A Sneak Peak Into Barbie’s Dream Closet

February 14, 2012 at 11:25 am , by

I am 30 years old (almost 31) and I still LOVE Barbies. It’s true. I have three at my desk and play with them during stressful times or when I’m bored (which is rare). So when I got the chance to visit a larger-than-life-sized Barbie Dream Closet during New York fashion week last Friday, I was thrilled! The 9,000 square foot closet included 360 pairs of pink heels and 6 live Barbie fashion models wearing looks styled after iconic Barbies. There was also a Barbie beauty bar and a design workshop for girls to create their own Barbie look. Visitors also got a chance to try on some of her most favorite outfits. (I choose to be an astronaut but here I am trying on a gown… with a Barbie cosmo in hand.)







Yes, I know I was one of the lucky few who got to actually enter the real thing, but everyone can virtually visit Barbie’s dream closet at BarbieWow.com. The site lets you upload a picture yourself and try on different looks and share with friends. It also has a design studio for you to create your own collage/mood board for inspirational looks. There’s also a shop for you to pick up a new doll or some new outfits (love Barbie’s gown on her Happy Birthday Ken Doll).

This just proves (for some of us anyhow), that you’re never too old to play Barbie. Check it out!