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I think I’ve decided that I’m going to stop calling this show The Bachelor and start calling it Courtney’s Shenanigans. Regardless of what you think about her you have to admit, the show wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining without her on it. I actually found myself wanting her to get a rose last night for two reasons: One, who would we love to hate each week if she left? And two, I’m dying to meet her parents. I wonder if her mom will say something like, “Have you ever talked to a model’s mom before?” LOL…I’ll stop. It’s kind of sad honestly, because all of the drama with Courtney makes me want to watch the show for the drama, when it should really be about finding love. Speaking of love, Happy Valentine’s Day. If you’re reading this, I am officially asking you to be my valentine. Say yes! Who said a girl can only have one? And Ben still has more than enough valentines on the show right now, so let’s talk about this week’s dates.

Lindzi got the first one-on-one date of the week, and it brought some of the other girls to tears! Emily must really like Ben because she compared it to someone stealing your cheesecake—and that’s got to be love. ;) But I must say that I just loved their date. I think it would be so much fun to jump out of a helicopter and into the ocean. I wouldn’t have been scared of the actual jump—I’d be more terrified of my swimsuit flying off and having an “accidental” skinny-dipping date with Ben. I think one skinny-dipping moment is enough for this season.

Ben and Lindzi make a very interesting couple. He always seems really interested in her when they’re together, but I don’t feel like we see a lot of their connection. I wonder if Lindzi will surprise us in the end and win Ben’s heart. He’s obviously into her, but we don’t see or hear him talking about her as much as he does about Courtney. I know this show well enough to know that the producers and editors try to make us believe the bachelor will choose one person so that we’re totally surprised in the end when he picks someone else. For example, I was so sure that Brad was going to pick Chantel on the last season of The Bachelor because we saw so many clips of them together and of Brad talking about her. There wasn’t much footage of him taking about Emily. For this reason (among others), I think Ben might end up with Lindzi. Only time will tell.

Moving on to someone who isn’t going to end up with Ben: Emily. Courtney broke down a little bit when Emily got the one-on-one date and I actually found it was refreshing to see that side of her. I know many of you feel she was acting and I wouldn’t be surprised if she “acts” a lot on the show, but I really don’t think she was faking it in that moment. Those were real emotions, and I know because I felt those emotions at the same point on the show. Even though I like to joke about Courtney and even call her out when she’s being mean, it’s better to sort of kill her with kindness, you know? One of my favorite quotes is “Be kind to unkind people, they need it the most.” I think that definitely applies here. So yes, I’ll call Courtney out and make jokes here and there, but at the end of the day she’s still a person with feelings. People who’ve been hurt hurt other people. My mom always told me to remember that.

Anyhow, I don’t have much to say about Ben and Emily’s date. I thought it was really cool and it seemed like they were having a good time, but Ben and Emily are more like friends than lovers. I think that’s why Emily kept feeling the need to talk about Courtney and try to warn him. But it was kind of a lost cause—she kept telling Ben that she didn’t want to miss out on time with him by talking about Courtney, but she’d just end up talking even more about Courtney again!

Once again Courtney showed us how charming and endearing she is (I’m being sarcastic) when she left for her date and said, “Bye! Can’t stand you all.” Oh, Courtney—why, why, why? I’m trying to see the good in this girl but with comments like that, it’s so difficult. Especially when in this same episode we see her confiding in Lindzi as if she’s her friend. I have a feeling a lot of harsh words are going to be exchanged at the Women Tell All special. It’s not going to be pretty for Courtney.

Ben is super into Courtney and it’s pretty obvious that at this point he only wants to be on dates with her (and maybe one other girl…Lindzi?). When they started their one-on-one date, Ben told Courtney “I’m sorry it took so long to get you on another one of these.” This is exactly the kind of thing I used to say to the guys I really liked on my season. It was even more clear to me that Courtney is at least in the top two when Ben said, “I like you and I’m amazed that you’ve been able to hang on. It’s hard for me not to be able to console you and tell you everything is going to be okay.” That’s almost verbatim what I used to say to Frank when he would get concerned about the “process.” Roberto was pretty good about hanging in there, but Frank always had concerns about my feelings for him. And I’d say things like that to assure him that he was in it for the long haul because I knew from the beginning that he’d be around for a while, and I think Ben has known that about Courtney since the very beginning too.

Seeing how much Ben likes Courtney make me sad for him because she really was manipulating him throughout the date. Look, it was completely okay for her to question Ben and share her concerns about him meeting her family. Getting your family involved is a huge deal. However, Courtney was basically telling Ben, “If you want it, you better send Emily home because I don’t like her.” Do I think Ben sent Emily home because of Courtney? Absolutely not. Emily went home because Ben wasn’t feeling her as much as the other girls, plain and simple, but that doesn’t justify what Courtney said. But Emily is kind, smart, beautiful and has a solid head on her shoulders—I have no doubt she’ll find an incredible man to share all of that with.

All I really have to say about the group date is that I’m glad the girls got together and agreed to tell Ben about Courtney. In my opinion, Kacie B., Nicki and Rachel (my girlfriends call her “twiggy”) did the right thing by having Ben’s back last night. Thankfully Ben took that information and confronted Courtney about it, but I’m not sure it did any good. Ben likes Courtney and until he actually sees her acting nasty toward someone, he’s going to believe whatever she says.

I cannot believe we’re already down to 4 girls and hometown visits are next week—they’re my favorite dates. I remember how excited I was to introduce the guys to my family. After being swept away in a fantasy land for so many weeks, seeing your family brings everything back to reality. Please come back to reality Courtney!

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P.S. After tonight, I don’t think Courtney will be the last one standing. I’ll explain more next week.

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  1. Even if Ben is so into Courtney now, he will see the tape and all the clips of how she really is and he won’t want to be with her, or at least we hope he won’t want to be with her. The spark sure went out quick with Courtney. What’s to say if they did end up getting married, she would get bored with him quick, or the spark would go out quick. She is not marry type at all..
    No wonder why she doesn’t have a boyfriend or friends period.

  2. I don’t understand why you like Kacie B. so much, she is just as bitchy as the others. Her comment about crushing her like a spider is easily the meanest thing I’ve ever heard on this show! Basically wishing her dead! Courtney is definitely the best one left, I am glad she wins in the end! She deserves it!

  3. my vote? kacie and lindzi in the final two. also, typical male, he’s way too caught up in courtney’s looks and she has him around her little finger. she needs to go home soon// my opinion of him will change dramatically if she doesn’t.

  4. I, too, was thinking that, even though I desperately wanted Ben to reject her, the show would be insanely boring next week without Courtney.

  5. It’s nice of you to try to give Courtney the benefit of the doubt, but she doesn’t deserve it! Week after week, it’s “I can’t believe they’re treating me so poorly” and “these girls are so catty,” while simultaneously saying some of the cattiest things I have ever heard. Or my favorite, calling Blakeley a stripper in the very same episode that she herself stripped down on national television. The hypocrisy is out of control, and she needs a reality check, stat.

    I thought Ben finally saw the real Courtney on their date when she started talking about the other “girls–I wouldn’t even call them women,” and yet he said nothing to defend the women he supposedly respects and cares about. It has become simply pathetic to watch him fall for Courtney’s game.

  6. You didn’t exactly follow your mom’s advice or you favorite quote when dealing with Vienna, now did you?

  7. Great Blog, Ali! I liked seeing the vulnerable side of Courtney too, but she seems too erratic for Ben and rather manipulative. I also found Kacie B. fun and funny as she talked about squashing Courtney like a bug. That’s a fun, human side of her. No one can be THAT nice…it was cute. I don’t see it between him and Lindzi. And now, I don’t see it between him and Kacie B either, so I am thinking maybe he does end up with Courtney…? Never saw it with Nikki although she is a very nice gal. I really think Emily was the best pick. Super smart, cute, fun… but alas.. there wasn’t any real spark. I hope Emily goes on to do something on a show.. maybe writing rap tunes for Kanye West or Usher… (lol) she is pretty spunky and fun. Love your Blogs, Ali and your FB page!

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are spot on again.

  9. According to “Reality Steve” he does end up choosing Courtney in the end. I really hope that he’s wrong because Courtney is so two faced! I hope that watching the show back he realizes this and changes his mind about her!

  10. I really changed my view on a lot of things last night. First, I love Kacie B., but I dont think theyre meant to be together anymore. They obviously come from completely different worlds, and simply, I just dont think Ben is that into her. Second, I dont care for Courtney, but Im starting to see why Ben is into her. They both seem kind of quirky and Ben even said it himself last night, “I want someone weird and edgy”. Well hes definitely found that in her! And after seeing the preview of next week, their families seem to mesh the best. I dont think Courtney is the marrying type. And I dont think theyll last by any means, shell likely get bored with him. But I also dont think either of them are honestly looking for that (if they were Ben would be thinking with more than just his head). Anyway, thats my two sense! Thanks for yours Ali!

  11. ‘People who’ve been hurt hurt other people’
    I don’t believe that’s true
    (no offence to your Mother, Ali)

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  12. See, here’s what I felt after last night’s episode… I know everyone HATES Courtney, but I kinda liked her.

    Sure she can be a B***h, but I think it’s self defense mode. From the beginning she didn’t get along with the girls, and you know what? So what? That’s SO not the point of the show. Sure it’s nice that you CAN make some friends but it’s not like it’s the reason you’re there (at least it shouldn’t be) and sometimes you just DON’T get along with some people! :/
    She got along great with Casey S as it was shown, so it’s not like she’s the worst person on the planet like some people seem to say…

    So after not getting along with some girls, she starts being attacked (and come on, Emily DID attack her, whether you like Courtney or not you kinda gotta admit it) and started attacking back. Again, a normal reaction. They already don’t like each other, and it doesn’t help that you have to LIVE with someone you don’t like (this goes both ways. I also don’t think Emily meant to come out as attacking, but living 24/7 with someone you just DON’T get along with will do that to you).

    When it comes to Ben though, I think the girls are insane saying that Courtney doesn’t seem interested. She’s always trying to make time for him, be it in good ways or bad ways.. At least she’s making sure to make some effort. Yesterday when during the group date Nicki said it was better because Courtney wasn’t there and she made things awkward.. I’m sorry but being on a group date will ALWAYS be awkward!!! I mean you are all pretty much dating the same guy, with feelings invested into it, and it will be awkward. If you don’t feel awkward seeing him interacting with other girls I’d think that would say something about the way you feel about him no? So it’s not COURTNEY who makes the group dates awkward, they’re just awkward as a whole.

    Also, what she said at the rose ceremony that got Emily all upset, its also true. Like they are ALL there to look for love right? But the reality is, they can’t know what he’s feeling!! (Or at least they aren’t supposed to know anyways! haha) And even though all 6 of them had some sort of feeling of him, he obviously doesn’t feel that strongly about ALL of them. So what she said as in “Ben’s not the only guy out there” that seemed to shock Emily so badly was actually true. Guess what? He’s not. It’s either there or it isn’t. You guys will either fall in love with each other, or you won’t! If it doesn’t work out it’s because it wasn’t meant to be, and that’s just plainly the reality. I really couldn’t understand WHY that surprised Emily so much. I mean hello? ONLY ONE of them is going to win Ben’s love at the end of it all, and the rest of them should try understanding that if it didn’t work out it’s because it wasn’t meant to be.

    I don’t know, sorry I’m rambling, but I’ve just been reading SO many negative things, and this episode brought me back a little to Courtney’s side. She IS human, she DOES have feelings (even if they are not as strong as she makes them out to be, who knows?) and she actually has some sort of idea that this is not the end-all be-all of her life, which some girls should learn.

    I know everyone will disagree with me buuuuuuuuuut.. Oh well.

  13. Also, as someone mentioned, what he said about wanting someone weird & edgy. I can see them together…

    That last scene with the spider, I think showed how they are without the editing. Like they just get along well, and she is the kinda girl who says weird stuff, and he understands her sense of humor.

    Do I think they’ll be happily ever after? uh, no. Sorry but considering the fact that this show hasn’t produced that many happy couples makes me weary of believing in the whole fairy tale :/
    BUT I can see why they’d get along well, and maybe date. Now if it goes much further than that, I guess time will tell. I don’t think either of them are ready for an actual marriage though.

  14. Ali great blog, I can see Ben is into Courtney but lets say he picked her for his proposal, how do you think he is feeling about her while he is watching all this, she has been disrespectful to everyone including him? How can he say he has to look at how she treats him, when she made the comment he was not the only fish in the sea! I have lost respect for him because he has lost it for everyone else except Courtney. They deserve each other.

  15. This show is so fake & ruins people’s hearts, brains, outlook, and lives it’s disgusting. After last night, I vowed to NEVER watch it again. They are getting his heart broken (along with many other peoples) just for ratings. Which tells why there are what only one or two couples that lasted? P.S Kacie B is WAY too good for dirtbag Ben.

  16. Can someone PLEASE tell me why they picked Emily Maynard as the next Bachelorette? I thought they were supposed to pick the runner up of this season of the Bachelor?! Plus, it doesn’t seem fair since she won the last Bachelor. I can almost guarentee, they will put Bentley on her season for drama since he liked her so much.

  17. I can’t stand Courtney, did you see her snubbing off and making faces at Emily & Rachel when they were leaving? That is how she has been the entire season. BUT I DO hope she is the ‘last one standing’ because THAT is all Ben deserves. He doesn’t deserve any of the others, TRUE HONEST CARING GENUINE ladies. What is Courtney gonna be like when he can’t spend ‘all his time’ with her because he has to work? What is Courtney gonna be like when he might want a ‘guys night’ out?? She gonna be a whiny ***** just like she has this entire season. It’s gonna be another Jake/Vienna season !!!!

  18. Think the mind is made up Ben is so into Courtney it would take her to tell him off before he let her go. Also she is still engaged to her former boyfriend she left so she could come pry on Ben.
    Any gal that he gets in the end that is not Courtney should show him the door when they see he had his penis next to her in the ocean. He has disrespected all of the other ladies when he did that. He is a big looser and only has himself to blame.

  19. Thea, let’s be honest. Kacie B. being a bitch is a joke. If the man you loved was falling for a girl with a heart of stone would you not have harsh feelings toward her? Especially if you were sitting in a house with her day after day, there’s no way she could just push those feelings aside, that’s the point of the show, I think. I still have hopes he’ll choose Kacie B., although I do love Lindzi and I think they mesh really well. I love Emily, and I heard rumors she might be the next Bachelorette? But we’ll see. As long as Ben doesn’t make the same mistake Jake did by picking Vienna (we all saw how that turned out, thank you Bachelor Pad), and picks someone besides Courtney I’ll feel good about it.

  20. Ali, like your blog!! But you know that Courtney wins. I found a web that she does!! Check this web out
    And see for yourself!

  21. Rachel didn’t rag on Courtney…she was there but had no comments. BTW…”twiggy” really? She’s not that skinny…looks pretty normal to me.

  22. I think Lindzi & Kaci B will be last ones standing. They have been my choice from beginning.
    Courtney has a motive for being on this show & I do not feel it is for Ben.
    Do not like this girl & why are men always attracted to girls like her??????

  23. I really had hoped that Courtney would be long gone.. We are counting on Ben to grow and brain and not his.. well you know and see her for what she really is.. what a waste of time for all of us and Ben.. good luck with the family next week..

  24. I have decided to accept your offer of being your Valentines. Where should I send the flowers?

  25. If Ben chooses Courtney at the end….I really do not think he will admit the girls were right about Courtney….even if he is not happy with her….That would be admitting to poor judgement and how he didn’t want to believe them because,he was p–sy whipped….
    I know the show only shows what they want us to see….imagine what we do not see about Courtney….I could only imagine….

  26. My boy friend, who is so nice to sit through this show with me, is CONVINCED Courtney is lying when she talks to Ben. He said he read an article on the signs a person shows when they are lying, such as body language. If you notice, every time Courtney says something to Ben, she looks down and to the left. She can’t seem to hold his gaze, and really won’t look him straight in the eye! She’s got the manipulation of man down pat, in my opinion. She’s the TALENT, remember? She knows what to say in ANY situation, including this one!

  27. I am just happy Roberto Martinez dumped you to find his real one true love. I hope he finds an amazing girl like Chris found Peyton.

    Happy drinking and partying you lazy skank.

  28. There is so much hate in this world. No one is perfect. No one. We all need a little correcting and constructive critism.

    Courtney was shooting pretend guns during an interview and Kacie B was pretending that courtney was a black widow being smashed in her hand….

    …..It needs to stop, on both ends.

    I need to put my rocks down and stop throwing them at Courtney because I will admit, I have been throwing them. I need forgiveness for this.

    I had a change of heart this show, for some reason, towards Courtney. I just felt more compassion towards her.

    Im just kind of over ALL the cattiness from both sides. No one wants to be involved in that in real life and it’s uncomfortable to watch on this show. I dont want to be rooting for certain people and happy when someone goes home. Peoples feelings are involved. These people have families and other people who love them, watching.

    I think Courtney is being real. At this point in the relationship it hasnt been all kittens and butterflies for her and Ben’s relationship and in reality…thats how it can be 6 weeks into a relationship when you are getting to know someone. Let me clarify…when you are getting to know someone and there are other people involved. Yeah, you might say some things that are kind of ugly.

    It must be hard for Courtney to read and hear all the negative junk about her. And just knowing that people watching dont like her. That would be hard for anyone to take….even if you said some lousy things. If my dirty laundry was aired on national television…yeah, that would be tough.

    I think of Michelle Money and how she was portrayed and then it turned out we were all wrong about her. She is a sweetheart from what I have observed since her season.

    I think its very highly likely we could all be wrong about courtney.

    I hope courtney can learn to forgive the other girls and I hope the other girls can learn to forgive courtney.

  29. Ali, once again a very good blog. You always hit the nail on the head and I am following right behind you in your thought process. Not sure who you meant by “twiggy” because you mentioned a few girls first …oh anyway hehe :) I think Lindzi will be the one that Ben asks to Marry him. What really surprised me most about this episode was when Ben was on his one on one with Courtney and she mentioned most of her friends were men. Did you happen to see his eyebrow frown after she said that??? I did. He is definitely paying attention to detail ;) Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, Ali… Love your friend in MA, Julie :) XO

  30. If Ben chooses Courtney to be his bride….I am not wishing them the best of Luck but, the Network good Luck with their ratings….Since they kept such a wacko on the show…their ratings are going to drop so much they will even despise Courtney after all.

  31. @CB….I guess Cb stands for CRAZY BITCH….another Courtney ….wow there are a lot Crazies in this world….

  32. Courtney is smart. She knows how to manipulate Ben. She knows how to irritate the other women. Ben deserves what he gets if he chooses Courtney in the end. I think she is one of the most hated contestants to ever be on the show. It reminds me of how the ladies on Jake’s season kept telling him to be cautious of Vienna. I wonder how Ben feels now after watching the show? Ali Fedotowsky also comes to mind as 1 of the most hated bachelorettes. Ali was fake during Jake’s season. She used Roberto and her fans to gain popularity after her season ended. I am so glad that Ali is dating Charlie Ritchie. I was thrilled to hear he is a player. Happy that Ali met Charlie The Clown so that she can now get a taste of what it feels like to be used.

  33. Courtney is smart. She knows how to manipulate Ben. She knows how to irritate the other women. Ben deserves what he gets if he chooses Courtney in the end. I think she is one of the most hated contestants to ever be on the show. It reminds me of how the ladies on Jake’s season kept telling him to be cautious of Vienna. I wonder how Ben feels now after watching the show? Ali Fedotowsky also comes to mind as 1 of the most hated bachelorettes. Ali was fake during Jake’s season. She used Roberto and her fans to gain popularity after her season ended. I am so glad that Ali is dating Charlie Ritchie. I was thrilled to hear he is a player. Happy that Ali met Charlie The Clown so that she can now get a taste of what it feels like to be used.

  34. Courtney’s an insecure tool. If Ben can’t see through it, whether on the show or post production, he’s just as big of a tool as she is. Enough said. I was never excited that he was the Bachelor anyway. Probably because he looks like Snoopy with a little Woodstock thrown in. Oh, what do ya know…now that I’m thinking about it, Courtney looks like a long-haired Chihuahua. Perfect! I know, that’s mean, but so is Courtney…and so are Chihuahuas. Okay, I’ll stop.

  35. Ali,

    What do you think about all of the rumors that Ben ends up with Courtney? I totally agree with you that he will not believe anything bad about her unless he sees it for himself. Are you just avoiding spoilers? It seems obvious to me that he is going to pick her no matter what the rumors say because she has him wrapped around her evil finger. She just comes off as a self centered materialistic person to me. I don’t see any kind of heart or realness in her. She is about as far from down to earth as a woman can be. All he sees in her is that she is a model. I think she lifts his self esteem. If that’s all he is after, he deserves her. Let’s hope the rumors are wrong.

  36. Well of COURSE he’s going to pick Courtney. I can’t believe anyone is still questioning it. Ben is an idiot. Has been from day one. I almost crapped when i found out they were dragging this drip from last year into his own season. I will Thank Courtney for keeping me awake this season…I was afraid i was going to have to start smoking crack to stay awake for this guy. All of these girls are flipping out over his George Washington haircut…and did you SEE the SHIRT he worse last night? A horizontally striped tank top? WHO is styling this guy, Urkle? All we can hope for is that Ben pulls a Jason Meznick on “After The Final Straw” and pulls the old switcheroo. How on earth he expects to live the rest of his life with that lip-chewing, hair twisting rag is beyond me. Can you see Courtney stomping grapes? Me neither. In fact I’ll bet you 100 bucks she doesn’t even cry when he proposes. She’s Bentley with a Vagina. Speaking of Bentley..I can’t WAIT to see how they lure him back to the show to have his shot at Emily Maynard. She’ll probably fall for him and the madness will continue.

  37. I didn’t feel that Ben questioned Courtney all that much at all. Of course, they didn’t show the whole conversation, but I felt that he refused to take the other girls seriously. This just shows how immature and shallow he is. I think the girls are into him because the producers set them up to see him as all that, but he isn’t. I enjoy your blog though. I hope you are right about him choosing someone else, but I really don’t think you are. :(

  38. Jude- We called her twiggy because she looks like twiggy when she was younger ( Not b/c she is skinny. Sorry, should have made that more clear.

  39. Okay..whoever that was that wrote before me..needs to be the president of Courtneys fan club. That is so uncalled for when people delibertly insult others. I’ll pray for you Sandy. Anyway, I watched the whole show last night with an opened mind. I really have tried to understand Courtney..I have read alot about her and trying to understand her. She may be quirky and edgy..but what I don’t understand is how she can be so rude and really insulting to these girls. She feels that she has to get the last word in and to sound like she is funny when, the line has already been used over and over..She also goes back about 15 years when it comes to Ben like skipping and smelling the rose like she did at the ceramony. You can be edgy and quirky..but classy and respectful at the same time and I have never seen that with Courtney even when she cries its poor me. I just am concerned how she “Not Feels it” and then turns it on when he is around after he bows down to her. She has done that several times and you know a relationship is hanging in there with someone. Its ebb and flow..and it comes naturally not when someone has to talk you into it. She down right lied when she was telling Ben that she took interest in the other girls lives. She sits away from all the others so they can’t get close. I also saw his face when she said..Most of my friends are guys. Well,that doesn’t suprise me they way she uses her body to get attention..Its really sad in my humble opinion. “as in Courtneys sacastic voice..” See ya..don’t want to be ya” She can turn herself around and get some class but, I truly think she likes herself this way.

  40. I can’t wait for the “Women Tell All” show so that we can hear the women’s feelings about how cruel and unfriendly Courtney was, and hope Ben does, too, at that time, if he hasn’t figured it out by now. Courtney is such a lying, scheming bitch. I’m sure that they will have split by the time the “After The Last Rose” program airs just like Jake and Vienna. I think this show is now done just for ratings and not for anyone to even have a serious relationship — publicity for Ben’s winery and a “series” (aka air time) to further Courtney’s modeling and ACTING career. Instead of her saying “winning”, we should be saying “acting”!

  41. After seeing how Courtney is acting I am thinking more and more she is a plant. With the show being on many years you know you will be hated with remarks she is making. She is there to make the show exciting. You know the term you love the one you hate. I think that Courtney is making the show interesting even though I am hating her. If she was gone all you would see are the goodie goodie girls. I love lindzi I want her to be the one. And I think Ben in on this too. I am sure they are telling him to keep her on because she is making the show interesting. Ben is ignorant and doesn’t see through her. Perhaps he was told to keep her on for interest. This show is not real anymore.

  42. Who ever said that completely rude comment about Ali can go F*** themselves. Thats totally uncalled for and retarded. Get some class and don’t comment on a persons blog you dislike so incredibley much.

  43. I completly agree with Caroline. I see how some of you can think she is unnecessarily mean sometimes but shes really not any different than anyone else. Everyone is sitting around talking about how much they want Courtney gone, but if she voices who she wants to go home (Emily) all the girls act like that’s the worst thing to say. Then kacey B talks about how much she hates her and wants to punch her, but if Courtney says she doesn’t like someone, she’s being a bitch. If you know someone doesn’t like you, you don’t want to spend time with them or open up about your insecurity’s. And that’s why she’s on the defense and separates herself from the group. She’s doesn’t accept Emily’s apology because Emily was only apologizing because she was sorry she let it affect her relationship with Ben, instead of being sorry because she hurt Courtney. Now, yes Courtney could have explained that alot nicer, but she just tells her feeling like they are. Emily was the one not being honest.
    Also, of course Courtney is going to try to stand up and get Ben to focus on her. If you are dating someone and you really like him, you would be upset if other girls were flirting with him. Anyone would pull their boyfriend aside and give him attention. I think it is weird that none of those girls try. I know some of you think it’s disrespectful, but if you did that with your boyfriend, would that mean your being disrespectful to the other girl? Absolutely not. Ben says he appreciates that she takes initiative, showing her she wants to be with him instead of another girl. Isn’t that something you do, when your trying to get a guys attention you like?
    She isn’t being two faced. For example: she says if she didn’t get the one on one she wouldn’t take the rose at the ceremony. NOT because he should pick her and wants to control him. It was because she would feel like he doesnt want to be with her. The women then went on to talk about it over and over behind her back, saying she’s keeping things from Ben. But she told him everything on her date. She’s not hiding anything! And on the group date the women tell him that she doesn’t talk about him as if she likes him. But this is after she told them she wants reassurance because she feels he may not like her as much because it’s been awhile since their date.
    Most of these girls are insecure and they talk about how worried they are going into the ceremony. They sit around and talk about it. Why is it bad that Courtney feels so strongly about him that she feels he feels the same and thus she’s not nervous. Just because she isn’t unsure of her relationship with Ben, like everyone else, does that mean she can’t express how she feels? Or that its not real? Her relationship is making her happy and she shares that.

    Ok done with my rant. Lol I just think all the girls are jealous he might like her because shes being so different from them. But all that is, is them not being honest and choosing to take everything Courtney says as negative.

  44. 1st: That was RUDE making that comment to Ali & calling her names like that. You can state your opinion w/ being vicious. Very childish & tacky.
    2nd: I knew exactly what Ali meant about her looking like Twiggy. From the neck up, yes- she sure does.
    3rd: WHO has seen ANY modeling spreads w/ Courtney in them? I don’t see how she can be a “true/real” model. I like in Sac, not that far from Santa Monica, & I’ve never heard of her.
    4th: The majority says Courtney is fake & Ben isn’t the wonderful guy many of us thought he was. Idk. I’m going to keep watching & hope for the best for all of them.

    On another note perky, positive Ryan Parks likes Emily. I don’t know her last name, sorry. Not Maynard. Anyway- I’m hoping they both end up on BP3! I think they’d make a great couple! What do you guys think?

  45. I remember your hometown date with Jake. I could tell you came from a very low socio/economic household. Then when I saw how dumb your mom acted around Chris, it was confirmed. Low class. I suppose you could use that as an excuse for your disgusting behavior and your 150 percent fakeness. Lose the laugh. It is fake and annoying.

  46. I think it is going to be Kacy B. who is the last one standing and saying “Yes.” He is the most real with her, relaxed, and the sparks fly. Watch his face light up and the smile grow when he is around her. She is the same with him. I think she is the one!

  47. Ali I love your blog so much!! It gives me such great insight and I look forward to it every week!

  48. CB: I think you’re a scorned x•lover or a jealous little girl!!! Lolololololol *yyyyyyaaaaaawwwwwnnnnnnnnnn* Change the CD hehe

  49. Ali, Ben is a pawn in Courtney’s game….frankly I could do without her….her personality and it’s not all just editing makes her ugly! The fake sound of her voice and the way she talks….and the fact that she had to let him know that she has male friends…shows that she is insecure and her need to be noticed is so obvious! She wants to win..just like Vienna…but when it will come down to Ben thinking there’s a relationship..he’ll find out the hard way! Makes me sad….men pick the bad girl persona just like women pick the bad guy persona! Sad!

  50. Ali ? you rock ! I love your blog about this…
    to agree with Katherine Alder above….I think Kacy B is the one Ben ends up with. I think there is a lot of editing that is done to exclude the real love of his life here and I am sure, it has to be Kacy B.
    Courtney is just entertainment, the others are awesome but not “the ONE”…. imho

  51. Courtney Courtney Courtney!!! I have liked her from the start!! She is bold, knows what she wants, what she doesn’t like or want and she is a go-getter. Is she mean, NO NO NO! She just says what the other girls are thinking but not saying! Most of what she says she is not saying to the girls but under her breathe and for the camera. Which is edited, just like the other girls. She is there for a boyfriend, not girlfriends, just because other girls are there doesn’t mean she has to make friends with them. Did you all forget how mean emily was to her! It is not OK that Emily treated her the way she did. She is just sorry Courtney bucked up and didn’t take her crap! Just cause she apologized doesn’t make it right, it was a true apology, it was just for her own benefit not cause she was truly sorry. Courtney did acknowledge her apology, doesn’t mean she is suppose to accept. Jealousy is a terrible thing, gives people all kinds of reason to blame, be mean, be rude and apply standards where they see fit at the time. Think about who is being mean when you talk about Courtney.

  52. I actually like Courtney although I do think she’s a weirdo, but so what. I didn’t notice Lindsey saying anything bad about her, but maybe I missed it. I have to say I’m on team Courtney… for now lol. Looking forward to next week.

  53. I cannot believe you are the same sweet, adorable girl we saw Roberto propose to 20 months ago! You’re a self-centered, conceited, heartless person shown by your recent behavior! Do you have ice running through your veins? It is only two months since your broken engagement & you’re talking about Jewish men & dating an actor? So what are you trying to tell us? Would you would have chosen, Frank, the Jewish guy who you cried over when he left the show!!! Looks like you want marry a wealthy Jewish man so you can catered to & good at making dinner reservations! Ha! I guess you never really loved Roberto as true love would have taken a much longer grieving period & here you waited 3 days before going to People magazine with lies that you weren’t paid! It appears that Roberto really ended it as you never intended to marry him! You used Roberto, family, friends & fans to further your so-called career! There was never a wedding planned & used your bad knee as an excuse! Funny how we don’t hear about the bum knee anymore! Some of your fans are so stupid but not all of us! BTW, you didn’t want Chris to propose to you so he could save it for that special woman! Well, look what you’ve done to Roberto who said he only wanted to propose only once in his lifetime and now you’ve taken that away from him! How very sad is that!!! He gave 99% of himself & you gave 1%! You never really tried! You say you want to keep the ring to remind you of his love! You better keep that ring because that sweet man truly loved you & gave you the most “beautiful” proposal in television history! You will never be proposed to or find that special love in Hollywood & also know that you will regret it for the rest of your life!!! So, please stop hurting Roberto, his family, friends & fans who thought this was a real true, fairytale love story with all your crazy rantings about other men! Many of the fans hearts ache more than yours! Even your Mom follows Roberto & holds a special place in her heart for him! Roberto wanted you to be his wife & have a family! You promised that he would be your “first priority” & wanting to learn to cook & learn his other language which never happened!! What a great guy Roberto is for taking the “high road” & not “spilling the beans” of the hell he must have gone through with you. You were never domesticated & know you’re a pretty “sloppy” person too! Roberto truly loved you & you treated him terribly by ridiculing & embarrassing him in the public eye! How much more could he take of your nastiness while trying to please you & run his business too! He has said nothing negative about you & is probably the one who is still grieving! He is a good, honest & true gentleman who couldn’t put up with the charade & the lies anymore that you continually portray for everyone!
    Also, please tell us what you are famous for besides the Bachelorette! You’re not a Hollywood actress with only a minuscule number of fans & not a Kardashian! You live for photo shoots & blogging! Do you really think your so-called fame will last a lifetime over true love? I wish Roberto all the success, happiness & blessings that life has to offer & pray that he finds a beautiful, sweet, kind & deserving woman to be his wife & mother of his beautiful children which he deserves for being that wonderful, honest, loving man that he truly is! Sorry to say that you are very immature, egotistical, confused girl who needs some professional help along with all the other two-faced Bach people who have hopped on your bandwagon for media attention! You’re all a very sorry bunch of immature fame seekers! I really don’t think you’re a good role model & would never want my daughter to follow in your footsteps or the others from that stupid show!

  54. Courtney told the world that she gets a boyfriend who’s into her at first, and then they leave. Ali you & Charlie sure do make a good couple. You are a user & so is he. Both of you are seeking fame and deserve each other. I canceled my Open-Sky subscription. You are only seeking fame and let the show go to your head.

  55. Ali I cant believe the hurtful comments people have posted on here regarding your relationship, your character and your opinion, which is the reason a blog is created. I am so sorry. I feel so sad and ashamed that people would use the anonymity of a comment to post hateful things they have no basis to know about or reason to judge you for. Please remember that the true nature of most people is kindness. When people say mean things it is because they have anger and pain directed at things they usually can’t control, and transferring hate towards a person celebrated by others is the way they can feel bigger and powerful with something in their own hands. Walk tall. You are beautiful, kind, sweet, funny and strong. You have people who know and care about you and their opinions are they only ones who matter. :)

  56. I think Kacie’s Dad is going to be a strong influence to her and convinces her to leave. I can’t see Ben sending her home this early, I think in his mind she would be #2, but I hope she listens to her Dad and tells Ben “see ya”!!
    BTW, Ali, you are a GREAT person, delete those other people! If you don’t like to listen to Ali’s blog, just go away! This is fun!

  57. I love reading your blog! I look forward to it every week! Thank you for sharing <3

  58. Ben is not weird and edgy. He’s a boring dim bulb & is working hard to prove that every week. Do women really find this guy attractive. His 80s hair and lack of personality remind me of a cardboard cut out. Given that he is stupid and boring, it’s not surprising that he would end up with Courtney. She was the only one to realize that the first one to touch his junk would be the winner.

  59. I think Ali is smart and honest person. She is also seems geniune.I don’t think she used Roberto. To make a comment on her economic background is not very smart. Ali already had a great career before meeting Jake. She is like the girl next door, that is her appeal at least to me, I could see her as my friend. Ali is smart and successful woman. Sorry you haters!!! What have you done in your life?
    Now back to the show: Ben is attracted to courtney because she is the bad girl. The are mysterious and alluring to men. Like Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie. C’mon how many of us were attracted to the wrong guy. Courtney is insecure and its shows because she doesn’t have real girlfriends in life. She is downright unkind and rude. Good for TV but not real for real life.

  60. I think he’s going to pick courtney….and it’s doom down the road if he does…..she reminds me of Michelle in Brad’s episode and combo with Vienna in Jakes…..really Ben? You are way to too nice to have someone like that….

  61. Sorry to inform all you people who think Ali’s a wonderful person trust me she’s NOT!!!! Not the girl next door and definitely not honest. She’s an opportunist who will use anybody to get what she wants. Her intention from day one was to get to Hollywood and as you can see she’s living in LA after saying she wouldn’t live there. Ali may not remember what she says but other people do and she contradicts herself everytime she opens her mouth!!!

  62. then why do you read her blog, just go away and leave thoes that do adore her alone!! Everyone that makes it to hollywood gets there “somehow” Who cares how, we love her!

  63. Janet, then why do you spend time on Ali’s blog? If you don’t like her just go away. There are a lot of people that adore her and enjoy reading her blog. Most people get to Hollywood in many different ways, who cares how she got there, we love her and enjoy hearing what she has to say, especially since she was in the “bach” shoes!
    So, please take your bad coments and just go to someone elses blog. Ali, obviously you know you are well liked with your huge fan base!! Keep bloging, love reading it!!

  64. I’m sorry, I think Courtenay is nasty – to listen to and to look at. WTF is up with her mouth? She seems to have some serious mental issues which only add to her unattractiveness. Let’s face it – anyone can be a ‘model’ – with five pounds of hair and makeup. When you see her bare faced she’s actually quite fugly. Crazy eyebrows, spade face, looks like she has some acne goin on as well. Vammit!

  65. I also wanted to add that she looks like she smells. She needs to get some gain febreeze all up in her undercarriage.

  66. Love you to pieces Ali and I applaud you for trying to give Courtney every benefit of the doubt. But… I will disagree with your very kind mother and say that there ARE people without empathy. They are sociopaths and make up a tiny percentage of society. Superficially charming, glib, lacking in remorse, unable to form real emotional attachments, etc.

    Sound familiar?

  67. I’m sorry but he will pick Courtney and he will regret it later but there isn’t anything anyone can do. If he could see the tapes before he makes his final decision it would be all over for Courtney but unfortunately he sees what he wants to see and obviously he has not found love in the past because he picks the wrong girls. The perfect ones are right in front of him and any of the remaining girls would be better then Courtney.Yes I too can hardly wait till the Girls tell All and I hope they don’t hold anything back. Kacie B has it right – she is the Black Widow.

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  69. Too bad they picked emily to be the next bachelorette even though she said she never wanted that. Kacie b or even the Emily from this season would be much more interesting and likable bachelorettes! They have their own personalities. Emily m is just too oc and reserved to make good television. Plus if she really wanted to be there for her daughter she wouldn’t be doing a reality tv show

  70. I agree with Caroline and Karla–I saw a different side of Courtney this week. I think she’ll win it, mainly because she actually gives Ben someone to chase. The other girls just fall at his lap, smile at him constantly, agree with everything, and give him no kind of challenge. My experience in dating was that if guys don’t feel like they are pursuing you, they loose interest quickly, they are wired to chase after a woman until they catch her. Playing tag is no fun if the one you are trying to catch just stands there and says “come get me!”. Courtney speaks her mind, both to the camera, girls, and to Ben. Yeah, I think she’s lacking in social graces and is not a kind person. We now all see that Ben knows that now–he’s watched her on all the group dates, listened to what the other women say about her, and even heard from her own mouth the nasty things she had to say about her roommates. He’s “concerned”, but obviously his “connection” to her feels stronger than his concerns. The women are worried he’s not seeing the real her…but I think he is. To him it’s “edgy” and fits his “weird” self. To each his own! I think why Courtney rubs everyone wrong is that she doesn’t have the grace and courtesy to not rub her triumphs in others’ faces. That is a character flaw for sure, and one that would make her quick enemies. At this point in the game, I actually think Ben is most himself around Courtney. He’s the most open, the most animated, and has the most frank conversations with her. I honestly don’t see him with the other three, though I am big fans of them personally. And Emily! Oh, I hope she’s on another show–just loved her!! So witty!
    Responding to MJinSacramento–I actually have been thinking Ryan would be great with Kacie B! Remember Kacie did the same sun-heart with her hands that Ryan did at the beginning of the show? They are both bubbly and positive–I could see them really enjoying each other. I think Emily would end up making some snide “I can’t believe this guy’s enthusiasm” remarks about Ryan (in her funny way)–she’s too much of a realist for him for her to take him seriously (my opinion!).

    Ali, I never thought Brad was going to pick Chantel. Yeah, they showed a lot of her…mainly cause she cried All. The. TIME! But did you notice the way Brad looked at Emily the whole season? There was no doubt in my mind he had picked her from the beginning. He was always fumbling for words around her…just like you did the first night with Roberto! I don’t see Ben acting that love-struck way around anyone but Courtney this season. I’ll be shocked if he picks one of the other girls!

    PS–Ali, my husband and I are big fans of you and your season on the show! We were so sad to hear things didn’t work out with Roberto, but so loved watching your love story unfold for us. We both wish you the best of luck with moving forward and all that you do!

  71. Two more cents to add on the Emily’s–I’m really thrilled to have Emily Maynard as the new Bachelorette! I think she is very sincere in finding herself a husband and knows exactly what she wants. She’s kind, sincere, but also a bit sassy. I think she’ll surprise us in being good to watch. I just want to see a love story unfold…not all the cattiness or whatever.

    And has anyone else followed the blogs on Michael Stagleano and Ames have both made it pretty clear they would like to take out Emily–and now Ryan too! That girl may have lost Ben, but boy did she gain a fan club of great guys!! Way to go Em!! Wouldn’t it be fun to see the Bachelorette (Emily) with a slew of the best of the best men from past seasons (like the 3 above)?


  73. Some of ali haters who clerly doesnt has a life except throwing hates towards ali in her blog. I believe CB, kiss her/his own ass, janet, fact will keep saying the same thing in the next eps blog. Just want to know the world how lonely their life is withot trashing this blog with haters and stupid comment.
    As for ben, sorry, its not about his looks or hair that turn me off, but about how he use his lower head as his brain. So I dont think he deserve every girl in this season except courtney.
    Court is being court, bitch manipulated evil pouty mouth model. But if that’s what he likes about woman, let her manipulate him as long as she want. Its his life and I really want to watch his face when she’s around her guy friends who says “we had been skinny dipping in puerto rico 2 months before you two did..but not in national tv..that’s too bad” hahaha..I love to see his face

  74. It’s a shame Ben chose Courtney. I still don’t see what he sees in her. The girls that left this past week deserved to stay over her. Ben had 1 red flag raised when Emily first brought up issues about Courtney. Ben had another chance( 3 more flags raised) when the other girls, Kacie B., Nicki and Rachel, brought up Courtneys personality.

  75. I can see why you want to give Courtney the benefit of the doubt, but she is so over the top and ridiculous, I just don’t understand it. To say to Ben that all the other women are like little girls and basically she is the only real woman is so incredibly cocky and rude, and if he really respected those women, he should have defended them. How could he want to be with someone who is so nasty to other people (even though she tried to lie to him and tried to hide it, her true self showed). Ben is stupid to ignore it, and I honestly have not been impressed with everything I have seen from him. I think the other women are better off without him.

    That being said, I’m glad Courtney was there this season because a. Ben deserves to be with her and b. the show would be incredibly boring without her.

    One last thing. I have suffered from an eating disorder for 10 years and if someone said on tv that I was a little girl in a little boy’s body, that would be pretty damaging for me to hear. I hope Kacie is strong enough in her recovery to not let that comment hurt her.

  76. I hope Ali will be a better housekeeper in her new apartment. Ali is such a fat slob who doesn’t cook or clean. She drinks wine & get drunk everyday & is a lazy skank.

  77. I find it surprising that people are still rooting for the “good” ones to win. I’ve tried to avoid spoilers (though it sure hasn’t been easy), but I’m actually hoping Ben and Courtney end up together. I wasn’t thrilled Ben was going to end up as the Bachelor this year, but mainly because I thought he’d be kind of dull. Quite the opposite, he turned me from not caring too much about him to totally disliking him. I think he and Courtney deserve each other, and I don’t think any relationship he ends up with (from this show) has a snowballs chance in h-e-double hockey sticks. I hope he learns some good lessons from this show and grows up; and I’ll be disappointed if anybody but Courtney says “yes” to him at the end. All the other girls deserve better.

  78. Ali, I love your blog! You are so sweet and I think you are great! I don’t know who Ben will choose, but I have lost some respect for him throughout this season, so I am okay if he chooses Courtney. Like the other girls say, it seems likely he will keep her around, because she is actually making him chase her (even though she is doing it through manipulation which is not cool). Here are my thoughts: I have kind of been wondering if he is just keeping her around because she is HOTT and he wants to see how hot things can get when it gets down to the…..”special”.. dates, then will get rid of her after that, and keep one of the nice girls around?

  79. Oh and I just have to add, ignore all the insulting comments on here, these girls are just jealous of how cute and funny you are!

  80. Oh Ali, how could you dangle a carrot like that (Your P.S.) and then make us wait a whole week to hear it? You’re killing me! =D

  81. What Courtney said about Kacie B.’s body was rude nasty and uncalled for AND untrue……but that does not bother me NEARLY as much as a show that will allow that to get past the cutting room floor KNOWING that Kacie B had a serious eating disorder based on poor body image. If that is not callous disregard of someones physical and mental health what is. What the hell is wrong with them that they would DO something like that to someone for RATINGS AND MONEY. Ish. I wonder if they have ANY morals at ALL> YUK YUK YUK. Didnt like the producers before… disgusted with them now. Takes a uniquely useless individual to be that callous and uncaring. makes me sick.

  82. I hope ABC does not think it is making us happy because Courtney is there. Wake up ABC a little drama here and there is ok but you have gone over the edge

  83. I think Ben ends up with kaci b. I see their connection and the realness with her.

  84. It amazing to see how many more Courtneys are out there…right here on this page. No wonder the world is in such a bad state. People do not care about each other…selfish, manipulative, self-indulgent , lack of basic human decency…sickening!

  85. Ali, the drunk, next blog: how to break up with your fiance, go to Mexico and sleep with a player like Charlie Ritchie.

  86. First of all, let me just say loved the write up Ali! Second of all it is very refreshing that Courtney is one to be honest and not behind your back but to your face, which makes her a real person. I don’t understand why people would say someone like that is being fake. In my opinion the girls on the show had alot to say about each does tlaking behind someone’s back but not real enough to say it to the other’s face, being a sweet and kins person, I think not. Perhaps say nothing at all if you can say it to the person you have a problem with.

    I also don’t get how people can’t see how judgemental and nasty Emily was being with the other girls behind courtney’s back, and Courtney confronts her, Why is that a problem, it the best way to clear the air. I would think that speaking about someone negatively with people they live with is not only rude but an attempt to belittle them.

    I like Courtney and respect the fact that she didn’t let the girls stop her from being herself. Much like how blakely went soft trying to make friends and lost the confidence Ben once found attractive.

    Sure Courtney said some mean things but so did the other girls, the difference is she wasn’t being two faced. The other girls were …

  87. Congrats, I merely came your web site as well as desired to say that I’ve actually liked browsing your site blogposts. We’ve decided upon your nourish i we imagine you compose once more soon!

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  89. A thousand thanks for stirring me to go do my own my own research. Yours was way more detailed than mine.

  90. I wouldn’t blame Kacie B for her desire to murder Courtney. In that house, anybody who’s not Casey S knew some knot is off about Courtney. Though most cast mates don’t recognize Courtney’s inside bitch until they watched the show, got to see how fake the bitch is. The only person on Courtney’s defense is Casey S because Courtney helped her do her hair by the first time they arrived. She tried to justify Courtney’s actions. Blakeley who sat besides her snapped “She’s a bitch. End of story.” shut Casey S up, put her together with her idol/BFF in place.

  91. No Courtney is disgustingly F-A-K-E. But still manage to be downright MEAN and trashy at the same time. In their faces, she just called people fat. But behind camera, she called them dirty, slutty, desperate, idiot, stupid, easy… To quote Kacie B “Courtney sucks! I have never met such a conceited person before in my life. ‘Aww. He’s a smart boy. He knows what’s good for him. He knows I need it.’ It takes every fiber of my body to not spring across the room and punch her in the face. She’s like a black widow. She just sucks the life out of everybody. This is what I wanna do to her. (Crush that bug dead. Brush the imaginary Courtney away. And smile sadistically.)
    Yes Kacie B has involved in bitch slap just a little bit just like anyone who isn’t Lindzi Cox whom ironically Blakeley hated on when she rode her horse in. “Blakeley is toxic.” “It’s like Shawntel has come back from the death. This rose ceremony is a friggin 3-ring circus.” before but this one, she’s gone nuts.

  92. The most real person in the house has to be Blakeley. Then Lindzi. Blakeley never said anything further than “I don’t really like her.” She never judge or classify or generalize people when she doesn’t know them.