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January 17, 2012 at 3:32 pm , by

Hi guys! So much happened in last night’s episode of The Bachelor—people left, surprise visitors showed up and the claws came out! Despite everything that went down, I simply loved watching this episode because I was so excited that the dates were in San Francisco, my neighborhood!

I love how this season focuses on taking the girls to places where they’ll be living in real life if they end up with Ben after the show is over. I also think it’s great that Ben got to talk to his sister about the girls early on. I didn’t get to talk to my family about the guys until I was down to the final two, and it’s hard going through everything in the beginning without being able to talk to the people you love about it. Oh, and is it just me or does Ben’s sister look like a cross between Shawntel Newton and Kourntey Kardashian? If you don’t remember what she looks like, Google her. She’s a dead ringer for those two! Also, the place Ben and his sister were eating at during the episode is called The Grove and it’s in the Marina district of San Francisco. It’s funny because I go there all the time—it was so weird seeing him at all of the places I go to everyday. I have a feeling that we’re all going to be best friends when Ben and his new fiancé move back to San Francisco after the show! ;)

Let’s talk about Emily—she’s such a cutie! I love getting to know the girls better as the show goes on and I’m realizing that Ben has a great group of girls to choose from. Their date was pretty spectacular and somewhat reminded me of my first date with Roberto when we walked a tightrope between two buildings in Los Angeles. People ask me if I was nervous when we did that and I always say no. It was actually a lot of fun and not scary at all. That said, what Emily and Ben did on the bridge looked terrifying! Walking along a bridge like that seems dangerous with all of the cars rushing by! Their dinner together was adorable, though. I think they had a great connection and it was so endearing when he said that she was smarter than him. Emily is definitely a contender in this; I think she will go far.

Then there was the group date—I can’t believe they got to shut down a street in San Francisco and ski down it! The girls were seriously brave for skiing in their bathing suits. I never would have been able to do that. Kacie had me cracking up the whole time; she was such a good sport! The evening part of the date wasn’t super-interesting to me, but it was nice to see Ben and Kacie reconnect. I know how hard it is trying to remember your connection with the bachelor and not focus on the connections you see him forming with other girls. She seems like she’s doing a great job with that.

Next up was Ben’s date with Brittney. I knew right from the beginning that I liked this girl and after last night’s episode, I like her even more! I really appreciate that Brittney was honest with herself. I don’t think she was into Ben (or into the situation) and I appreciate that she acknowledged that and sent herself home. I am so proud of her for making that decision because I know how hard it is! I made a similar decision when I sent myself home on Jake’s season. My reasons were different from Brittney’s, but both situations were difficult. And if you guys are wondering if she got to keep the diamond necklace, I highly doubt it. I don’t think she would have been able to keep it even if she did stay. I definitely didn’t get to keep the diamond necklace I was given to wear on my season of The Bachelor, but I guess you never know.

Since Brittney sent herself home, Lindzi got the next date. I thought she would get the third one-on-one date this season, so I was really surprised that she only got the fourth date by default. But I was no longer surprised after I saw their date together—I just didn’t see any chemistry between them. The conversation seemed a bit forced and I didn’t see the excitement in his eyes like I did when he was on dates with Kacie, Emily and Courtney. I also cannot believe that Lindzi dated a guy for years who broke up with her in a text message that said “Welcome to dumpsville. Population: you.” If I were her, I might need therapy after something like that to help me figure out why I dated such an immature jerk for so long! But even though the chemistry wasn’t there, it looked like they had an awesome date together. Bourbon and Branch is one of my favorite spots in the city and I absolutely love Matt Nathanson’s music. His song “Wedding Dress” is one of my favorites. If you haven’t heard it, download it now! It’s great.

Shawntel made her return in this episode. I absolutely love her and it was really hard for me to see the girls be so mean to her when she arrived. I couldn’t believe how rude they were, but I also understand why they were so upset—I probably would’ve been upset too. I know it’s only the third episode for the viewers but it feels so much longer when you’re actually going through it. All in all, it was a really tough situation on both sides, and I know Shawntel meant no harm to the other girls by coming to the rose ceremony. My heart goes out to her after seeing all of the hurtful things that were said and done to her on the show.

I think Ben sent Shawntel home because he knew keeping her would upset the other girls. I’m very confident that Ben liked her (based on their phone conversation prior to Ben becoming the bachelor) more than many of the girls on the show, just not more than his top three. I think he thought it wasn’t worth hurting the girls he really did like to keep a girl that he wasn’t sure about. And after Courtney’s comments upon receiving her rose, there was no way that Ben was going to keep Shawntel. Courtney was very rude to call Shawntel (who is such a sweetheart, by the way) “what’s her butt” and made it very clear to Ben that she would not be happy if he kept Shawntel by thanking him for not putting her through “that.” Regardless of Ben’s reasoning, I kind of think it would be weird if Shawntel and Ben ended up together. I mean, she looks just like his sister. Awkward…

Before I sign off I want to make one comment about Ben and Courtney at the cocktail party. When he was with her Ben’s voiceover said, “I didn’t get a chance to give Courtney a date this week,” which showed me that he really wanted to give her a date but wasn’t able to. Plus he brought her to a “special place” at the rose ceremony and I used to always save the most romantic, private spots for Roberto on my season. So after tonight, my top three has changed. I think it’s going to be Courtney, Kacie and Emily. And what is up with Casey? She is so cute, but we never even hear from her. I hope we get to see more of her in the next episode. Don’t forget to follow me on my Twitter and Facebook pages for live commentary during the show! Until next time…



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  1. Ali — you seem to give Courtney the benefit of the doubt. It just seems like her interactions with the other girls is so mean and catty, it’s hard to view her as someone for Ben. Also– we don’t hear from Monica at all. I can’t see her with Ben either, but yet again we’ve never seen them interact from what I can remember!

  2. Also — I forgot to say — Shawntel Newton for the next Bachelorette! :)

  3. Wow Ali, your one amazing lady. Loved watching your season it was great. Your a great role model for young women at least for me you are. Oh and your blog is so good. Keeps everyone up to date on thoughts on the bachelor. It must be a very hard situation to be put in to. Well cant wait to read more from you.

  4. Loved reading your blog. I really like Kacie and Emily. Going to the top of that bridge, OMG. Not me. My heart was pumping as if I were up there, glad it got over soon. Wishing you only the best.

  5. I do not like Courtney! Ben deserves better. I hope he ends up proposing to Kacie B.

  6. I totally love reading your blog, and agree about Kacie B. But, I have to disagree about Courtney. Like other’s have said, she is way different arounbd the girls than she is with Ben. And I can’t believe that I am the only one who thinks that this girl is one step away from being CRAZY~TOWN!! I can see the way she is, why she cannot sustain a relationship, and hope she shows her true nature around Ben, and he dosn’t send the wrong girl home to keep Courtney around.

  7. Ali … even though I missed last nights episode I still do not trust Courtney. I read all the postings on Facebook and your article. I loved the date he had with Kaci B. He shared something with here that I did not see him have with Courtney. I just hope he doesn’t get rid of someone he should have spent more time with to keep Courtney there.

  8. Where were they for the rose ceremony? I want to know where ben took courtney! She mentioned marilyn monroe going up back in the day.

  9. He mentioned*

  10. Hi Ali!
    We (your fans) have followed you since we first met you on Jake’s season. We looked forward to all your photos and watched enthusiastically as your life and relationship blossomed. So it’s only natural that we are curious as to what happened with Roberto. I’m not asking for dirt cause that is not classy or you at all. But, could you tell us what happened to split you 2 up? You are such a ray of sunshine and your positive outlook on life is so inspiring. I love looking at your pictures…especially the “being silly n goofy” ones. Much love n respect for being true to yourself xxx

  11. i dont like the courtney. she is not nice. did you hear her two rude comments? one abut s
    shawntel and one about another girl. one of the comments was when ben was
    walking by. i hope he heard her. i think ben did the only thing he could do with shawntel
    why did n’t she apply when the other girls did? it really wasn’t fair and put shawntel herself
    in a bad spot.

  12. I think you found your “calling” Ali! Blogging in the comfort of your home. Another great blog here!:) Keep up the good work.

  13. I just don’t get Ben. He falls in love with Ashley which by the way seems to me to be a really sweet woman. Now he seems to have a thing for Courtney who appears to be nothing like Ashley. Courtney has been rude to so many ladies on the show. And she makes the most smug remarks. I hope that Ben sees through her, and ends ups with a sweetheart like Kacie B.!

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  15. Hey Ali, thank you again for your blog! I love Kacie B. and I want him to end up with her, I think that she and Ashley are similar so it seems only natural that he would fall for her. As for Courtney, I don’t see any chemistry there. I see Courtney just wanting to WIN. She always has a fake look on her face and their talks are never of any substance. I do think that he is falling for her bc she is very pretty, but that bad attitude is not cool, and I think if he picks her that she will say yes for tv, but never really go through with it! She is only in this for competition and fame. Go KACIE B.!!

  16. Hey Ali I am suprised you didnt mention Rachel they had a one on one date and she got a rose. I didnt like her I didnt see no chemistry there. I am pretty sure thats her name she has blond stright hair with bangs. And as for Courtney I dont like her she seems fake she has to sides to her. She is a whole diffrent person when she is not around ben. I hope he can catch that soon.She is just on for fame. I love reading your blogs I am such a fan of them thanks

  17. Hiya Ali! Glad to see you blogging :D .

    Anyhow, from stuff I’ve read online (what can’t you read online now-a-days?), Ben chooses Courtney. This season is starting to feel a lot like Jake’s if that’s the case. Ie: The girls hated Vienna and then she won. Hmm. If they are in love, wonderful! Truly, as a happily married woman myself, I think finding true love was the beginning of my happiest chapters. That being said, I really hope that Courtney isn’t as two-faced as she’s being edited/seems to be. **Although her comment that Blakely acts and dresses like the type of woman a man cheats on his wife with made me “lol” since is was rather on point. The “what’s her butt” remark was uncalled for and revealed, to me, that she is in fact competitive and not entirely secure in this situation despite her constant remarks that she isn’t threatened by the other girls (**who wouldn’t be though really?).
    Sigh. Anyhow, it will be interesting to see how this all pans out. Luck and happiness to all involved – and to you of course.

  18. i think courtney is one step away from the “coo coo nest” she is a dangerous person with her wanting to destroy anyone who gets in her way…after last night’s 1/23 program i will not be watching anymore! You cannot keep anyone on a show that has daggers out it could become serious!