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It’s week four of The Bachelor and there was no shortage of drama this week. My goodness, the claws really came out last night.

Let’s start by talking about how beautiful Park City, Utah is. The countryside is simply breathtaking. Obviously Ben loves the outdoors and is very adventurous so I think it was a great place for him to spend time with all of the women. But I have one question at this point—is it normal for people to still not have gone on individual dates this far in the season? I don’t remember it being week four and guys still not getting dates on my season. Help me out here…my memory is not serving me well today!

The first date went to Rachel, and Kacie B. really took it hard. Poor thing—she is just the cutest and has the sweetest little accent, so it broke my heart to see her cry at the beginning of Ben’s date with Rachel. It was also touching when she said that she hates seeing him go on other dates, but she loves that she gets to see him, if only for a few moments before the date. So sweet.

But the show must go on and The Bachelor wouldn’t be complete without a few helicopter rides! Rachel started off the date by saying that her last relationship ended because of communication issues, and boy was that comment foreshadowing. I think Ben gave her a rose to be nice. I just don’t see how he could think that they could have something long term when they had such a hard time communicating. There were definitely instances on my season where I would give a guy a rose because I liked him as a person and didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Not giving someone a rose on a one-on-one date is a lot harsher then not giving someone a rose at a rose ceremony. I’m also not completely convinced that Rachel is into Ben. I think she wants to stay because you never know what could happen, but as of right now, I don’t think she is feeling him at all.

This week’s group date was really cool because it was so normal. Ben riding the horse with the girls reminded me of riding the horses with the guys in Iceland. Remember how Craig R. got the smallest horse? It was basically the runt of the group and Craig is 6’4” so it was pretty funny. Anyway, I also absolutely loved the fishing part of the date. It seemed like a lot of fun and it’s something that Ben might actually do with his fiancé in the future.

I know most of us got angry with Courtney during this episode, myself included, but I am going to try to be as open-minded as I can and try to use my insight into the show to try to understand why she did certain things. As frustrating as it was for me to see Courtney be mean to the other girls, I think she did the right thing on the group date by pulling Ben away to get some one-on-one time. I feel like I can’t be mad at her for that. Still, I wasn’t happy with how nasty she was to the other girls. More on Courtney later.

I was really surprised to see Ben send Samantha home on the group date. I get that he didn’t like her, but it really seemed to bother him when she expressed that she was upset because she only got group dates. I totally understand that some of the other girls didn’t even get dates, but it’s completely normal to be upset at this point for not having a one-on-one date; you basically put your entire life on hold for this guy and then you don’t get any alone time with him. It’s not easy. But I guess I was shocked to see how upset Ben was over her comments. She was just expressing her feelings and that’s exactly what this show should be about. Maybe something happened with her on a past group date that we didn’t get to see, because Ben seems like a pretty level-headed guy and something just didn’t add up with his reaction to her comment. I would have expected him to send her home, but he should have been kind about it and instead, he seemed angry. I wish we knew why!

His alone time with Kacie B. was precious and I’m so glad that he’s reassuring her. It’s super important to reassure the few people you really like throughout the process because it’s so easy to feel confident about your relationship one day and feel totally lost the next. Like Ben said, Kacie B. is “wonderful.” I’m really rooting for these two to end up together!

Now back to Courtney—she really knows how to play this game, and it’s starting to feel like that’s all this is to her, a game. I know she was quoting Charlie Sheen, but it really rubbed me the wrong way when she kept saying “winning.” But here’s the thing: a lot of people thought Michelle Money was a mean girl on her season, but I can tell you from personal experience that she’s a sweetheart and people just didn’t get her humor and sarcasm on the show. This could also be the case with Courtney. Don’t get me wrong, she says a lot of mean things and is acting a little immature in many instances, but I don’t think she realizes what she’s doing. Obviously she’s not being very nice, but we also don’t know how much of this is because of editing. Sometimes your humor doesn’t come off the way you want it to.

Let’s move on to Ben’s date with Jennifer. I was cracking up when Jennifer called their date “sketchy.” She’s funny! It was a very cool date, although I don’t know if I would want to wear a harness while wearing a bathing suit and having a camera on me. She’s a brave girl.

I really loved how Jennifer opened up about her past relationship. I feel like being with someone for several years and that person ultimately not being able to commit to you is something many of us can relate to. Then it started raining and it was such a romantic moment for the two of them. I almost wish they didn’t go inside and just kissed all night in the rain. Sigh. I love romance. :-) However, I hate to say it but I feel like this was another one of those dates where he gave her a rose because it would have been really harsh to send someone home on a one-on-one date. It’s always a red flag to me when Ben (or any bachelor) says “I didn’t know if I was going to like you at first.” Why do I feel that way? Because 95 percent of the time you know within the first 10 minutes of meeting someone whether or not you would date them. Do you guys agree? Even though I love Jennifer,  I’m not sure she’ll be around for much longer. I think they would be better as friends, but I wouldn’t mind at all if Ben proves me wrong!

The cocktail party was where the real drama began. I understand why Emily tried to tell Ben about Courtney, because I did the same thing on my season. Plus, I always told the guys on my Bachelorette season to tell me if they had any concerns about the other guys because I know they witnessed things I would never see. However, every bachelor and bachelorette is different and Ben was so right when he said “You are going to go crazy if you try to read into this.” There’s so much that goes into the decision to keep certain people and send others home, and if you try to figure that out as a contestant you will just drive yourself nuts.

I thought it was really funny when Courtney said “I’m a nice person, don’t @#$% with me!” Uh, what? That is an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one. I will say that Courtney totally had the right to call Emily out and Emily shouldn’t have pretended that she didn’t know what Courtney was talking about. She should have just called Courtney out and owned it. But I still love Emily and I’m really glad she got a rose. Everyone has a right to defend himself or herself and Courtney definitely did that in this circumstance. However, I don’t really want to judge her or anyone else on this show—I’ll wait until I meet her in person to decide what I think about her.

Next week’s episode looks intense! I cannot believe Courtney and Ben go skinny-dipping. Are their mothers watching? (Along with cameramen and audio people, producers and a control room full of people who saw this live when their “parts” weren’t blurred out…oh my.) I’ll get more into that in next week’s blog. As always, don’t forget to follow me on my Facebook and Twitter pages! Until next time…



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  1. I like what you wrote , your comments on the show, it gives me another perspective on it. Never being on the show it is so easy to misjudge Courtney, I don’t know what she is really like. I just hope that she is not really the way that she is appearing in the show.

  2. I really think that Courtney might be as vapid as she appears. If she weren’t she would have more than one friend in the house, the other woman wouldn’t sit around discussing her behavior and other women wouldn’t be warning Ben about her. From watching both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette for several seasons I feel like if the Bachelor or Bachelorette put more stock in these warnings it would prove beneficial. Just in the last few seasons a bad seed has been among the bunch every time (Wes from Gillian’s season, Vienna, Bently, & Justin from your season). I think if Ben had taken Emily more seriously it might have saved some heartache.

    While I’m here I’ll say youre adorable and my favorite Bachelorette to date!

  3. Awesome re-cap Ali! I agreed with everything you said here. I too thought that maybe Courtney was getting a bad rap similar to Michelle, however I don’t remember Michelle ever being THIS mean. I guess we’ll see how things play out for the rest of the season! Loved this blog and look forward to continue reading! :)

  4. I agree with the above. If you look courtney up online, she is a successful model and has dated a celebrity already. I could see her doing this to further her career, and not because she truly loves ben. We all saw it in the intro, she is very into HERSELF. I’m waiting to see some genuine interest for ben from courtney. Whenever they interact, she does not seem excited or appear to be “falling” for him. She acts like a child who loves the spotlight. If she really was upset by emily and wanted to address it maturely, she would have taken emily aside privately, not in a group setting where the cameras will amp up the drama. I agree with ali that courtney sees it as a “game” but I think her prize she has in mind is not entirely ben, but fame. She has yet to prove me wrong.

  5. I agree with the above. If you look courtney up online, she is a successful model and has dated a celebrity already. I could see her doing this to further her career, and not because she truly loves ben. We all saw it in the intro, she is very into HERSELF. I’m waiting to see some genuine interest for ben from courtney. Whenever they interact, she does not seem excited or appear to be “falling” for him. She acts like a child who loves the spotlight. If she really was upset by emily and wanted to address it maturely, she would have taken emily aside privately, not in a group setting where the cameras will amp up the drama. I agree with ali that courtney sees it as a “game” but I think her prize she has in mind is not entirely ben, but fame. She has yet to prove me wrong.
    I love you ali! They need to pick more girls like you! Go MA! And I’m worried about emily maynard, we need a bachelorette with a backbone.

  6. I agree with the above. If you look courtney up online, she is a successful model and has dated a celebrity already. I could see her doing this to further her career, and not because she truly loves ben. We all saw it in the intro, she is very into HERSELF. I’m waiting to see some genuine interest for ben from courtney. Whenever they interact, she does not seem excited or appear to be “falling” for him. She acts like a child who loves the spotlight. If she really was upset by emily and wanted to address it maturely, she would have taken emily aside privately, not in a group setting where the cameras will amp up the drama. I agree with ali that courtney sees it as a “game” but I think her prize she has in mind is not entirely ben, but fame. She has yet to prove me wrong.
    I love you Ali! Best bachelorette ever. we need more girls like you. yay MA!
    Also, Im a little worried about Emily Maynard being the new one. We need a woman with more backbone!

  7. Love that you’re blogging the Bachelor, Ali :) . One thing you said confused me: aren’t the one-on-one dates considered individual dates? I love your insight and know you ‘know’ the antics/editing tricks of the show but I just cannot get past how utterly cruel Courtney can be: that kind of personality quirk is very telling and I can’t imagine she is not just a literal B-word in real life. Like you said, Michelle Money ended up being very different on the Bachelor Pad and I liked her then (vs. in her Bachelor run), but I don’t remember her being cruel. I HOPE the rumors that Courtney is Ben’s choice is wrongwrongwrong – I would be so disappointed in him!

  8. rumor has it he was seen out in Manhattan with Courtney and she was his pick. it came form a bartender friend of mine

  9. Hi Ali:
    First off, I am really suprised I am not enjoying this season much. I really love watching but, this season it’s really hard for me to like some of these girls.
    I know people compare Vienna to Courtney, the difference between the two of them was that Vienna, was just self centered and thought of only herself with immaturity thrown in. Courtney, has some really mean words to say about people. Verbally assault someone? Who talks like this? Just being able to plan that to me in my book makes me question their integrity. I feel bad for her, because, if she truly isn’t like this..look at the fan base she has created..she hasn’t. People are not going to be kind to her when she finally is in public. The skinny dipping, I feel has gone a step too far. I personally wouldn’t blame any of the girls left would pack their items and go home. Again, this is her game she is playing and I am sorry to say..Ben isn’t showing a great side of him either (is that a pun?). Ha! Anyway, I know I will keep watching, but I am not enjoying myself…the drama makes me nervous. I don’t like seeing people get hurt.
    You have and will always be my favorite contestant.

  10. Ali, are you still looking for another 15 minutes of fame? Just about time for you to get a real job and stop living your life on twitter & facebook. You was known as the mean girl on Jake’s season. You still hold that title even today. You are a poor example for all young girls!

  11. I think that Courtney needs to go home cause she is nothing but out for herself to make her look good for more modeling goods kind of like Bentley did on the bacherolette show. But I believe she is nothing but a tittie baby want to make others look back.

  12. I think I know why Ben reacted that way to Samantha. Nicki had just spent time with Ben and was saying how “grateful” she was to spend time with him on the three group dates she had been on… 5 secs later you have this whiny girl complaining about being on 3 group dates! Unfortunately this happened directly after Nicki’s sweet conversation, hence the reaction from Ben…

  13. I heard Samantha pulled a Roslyn? And had an inappropriate relationship with a guy on the show!

  14. To the comment about Ali being a mean girl. Wow, really? And you don’t come off as one yourself? You really should pass judgement on someone when you don’t know them personally!

  15. you SHOUDN’T pass judgement

  16. Courtney is a player. She is just in it to see how far she can get. It is the biggest game for her. She actually thinks she can REEL any man in. Such a sad thing to watch. I really dont know wht to call them kind of people.
    Love Kacie B. she is a sweetheart and so into Ben.
    Rachael- i like her. I just do not see them 2 making it much further.
    Jennifer- I think she will be one of the last 3.
    Emily- Totally understand why she told Ben. I hate to see someone so blind from a person and get hurt. The way Courtney has been acting is ridiculous. Go Emily.

  17. Courtney is stuck on herself and she just wants fame. She isn’t in this for Ben. I hope so much that he picks Kacie B. I think she really loves him and he likes her a lot. I think the time they spent together was special. Hopefully it will grow between them.

  18. It is well rumored that he does end up with Courtney. I can’t imagine how played he must feel watching HER antics during the show playback. It’s one thing when the girls have to watch his interaction with the other girls but when he has to see what a conniving witch Courtney is how could he want to stay with her? She wasn’t having doubts last in Utah, she said that to get the rose. If she is manipulating him now, that’s how she will be forever, ugh… I would be surprised if they make it to After The Final Rose! Maybe it will be another Molly situation and he’ll come back for his #2!

  19. Are you kidding. Ben didn’t see through Courtney playing him saying that she felt insecure about them. She was not feel good. What a joke. I saw through that. She is in it to WIN, not to find someone to love. I agree with Emily. I am glad she told Ben. If he were smart, he would realize that Emily has so much more going for herself. That to play the game is just not her.

  20. I think the whole theme of the Batchelor has changed. I think it is evil to play with someone’s heart this way. Courtney is a plant just as Wes was. It is time to get the show back on track or people will quit watching it. Personally I love Ben and hope all the rumors that he chose Courtney are false.

  21. what makes me most upset is that people come to ali’s blog to complain about her! don’t come read her shit if you don’t think she is worth reading then stay off her stuff! I think Ali is great and it’s fun to hear here opinion since she’s been on it. You go Ali!

  22. I love getting show feedback from you, Ali. I wasn’t a Bachelorette fan until I watched your season.

    I’m getting less and less impressed with Ben as each week goes. Maybe it was that squirting lotion video. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just a vibe. To me it appears like he’s just sucking in the ability to make-out with twenty-some women without any judgement or consequences. I think it’s because I don’t really believe him when he tries to reassure Kasie B. I think the only one he seems worried about at this point is Courtney. Courtney has manipulated him a number of times on the show; once to not give a rose to Shawntel, again by getting him to give her the rose on last night’s group date. She’s immature and has very poor manners. “what’s her but”? Seriously?!

    At this point I wish Kasie B would be picked as the next Bachelorette and sent home so we can see her get a guy who’s worthy of her cute self.

    It’s interesting to see Courtney compared to Michelle Money. I actually really liked Michelle on the Bachelor. It was so obvious (at least to me) that they were taunting her on camera and then editing her to look like the villain. At least Michelle was mature and carried herself like an adult. Courtney is a little girl who hasn’t learned her manners yet. She’s like so many 20somethings who think they know all there is to know about life, when the truth is, as soon as they figure out how much they still have to learn, they wont behave with much maturity at all! Humility can be such a lost and beautiful art!

    Thanks for blogging your thoughts Ali. Looking forward to next week!

  23. Ali was NOT known as the mean girl in Jake’s season. Are you kidding? Get your facts straight and stop the hating.

  24. Kara.

    Wow. Did you even watch the season with Ali on it? Because I think you totally have her confused with someone else. Pay attention before making rude remarks about people. Don’t say hurtful things when you have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t know of anyone who watched and actually thought ALI was the mean girl! Ludicrous!

    Love this Blog, though. :) Courtney… What a complete jerk. :/ Well, it makes it seem like that anyway. Editing or not, someone who says things like that does not seem like someone I’d want to be around, whether she has good qualities or not… >____>

  25. This season is so boring…Ben has (or at least edited) to have no personality. He should be going after these women and asking questions. He is so involved with the date theme more so than the girls. Take the time during these dates to get to know these women. The women are the best judges and know who is there for the wrong reasons. Ben needs to start getting into this or else I’m gonna fall asleep. Looking forward to the season. Ali…you’re a great person and will find someone. The hard part now is that you’re well known and will have to get people to know you for Ali…not the reality star. Good luck!

  26. Allie thank-you for your insight on this weeks show.I think most of us agree that Courtney is totally using this as a game and for the spot light.When she used the term “winning”I wanted to throw up.I hope she is watching this and can see how hateful and nasty how she is acting.Editing is one thing but she is saying and doing alot of mean things.
    I hope the rumors are false and she is not the one Ben has picked.Kacie B is such a genuine lady and deserves happiness.I too was trying to keep an open mind about Courtney but at his point she really looking like a ass.
    Good job on the blog Allie.Don’t pay any attention to the idiots out there that are trying to run you down.Jealousy will not get them anywhere :)

  27. Ali, I had s few of the same thoughts you did…was wondering what happened that we didn’t see to make Ben react so negatively to Samantha. It couldn’t have been just because of her insecurities. He seemed pretty peeved at her, telling her she needed to leave right then…wow. But he had a rather unfavorable reaction to Emily, too, when she tried to warn him about Courtney. He could have been gracious, like you were on your season, and simply thanked her for her input. But he seemed to get angry with her and sort of threatened her in a way. I think she’s a sweet girl and just wanted to open his eyes to what he might not be seeing. As far as Courtney, my mind is already made up about that girl. She’s horrible. “Winning!” really? We can see that is all it is about for her – her ego. And I like Jennifer, and I couldn’t really believe Ben actually TOLD her that he went on the date not thinking she was going to be staying…I mean, it’s one thing to be honest, but then there’s brutal honesty. He didn’t really have to say that. I’m starting to think he isn’t as nice as I thought last season. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to waste time or lead someone on, because he knows how that feels. I haven’t decided yet.

    Thanks for your insights, Ali! It’s fun to read your thoughts on all this, since you lived it once yourself!

  28. There is one MAJOR difference between Michelle Money & Courtney – it’s in the eyes. The eyes truly are the window to the soul. Michelle’s have a sparkle in them, and I’m sorry, Courtney’s just look flat and mean. Period. I get a little creeped watching her PI’s. Looks like Ben is preparing to make a HUGE mistake…

  29. Hi Ali,
    Great to hear from you on a subject you’re so well versed in. I have to say I’m in agreement with you about Courtney. Honestly…I really hope it’s creative editting, but the way she out and out manipulated Ben to get the rose on the group date made me identify a woman’s machinations. I have frequently noticed women making a play for a guy and he is completely oblivious.

    Maybe Ben is just easy to snow? A shame if that’s the case, he seems like a pretty nice, intelligent and grounded guy. If he’s really that gullible he’s in for a world of heartache… especially if he chooses Courtney. I’m rooting for Stacie B. too…what a sweetheart.

  30. WOW!! This season is getting to be such a waist of time but still I watch.
    Seeing previews and hearing Chris today about next weeks show, I am truly wondering what kind of woman would stay on this show when Ben and Courtney have their fling in front of them!! If these gals are real woman they would tell Ben NOT ON MY WATCH. He is showing no respect for himself or them.
    Oh! Yes Courtney knows how to play the game just wonder how much Ben will loose before he engages his brain instead of his lust.

  31. I love you Ali! Please continue to do this blogging. I love hearing your insight since you’ve already had this experience!

    Haters need to get off her back! Stop wasting your time knocking people down.. Geez.

  32. Okay, I must weigh in. Im not certain how anyone can speak disparagingly about Ali. Mean girl? Where? When? WHATEVER.

    2nd, Ali- I hear what you are saying about the Michelle Money issue. HOWEVER, I dont think her spots changed a lot at all. On the Bachelor Pad she was nothing more than Vienna’s minion. Sorry, but anyone who cant see that thing is a snake has got to be part snake herself.

  33. Ali, u are an amazing woman!!! U are one of Bachelor’s best Bachelorette’s…..I Love Ashley too!! As for Ben, I hope Kacie B., Lindzi and Courtney are the final 3. *****As for Kara…leaving the comments, GET OFF ALI’S page….U are SO wrong about her!!! **Ali, is.there any chance for u and Roberto reuniting???

  34. I totally believe that Courtney is in it for the publicity. She wants to WIN more than she wants Ben. As a model (what does she model? She’s not very pretty), this is great exposure for her. I’m just sayin. . . . Hope she goes home soon. Seriously!

  35. Courtney is a player and only wants the fame all she cares about is herself

  36. I don’t Courtney because she knows these episodes are televised and she does not care. She also knows that at some point Ben will see these comments, but again she does not care. If his parents were watching or friends, they would dislike her too. None of the other girls are saying anything to this point of being mean. She is consistant, that is for sure. Not sure if Ben is thinking with you know what or his head. But he has some really nice women who do care for him and would make a nice partner for him. Time will tell. I really like Lindzi and Kacie.

  37. ALWAYS love your comments Ali…. Thanks for blogging them, and I like how you tell it like it is without being disrespectful towards anyone …. You’re so classy <3…

  38. It’s great to hear your take on it, Ali. I loved when you said Courtney’s comment was an oxymoron. SO true! I think it’s important to keep in mind that it’s a show, and it’s edited. Though I loved to hate Courtney, we really don’t know her personally, but I do think some things she said were out of line. She does seem to come off as malicious-but she definitely knows how to play the game and ‘catch her man’. Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

  39. Would Ben really want a wife like Courtney? Or would he want someone kind and caring and like Kacie B? Is he really that shallow that he cannot see what Emily is trying to warn him of? I am thinking that Courney is kept on for the ratings. She gets my blood pressure up. If she is that narcissistic can you imagine being married to her. She won’t be around to help run his company or spend time with him. He will be alone while she is traveling the world doing her modeling. I hope Kacie B can hang in there. Jake was blinded by Vienna even when he was warned. Ben will end up the same way if he picks Courtney.

  40. Ummm for the person who said Ali was considered the mean girl, I think that title goes to Vienna. Ali is probably more accomplished than you, so if you don’t like her then go away!

  41. I’m sure Ben will pick up on Courtney’s insincerity eventually! Or, he already has and is just letting her stay for “the show”. I think there are a few producers who may be wanting to keep her around, its good for the ratings. From what I’ve seen of Ben, he’s way to smart to fall for some shallow, mean spirited bitch like Courtney! But keep in mind, we see what she really is, he’s not watching the footage as we are. He won’t end up with her, my vote goes to Kacie B.

  42. Ali, I had to write you a note of encouragement. You’re an amazing woman and you’re probably finding out that you’re stronger than you thought you were. You WILL have an wonderful future, whether it involves a guy or not (and it most likely will, I have faith he will be amazing). Keep up working on yourself and making yourself happy. Love your blog! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  43. Hi! I’m from Brazil and just LOVE the show. I really like Ben, he seems such a nice guy… and concerns me that he could end up with someone like Courtney. I mean, I don’t want to judge, since the show is edited, but even most of the girls are feeling the same way about her… so that must mean something, right?
    Let’s hope he will make the right choice!

  44. Courtney is playing the villain, she’s suppose to for the season’s ratings. And, she gets a barbie trophy playing the roll. Each season takes on it’s own drama queens/kings. Yes, I would love to put my hands around her neck, but being violent is not the way to go. I found Emily to be intelligent until she wimped out during the Courtney confrontation. Courtney spoke her grounds, I was SMH at Emily. You don’t have to be ignorant to stand up to someone. As for Stephanie, rumors has it she was not into Ben but had her attention was on some producer (who steered away…don’t need another scene similar to, was it Jake’s season?). Poor girl she really looked dumbfounded!

    Although I like Ben, I think he really lacks conversation. He needs to step it up a bit. I personally feel Ben is in for rude awakening if he picks Courtney. I honestly believe there’s probably; at most, 4 girls who are into him. I like Jennifer, Kacie B, Emily and one best to them all.

    SN: As for the next season of Bachelorette, I WILL NOT watch it. Nope there’s a bet riding and I don’t like loosing, why? Because I don’t think it’s fair that a final rose participant had the opportunity of love but that didn’t work out. This individual was so ewee, germs from the Bachelor kissing the other bachelorettes, REALLY? Well what is she going to do with the bachelors, bring out the PURELL! Double standard if you ask me.

    Excuse me, but ABC can we quit with the recycling? Nope, I’ll wait until the next season of the Bachelor… no reflection, just my thought…


  45. ali why r u blogging if r two bachelor experiences failed. why did u really call off the wedding.

  46. Ali I enjoy your writing style so much…I feel you are talking to me personally, I so wish you would do more writing in your future, it is a special talent you should use. As I have said many times your season as the bachelorette was the best, It will always be the standard I will judge others, and in my humble opinion this season of the bachelor is way below the standard…..I am not sure about the direction of the show anymore, it doesn’t seem to be about finding love. Maybe, that is because it hasn’t been taken seriously in the past. It saddens me to see this is happening…I hope you take your role seriously as a spokesperson to young women and set a high standard for them, there isn’t much of that around anymore, I would love to see it. Praying for you Ali, always….

  47. Ali!
    You are adorable. Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts about the show. I am also a sucker for romance. :) Keep doing your thing!

  48. There is a model named Missy Rayder who looks just like Courtney, and they just happen to both be from Wisconsin. Can someone please confirm if they are the same person? Check out Missy’s pics here, including some nudes! Am I the only one who has seen this and figured this out (I think)??

  49. Wish Ben would wake up about Courtney……I hope he is watching the episodes and if he picked her, he shows her the door! She probably has him wrapped around her little finger though. She is evil, that is all I have to say!

  50. I love your blog Alley. Keep up the great work!

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  52. Ali,

    I am such a fan of yours! I loved watching your season! You seem like such a kind soul. I am behind one episode, so I can’t wait to watch this one! However, though I am sure editing does play a large role in how everyone is portrayed on the show, it does very much seem like Courtney’s beauty is only skin deep. Out of all of the women, she seems to very full of herself. I honestly think Ben is just enjoying the idea of having a model be into him. I guess he will just have to learn the hard way.

    p.s. I write a blog as well, and it would be awesome if you could check it out and leave me a comment!

  53. Ali, I agree with you about Jennifer. Remember the second episode when they were talking in the pool? Their convo was sinking quick (pun intended); Ben and Jennifer just didn’t seem to have ANYTHING to draw from. It was so bad that Ben actually kissed her to save them (and us) from awkward silence. And apparently, that kiss is what kept her around.

    I also agree with Ben giving Jennifer a second chance. But like you said, you “know” when you like a person; and that night in the pool was as big a red flag as any.

  54. Courtney was so fake when she was acting like she was upset, it was so akward to even watch because her acting wasnt even believable. Kind of makes me loose respect for Ben that he played into her BS. I thought he was smarter than that and I hope he dosnt waste this opportunity on that psycho!

  55. These “mean girls” making crude comments @ Ali are an absolute joke. You have lived in everyones’ living rooms one night a week for 2 different seanson and been sad, angry, embarrassed and so on, right? Until you have experienced that and ALWAYS been poised and owned up to your mistakes, don’t judge Ali! I have so much respect for the way in which she has maintained her grace and dignity through all of it. There are just clearly some folks out there that have nothing better to do than to try to bash others with their words. So for now, compare yourselves to Ali and then let’s throw that Sheen quote out because from where I stand it looks like in Ali vs. you “women” it’s a big WINNING!! :)

    Keep at it Miss Ali! You’re a sheer delight to the rest of us girls that are just sappy romace-aholics! I think you’re a heck of a lady!

  56. Ali should not be blogging as he really doesn’t know what true love is! She’s just a fame-seeker who used Roberto and really didn’t love him!

    LHJ should use Trista Sutter for blogging as she is truly the only real Bachelorette who found love on this show!

  57. Ali, I really don’t think you should be blogging as you don’t know what true love really is. You used Roberto for your fame. Trista Sutter is the only true Bachelorette who married for love not fame & should be blogging for LHJ!

  58. My friend ran into Ben in Newport Beach this past weekend and he said (verbatim) “I don’t have a fiancee”. It made me wonder if maybe after watching the show thus far he ended things with Courtney?? I’ve heard the rumors and read the RS blog that he ends up with Courtney but maybe after seeing her on the show he comes to his senses and ixnays her? We can only hop!

  59. The most ridiculous thing was Courtney’s incredulous reaction when she heard that Emily had called her mean. When all you do is trash the other girls and treat this show like a game, you do NOT get to pretend to be shocked that people have noticed how mean you are! I couldn’t believe her gall, looking right into the camera in shock, as if she were the wronged party, when the viewers she was looking to for support are the very people to hear her cattiest comments.

    Plus, they have no real chemistry. Has anyone else noticed that every time Ben tries to have a real conversation with Courtney, she interrupts him with some vacuous observation about how she loves his hair, or some asinine comment about how he’d make cute babies? There is NO substance.

    I understand the producers trying to create dramatic and unique television every season, but viewers ultimately want to see a happy ending. I won’t be able to stomach this show anymore if Ben chooses Courtney. Save the drama for Bachelor Pad–for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, we want to see romance!

    I will say that if Ben falls for Courtney’s act, he deserves her. I’m starting to think way less of him, and even though I’m rooting for Kacie B, I think she deserves better than Ben. I vote for her to be the next Bachelorette after Emily!

    Thanks for blogging, Ali. Your Bachelorette season was the first one I watched, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I thought you were a fantastic lead. Best of luck to both you and Roberto–it can’t be easy to try to have a relationship in the public eye, with everyone presuming to know all your personal business and what went wrong. Two people know the truth, and that’s what matters. Take care!

  60. You say you didn’t lead any men on that long without giving them an individual date?? I guess you forgot about Craig R. He had to win an individual date during the wrestling episode. You never gave him a date. And then you let him go before the hometown visits. How’s Frank? I heard you spent lots of time with him at the Bachelor Reunion in Las Vegas this past weekend?? Trying out for Bachelor Pad maybe?

  61. You might know within 10 minutes if you’d date someone, but you don’t know within 10 minutes if you’d marry someone. I was not initially attracted to my husband, but as I got to know him I fell in love with him and he became gorgeous to me. Perhaps that’s where you, and most others on this show, have gone wrong. You get caught up in the looks and chemistry and not in what needs to be there to be lasting. This isn’t a criticism, just and observation.

  62. How come certain women seldom get shown talking on camera? It seems that every season,we never get to hear from a few women. (And some come across as high-quality women.)

    This season, it seems like Jaime is the victim. Watching episode 1, we learned that she virtually raised her younger siblings on her own, and she worked her way through college to become a nurse. This sounds like a woman of character to me. And she is gorgeous, but we never hear anything from her.

    How about less of Courtney and Emily, and more from Jaime?

  63. I think that Jennifer and Ben seem to have the makings of a real friendship… and that if there is the physical aspect there as well, then that’s what it really takes to have a lasting bond. Romantic feelings and rushes of love are wonderful and fun, but there is nothing even remotely comparable to the bond of a deep friendship and partner in life. I love Kacie B, and I think she is adorable with Ben. I think these two girls will be the two who are there in the end. Both girls seem to be beautiful inside and out!

  64. I really don’t think that Ben is really looking for love. Rather he is looking for lust. If it was for love he would see through Courtney, but doesn’t care about that.

  65. I agree with everyone that Courtney is a jerk and isn’t right for Ben. I think she is in it for the fame and I’ve been hearing they end up together and I hope it isn’t true. I would love to see him with Kacie B. She seems to be the girl he is looking for and they have a great chemistry. Ali, as far as some of the negative comments towards you, don’t pay attention. They are just jealous. You have it all together and don’t let anyone make you think otherwise. I hope to meet you someday and I’m kind of going through the samething with love not working out. Best of luck to you girl.

  66. Ali, what on earth makes you such an expert, you failed on both your seasons and are again single. What gives you the right to sit on your high horse and pass judgement on others? I know Courtney in real life, and I can tell you she is a beautiful person, inside and out. All this drama is set up by the producers, the pay the person extra to come off as a villain – it’s not REAL!

  67. Hi Ali, Your a Sweetheart!
    Let’s face it ladies….. Most guys are alike, they are “visual”. Courtney has created a sense of mystery about herself that Ben is attracted to. She has turned on her sexy seductive ways with a sweet soft tone in her voice, all to get Ben’s attention and it’s working. Ben has a lot of characteristics that are wonderful, but he is still a guy with a ******! I personally think that Kacie B. is a better match all around. Can’t see Courtney allowing herself to get fat with the beautiful gift of Ben’s child. Can’t wait for tonight….. looks like Courtney takes things to another level with Ben and heats up the house!

  68. Ali, I love you imput. I have been watching The Bachelor(ette) for a while, since Jason’s season. Anywho… I think you are the most levelheaded bachelorette EVER! I definitely agree with the Michelle-Courtney connection. I’ll admit Courtney is my not my favorite. I can definitely sense some crazy drama further into the season. :)

  69. Hey, the girl that Ben sent home rather abruptly was reportedly having an affair with one of the married producers of the show (maybe one of the crew? I’m not sure of his title)Samantha and this guy are supposedly still together and he is leaving his wife and kids for her…

  70. Seriously, who thinks you can find true love on this show? It’s entertainment and Courtney is as she appears -out for herself. If Ben chooses her, he deserves her. I’m hoping Blakley will style his hair before he lets her go. Who parts their hair down the middle like that? As much as I dislike Courtney (or her editing) she is one of the reasons I’m watching the show – I think Ben is BORING and I lost all respect when he went skinny dipping – total disrespect to the other women. Ali – love your writing and have always felt you are a nice and honest person.

  71. I just dont understand why why why everyone hates courtney you all act like you know her personally nothing she has said or done makes her a villain she has only defended herself…all the girls in the house are insecure just because courtney is a model…thats not fair! and just because courtney goes out her way to defend herself she is mean?? how about emily and all the other girls they were mean to blakey first & now courtney! in fact they all talk crap about eachother say mean things behind courtney’s back…NOW nice girls DONT DO THAT!!!! and the most hilarious of it ALL…ALL you JUDGE COURTNEY for being mean YET ALL u sit here and say HOW UGLY SHE IS HOW SHE IS HOE AND YADDA YA!! ummmm you are doing the exact same thing!!

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  73. “I totally believe that Courtney is in it for the publicity. She wants to WIN more than she wants Ben. As a model (what does she model? She’s not very pretty), this is great exposure for her.”

    I definitely agree with the above. There is a model named Missy Rayder, who has appeared in many magazine spreads. She is from Wisconsin, as is Courtney, and looks just like her. If my suspicions are correct, this is the same person. It seems Missy has done some nude or semi-nude photo sessions, so that would explain why she enjoyed her skinny dipping segment if front of the cameras. Found her pics on this website. Would love for someone to confirm if this is the same girl!!,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=42ced3742112e193&biw=873&bih=520


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