Go Ask Gab: You’re Sexy and You Know It

February 14, 2012 at 5:16 pm , by

On this day of love, I will not give you a list of things you can buy your mate. If you haven’t gotten something at this point, you’re screwed! (I say go with a homemade card — personal and cheap!) Instead I asked our Facebook followers and polled some friends to find out what they felt was sexy. I was asking what makes ladies feel sexy (not what men find sexy), but many woman felt sexy by getting attention from men, so clearly we should pay attention to what men find sexy too.

I thought there would be a lot of ladies saying a little black dress or great fitting jeans (or my answer: heels), but there wasn’t. Of course, lingerie was mentioned more than once, and it’s certainly something that appeals to men as well. I personally think if that makes you feel sexy then you should wear prettier undergarments more often (my favorites are Aerie and Cosabella). No need to save them for special occasions or made up holidays.

One woman said exercise which I think is awesome (just make sure you pick up some cute outfits- particularly I love what New Balance and Old Navy has to offer)!

One of the biggest themes was indulging oneself. Taking a leisurely bubble bath, wearing a fancy fragrance, wearing a new bronzer or lipstick. I love that treating ourselves makes us feel sexy! It proves that ladies like to feel good from the inside out. Which is not only cheesy but important. Once you feel good on the inside and feel good about yourself you will become more confident and sexy!

So Happy Valentines Day and Treat Yo Self! (Sorry! Any opportunity to quote and link to that clip I jump on!).