Ali Fedotowsky Blogs The Bachelor: Episode 2

January 10, 2012 at 3:03 pm , by

Another week of The Bachelor and I absolutely loved tonight’s episode. Lots of drama, tears (both good and bad) and the beginnings of love—all of the things we love about this show. I want to start off by saying that I will use this blog to share my thoughts on Ben’s season, but I will also relate it to my own experience—I hope you guys like that format. I feel like the reason most of you are reading this is because I have a unique view of what happens on the show (because I experienced it) and I will express those views using examples from my time as the bachelorette. Though I do have to admit, watching the show brings back old memories and it’s hard to watch sometimes, so bear with me and I hope you enjoy!

The first date of the season went to the adorable Kacie B. I was really surprised to see that Kacie’s date started when it was dark out—normally the dates go all day and into the night. But it seemed like the little time they spent together was good quality time, and that’s all that matters. I love that Ben was a good sport about twirling the baton while marching down the street even though he was really bad at it! The chemistry between the two of them was great to see.

They talked about some pretty heavy stuff for a first date but they both seemed so comfortable. One thing I took pride in on my season was that I was always 100% “real” with all of the guys and I never wanted it to seem like we were making a show or I was giving a speech. And what I like about Ben is that he is real! It’s so clear to me that he isn’t trying to put on a show or lead on the girls, and I really appreciate his genuineness. The childhood videos at the end of the date had me in tears. Watching something that personal on a first date could have been really awkward for Ben if he wasn’t with the right girl, so I’m glad he had a great girl like Kacie by his side for that. The only person I have ever been really close to that has passed away is my grandmother, and if I heard her voice for the first time in five years I would just lose it. Seeing the tears in Ben’s eyes touched my heart.

Now, on to the group date. How hilarious was it to see the little kids’ comments on the girls? You can always count on a kid to tell it like it is! I loved it. Also, all the girls were so great in the play. It was awesome to see everyone having such a good time with it, and Ben was really funny too! We haven’t seen that side of him yet so it was cool that he could make fun of himself.

The first group date wouldn’t be complete without a little competition, however. Blakeley was a bit over the top and should have been more humble around the girls. And I felt so bad for Jennifer. I remember how hard it was seeing the bachelor kiss other girls and feeling like what you had with him meant nothing. My heart went out to her. Was I surprised that Blakeley got the rose? No. But I don’t think she will end up being Ben’s type.

Before I talk about Courtney’s date, I have to just take a second to talk about how much I love that Ben’s dog is named Scotch. When he was howling I thought it was the cutest thing ever! Okay…moving on.

I knew right away that Ben was super into Courtney when he said that he had been looking forward to their date for a while. That isn’t something you say on this show unless you really want to go on a date with someone—you’re too busy going on dates every day to think about future dates! I know many people aren’t huge fans of hers, and I was not pleased at all when she said, “How did that taste coming out of your mouth?” after getting her date card. That just wasn’t necessary. But we can’t hate on her for one thing that she said. And I have to say, I think she and Ben have great chemistry; plus they just look cute together. To me it’s obvious that Ben was head over heels for her during their date.

The thing I’ve always said about this experience is that I knew who my top three guys were on the first night. I think Ben knows his already, too. Right now I’m betting that Kacie, Courtney, and Lindzi C. are in the top three and no, I haven’t read a single spoiler so I have no idea if I am way off or right on. The reason I think Lindzi will go far is because she got the first impression rose last episode and didn’t get a date this week. I’m calling it right now—she will get the first date next week. Does this pattern sound familiar? I gave Roberto the first impression rose and the first date of the third episode. I’m pretty sure Ashley gave JP the third one-on-one date too. I think we are seeing a pattern here! I kind of want it to be Lindzi in the end for this reason alone. Ha! I’m kidding. I don’t care who wins in the end as long as Ben finds a great partner for him!

And my last little tidbit before I go is about how long the rose ceremonies last. Someone sent me a tweet last night telling me that they saw a clock that was past 2 a.m. in one of the shots at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony. Two in the morning is nothing. The first rose ceremony usually goes until 8 a.m. and the second one usually ends around 5 a.m. It takes a lot of time to talk to that many people and do interviews throughout the night. They are so exhausting. When you see girls taking naps during the party…this is why.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Which girls do you like (or dislike) so far? Feel free to send me your questions about the show and I’ll answer them in my next blog. And don’t forget to follow me on my Facebook and Twitter pages to see my live commentary during the show. I’m so excited for San Francisco next week! That’s my hood! Until next time…



51 Responses to “Ali Fedotowsky Blogs The Bachelor: Episode 2”

  1. When did you get to see the whole show you were on. Did you have to wait until it was aired with the rest of us? I just think that if he could see some of the remarks that Courtney says, he wouldn’t be so infatuated with her.

  2. Really…Courtney had nothing of substance in her conversation with him.NOTHING……..i am all about communication and talking about little things …life …people and she had a totally empty conversation. If he does pick her they will last of all 6months and it will be done due to her real side will come out!! She is not a very nice or sincere person and has a very sharp tongue!! Ben would never be able to respect some of her one liners!!Just saying!!! Love kacie B!!!Very real!!!

  3. I really loved Kacie B, she seemed really sweet and genuine. I am so glad he sent Jenna home, any girl who has in her opening sequence that she has anxiety about dating should not have been put in that type of situation. I also really like Lindzi, she seems genuine as well. Blakeley needs to tone it down, it’s ok to want time, but it is also important to be a good person. I really don’t think she’s his type at all. I can’t even get started on Courtney, she is just a horrible horrible person. I really wish the bachelor/bachelorette got to watch the footage that we see. I really think if they did, they would have a better chance of having a successful relationship. Jake and Vienna, come to mind. There is a reason all the other girls don’t like some of the girls, and the way Courtney is so mean to the other girls and then sweet as pie to Ben is infuriating!

  4. Ali you are a fake and a liar. You have read the spoilers on Reality Steve’s web site. You have been following him on twitter since Brad’s season.

  5. I saw the clock at 2AM also! Thanks for clarifying that. :)

    Also, how long do you have between dates? For instance, in one episode do you have
    Day 1: One-on-One
    Day 2: Group
    Day 3: One-on-On
    Day 4: Rose Ceremony

    or is there more time in between? Thanks for sharing your experience, Ali, along with your opinions about this season! :)

  6. I guess after watching the first episode and then seeing the first rose ceremony, I was so surprised as to how some of the girls who should have been sent home by what was shown (the awkward drunk lesbian experience) but I felt as if some girls were planted on the show knowingly even if they had the wrong intentions. I just wondered how much Ben really does know about each of these women, I felt like as viewers we get to know way more about each of the girls than he does because of the interviews.

  7. I think Courtney is saying what Ben wants to hear. She only wants to win…not for love but for competition purposes only. Feel bad that he is being suckered in.

  8. I’m so glad you love Scotch too! I totally think Ben needs to be with a dog lover!!! So cool he took him on the date. I have 4 furkids and they would have to approve of anyone I dated, not that I will be ever again. I’m only 36 but got really sick two years ago and had to quit working, turned my world upside down and my boyfriend left me. Anyways…I didn’t think Courtney was natural with Scotch, she didn’t seem to be a dog person. When Ben was getting him to howl, I fell in love! A couple years ago, I would of been real competition for these girls!

    I love Kacie as well. Their date was so sweet. I don’t see what he sees in Blakely and hope that romance is short. So glad poor Jenna was cut loose! Why do they do the rose ceremony at such odd hours??? I would be totally loopy!

    Thanks for your blog! Look forward to reading next weeks!

  9. What?! 8am?! No wonder so many people are tipsy/tired!!

  10. Despise Courtney and Blakely! Hope Ben sees their true colors. Don’t want a repeat of Jake’s season (Vienna!).

  11. Ali – How on earth did you all stay awake until 5 a.m.? I haven’t had a all nighter since college. All the girls seem so awake — maybe it’s just all the makeup. I would’ve seriously passed out by 2 am. :)

  12. well intrested point of view am kinda feel similler vibe ,i love courtney and ben chemestry together they seen like a great fit ,kascie b date went perfect i love lindzi for ben from the first nite she seen great ,blakely around the girl not good but i like the way she not wasting time with ben she taking as much time as she can get and time is something u dont have alots of on the show jennifer i like her she might go far ,am not really feeling samatha and rachel not so much everyone else it ok so far until next time

  13. They showed a preview clip where it seemed that one of the finalists was saying she had second thoughts -that she thought she was ready to settle down and now she wasn’t too sure. THAT is the first thing I thought about when I saw Courtney with Ben. It might do him well to remember “all that glitters is not gold”.

  14. Ali- I love your insight! It’s really interesting hearing about some behind-the scene notes (rose ceremonies going into the wee hours of the morning). I never would have guessed that!

  15. I can’t believe the rose ceremony’s go so late… geesh! No wonder so many of those girls are SO emotional! I would be too if I had to stay up till 5am. :)

  16. Totally agree with Heather! Courtney and Blakely are so self-centered. Definitely not a good match for sweet Ben. Hope he sees through their phoniness soon! Kacie and Ben would be an awesome match! Be happy to see Monica get cut, too!

  17. ali your blog is so interesting especially from hearing about your experience and what it’s really like behind the camera! I chose kacie b right from when she stepped out of the limo so I hope he chooses her! Courtney doesn’t seem real to me but they have such strong chemistry! I’ve been following you from the start Ali! I hope you continue to live a happy and full life and no storm lasts forever, your heaven is within you xo

  18. I just think that Courtney is so fake towards Ben and the true Courtney comes out when she is with the girls…I don’t think Ben would be so into her if he knew what she was saying to the other girls and during her interviews. However, I feel as though the truth always surfaces, so her true colors will show eventually. I really love Kacie B though, she is sweet and I feel like she is very genuine.

  19. Those are my top 3 choices as well..must be a sign.
    Rooting for kacie 1st , lindzi 2nd…I think if he chooses courtney it will turn out like jake/vienna, brad/emily

  20. Um . . . just dawned on me. I think I just figured out who would be PERFECT for Ben: ALI FEDOTOWSKY. Am I right, people?

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  22. Loved your blog, good job Ali!trying hard not to be judgemental towards Courtney but she makes it very hard…loved Kacie’s date!

  23. Hi Ali,

    I am so excited to see you blogging and I can’t wait to read your thoughts on the show. I loved wathcing your season and though I am sure you are still in only the begining stages of your own healing I hope you are able to find your partner in life and have the happiness that every woman deserves. You are such a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to so many women. I have always admired the fact that you keep it real and do it in a classy manner. Keep moving forward and you will go far.

  24. It was NOT one mean comment by Courtney, but SEVERAL that determined her low character. Even Jimmy Kimmel called her evil.

    1. She said she was better than all the girls there at the cocktail party
    2. Not just saying “How’d that taste coming…” to Kacie once, but had the nerve to repeat it and really waited for an answer from Kacie
    3. Saying in front of the other girls that Ben wanted to kiss her and that they were going to make out
    4. Asking Lindzi if she thought the connection w/ Ben was really about the horse (never mind saying in ITM that the horse won the first impression rose)
    5. Telling Lindzi & Erica that there was a connection w/ Ben and she can tell by the way he looks at her (she’s trying to undermine their confidence & mind F them)
    6. The “I deserve 2 carats” comments
    7. She said she was competitive & always wins. Anyone who can quote Charlie Sheen & sound even creepier than him takes creepy to a whole other level.

    All this and more in just two condensed weeks – more than tells us who she is.

    When someone shows you who they are believe them. – Maya Angelou

  25. Ali, the main reason I am reading your Bachelor blogs is because I LOVE the inside info you give us that we would never know, such as the rose ceremony info. It is so interesting, please keep giving us more insider information every week, I LOVE IT! How does everyone stay up to 5am or 8am, what time do the parties start at?
    TELL ME MORE ha ha! :)

  26. I totally agree with you Nicole, thanks for sharing with us the production side of the show, I’m a camera operator and it would be a dream come true to work on the bachelor and bachelorette, so it is so fun to get little glimpses behind the camera:-)

  27. Oh Ali I have been a huge fan of yours since the bachelorette and i have always found you to be extremely down to earth and relatable and it saddens me to see you give a moments attention to courtney and her supposed chemistry with Ben.

  28. BLAH wrong button pushed ignore other message and i will retype here ( Sorry )

    Oh Ali I have been a huge fan of yours since the bachelorette and i have always found you to be extremely down to earth and relatable and it saddens me to see you give a moments attention to courtney and her supposed chemistry with Ben.

    What episode were you watching Ali?? did you only see her classless comment about the vinegar and sleep through the rest of the show? everything she said was rude or uncalled for and i am sorry to say I think she might be mentally ill and i don’t say this lightly!!!

    It’s one thing to defend yourself against people it’s quite another to purposely get under peoples skin with subtle little jabs about how she knows she has a connection with ben and the others should not feel bad if they don’t!!

    So now that my ramblings are done, i say the 2 villains of this season are Blakely ( she she is so not there for ben ) and Courtney ( i am sure she is just another Justin.. sorry for the reference ali but thats what i see )

    I would so love to be proven wrong but i just don’t see it!!

    So i can only hope Ben can see through courtney before it’s too late!!

  29. Ali~ Thank u so much for this blog!! I will be reading it after every show! I agree with everyone else Cortney is so wrong for Ben, you would never hear Ben say the thoughtless things that come out of her mouth. I have faith he will see through her eventually. I guessed the same that kacie B and Linzie C would be in top 3 but I’m not sure about the third yet, definitely NOT Courtney! I have a question, what do they feed you at the mansion??? Looking forward to hearing more!!

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  31. JP got date number 4. lucas got third date

  32. I think the best match for Ben so far is Kacie B. I think she is beautiful and relaxed and seems to be a perfect fit for Ben and his lifestyle. I can’t believe Ben can’t see through the Courtney/Blakely type. They are all about themselves and flaunting their bodies and looks but no real substance. I think Ben needs someone a little more serious…who likes to have fun but who can also appreciate the more important things in life. I don’t mind Ben but I find something about him a little akward/timid….I hope he doesn’t pick someone who will break his heart.

  33. I like the blog. You have great writing skills. I would rather see you continue doing something like this than to pursue being a hollywood fame star. You have no experience or any defined skills to be a hollywood fame star. Jillian received offers because she had experience & skills. You walked away from a good guy (Roberto). The next guy you date will more than likely treat you like dirt and then you can look back and appreciate what you had. I plan to sit back and say that I tried to tell you. Is it worth pursuing fame over having a wonderful man in your life who loves you? Look at Trista. I was a really big fan of yours until I read all the articles on how you were so mean to Roberto and treated him like a punching bag!!! Don’t forget, what goes around comes around. I’ll be sitting & watching to see how the next man you fall in love with treats you. I know for a fact he won’t treat you as well as Roberto did. I still like your blog.

  34. Really? Kara? Come on. I’ve never commented on a blog in my life, let me tell you this is my first. Kara, how do you get experience on being a “Hollywood fame star”? You seem to have all lifes answers, one would think you could answer this. It’s people like you that are the reason people usely have to approve comments. Ali has been in more spot light then any of the bachelorettes I’ve seen she deserves all the offers she wants. Who are you to judge? As far as what you have “read” maybe you should filter that. I’m not surprised you are drawn to negative readings on other people you seem to enjoy writing them. My advice to you is to refrain from commenting unless you can be positive and not positively taking jabs at someone you don’t know nor will you ever. Keep the blogs coming Ali they’re very eye opening and enjoyable.

  35. You mentioned Courtney saying ‘how did that taste coming out of your mouth’ and that Blakely was ‘a bit over the top & should have been more humble around the girls’
    Do you remember how you treated Vienna?
    That was tasteless behaviour & way over the top, in my opinion.
    I agree that Ben is genuine. He’s a sweetheart & deserves the best. I wish you the best also, Ali.

  36. Wish we could see this season now. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and we only get to see the batchelor long after it’s aired in the USA.
    Ali, You definitely made a mistake with Roberto. He’s gorgeous, treats you like a queen and has respect for you. What more do you want????

  37. Ali,
    A couple of questions.
    Is it required that all girls on the Bachelor wear bikinis?
    And what do the girls do the rest of the days of the week after the dates are filmed? Presumably the dates take 3 days and then what do they do?
    So fun to have your insight!

  38. Ali,

    Thanks for your thoughts on the episode. I like Scotch too, and am most impressed with him! Courtney was not at all nice to Kacie. And I do not like her sarcastic and smug remarks. I do not believe she is in it for true love. If Ben is a Christian than Kacie is the one. If Ben is more into superficial than Courtney is the one. I don’t think we have seen enough of Lindzie to know where she is coming from. Although she seems down to earth and real. I watch these shows with a grain of salt. I must admit that as a romantic, I thought this process could work. But the odds are rare, and I think all the hype and glamour makes for a short season of romance for most couples. Lust only lasts so long.

  39. Loved this blog! I had no idea that rose ceremonies lasted that long! I have also been long are you away from you families through the recording of the show? I have seen alot of people say that it is hard being away and that is one reason people are so emotional. And I was also wondering are you allowed to talk to your family or anyone while your gone beside on the hometown dates?

  40. I love your comments and insight on the show Ali. Thanks for taking the time to write it!

  41. Thanks Ali! Big fan of yours here!! Love reading your insight on The Bachelor this season! Please let us know more behind the scenes stories and how filming of the show works. I can’t imagine staying up all night for the rose ceremony. Keep up the good work Ali!

  42. Hmm I wonder why Ali has put Courtney in her top three?? I wonder if it is because she read Reality Steve’s spoilers? She has been following him on twitter since Brad’s season..

  43. Love your blog!

  44. Ali…love your comments, but despise Courtney…i do think Ben is right to think she is too good to be true bc she is definitely pulling the wool over his eyes! Btw…to the haters above…go hate somewhere else! Find a Roberto Fanpage and post on there! In case you didn’t notice, this is Ali’s page! We love you Ali, don’t let them get you down!

  45. I love how all these people think they have insight into Ali and Roberto’s relationship. 99% of you have no idea if he “treated her like a queen” or if he had old school ideas about how a woman and her “place” — his father certainly did.
    The other 1% may have insight because they may actually know her. I’d venture to say no one on this blog does. Relationships don’t work out for a myriad of reasons and none of us have any right to speculate as to the reasons why Ali and Roberto didn’t make it. That’s their personal and private business, and no one else’s. Just because you watched their season doesn’t mean that anything that came later was for your knowledge or speculation.

    So back off.

  46. Thank you Jenna, VERY WELL SAID!! I have always loved Ali and Roberto too for that matter, but we don’t know what happened in their personal lives…Rock on Ali and thanks again for all of the answers to our questions!

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  48. I think Ben is going to pick Courtney but they will break up. It makes me sad for Ben. He needs to look past Courtney’s appearance and give the other women a chance. I love Kacie B. I predict she will be the next Bachelorette.

  49. Ben is caught up at this time in the beauty of some of the girls. I hope Ben sees Courtney for who she truly is , not a nice girl like she pretends to be around him. Courtney is so judgemental and mean spirited to the other ladies for no reason..Kacie B seems really kind..we need to watch them.

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