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Hi Bachelor friends! I don’t know why, but I actually found myself laughing a lot during this episode—there were so many random and awkward moments. Let’s talk about the good stuff first.

It speaks volumes that Kacie B. got a second one-on-one date. At this point in the episode, we can pretty much be certain that Ben isn’t into the girls who haven’t gotten a one-on-one date up until now. So Jamie, Casey S. and Blakely were all no longer options for me right from the start of this episode. I found it really funny that on Ben’s date with Kacie he said, “Relationships are all about overcoming fears,” while chopping a coconut. Is Ben afraid of coconuts? No wonder Blakely hasn’t gotten a one-on-one! ;) Okay, okay…I couldn’t resist.

Ben and Kacie are so adorable together, right? I love that she was able to open up to him about such a difficult time in her life and I’m really glad that she got the help she needed. Eating disorders are no joke. The pressure women (and men) are under to look a certain way is huge and I hope all of the girls watching out there know that being skinny is not what makes you beautiful. Being healthy is what makes you beautiful, being kind is what makes you beautiful and being YOU is what makes you beautiful.

The kiss between Ben and Kacie at the end of their date was sweet. Her leg flip up (Sex in the City style) was so cute and tells us that she really enjoyed the kiss. Don’t worry Kacie, if Ben doesn’t pick you just call me because I adore you!

There was a lot of awkwardness on the group date as usual. I think it’s blatantly obvious that Courtney is using her sexuality to get what she wants; it’s a bit over the top at this point. I think it would have been fine for her not to wear a bathing suit when dancing with the tribe (do as the locals do) if she and Ben were in a committed, monogamous relationship, but they absolutely are not. There were a bunch of other girls on the date and she should’ve respected that. I’m having a hard time understanding her. She seems to think that the other girls aren’t making “moves” on the date, but the reason they aren’t making moves is because usually all of the girls become friends during the season. So on the group dates, they’re all trying to respect each other and each person’s relationship with Ben. That’s how I felt on my season anyway, and I’m glad I respected the other girls on group dates because some of them became my best friends. I feel bad for Courtney because she isn’t going to come out of this experience with any lifelong friends. Or maybe she will and there’s something we aren’t seeing. I hope she did make friends, for her sake.

Courtney getting into the water during Ben’s time with Jamie was so wrong. That being said, Jamie seemed to think it was Courtney’s fault that she went last night. But I will say with 100 percent confidence that Courtney isn’t the reason Jamie went home—it’s just because Ben isn’t into Jamie. Trust me, I think there are still a handful of girls left that Ben really isn’t feeling, but he can’t send everyone home at the beginning. This is a television show after all!

Now I want to take a minute to talk about Emily. I love when she joked about having another man in her life. I was seriously nervous for a second there, but then I was so happy that she made Ben laugh. I think she gained a few points in his eyes this week. And it takes a lot for someone to apologize the way she did and the way Courtney responded was very immature. I’ve always said that I don’t want to judge Courtney, but I just don’t understand why she continues to act the way she does on the show. I’ll be very interested to hear what she has to say after all of this is over.

Anyone else notice that Ben smiles a lot when he is with Lindzi? The smile on his face when he gave her the rose on the group date said it all. He is as smitten as a kitten with that girl! :-)

Now on to the dreaded two-on-one date—this date was the absolute worst! I remember everything feeling super awkward when I was on my two-on-one date with Kasey and Justin in Iceland. At least no one got a tattoo on Ben’s two-on-one because let’s face it, that just makes everything more awkward! ;-) And I hate to say it, but this date is further confirmation for me that Ben wasn’t into Rachel (and obviously not Blakely since she goes home). I think it’s because on this type of date, you usually bring two people you aren’t really into that much. Why, you ask? If you take two people you aren’t sure about, you don’t have to worry about sending one home. Maybe Ben thought differently about this date than I did, but I’m confident that Ben isn’t really into either girl.

Blakely’s reaction when she was sent home was probably not how she should’ve handled it. Ben didn’t do anything wrong by letting her go and it seemed like she felt she had been wronged. I’m glad that she realized that and apologized before saying goodbye to Ben. Here’s the thing—many of you might have found it strange that Blakely was crying so hard over a guy she barely knew, but I’m fairly certain she wasn’t crying over Ben. She was crying because she was sent home and because he chose the other girls over her, and it’s completely normal to get upset over that. It’s hard being rejected or for a guy to pick other women instead of you. Overall, it’s just a really hard, weird, not normal experience and I felt for her when she was crying.

Then there was the Casey S. scandal. When Chris Harrison shows up any time other than to welcome you to a new city or at a rose ceremony, you know something is about to go down! Leading up to this moment I thought something terrible had happened to someone in Casey’s family, and I would’ve felt so bad for her if that was the case. What actually happened was a lot less serious than I thought. In fact, I still don’t think I completely understand what information Chris Harrison received that made him feel like he should confront Casey about her ex. I just don’t think having feelings for an ex is enough to call someone and send them home. If this girl really is in love with someone else, Ben probably would have sensed that and sent her home anyway. And I don’t think Casey was deceiving him—she went on the show hoping it would help her get over her ex. At least once she realized that wasn’t happening (and with a little push from Chris Harrison) she owned up to how she was feeling and told Ben. My heart broke for her when she left the show. I really hope she isn’t still with that guy back home and has found happiness.

Jamie’s how-to-kiss demonstration at the cocktail party was too uncomfortable to watch. You know a guy isn’t into you when he described your kiss as “a-okay.” Poor Jamie. I hope she realizes that she doesn’t have to throw herself at a man to be loved. I’m sure she watched tonight’s episode at home and cringed at her actions. I think it’s safe to say that her behavior at the cocktail party sealed her fate at the end of the night.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. I can’t wait to see what happens next week when Ben confronts Courtney! Don’t forget to follow me on my Facebook and Twitter pages for my live commentary during the show. Until next time…


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  1. Everything you said is exactly how I was feeling…..great blog……you are a smart intuitive girl!

  2. I agree with just about everything Ali observed, too. I think it really hadn’t HIT Casey S. just how maybe a little co-dependent she had been with her ex and just maybe wanted to , check out the new bachelor,go on some cool trips and HEAL a little? Poor girl. I saw it occur to her, and my heart broke for her.

    Now on to COURTNEY. Courtney is the type of woman who would wreck a relationship, and, perhaps, even go after a married guy, if she wanted him. She probably has a brain hidden behind the baby voice, nose crinkling and her overt sexuality, but how is Ben ever going to see that? The fact that he is THAT in to her, and SEEMS to like smart girls who demonstrate their intellegence in helathier ways, (i.e.e Emily, Nikki, Lindzi and Kacie B)doesn’t GEL with what we’re seeing between him and Courtney. Sure, she manipulative. Does that make her a whole new level of smart? Is she, in fact, a diabolical evil genius? We’ll see.

    Love Kacie B. Let’s face it, she’s just precious. If she’s not picked, I’d love to see her get a crack at being a Bachelorette. Like Ali in the Jake season, America is smitten with Kacie B.

    I am enjoying the show, but I am not holding on to much hope that Ben will realize that the chemistry between him and Courtney expires JUST AFTER THE FINAL ROSE. Poor Ben, the “modelizer.”

  3. That’s the difference between clash and trash….Courtney is just trashy acting like she does for Ben….The others have class which is why they don’t. Hopefully Ben wants someone with class. Courtney has probably been the same way with other guys…this is why they treat her as they do. She has no morals about her at all, along with no personality. Men love these type of women!! She has Ben right where she wants him, but sad news is…..Won’t work in the long run. Ali you now remind me of a slut. I want to use another term but will use the word slut for now. You have no class what so ever. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You did put yourself out there acting like a wild teenager in Cabo with Charlie Ritchie and now you think we should still respect you? It is not happening. I got the scoop on Charlie. Guess what Ali? He wants to be famous just like you. He had been running down the single & married Victoria Secret Models for some time. He loves rich women. All of them are tired of him and actually are disgusted with him. He doesn’t know that you don’t have 2 pennies to rub together. You put yourself out there for the world to see your behavior in Cabo with Charlie – The Player. I have no sympathy for you.

  4. If sexuality is a way to a man’s heart then Courtney is that! She’s manipulative, I thought in past The Bachelor portrayed Michelle Money bad, but I ended up seeing a sweet side to her…I understand “winning” but to be slutty isn’t the right image for a life long commitment…I’m just not sure Courtney’s intent…does she want Ben for life? or just the praise to say she won the show? …I see a break up very soon after wrapping if he’s the one. I really like Kacie B. personally! ;) I am disappointed in you Ali. The way you behaved in Cabo kissing Charlie Ritchie & dancing on the bar and tables turned me off completely. You went there to get you a quick lay in the sack with Charlie. I have lost all respect for you.

  5. Alittle info on Courtney

    @BachelrWetpaint Was Courtney Robertson On a Reality Show Before The Bachelor? (Yes)

  6. I agreed with most of what you said but I did think Casey S. Should have evaluated her own feelins further before embarking on this journey. It isn’t fair to Ben or the other girls. Also I felt very sorry for Jamie-she’s obviously a very shy and awkward girl-I really like her!

  7. In response to Rainbo-he will see Coutrneys True Colors-started already, he didn’t go to her room last night!

  8. Oh my goodness Ali, you NAILED it! I have to say, the most cringing I’ve done in a while was Jaime’s scene! Holy smokes. She seemed to feel desperate that they hadn’t kissed yet (uhm, HELLO?! He may just not be that into you) and pulling out all stops. It was the worst first kiss I’ve ever had to witness. I literally could barely watch!!
    Courtney is evil evil evil. I cannot stand to watch her. It’s like the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who was ‘vain, ill-tempered and easily offended…’ hmmmm, sound familiar? That snub at Emily’s sincere apology was disgusting.
    I think Kacie B and Lindzi are totally going to be the last ones standing and I CANNOT WAIT for Ben to see Courtney’s true colors: think Jillian and Chiuaua Mexico singer guy; Jake and Vienna (oh wait, that took an engagement and public meltdowns before he saw her true colors; and Ashley and Bentley!

  9. Ali, can you explain why Chris Harrison made a moral and ethical decision to tell Ben about Casey, but not tell all the girls about Ben and Courtneys “night of passion”….as Courtney described it? As far as many of us are concerned, Ben cheated on all the other girls. Game over. Which girl would become engaged to him, watch that episode and still want to marry him. Just one: Courtney.

  10. So fun to have an insider’s point of view. That Courtney is crazy. And i think it’s been evident from the beginning that Kacie and Lindzi were frontrunners. I like Nikki alot too though!

  11. I feel like someone out there is seeing the same things I’m seeing… which is a switch. Great read.

  12. I agree pretty much with Ali’s observations of the show. I really think Ali is too kind to Courtney. However, I do understand she is trying to figure out where Courtney is coming from. I felt badly for Jamie. She tried way too hard. I think if she had just acted more natural around Ben, he would have kept her around. You are right Ali, when you say that scene was hard to watch. I am putting my money on either Lindzi or Kacie B. being in the final three. I like both of them a lot.

  13. I’m hoping, for her sake, that Kacie B is NOT given the final rose. Let Courtney have it. Ben does not deserve anything more than this manipulative sex-kitten with the botox lips. My two cents!!

  14. Good blog, Ali. As always.

    I think it’s interesting though that you think Lyndzi has a shot now :) Since you didn’t think that a few weeks ago… I think it’s between her and Kacey. And I’ve thought that for a while. You’re right, he’s just different around them! :)

  15. I think corthney just needs a pole our side .lol she has no self respect for her self or to any one else and if Ben can’t see thu this he so deserves her to the fullest .I love Kasey B.she and Ben are a cute couple that would see goring far and wide and she has respect for her self and others .Courtney just dont seem to have any feelings or remorls for her self cuz all she wants is to hope in .. and I would be up set if my son brought that home to see how she acted any such way.And Alie you stated if he dont choose her for her to call you .I lol at that made it sounded like you wanted her .lol But I’m sure you know who he picks in the end and I hope its not courtney for sure .

  16. I still can’t stand Courtney. The season not all that exciting. I’ve lost respect for Ben. The good thing is that your blog is right on!

  17. I agree with Ali and all observations 100%. Hopefully the confrontation with Ben next week results in her going home. On another note, I dont think it’s cool to come on here and bash Ali over her time in Cabo. She shares so much with everyone and is a very sincere and honest person. Who’s business is it what she did in Cabo or with who? Who are any of us to judge? The blog is about the show, so share your thought and opinions about that, and keep your other thoughts outside the blog.

  18. I agreed with everything you said also, and the majority of folks out here who have watched these shows faithfully are probably all guessing that he won’t see Courtney for who she is until its WAY too late, but then, that helps for the Reunion drama also. I know on your season, one of the things that made me respect you was how you spent the night with Roberto and then just would not do the same thing with the other guy because you already knew you loved Roberto……..but was wondering……what did you mean when you told Kacie B to call you if she is not picked by Ben because you adore her. It sounded a bit ‘different’ and was wondering if a change in ‘orientation’ would be the reason that you and Roberto are no longer together?? We all loved Roberto……and we all love you too… inquiring minds can’t help but want to know. :D

  19. Courtney said it all when she was waiting for Ben in her room, and she told the world that she gets a boyfriend who’s into her at first, and then they leave. She was mean to Emily and I’m beginning to feel that Ben deserves her after thinking it was so great that she was half naked at the group date. Ali, you & Charlie sure do make a good couple. You are a user & so is he. Both of you are seeking fame and deserve each other. I am canceling my Open-Sky subscription.

  20. Courtney said it all when she was waiting for Ben in her room, and she told the world that she gets a boyfriend who’s into her at first, and then they leave. She was mean to Emily and I’m beginning to feel that Ben deserves her after thinking it was so great that she was half naked at the group date. Ali, you & Charlie sure do make a good couple. You are a user & so is he. Both of you are seeking fame and deserve each other. I am canceling my Open-Sky subscription.

  21. You heard Courtney say it…. her relationships don’t last! I hope Ben will see Courtney who she actually is while watching the show. She is such a fake! Gee, I wonder why??? So you’ve moved to Hollywood? Ali you belong there with all the other fame seeking people! Take Charlie Ritchie with you! He has been out there a long time trying to get famous with Victoria Secret Models. They are all sick of him. I’m sure they thank you for dating this low class jerk. They are all sick of him calling them. Sorry to say, you are dating a dog! No, Charlie isn’t as good as a dog. If Courtney has any female friends anywhere….they are probably just like her…or a very insecure girl….because Courtney likes to be in control of other people.

  22. Totally agree with u! Love Love Love Kasie! As for all of you dogging on Allie if you don’t like what she has done in her life then don’t follow her on social networking sites! She is human just like every one of you and has feelings too! You are a sweetheart and deserve to find your true love!

  23. I sure hope he sends Courtney home next week after confronting her. Ben is really sick in the head if he keeps her til the end. Maybe he just likes **ores! Who knows. I hope he proposes to Kacie B. But after hanging on to Courtney all this time, I think Kacie B. deserves better.

  24. Thanks Carla for taking my paragraph word for word from Ali’s comments last night…can’t come up with your own? You could have just “liked it”….but for the record, YOUR words you chose about Ali after my smiley face, is just rude & harsh, get the facts before you judge her intentions!

  25. Great blog again! I agree with everything you said.

  26. Don’t worry Kacie, if Ben doesn’t pick you just call me because I adore you!
    I hope you are NOT gay..Ali..!

  27. Ben seems to be smitten with Courtney, who in my opinion is there to get some sort of fame. Seems like he is really shutting himself down around the other girls which is a shame because Courtney won’t make him happy in the long term. The way you behaved in Cabo reminds me of how I was at 19 in college on Spring break in Florida. Dancing on the tables, Ali?? What a disgrace you are to yourself & family. You are not the person the young girls should look up too because of your bad reputation. Go and get a real job and work.

  28. Oh, and just so you know Ali, I love your Blog!!!! Your awesome!

  29. I think Courtney is H-O-T….!!!!

  30. I completely agree with everything you said here… there is only one question that remains:

    Where exactly did Kacie B. and Ben go to the bathroom on the deserted island??? Without TP??


  31. Amy, have you gone to They have pics of Ali with that Charlie. Ali I thought you said you still loved Roberto? Really dancing on top of a table at the club, you have no respect for yourself whatsoever. My boyfriend and I broke up after a year and it took me another year to really get over him and start seeing someone else. You are just for the fame, aren’t you. You never loved Roberto cuz if you did, you wouldn’t be all over that Charlie kissing him and holding hands. Me too, getting off your facebook and Open-Sky. Your not worth following anymore. :(

  32. You are so right on about Courtney. Seems like there’s always one that everyone doesn’t like, does that just make good television or does it just happen? Appreciate your insights. Miss seeing you on television–any hope of that in your future?

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  34. Agree with most everything you said Ali…Ben can’t send them all home at once…so he’s doing it as he can…The final three will be Courtney, Kaci B. and Lindsey….the rest are just there till the time comes…Ben is going to prove how shallow and lame he is in the end…I just can’t wait to see how Courtney trys to justify herself and her actions in the “After the Rose” show….Michelle justified hers by it being her sense of humor…which was believable…but that won’t work for Courtney. She has evil inside her but Ben apparently doesn’t care…Maybe his friends and family can talk some sense into him after they watch all of this play out…I doubt that even him watching it back himself will be enough to make him see the Light…

  35. Hey Ali, Great blog – once again. Agree with all you’ve mentioned. I was so curious about who Ben picks in the end, I searched Steves Bachelor/ette cheats online…I don’t quite believe it and think there will be a twist! He was wrong about Brad and Chantel. I had to laugh my butt off when Ben didn’t show up at Courtney’s room. Definitely made my eyebrow raise a bit! It’s my understanding that she or any of the girls can’t make requests like this unless it is authorized by the show, so Ben knew he could of went there and he chose NOT to Woo Hoo! That kiss at the end with Jamie was so pathetic lol! You could see Bens frustration and he finally said something haha! I still feel bad for her though, she seems like a nice girl nontheless :) Kudos to you Ali for being as nice as you can towards Courtney in your blog, we all know how much you want to call her bad names like the rest of us, LOL! Ta ta for now :) Your friend, in Massachusetts – JulieAnn :)

  36. I have a theory about Ben. He has admitted that his friends have had a big influence on who he has dated in the past. So subconsiously they are probably still having some influence on him whether he wants to admit it or not. What guy wouldn’t want to brag to his friends about dating a “model”? I think he’ll pick Courtney based on this and the fact that she is extremely manipulative. It’s too bad because looks fade and she wont be a model forever. I like Kacie B. I think she’s a real genuine person!

  37. Hope you keep this Charlie fellow. I think he is the one for you and you deserve each other. Both looking for fame in Hollywood. You need a partner and he fits the bill.

  38. I think Courtney is appealing to Ben, considering she’s the only one making the extra effort to standing out!

  39. Sadly, I have come to see Ben in a negative light and believe he will get what he deserves: Courtney.

  40. I agree with everything that Ali says and I think its great what she does and I look forward to reading these every week… but im a little confused about why everyone is talking so bad about Ali? Why are you her on Facebook and her personal blog of you think she is a slut or a bad person? That just says bad about your character if you feel the need to judge so harsh about a person that u obviously take time out of your life to follow… how many people do u have following u on Facebook or on your personal blog? I think Ali is great and she is a normal person and she makes mistakes like everybody… but I can say that she has a better character and better morals than some of ya’ll to call (her) someone u don’t know a whore. or slut!

  41. Wow… There r a lot of haters out there! I’m sure u have to deal with this kinda stuff all the time, but some ppls posts on here are just ridiculous! Dancing on a table in a bar on vaca is not that bad… Unless ur naked. Pretty sure from the pics, i see clothes. Its called a vaca for a reason ppl. and everyone deals with break-ups differently. And letting loose on a vaca is not a crime and sure isnt punishable by moral death, ie calling Ali a slut is ridiculous and judgemental! Hope u dont live on a glass house or go to church cause u are apparently too perfect and self ritious for the world.
    Great blog and perspective on the show. I really hope those professing to stop following u and reading ur blog do! Ur better without the negativity and jealousy. Good luck on ur love life and whatever U decide to do, happiness isnt always where we think it is!

  42. If Ben picks Courtney I will be done with this show.This is a joke. It smells of Vienna and Jake all over again and we know how that turned out. Ben is clearly not thinking. They will not last and he will again be in search of a new relationship. Kacie B is the best but I would rather have him pick anyone but Courtney. What will he think of her when he watches the episode and hears how cocky and confident she is and how she talks about the other girls. Especially after Emily apologized to her… Please – she is just plain wicked.

  43. Ali, you make such great observations! I love reading your blogs to see if you thought the same things I did, or if you point out something I totally missed. I follow you on Twitter and Facebook!

  44. Ali… far as all the haters….they are very few jealous people….you have so many people who respect you….continue to be you….and dance your heart away on any bar….just don’t fall…as far as Courtney…all her other relationships were good in the beginning but, did nt last because they got what they wanted from her….she flaunted it…they took it and left….she should learn from her mistakes…or she learned well and is doing the same to Ben….she will get what she wants then leave him….”SHE THINKS”…only time will tell….and Ben…was’nt there a movie named after him….OH YEAH IT WAS A “RAT” :)

  45. Nice to see some of you are seeing the light when it comes to Ali. Going back to Jake’s season, her major mean streak, jealously and manipulative ways were evident. She is as fake as her laugh.

    I have to say that IMO Roberto is way better off. He took the high road and let her save face and say what she wanted to People Magazine. He could care less what she does now and her ever thinking they will get back together is beyond foolish.

    She sure was right when she commented that she never thought a hot guy like Roberto would be attracted to her. What she also didn’t understand was her fakeness wasn’t going to last, you can’t conceive someone forever Ali. From her laziness to her bossy demands to her selfishness. Look at Chris Lambton. He got a precious woman who adores him. I have no doubt that relationship will last and is based on love.

    I don’t know who this clown Charlie is and I don’t care. If he is a player, I am glad he met Ali. She deserves some good olf fashion karma up the tailpipe.

    Personally, I feel very few of the bach’s family even likes Ali. I think she and Trista are the least liked but people fake kiss up to them. Total jokes. Both manipulative to their men. Yay Roberto. Poor Ryan.

  46. You heard Courtney say it that her relationships don’t last. I wonder why??? Kacie B is sweet & loving girl. I love her sweet personality and how she is so down to earth. She gets along very well with the other girls even Courtney. Kacie B is very mature. So you’ve moved to Hollywood? Ali you belong there with all the other fame seeking people! Take Charlie Ritchie with you! He has been out there a long time trying to get famous with Victoria Secret Models. They are all sick of him. I’m sure they thank you for dating this low class jerk. They are all sick of him calling them. Sorry to say, you are dating a dog! No, Charlie isn’t as good as a dog. If Courtney has any female friends anywhere they are probably just like her or a very insecure girls because Courtney likes to be in control of other people. She has to have her way.

  47. Omg!! You bashers are as childish as Courtney. You Obviously follow Ali’s blog for a reason. Leave her and her life alone. You can’t judge till you’ve walked in her shoes. I’ve never read the comments before and this behavior makes me sick. Get a life people. Jealousy is not attractive.

  48. Courtney needs to go she is not in for love just for fame she crinkled her nose especially when CXhris came in and said you got to be honest with your feelings can’t stand her. Kasie b and Emily is my pick.

  49. Hi Ali: I just wanted to share with you about what Chris Harrison said on Entertainment Weekly Blog. I guess because he too is a man, he feels that Courtney has every right to act like she does. Here was my response to him.
    Oh Chris…
    Chris Chris…now…I had to read this twice what you said and I quote you”. I know Courtney will be judged by her behavior on this date, but I have to say she brings up a very valid point. She’s making moves on Ben and the other girls aren’t. The other women are so worried about the unwritten code of conduct and so worried about Courtney they aren’t worried about the most important person…Ben!”. As Courtney said, they are making it very easy for her” So, what you are saying is..if these girls are not sexually promiscuous meaning. characterized by or involving indiscriminate mingling or association, especially having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis. because that is EXACTLY what they would be doing..they don’t have a chance? Because BEN likes that?? Pluhleeeze!! Courtney has major social skills deficiency ,and in my opinion a sociopath and really needs a good shrink. She wonders why men don’t keep her around and cheat on her? Well, everyone else knows why…As far a Kasie S. I agree with many of the comments that the guy and the people around her said she was in a relationship…to me Ben wasn’t into her and she wasn’t a front runner..all she was there was to be Courtneys stooge and that itself was a slap in the face for her so its better that she went home. So, Chris…you may have written your blog…but just about every comment that has come to pass about this season has been that Courtney is not a nice person . Either that..or ABC and the Bachelor show is doing some mighty fine editing to convey her that way if that is correct..then shame on you all. But, truthfully… I don’t think editing has anything to do with it. I saw a video where she said her sister encouraged her to audtion…I wonder if she has any regrets…What an embarassment to that family…

  50. Ali…thanks for writing this blog. I’ve read others from people who write like the whole thing is a joke.
    I can understand those commenting about not respecting Ben for being influenced by Courtney’s tactics. But, he kept my respect by not going to her room. I think he did an amazing job at trying to focus on poor Jamie when Courtney was in the pool behind him. Her really showed Jamie respect then. And… he didn’t give Courtney the rose on the group date. He does have some respect for women. But, he IS a man…

  51. I guess Roberto loving yoo “unconditionally” was the deal breaker because he is not your servant.

    My advice to you, get a real job.

  52. It’s great to read Ali’s opinions as one who’s experienced behind the scenes as both the pursuer and the pursued.
    I personally feel sorry for Courtney because when she sees the show, I guarantee she’s going to switch to white wine (or sparkling water). Nothing worse than seeing pics of yourself with wine teeth…nothing sexy about that :D

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  54. Just by watching the show anyone can see that there are a lot of traits about Courtney that are very sickening. She is so immature, unfriendly, rude and insecure. In the show, she flaunts her body to Ben. She took off her top, shook her boobs in front of him & others, not ashamed to go skinny dipping, walking around in a skimpy bikini while he was on a date and being 2 faced with the other girls. I hope Ben sees what this woman is about and is this the type of woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Ben’s mother appeared very sophisticated in the home town date on Ashley’s season. His sister is also very protective of him. His mother & sister are his family. They want the best for him. I am sure they can’t feel good about Courtney & how she behaved on the show. It is embarrassing for Ben & his family. By the way Ali, You sure don’t let no grass grow under your feet. So glad you met Charlie on face book. You know what they say about Karma? Watch out girl! Time for you to get your heart broken and see how it feels. Charlie is the right person to do it because the word is that he is definitely one of those old players who been around for a long time. He has been playing the women a long time. YAY for Ali! Kissing and hugging a no good player such as Charlie Ritchie in Cabo. Nobody wants him but you, Ali. So glad that people see you for what you are. Charlie is an aspiring Hollywood fame player. He tries to hang with people who can help him get his foot in the door in Hollywood. Can you help him Ali? I hope so because you & this sorry loser belong together. Glad you met Charlie. Remember, next time you go on vacation and decide to hook up with a man, there are people all around you taking pics of what you do. I am just an ordinary person living a normal life. You love the stardom & spotlight. Therefore, you should keep in mind that people are for ever watching what you do. I guess you forgot that in Cabo on your dates with Charlie after being engaged to a man you supposedly was in love with. Excited to see how your new romance will blossom.

  55. Anxous to see how Ben confronts Courtney next week. She is so over the top! I think Courtney is trying to get into acting and is trying to capture as much camera time as possible to get the exposure. Ms. Courtney is after the fame. So many of the contestants on the show are out for fame. Ali, you come to mind here. Everyone said this was your goal to go on The Bachelor to get noticed. You then got offered the lead as Bachelorette. You used this lead role to stir you in the right path to become famous. Sad that you used your fans along with all the other people who love you to try & be famous. What is this I hear about you wanting to be on DWTS? No kidding! Aren’t you still recovering from knee surgery? Good luck competing on that strentuous show with your bad knee. Are you that desperate to be on tv in front of the cameras that you would jeopardize your health? Six words come to my mind: You are sick in the head! Good luck with Player Charlie Ritchie! I hear he is hard to tame. I believe you got your work cut out for you with Charlie. Just saying…

  56. I love the blog! I agree 100%!

  57. The cat is out of the bag people….. Ben winds up and is still with Courtney…… Not who I would have picked but different strokes for different folks as they say…

  58. Thanks for your insight, hit the nail on the head!

  59. Come on. Really? Ben and the women are all CHARACTERS. This is not reality as much as a former CHARACTER would like to blog it that way. Ben and Courtney are “engaged” He gets PR for his winery and a bunch of women falling over him (that would never do so in life) and Courtney gets some lifeblood shot into her modeling career. Don’t take this so seriously!!!

  60. [...] Read Ali’s full blog for her take on 2-on-1 dates and Jamie’s uncomfortable and definitely not “a-okay” kissing demo. [...]

  61. Well, being a dude and watching this show, I would agree with Ali too, why does Courtney feel she needs to be so sexual all the time. This would turn me off totally!! I hope Ben walking in on some of these “conversations” the girls have, have shown him the type of girl Courtney really is. They way she treated poor Emily :( ( I felt so bad for her, she was just trying to be nice and the *%&% just treated her like crap, very not nice.
    I love Kacie B and Ben together, they seem to really click, my favorite of all the girls would have to be Emily!!! If Ben does not pick her, then helloooo Emily!!! ever think about dating a Canadian ???? love the way she makes those little faces with her mouth when he is nervous :) ) so pretty…..and totally funny girl, just what a guy needs to make him smile after a rough day. Wonder what her sign is lol ????

    Later ladies.

  62. Geez Ali! You walked away from a man that loves you dearly to a man who is known for being a player? One of your true friends need to take you in for a psychiatric evaluation. This man you was all over with going on dates with in Cabo is nothing. I have lost a lot of respect for you. It took me over a year to get over my ex-fiance after we broke up. I don’t know how you did it in Cabo! Why not blog about having a fling with a man after you break up your engagement! I think you might could share with us some hindsight on how & what to do. You are looking real easy & sleezy.

  63. My observation of the Bachelor/Bachelorette is that it has morphed from an honest “let me find love” show, into give me my 15 minutes of fame. Contestants know they will be followed. The Bachelor Pad provides more exposure. There are reunions the contestants have.
    Why in the world would Emily ever need help finding love, yet she’s the new Bachelorette?
    So many past contestants are popping up all over TV yet how many of them have found true love on this show?
    Like I said, this show is all about 15 minutes of fame.

  64. I think that the final four will be Kacie, Nicki, Lindzi and Courtney, he just doesn’t seem that into the other two girls that are there, although maybe he will catch onto Courtney next when Kacie and Nicki confront him about her. So Emily could be there instead of Courtney. Rachel is going home next week no question.

  65. Duh….the final four are Kaci, Courtney, Lindzi, and Nicki. The final two are Lindzi and Courtney and the rest is history. It’s not reality ladies.

  66. Great blog Ali! Spot on and to the point. I’m curious to see how Courtney is reacting to the show (assuming she is watching also). Looking forward to the reunion “Girls Tell All” episode at the end of the season. I enjoy Lindzi too and love to see Ben smile when he is with her. She seems very natural. Good luck Ben! :)

  67. Ali, I am so jealous of you. I am married to a romantic, sensitive, physically gorgeous and financially secure man whom I met a couple of years after I lost my first love. I thought I’ll never meet him. But you, how lucky are you to find the man for you in your short vacation in Cabo only 2 months after your break-up. He seems to be the one for you so hang on to him. You deserve to be with someone like him. Thank you for finally releasing Roberto so he can now look at and appreciate all the other beautiful and very smart women available to him here in San Diego. Many of them were anxiously waiting for this opportunity. Now that you are taken, I’m sure he will be open to mingling and dating for real. Group sigh from all those women, finally….

  68. Ali I love reading what your thoughts are about the episodes of the Bachelor. So far they have been the same as my thoughts.

    When Jamie was giving Ben kissing lessons My stomach cringed.. And couldn’t watch lol

    looking forward to next episode and your thoughts

  69. [...] Ladies Home Journal blog, where she talks about how she thinks Ben made a mistake sending Casey Shteamer home, among other things. [...]

  70. I don’t see what Ben sees in Courtney. It’s a shame he hasn’t confronted her yet even after one of the other girls said something. Courtney is way to manipulative. It’s a shame Ben doesn’t see any this at this point because the girls that went home already are more genuine and sincere, and frankly, intellectually more attractive than her.

  71. I have enjoyed following your comments, Ali! I am always left wondering how much of the show is pure manipulation of the audience. But given that you were on the show, I trust your insight. I LOVE Kayce B and have from the beginning. And I really liked Ben when he was on the The Bachelorette. I thought Ashley made a huge mistake in not choosing him. So, I was excited to see he was coming back. I have lost respect for him in the way he’s handled things with Courtney. I can totally believe that she puts on a different “face” with Ben than with the other ladies, but if he’s willing to share an “intimate” night with her without regard for the other women there, especially those he claims to have feelings for, then he’s just as much a whore-dog as Courtney is. And we know they skinny-dipped together. I was very disappointed with Ben!

  72. Ohhh gzzz stop critizing Ali.whatever she did is not your bussiness.its her life. And what are you to comment and said bad things about her, judge her like you know her personally.she didnt owe you anything..not everyone needs to stuck in the room hiding for a year to forget their ex. If dancing on the table and have fun on a bar after 2 months break up considering a slut, then half of the woman in this world are slut..

    Keep in mind, she didnt steal another man’s husband and she is single so its not like she needs to ask your permition to kiss other man…gzzzzz..

  73. Are some of you crazy??? Ali is single. If she dances or kisses someone, who cares. She broke up with Roberto. She may still love him, but they realized they weren’t happy together. Ali is young, life is short. Go Ali!!! Kiss lots of people. Date! Be happy!! Enjoy life! Why should she sit in her bedroom in the fetal position crying over Roberto?? They can still love each other and move on. They weren’t themselves when they were together. Good for you Ali!!

  74. Nobody wants Ali but Charlie! Nobody wants Charlie but Ali! Two losers who deserve each other.

  75. Nobody wants Charlie. Nobody wants Ali. These are two loser found each other.

  76. Ali since you live in Hollywood now, don’t forget to look up Jake Pavelka. Both of you do have something in common: Chasing after fame and living in the spotlight. Darn! I forgot about Charlie! I don’t want him to fly down from Canada to LA from hearing about you & Jake reconnecting!

  77. The reason Ali is getting a lot of criticism is because she puts everything she does out there for people to see and criticize. No, we do not expect her to be a saint but to say in her show that the reason she was in doubt about dating Roberto was because she thought he was a player & then she dissed Justin and now she is sleeping around with the greatest and known player of them all. She’s not worried about catching STD? Oh yea that can be cured by an antibiotics. Worst that can happen is she catches a strange STD from him and produce a deformed child. Oh yea, that is actually a good thing that can happen to her because she will get more sympathy and hopefully be more popular in Hollywood by using her child’s deformities and misfortunes. That would be the karma of all karmas, just saying.

  78. Courtney has to go…she is not here for the right reasons…the spoiler says she is the one he picks…I hope they are wrong or Ben will be devastated again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Your right Kelianne, Ali is single, but still she should not behave the way she does. When you truly love someone, like she claims she did for Roberto, you don’t go out kissing someone else that soon. My boyfriend & I lived for 1 1/2 years & then split. It took me almost another year to get over that. I was devastated over our split. I truly had found love, but I am just beginning to date after a year & two months since we’ve departed. All Ali wants is to be famous, just like Jake. Ali, time to live a normal life, get over yourself. We want new faces and new people.It true you and Jake make a perfect couple, since you both want the fame!

  80. Kelianne, you are so wrong, it was Roberto who dumped her because of her obsession with Hollywood and being famous. She did not really want to get married & be a mom, she was just using the show and Roberto to get more fans like you. She spreads her business out there and then she says it is none of our business to comment on it? Guess what Ali, some of us will not let you get away with how you manipulate the fans, the B&B franchise and the rags to keep you face out there.You are a liar and as phony as they come.

  81. you want to be a positive role model what a joke so disappointed in your actions since the breakup. I’ve lost all respect for you you’ve become so sleazy & just plain trash. You’re a user and manipulator don’t care who you hurt to get where you want to be. you say you loved Roberto I don’t think so you have no idea what love is. I’d be very happy for you and all good things that may come your way but just can’t due to the way you handled things. your goal all along was to get to the bright lights of Hollywood you lied from day one of Jake’s season and you took Roberto for a ride while doing it. Trashed him in the mags to make yourself look good sorry didn’t work nobody believes you. He was your ticket to Hollywood everybody loves him not you. You’d be nowhere and a nobody if it weren’t for him. Roberto’s the STAR not you!!! Karma’s a bitch!!!! your day will come!!!

  82. Yay Nanet, so happy to see somebody else sees the light and Ali for what she is!!!!

  83. Did you see Ali’s to do list? WTF? No wonder Roberto dumped this lazy bitch. GET A JOB ALI.

    You really are a lazy effer, only drink at night till you are drunk and don’t cook or clean. Wait till your roomie finds out you are taking advantage of her and will leave her place looking like a dump.

    Lazy freak.

  84. I really wish all this negative talk about Ali would stop. You people do NOT know Ali or the life she lives everyday. This blog is about Ben and his journey. The only one to judge us in this world is God. Please stop judging others just by what you read in tabloids and on the internet. This is NOT right!!!!! Great blog Ali! I wish you all the success in the world!

  85. Kara, it’s not only tabloids that we go by. go to google and type “daily mail ali fedotowsky” there are pictures of her and her new man eating out in los angeles. If she was so in love with Roberto she wouldn’t be out seeing this guy, but then she has too because she is in Hollywood and she has to be famous for the camera’s, which she wanted all along. she did use Roberto to get to where she is. She became famous because of Roberto not herself. She got all the rating because of him.

  86. Kara, what are you, a star struck teenager? Some of us actually know what is going on outside of the tabloids and her FB page and other places where she presents herself to be good and decent. Some of us know really know what is real or not and this woman is as phony as a half a dollar bill. And love her or hate her, we continue to talk about her which is exactly what she wants. There is no such thing as a bad publicity and this girl will hop at the chance to have the paparazzi know what she is doing so she can get her face out there. We were fooled to at one time but no more. We would like for her to just go away. And this blog is a joke. First of all we already know who Ben picked so nothing else for her to analyze but this blog is stretching her 15 minutes of fame, isn’t it?

  87. My roommates and I laughed the most when Courtney stayed up waiting for Ben to come over..haha

  88. Ali
    Don’t be bothered by any negative comments on here. Some people just don’t know how to handle themselves in a classy and mature manner. Obviously, they are jealous of you my friend, keep bloggin’

  89. Lynn you must be talking about Ali she’s the one that doesn’t act in a classy mature manner. The girl is trash a sleazy bag of trash. I don’t know why anybody would be jealous of her.

  90. Jealous of a fame Wh—, get real. More like despise her so much we want her to know since she is deleting all the bad comments on her FB page to look good. She is laughable and does not even know it.

  91. You are so right Nenat!!

    According to this quote you’re not pretty Ali in fact you are down right ugly!!!!
    Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face, it’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul.

  92. I hate to say this, but I believe the last two standing will be Kacie and Courtney and that unfortunately he will pick Courtney. He is not thinking with the head on his shoulders. I will be surprised if their relationship lasts two months. If he picks her, he gets what he deserves. Hopefully his family can talk some sense into him and hopefully they can see through Courtney.

  93. Ali, I simply adore you and your sweet loving spirit. So excited to find this blog. I’m hooked now and plan to read it faithfully! A Southern Friend in SC

  94. Ali, the drunk, next blog: how to break up with your fiance, go to Mexico & sleep with a player like Charlie Ritchie.:)

  95. All of you Ali haters. Stop following her! She will eat up any attention good or bad. Yes, many are sick of her, the way she covers up her lies, uses people, especially poor Roberto. She got what she wanted, at least for the next fifteen minutes. Turn your backs and she will eventually fade away. She sold her soul for fame. Let her lay in her bed. What comes around goes around…eventually.