an idiot. If you dont like her dont read it but even more dont be so cruel and ugly….you dont know Ali and to put her down shows your insecurities. Ali, keep on keeping on…ignore these nonmannered, mean people and know there are plenty of us who want to read your blog and hear how you are doing. Stay positive and share the love.

  15. Ali, I LOVED reading this blog, you did a fantastic job…Your impressions were right on, and your writing was great. I will look forward each week to reading your blog…Don’t mind the haters, they will always arrive, it doesn’t matter who would be writing the blog. You are beautiful, smart and great, keep up the good work…..

  16. I always LOVE your perspective on things Ali and am glad you’re blogging!!…. Lots of us are very interested in your honest opinions and backstage insights…. Whoohoooo!!!! <3

  17. Great job Ali,looking forward to your insight on this season especially since you are willing to share some behind the scenes that we would not otherwise be able to enjoy. Please ignore the comments from some as jealousy is an ugly trait that some have yet to overcome. Always be proud of who you are.

  18. Ladies, let’s remember that Ali is a real person with real feelings. There’s no need for the hateful comments and judgments. I hope you wouldn’t speak that way to someone in person, so you should certainly not put it in writing here.

  19. Wow, so much catty jealousy on this blog. Ali is doing a job she’s paid to do…she has a job, probably many…this is the kind of job that comes from celebrity…celebrity comes from being popular on a reality and other shows. She wouldn’t be asked to do these kinds of jobs if she didn’t bring in readers and ratings. So all of you who have so much negative crap to say about someone you have never met and clearly couldn’t measure up to…go find a freakin’ life, get some therapy to deal with your issues…but quit with the nasty, pointless posting…no one finds what you say to be interesting or amusing.

  20. And to Ali… great job summing up the nights show. I know it takes a lot of paying close attention, taking notes and then having to edit what you say to the allotted “words” you have to fill. Some of us truly appreciate the WORK you’re doing…especially when you’re so sick.
    And PS…I would hire you if I had a show to put you in.

  21. Thumbs up for your thoughts about episode 1! Keep up the good work, Ali.

  22. Ali love reading this blog,you are the best, our cutie, Love ya!! We are here to support you like always!! ♥ On the Bacelorette you had the best show ever!! Your true fans love U!!

  23. You will hear a lot about Casey S. because she has a boyfriend while she is on the show and ends up getting kicked off by the producers later on….looks like lots of drama this season, which makes up for Ben being so boring!

  24. Ali, LOVED the blog!! I don’t care what anyone else has to say, this blog is about Ben F.’s journey. You did a great job summarizing the first episode…and if I ever have to miss one, I know where to come for the scoop! I had no idea The Bachelor only gives 4-5 roses then leaves and comes back to do it all again. These tidbits are the things editing removes…but it’s nice to know what really goes on!!

  25. Keep up the good work, Ali!:)

  26. I could not agree more with JennLBee. All of the previous negative comments are rude and completely disrespectful. How can you make such hateful comments about someone you know nothing about? It would not make you feel good if someone said such things to you, so why say it to someone else? Really, with so many bad things going on in the world, the least we can do is treat each other with kind regard and respect.

    Alli, I think you are fabulous. “Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang.”

  27. Great job Ali!! I can’t wait til next week to see what happens. xoxo Your the best:)

  28. Hi Ali,

    Isabel and I (my daughter) watched it last night and we are in total agreement with you. It was crazy. We did like Brittany and Lindzi and Grandma of course. Isabel could’t believe that Ben kept Monica and Jenna but I told her it was for the drama and maybe he felt sorry for Jenna. Thanks for your blog. Looking forward to next week!

  29. to all the haters out there, if you were ali and had received negative comments from other ppl, how would YOU feel???
    Ali your great… keep up the awesome work…

  30. Ali… Don’t you think it’s time you moved past the bachelorette thing? It’s true, you need to find a real job and move forward. You put so much emphasis on being physically attracted to Roberto from the get go that I don’t think you really took the time to know him. I specifically recall you repeatedly saying over and over again, isn’t he so good looking? I also remember when you said Chris L. was the funnier of the two… a red flag went up then.
    Humor is everything in a relationship. I do wish you the best, and I am not a “hater”. Just thinking you really based your pick on R’s good looks…

  31. Ali is as phony as they come. Worst of all is the mean streak she not so effectively tries to hide. Ali Fedotowsky is not a nice person at all. So happy Roberto dumped this fake weirdo. Now she can leach off her so called friends. They’ll tire of her too soon.

    Love Chris L and Roberto.

    p.s. remove her extensions and what we have is a thin lipped, thin haired flat chested gummy tooth ordinary no reason to be conceited lil freak.

    Trista is not much better.

  32. Ali, this is awesome!! I love to hear your take on the episodes. Cannot wait until next week to hear your opinions!

  33. Haters are simply too ignorant to know better and too insecure to admit it. As a blogger myself, great job and I look forward to reading more!

  34. Leah I feel your jealousy through the computer. I am sure you are scary to look at. Ali is so pretty and you are just an ass. You must live such a sad life to have to come here and comment this crap. You obviously follow Ali or why would you be here. So to you and all the other evil witches go back in your holes and live your sad little lives.

  35. Really to the negative people out there get a life your self.

    She is just blogging for all of us who wants to read her stuff.

    Great Job Ali!!!

  36. WOW. So many negative comments- do you really think trying to bring Ali down is going to make you feel better? First of all, it makes complete sense why Ali would comment/blog about the Bachelor she has experienced it first hand and knows what happens behind the scenes, etc- people want to hear her thoughts. Second of all, criticizing her relationship with her and Roberto is SOO immature and CATTY. The only people who truly know what happened between them are Ali and Roberto. Break-ups can be super rough and sure their relationship was public but only to a certain extent- you never know what really happens in a relationship unless you are the one in it. Let’s show a little love and compassion here people.
    “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”
    ― Mother Teresa
    “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

    Ali you were my absolute favorite bachelorette. You are down-to earth, beautiful, intelligent and a great role model- showing women how important it is to be true to yourself and confident in yourself. I hope you don’t let the negative comments get to you.

  37. Wow, a lot of these responses sound like the Bachelor show itself! Ali HAS had an 8-5 job, we don’t know her circumstances, yes everyone can post and Ali can blog! If someone is superior to everyone here, it’s surprising they’d bother “chatting” here or anywhere else for that matter.

    People who watch Bachelor/ette like hearing from Ali. She’s in the entertainment/media environment for now so that’s what she does. Have a nice day! >^..^<

  38. Great job Ali. I always wondered how he/ she remembers everyone’s names. Look forward to reading your blog next week.

  39. There’s always good and evil in this world and why do we always have to deal with the evil.. I say go away evil people in other word’s haters. Your opinion isn’t wanted on this blog so go some where else where someone want’s to listen to your negativity. If you cast a stone you must have many of your own, so move along and find a blog you love!! since this one isn’t obviously for you :)

  40. LOL I like the way Ali brought what is left of her “Aliberto” fan club with her over to this blog so there will be some positive comments. You really should pay them something Ali. You’re writing is terrible, but it is better than your interviewing skills! I’m glad I don’t have to see you on my news station every morning. I can enjoy Raul much better without your fake laugh.

  41. I love your take– keeping blogging and don’t listen to the haters! I think you are great!

  42. Not an Ali fan either. Sensed from the beginning, Ali was “shocked” somebody “hot” like Roberto would be attracted to her. She had valid reasons to, and he wasn’t and neither was his family. If Ali had her way, they’d been married within a couple months. Roberto wouldnt marry her and he listened to what his family thought of her. They were right.

    And as far as Chris Lambton goes. He found Peyton. Ali doesn’t hold a candle to Peyton, her family, her upbringing, her style, her looks or personality. Peyton is real. Ali is fake. Chris found the love of his life and no way does Ali ever even compare to Peyton.

    Carry on your selfish greedy fake life Ali. It’s all you have.

  43. to Cry me a river Ali I have to agree with you about Chris and Peyton. Ali could have been with this gorgeous man, huge personality, funny….she could have had a beautiful life on the cape surrounded by loved ones and friends. Everybody who knows Chris loves him. He is THAT guy. He really is. Plus the fact that how he “adores” Peyton. Ali had a chance with him. I am sooooooo happy she picked Roberto and Roberto dumped her. Karma is a choice. Ali is a dumb one.

    WE love chris here on the Cape.

  44. I personally have liked Ali since I saw her picture for Jake (the bachelor). If you haters don’t like her then why come here to make your nasty comments about her. I think she is good at this as she has been behind the scenes before. I will be following her on here. What happened to her and Roberto is no ones business but theirs. Why should it even be discussed on here. And some of your nasty comments about her being ugly, try looking in the mirror. She is one of the prettiest girls I have seen since I started watching this show. I am sure she is a lot of fun to be around also. Just my opinion and we all have them.

  45. I suspect Jenna has some psychological issues. I would not be so quick to judge her. You never know what wounds one may carry.

    Ali, I was wondering on your take of Courtney?

  46. Ali is insecure and jealous of most all women. Inside, she knows what she is. Not much in there, I suspect.

  47. Carolina girl….Her relationship with ROberto is OUR business since she put it out there in the public eye She went on a dating show to find a husband and claimed she was so in love with Roberto and it all turned out to be fake!! If you keep your personal business private than people can’t comment on it. She doesn’t keep anything private. She wants to be in the spotlight! Her writing is horrible and she looked huge on the cover of In Touch magazine. I can’t believe Ladies Home Journal hired her…

  48. I was hoping you give your thoughts on Courtney… she kind of gave me tha Vienna vibe … we shall see. Thanks for the blog! :)

  49. To Ali, great job. I look forward to reading your next blog. Ignore the negativity.

    To all the negative people out there, being so mean about someone else doesn’t enrich your life. Probably a better idea simply not to read the blog if you don’t like the blogger.

    I personally don’t want to sift through all the mean posts to read those that actually matter.

  50. Ali, have you ever seen Sweet Home Alabama? I feel like your personality would have been perfect!! Oh well!

  51. Ah i love that show! If you “Like” it on Facebook you can meet the cast on chats like you can on the Bachelorette!

  52. Ali was the best bachelorette next to trista sutter. She really had the social charisma to carry the show so I take her breakdown quite seriously!!!

  53. Coutrtney Robertson allegedly dumped her longtime boyfriend to be on the show so Im not so sure her motives are pure. ://

  54. Fun article! Ali is my fave bachelorette. Thanks for the inside scoop! I’m so curious how mant ppl the producers get to choose each week for ratings’ sake! Always wondered how that works. Tell more next time, k, Ali?

  55. get lost ali!

  56. Raya – so if a couple breaks up that means their relationship was fake? Just because Ali and Roberto did not work out does not mean their feelings for each other were fake. Also, why do you have to comment on how “huge” she is on a magazine.

    I just cannot believe how many rude comments there are on this blog. If you don’t like her don’t read this blog and don’t comment!

  57. I like and still like Ali. I find her candor refreshing, and pure. I wonder how all the haters would fare before millions of on- lookers? Christians and Lions for sure. I am thumbs up and hooray for LHJ for embracing such a nice girl. Wake up America this is what a successful woman who knows her own mind looks like. Instead of showing your bad taste and jelous nature, why not learn what a true lady looks like? Couldn’t hurt.

  58. i think @sandra is just a bit jealous. So what if they use their fame to make some money? She is working, just because it may not necessarily be a 9-5 job doesn’t mean that her work is meaningless. Lots of people fell in love with Ali for a lot of reasons, and want to see what she had to say.

  59. The blog is not bad, and I think what she writes is interesting to read, so keep going!. As far as Roberto, I think he left becasue he watched a repeat of that season when Ali spend the night with the other dude in the private suite and had sex with him, and the following night she did the same with Roberto (sloppy seconds right there!) No man wants sloppy seconds, specially a Latin guy, so no matter how many times he said he is fine with that he aint’t going to forget that

  60. Check out Blake Shelton’s Tweet about Sweet Home Alabama on CMT (dating show like The Bachelor!)

  61. Ali, I love your spark and your spirit. I think you are beautiful and funny and cute. Ignore the jealous haters and focus on the brilliant future you have in front of you.

  62. Love your blog!

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  67. Ali – I love your blog. I just found it through FB and have watched all the episodes but am reading your blog about all of them from the beginning to catch up with your thoughts and insight. I am not sure why the haters are even reading this blog. I guess when they say get a real job… I say to them get a job, life, or whatever it is that you are missing and stop commenting poorly about someone who is doing a job that, let’s be honest, probably most of us would love to have. Jealousy is just so unattractive. Stay off the blog! Nobody is here for your comments, we are here to read about what Ali thinks… You’re just wasting space on this page.

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