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The hometown dates are my favorite. It’s the first time the girls actually get to plan a date (which is fun for them) and we get to see the families that shaped them. I wish the show would let the girls meet Ben’s family in his hometown as well. They were lucky this season because they went to Sonoma early on, but I think it would be great if the show brought the final few girls to the bachelor’s parents’ house. That way they’re getting to know the real Ben a little more too.

I found myself giggling like a little girl when I realized Lindzi’s dad’s name is Harry Cox, but I’m going to try to focus on the date! I honestly felt like the kisses at the beginning of Ben’s date with Lindzi were awkward, but Ben really seemed to get along with her family. I absolutely loved that they had their first date at city hall where her parents got married. Does this mean they’re meant to be? Maybe! :-)

Lindzi told her mom that she wasn’t expecting to go on the show and fall in love with someone. I can promise you that 95 percent of the people who go on this show really don’t believe they can fall in love while on the show, so it’s surprising when they do. However, sometimes that love is a little exaggerated in your mind because you’re in this fantasy world where all you do is talk about and think about the bachelor. Looking back, I can confidently say that I was never in love with Jake. I thought he was a nice person, but I was so in love with the idea of falling in love on the show that I made myself believe that I loved him. I remember going home after the show and feeling like I never even really knew Jake because he never felt like a part of my life. It was almost like it was all a dream; it’s hard to explain. That being said, I absolutely did find love on The Bachelorette so I know it’s possible. Basically what I’m trying to say is I’m not sure if Lindzi is really in love with Ben or in love with the idea of Ben. Only time will tell. But I do think that Ben is falling in love with Lindzi.

Ben mentioned that he didn’t know his feelings for a woman could grow so much in one day. I can totally relate to that. Hometown dates were the first time throughout the whole process where I felt like I was truly getting to know the guys for who they are.

So at this point we all know that Kacie B. went home, and I was pretty shocked. I saw so much chemistry between them, but this just goes to show that what we see on TV really doesn’t tell the whole story. Even though we want Ben and Kacie to end up together, it’s not necessarily what’s best for them. I think there’s a really good chance that Kacie’s parents affected Ben’s decision to keep her longer. If they were more accepting, I bet that Kacie might have continued on to the next episode, at least. But I don’t feel that she and Ben would have ended up together, and I know Ben wouldn’t send her home just because of her parents. Obviously, something was missing for him.

I really respected that Kacie’s dad told Ben he wishes happiness for him, and that he wouldn’t want to see him get hurt either. That was really nice of him to say, and I totally get why he’s so protective of Kacie. She’s his little girl. It’s refreshing to see parents that don’t fall in love with the fantasy of the show and actually get real about what’s going on with their daughter. Good for them! But I also think they could’ve been both protective and supportive and I didn’t feel a whole lot of support coming from them.

I really thought Ben and Kacie had something, but if I had to guess why Ben sent Kacie home, I’d say it might have been the marching band and baton twirling that sealed her fate. Love you Kacie, but I think it’s time to retire the baton ;-)

It didn’t seem like there was much chemistry between Nicki and Ben on their date either. I could tell from the first two minutes of her hometown date that she’s not going to be the girl for Ben in the end. He said “Our relationship has been slow to start” about Nicki, and that’s exactly what I used to say about the guys I wasn’t sure about yet. You say the relationship is “moving slowly” because it’s a nicer way of saying “this relationship isn’t moving forward.” Obviously Ben and I are not the same person so it could mean something different for him, but I’m confident that Ben will end up sending Nicki home next week and say that it’s because his relationships with the other girls are stronger.

I really loved Nicki’s parents. I thought her mom was so cute and I had a huge smile on my face watching the two of them have girl talk on the bed. And Nicki’s dad is the sweetest! It was so heartwarming to see her dad get emotional about his love for his daughter—I just wanted to give him a big hug. On the other hand, it was hard for me to watch Nicki’s dad be so concerned because I don’t think Ben and Nicki will end up together. After she told him she loved him he seemed pained by hearing it. Maybe I’m wrong and Ben ends up with Nicki, but I just don’t see it right now.

I was disappointed that we didn’t see much of Courtney and Ben’s time with her parents, but I did notice that Courtney’s parents were wearing matching outfits and I thought that was pretty cute. We also heard Courtney’s dad say that marriage has 50 percent chance of “winning.” What is it with this family and the word winning? But on a positive note, it was nice to see Courtney tell her family how much she cares for Ben. I’m still not sure that her feelings are real, but I think she thinks they’re real.

After watching Courtney and Ben tonight I really do feel like they’re the best match for each other. Ben said it best—they’re both a little “weird” (I mean that in a good way) and they seem really comfortable together. And did you hear his “vows”? I definitely think he’s in love with her because he’s never said anything like that to the other girls. I can’t say for sure whether they end up together in the end, but I’d be willing to bet money on it at this point.

I also have to wonder after watching this—did Ben ask every father if he could marry their daughter? I feel like that makes it so much less special. I hope he didn’t.

So in the end I think Lindzi isn’t falling in love with Ben, but Ben’s falling for Lindzi and Courtney. And Nicki is falling for Ben, but Lindzi is in love with her horses, and Courtney is in love with herself. Yikes, that’s quite the love triangle…or rectangle. I’m not really sure what to call it, but it’s confusing!

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  1. Nice blog about last night, Ali. Why did Courtney get to have Ben to herself after meeting the family. Usually they say goodbye after meeting the family. It seemed a bit unfair to leave Ben with the ‘wedding’ impression as the final impression from the hometown date. Maybe they even had time to debrief a bit from meeting the family. The other girls don’t get to give their insight. Kacie could have used some time like this to debrief her parent’s perspective with Ben. Just wondering.

  2. Hey Ali,
    I think you’re right when you say Ben is in love with Courtney. Right from the beginning, I knew that Ben liked her the most among all the girls. I never saw much chemistry between him and Lindzi, although I love Lindzi ! Kasey B is such a cutie pie, but I don’t think he was that much into her during hometowns. As for Ben & Nicki…we haven’t seen much of their relationship, and I think she is going home next week. Sooooo my prediction is that he chooses Courtney, but their relationship will break up before the finale even airs…yikes !

  3. Good blog, Ali. I totally agree with everything you said :) .

  4. Doreen, I think it was just the way it was aired. They had on their “wedding rings” during the visit with her parents. So I think they did that first then saw her parents. Then just aired them out of order.

  5. I had a feeling that Kaci B was going home. I didn’t want to believe it. I agree she needed time with Ben after meeting her parents. I thought they were meant to be! I can’t wait to see the end because Courtney does something toward the other girls!

  6. Don’t you love how they’re trying to paint Courtney to be a “nice girl” now? She said more than once in this episode that she felt bad about saying mean things to the other girls… Riiiiight. Courtney isn’t nice. I’m not buying it.

    Kacie is sweet, but super immature. And her exit? How classy.

  7. Watching Courtney’s family, it all makes sense. It has always felt wrong to listen to Courtney talk in her baby voice about wanting get married, because she sounds like she is sixteen years old. Now we can see where she gets her softspoken insincerity and snobbish facial expressions–from her mother! who you would think is also old enough to speak like a normal adult. Their shallow, breathy conversation felt like watching teenagers talk about the homecoming dance, not a mother and daughter having a serious discussion about a potentially serious relationship.

    Now Miss I’m Not One to Forgive and Forget suddenly regrets the way she’s treated the classier women on the show? tter hypocrisy. Still sickening to watch.

  8. Ali, it’s so great to have your perspective both from your time on Jake’s season and as the Bachelorette! I kind of feel like Ben sent Kacie home because her parents were so against her possibly moving in with him after the show. I don’t really think Kacie truly shared their views but I don’t think Ben asked her how she felt about it. Communication is so important in relationships and I don’t think Ben’s very good at that.

  9. I agree that Ben and Courtney..(doesn’t she spell it Kourtnie?) will be together in the end, but I did see some good chemistry when Nikki and Ben were on the date and she seems more realistic as far as wanting to get married and she knows somewhat about marriage. I wasn’t surprised to see Kacie go after the hometown with her parents. I think Ben listened to what Kacie’s dad said about if he knew she wasn’t the one to let her go sooner than at the end to help her not be so hurt. Lindzi is a sweetheart and I think she will be very hurt in the end when he picks Kourtnie.

  10. I dont know if anyone heard Courtney say at the beginning of her hometown date that she regrets things that she said to the other girls….????

    Maybe viewers went in the kitchen to grab seconds on chips and dip and refill their wine because they didnt care what she had to say…..

    …….But I heard her say this….and something seemed different about her. I like her.

    Some people may just have polarizing personalities. I am not saying that Courtney is polarizing. But, if I put myself in her situation and I know I am being myself and it doesnt jive with other people (yet others love me) I would have to realize that I should just keep being myself. We cant please everyone in life. And it’s a diservive to ourselves to let others define us.

    Plus, we all make mistakes, say things we shouldnt, etc….And it sounded like Courtney was owning up to things she said that were hurtful.

    My beliefs and the way I was raised…..we have to acknowledge people when they come to a place where they feel remorseful, etc. We should accept apologies, etc. Forgiveness is the key to love in our lives. We cant expect forgiveness in our lives if we cant give it to other people.

    I forgive you courtney (even though you may not read this! lol)!!!! :) Hope you find your happiness!!!

  11. Yes, Courtney said she felt bad about some of the things she said about the other girls and some of the ways she acted IN A VOICE OVER!!! How interesting that she didn’t say it in any of her on camera interviews, I suspect it was taped much later than the hometown date and added because it is ABC’s attempt to resurrect her image to the television audience since she probably wins. She would have had a chance to try and mend things with the other girls at the rose ceremony but it was obvious how awkward it was when the three girls were hugging Kacie goodbye and Courtney leaned in awkwardly stealing a look at Ben to see if he noticed how she was NOT welcome in the group hug. She may be a nice girl but she has low self esteem and everything she says is a cliche, a pop saying, a soundbite and unoriginal. Even her wedding vows were a combination of Sex and the City and the Bob Marley song “Is This Love.” It’s actually sad.

  12. There’s no way Courtney’s voice over of her regrets about how she treated the women sincere or made at that time. That sounds like pure ABC damage control after the backlash to the real Courtney. No way is such an unforgiving creature ever going to feel remorseful, in her mind what is there to feel bad about? The other ladies are jealous of her b/c she’s “winning.” Though I adore her and hope she learns from this and take things slower w/ guys in the future; Kacie definitely showed her young side at the end and in her inexperience w/ men by giving her powers away to a virtual stranger & thinking she wasn’t good enough for him instead of finding out if he was good enough for her, but this show will brainwash contestants as well.

  13. So did anyone catch the way Courtney acted when Ben didnt give Kacie B the last rose? I mean Nikki and Lindzi were hugging her and Courtney was like like do I need to go over there and tell her bye?? Instead she juat stood there. But earlier on the show she felt bad for treating the other girls the way she did.. but it juat shows she really dont mean what she says. I hope Ben watched that and caught that she really dont care about anyone except herself. I think he picks Courtney but do not think it will last.

  14. Ali, Very nicely put. I was rooting for Kayce throughout the whole season…until the hometown. I think the idea of the parent’s not being drinkers should have been brought up by Kayce before bringing Ben home.

    I was never too crazy about Nikki, but Lindzi was very cute. I think he really likes her a lot and if you say is true, she should say something to Ben before it goes too much further.

    Re. Courtney, she is a hard one to figure out, but I think she is really stuck on herself. One would think a lot of people are. But she more so. She went into this with a win-win attitude and I think she will do it.

    Again, very well put Ali.

  15. Ben + cowboy hat = ugh

  16. LMAO, chill out. I cannot stress this enough: you do not know Ali. I do not know Ali either. I think she’s pretty cool, but I recognize that she’s got an entire life outside of what we see, and I don’t try to judge her based on the little we do see. Usually I don’t respond to comments like yours, but the fact that you posted it on HER blog (which, by the way, you had absolutely no obligation to read) and trashed her, her choices, and even her family, says so much to me about your pettiness. Really think about this: is it Ali (the woman writing her thoughts about a franchise that she is personally invested in and lending her own view and insight for those who are interested) who needs to get a life, or is it you (the anonymous blogger hurling pointless and groundless insults from the safe distance of their computer screen at someone that they do not know at all but who nonetheless has real feelings)?

    All of that said, I fully acknowledge that I don’t know you at all either. Maybe you’re a really nice person who cares about more than trashing reality tv show contestants on the internet. I really hope so. All the best!

  17. Dear Ali,

    I feel I sort of know you just from watching you for two seasons and also your blogs. Your honesty about what you went through and relating it to this season are fantastic. I think you are a special lady. Your tweeting during the episodes I find very insightful as well.

    A quick question though. At the end of last week’s blog you said you would go into this week why you don’t think Ben and Courtney would end up together, but this week you say they are the best match and do not address your blog from last week. I was just curious if you have changed your tune from last week and if so why?

    I honestly think Ben has pretty much botched this whole thing with promiscuity way too early in the season and not looking past the surface and really getting to know the women. Even if their is an engagement out of the final episode I cannot see it lasting.

    Great blog as usual Ali!


  18. ali

    your writing is so good you should become a writer id read your book in a second

    nice blog as usual i love these recaps keep them up

  19. Ali, this was a excellent blog, as my husband said you were “right on”…Your writing and commentary is so good and improving each week…This show is very difficult to sort out and know exactly what is going on. It seems there is so much editing, it’s is difficult to know what is actually real and what is acting. Your insight is invaluable, without it we would be lost. Keep up the good work, I look forward to your writing each week, you should do more of it. IMHO, this has not been a good season but you have made it better…Thanks again for a job well done…..xoxo Nora

  20. Well I think even Ali has to start making Courtney look like a better person because she is probably getting paid to do so and she knows better than anyone how this game is played. We all know Courtney is not a very nice person. Ali knows it too. Ben is stupid and we all know he picks Courtney in the end and he is watching this now going “omg.. what have I done?” Lindzie should be the next bachelorette because she is honest and sweet and has a personality, unlike the upcoming Emily. Ugh:/ but of course I will watch:-) How many times will she say Little Ricky in the first show? Shoot me now!!!

  21. i have to agree with ur blog i love courtney and i thing ben should pick her and proved all the hater wrong she seen nice to me am teamcourtney i like lindzi but am not so sure abt wht she feel because we bearly seen her much this season

  22. Kacie B went from 24 to 18 on her hometown date.

  23. Right on again Ali! I was sad to see Kacie go last night, but I 100% believe it’s because her father asked him to let her go as soon as he knew she wasn’t the one and not prolong it. I completely believe he’s been SMITTEN with Courtney from the start and has tried to enjoy dates with the other women, while hoping that Courtney would stick around and not be too goo to be true. I see how he loves her. He hasn’t seen any of the nastiness that the other girls got to endure and we had to watch while throwing rotten tomatoes at the tvs! I think Kacie was also too young in the end. She really did seem so young compared to the other women. She seemed like the little doe eyed girl of the bunch and when you’re up against confident beautiful women, kind of makes you feel like an awkward 7th grade girl with braces and zits. She is awesome and will grow from this and marry someone more suited for her! After seeing hometown I realized he didn’t fit in her life at all! Lindzi is great, but I don’t see the deep chemistry and Nicki is still here b/c he couldn’t send 2 home last night!

  24. Great blog Ali! My friends and I read it after every episode.

    The hometown date episode is always my favorite. I’m always curious when a family member says to the bachelor/bachelorette “Can I pull you aside for a minute?” Is the producer telling them to do that? The audience always learns a lot from those one-on-one talks, but it doesn’t always seem natural that a family member would want a private chat the first time they meet their son or daughter’s significant other. I’d love to know how that happens!

  25. We’re on episode 8. Please spell the girls’ names right, i.e., Nicki instead of Nikki.

  26. Love, love, love your blog Ali have to read it every week! You seem to have a lot of the same opinions I have. I just noticed reading through these comments that several people said Kacie was immature, I really did not see that of her if anything I cannot get over how immature Courtney is! She acts like such a little kid all the time! I also noticed her mom kind of acted like that as well though so we know where she got that.

  27. Kacie totally dodged a big shaggy bullet!

    After reading what you said about the girls’ emotions when there’s nothing to think about but falling in love on the show, I think Kacie’s a nice, sweet girl who just got a little bit carried away.

    Hopefully it won’t take long for her to come back to her “real reality.”

    I’m sure she’ll find a great guy who’ll be a good fit for her values and culture, and most importantly, really love her.

    I agree with Courtney’s mom that she and Ben are “very well suited” in their personalities.

    It would be great and long-needed validation for the show if viewers can take away some truth to the old saying that there really is somebody out there for EVERYONE!

  28. Everytime I read Ali’s blog, I always read the nickname Facts bashing Ali about Roberto and all..did you even reading the blog ?
    All his / her comment wasn’t new..just the copy paste everytime..or if she wrote the new one, I wish she just spend her previous time to do something better rather than bashing Ali.

    Back to the bachelor show..I feel bad for Kacie, but I give my props to her dad. He knows what is best for her dauughter. Ben is not good for her, and that even he didnt watch the skinny dipping. I bet kacie thanks her father when she watch that skinny dipping.
    I also agree that Nicki and Ben are lack of chemistry. And Lindzi is soo sweet. I wish she”s the next bachelorette as well..
    And courtney, I dont buy her “feel bad how she treat the other girls”.its not like she was drunk for 5 weeks and sober afterwards and say sorry. If you’re not nice, then be it. Dont make it worse by pretending to be nice..

  29. Totally agree with everything you said!! Court is def the final one and they are the best match. Sad to see Kacie comes back next week. But I guess it could provide her with closure. After all Ben didn’t give her ANY explanation as to why he sent her home. I mean it’s obvious to us. (He’s not in love!) But a girl needs a something!

  30. Sure didn’t take Ali long to open up those legs for Charlie Ritchie.

  31. Don’t you think it’s telling that Ben was put off that Kacie’s parents didn’t drink and objected to them living together? “Wow! They have morals! I’m not down with that!” So, Courtney is the only one left that makes any sense for him. My only request is that if they actually marry that they both be neutered.

  32. Has anyone else noticed that they started promoting Emily’s season of the Bachelorette at the START of this season? This is a big departure from other seasons, where we didn’t find out the identity of the new bachelor/ette until After the Final Rose. The producers must know that it doesn’t end well for Ben and want to make sure viewers know something better’s on the horizon. Guess that means Ben isn’t impressed after he sees the REAL Courtney on TV.

  33. I agree with most things you said about the girls. My thoughts are:
    Lindzi: She’s sweet, athletic, reserved, and very pleasant. Her parents seem like quality folk which even Ben said boded well. Perhaps her reserve makes her come across as less passionate than Nicki, Kacie, and Courtney, but having married a wonderful reserved man who is very passionate about me, I’m going to hold out my opinion of her feelings of Ben. She seems smitten at least to me.
    Nicki: She’s fun, kind, and clearly a family girl. I like her, but something seems off between Ben and her. I don’t know what, but perhaps it’s merely that she’s a Classic Texas city girl vs. Ben’s California surfer type that is almost too opposite to seem right. Plus, as shallow as this sounds, she’s too much woman to look good next to him – I don’t mean weight either; I mean her aura.
    Kacie: Hr traditional upbringing certain ing played a role in his choice to send her home. I don’t think that’s fair and in the real world I think he’d have stuck it out and proved his love for her. Sadly, given the reality of doing a show in mere months, he had to choose now versus giving it the time it needed to remedy itself. I would like to think he wasn’t so immature as to not sit back and think about the validity of her father not wanting her to jump into an engagement after three months of dating within a fantastical dating scenario. Any involved father would want his daughter to base her engagement after at least a series of months of real life dating.
    As for her “immature” reaction in the limo, William said it best when he said that she probably started crying and reacting in a “tv” worthy manner after an hour or two of driving around waiting for her to react. I think she was in shock, sad, tired, and reacted in a way that many people truly/honestly feel after being dumped. So what if she cursed a little? I’ve said worse when I was dumped and think people need to jump off of their high horses.
    Courtney: Never in my life have I seen such a staged htd. I liked, however, seeing her with her sister. Clearly the girl has a close bond with her sister – Who is a girl btw and indicates she doesn’t hate all females. I don’t buy her apology at all and think, like many, that it’s a post production dub-over. Duh, she wins and you can tell by the way Ben acts around her. His vows were really emotional and telling. Her’s were lame and a mishmash of song lyrics and the script from “Sex and the City”. Since she had time to plan, I’m disappointed she didn’t use her own words – or at least say something along the lines of where she found her inspiration (being an artsy guy, he probably would have appreciated the fact that she looked up poems, song lyrics, etc.). Stuff like that bugs me – it’s dishonest to me…perhaps I’m just anal lol.
    I still think she’s behaved poorly towards the other women and regardless of why she’s there (Ben), rudeness and conceit are never excusable. That line of thinking is right up there with spouses who think a bad day at work gives them the right to be jerks at home that night.
    Plus, I still cannot get over the whole skinny dipping thing. I think it’s on Ben to say something to the other women since it was after hours, and they deserve to knoe and act accordingly (staying or choosing to leave). His selfishness irritates me and I think Courtney put herself in the lead after such an intimate moment. The girl has balls, I’ll give her that, but I think it was in poor taste to suggest it, given the circumstances, and worse that Ben, after sending Shawntel home the week before “because it was the fair thing to do”, thought it was ok to do it and has yet to tell the other women about it.

  34. Ali I do like reading your blogs each week. Your thoughts & observations are dead on. I must say that I find myself being very disappointed in you. I read in the magazine that you are going to Canada to meet your boyfriend’s parents sometime around the end of February. How can you be so in love with someone and fall in love again less than 3 months after the engagement is called off? You should slow down before jumping into another serious relationship that is bound to fail. There are so many other things that you can do with your life besides discussing the bachelor & bachelorette series. For this reason alone, I told my 15 year old daughter not to look up to you as a role model. You have disappointed me as a mother greatly. I have unliked you on facebook.

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  36. I have to admit I like Courtney better and better! I found her really sweet in this episode, the other three girls were just tiring to watch. She is the only one who has made this season worth watching. She is way too good for Ben though (or BIIN, as Kacie calls him), he is BORING and UGLY. He never says anything, just mhm, yes, ok, good, mmm – letting the girls to all the talking. I would have been bored out of my mind after one date. That’s why I am sure Courtney and he won’t last long.

  37. Kacie B dodged a bullet. I go along with everything her father stood for while talking to Ben. Kacie B’s dad see the handwriting on the wall. I loved how he told his daughter the truth. I am with you Chandra about Ali not being a good role model for young girls. I have a 10 yr old daughter who does not watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Reading how Ali behaved in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico turned me off. The drinking and dancing on the bar/tables was rather ignorant. Meeting up with her new boyfriend and how they behaved. Ali loves the fame & bright lights. I tell my daughter all the time she will have to work hard in life to get what she wants. Chasing fame, drinking & partying every week has turned me off from supporting Ali any further. Ali is a little too wild for me. I canceled my open sky membership last week.

  38. Hey Ali, have you ran into Jake Pavelka in Hollywood yet?

  39. I like Kacey’s parents. More parents should give their children guidance. Kacey is a sweet girl and she is better off than not being apart of Ben’s circus. I’m glad Ben sent her home. She will meet her a great guy one day. Ali sure doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet. Out of an engagement and back into the arms of a man less than 2 months after her break-up. Ali, I hope you see the dangers of living loosely & fast. I notice Ali is always talking about going to a party & drinking wine. Life is about more than going to a party & drinking. Anxious to see what this new boyfriend from Canada is all about. He can’t be about much because look what kind of person Ali has turned out to be.

  40. You people are idiots. I don’t think Ali cares what her life is teaching your daughters. Here’s a newsflash for ya’: THAT IS YOUR JOB, not Ali’s!!! And don’t say “Wait til you are a mother of daughters” because I am a mother of not one, but two daughters. Ali has no role in teaching my daughters anything. Also, just because she’s drinking & having fun in Mexico doesn’t mean she’s living “fast & loose” Oh, you read “in a magazine” that she’s dating someone new & meeting his parents?! That’s probably a load of B.S., but even if it isn’t SO WHAT?! She’s a GROWN, SINGLE WOMAN! And YOU DON’T KNOW HER!!!!!! You people. SMH.

  41. Sorry, but people are not idiots!!! They are seeing this girl for what she truly is a “fame” seeker! However, she’s not famous for anything other than being a Bachelorette! She used all the fans for the last 18 mos. saying she was so in love & kept putting off her wedding to get a job in LA when she said Roberto would be her priority. She’s a FAKE!!! Let her go with her new “user” boyfriend & will see how it feels to be treated terribly like she abused Roberto! He needs to meet a real, sweet, Christian girl who likes to stay home & cook and take care of her man & not running to Hollywood every week for what–photo shoots! Don’t want my daughter looking up to her either, she had used “handsome” Roberto for all her photo shoots & used all the fans too as she never had a wedding planned! :(

  42. Ali do us all a favor and keep your hair brushed. The pic of you on your wall in the subscribed area looks horrible. Is that the pic of you partying with Charlie Ritchie in Mexico dancing on the table?

  43. @Gerry, if she’s a fame seeker & you disapprove of that, then pay no attention to her. HELLOOOOO, anybody home in there?! And you have proved my point. Thanks! And I’ll bet dollars to donuts that you don’t know Roberto either. For all you know, he’s a cheater & a liar (not saying he is, I don’t know him!). I’ll also bet that you don’t know her new “boyfriend”. Is there a light coming on for you at all now… or no, still not seeing how foolish you look? Mind your own business & the people you actually know IN REAL LIFE, sista.

  44. Oh & another thing, I wouldn’t want my daughters looking up to anyone who think that women are only “good” enough for a man if they are Christian & stay home & cook & “take care of their man”! Good luck to your poor daughters who will depend on a man for the rest of their lives because they obviously will have no career or life of their own.

  45. People are not idiots, Liz! They have finally realized that we have fans been taken for a ride! She is a FAKE & used handsome Roberto & the fans for 18 mos. on her phony fairytale story! She didn’t get married because she wanted Hollywood but what is she famous for besides Bachelorette & photo shoots. She used Roberto for all FB photos & made us believe it was real! He probably ended it as he couldn’t take the fake relationship anymore as he wanted to get married & have a family! She didn’t want to live in LA & guess where she is now? I hope Roberto finds a sweet girl like Kacie who is a good Christian, wants to get married & have a family & not seeking fame! Hope her new boyfriend uses her as she has done to others! She also contradicts herself constantly first with new boyfriend & then tells tabloids she wants to reconcile with Roberto because they had something special — really??? She hasn’t returned the ring yet as she says it reminds her of their love — hope she makes the money from all her tabloid stories & photo shoots to keep it. And, for sure, she will never get the sweetest & sincerest proposal ever seen on TV again! She is a fame seeker & user & I don’t want my daughter to look up to her as a role model either! She’ll be a very sorry girl someday!

  46. If you think people are not idiots you should get out more. Somehow it seems that Joy & Gerry are one & the same. Hmmmm…..

  47. I wouldn’t go as far to call people idiots but I do see things a little clearer now about Ali as a person. I am very disappointed in her. I tell my children to look at me & their father (their parents) as their role models. The movie stars, athletes are far from role models. My husband & I are good loving parents and believe in teaching out kids that nothing is given to them. I don’t want any of my 3 kids looking up to anyone who believes in partying every week and using people.

  48. Ben wants a “bad”girl. Let him have his Courtney and her shovel because the rest of us know she’s a gold digger.
    The other girls are ever so lucky they were sent home to find decent men.

  49. The saddest thing about this, is that the most ignorant and rude comments on here are from people praising Christians. Yet it’s a contradiction as Christian people themselves should be loving and showing love. I now see another glimpse of why people hate ‘Christians’. I’d just like to say, don’t let ‘Christians’ turn you off of Jesus. In this day in age, they’re unfortunately often two totally different things.

    As far as everything else about Ali. Oh my goodness. Just stop. We do not know her. Harsh words like these (though we think may never be read) are enough to break peoples hearts, push down all self esteem… and when it comes down to it- just flat out bullying. Did somebody seriously tell her to brush her hair?? I don’t even have a response for that.

    I never comment on these kind of boards, but after reading soo much hatefulness – I had to say something. To one, stick up for true followers of Christ. Two, to encourage Ali in her life, love and why.

  50. Courtney is a spoiled little brat. She is so use to having people tell her she is gorgeous because she is a model, that she doesn’t think she has to be nice. To me she is just plain childish and immature.

  51. Keep your legs closed Ali!

  52. Great blog Ali. I agree with you. Ben is in love with Courtney. I heard she gets picked and they broke up 4 days after the show wrapped up! CRAZY! I would hope he would pick Lindzi over Courtney… but we will see! Nikki is so cute and sweeet… but I dont see it. She is probably going home next week! :(

  53. LOL @ Roni! Ali’s next blog: how to break up with ur fiance, go to Mexico and sleep with a player like Charlie Ritchie.:)

  54. Good blog! Ready for Ben’s season to end. Very disappointed in his choice of Courtney. Emily is the next bachelorette. Her season will be the most popular of them all.

  55. Ali, thanks for entertaining us with your blogs. You are a very good story teller. Keep writing and having fun with Ashley or Emily M or whoever your pals are. JP said that Roberto is cool and you are a sweetheart. I think I trust JP’s judgement, he’s a good character judgement. I’m looking forward to reading about your journey to find love and wish you only the best. You are lovely, you can take good care of yourself. I’m sure you make quite a fat bank account with your writings and posing for magazines. Tell us more your relationship with your dad. I had a very close relationship with my father. Nobody loves us like our fathers.I saw the video with you, Ashley and Emily M and thought Goshhhhh are they now the new Charlie’s Angels ? the three of you look equaly gorgeous in different ways. You and Ashley are the kind that I find very lovely. My best wishes frm far far far away Indonesia.

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  57. I’m really not enjoying the Bachelor anymore. Saw some previews of Emily the new bachelorette. But when is Ali getting out of the spotlight. This part should be Ashley only. she is the newest bachelorette and Ali seems to want it all. Step aside Ali and let Ashley take what belongs to her. I am really so tired of Ali, Ali, Ali. You need to get a real job

  58. tired of Bachelor and saw previews of Emily being the new bachelorette. But why does Ali have to come out, don’t you think Ali you should step aside and leave this spot for Ashley. She is the latest bachelorette and she should be doing this with Emily all by herself. It’s her spotlight not yours. I am so tired of Ali, Ali, Ali. Get a real job girl. Ashley has a job (Dentist). Fame is not going to support you forever Ali.

  59. Why did Ali have to come out with Emily and Ashley? When is Ali getting out of the spotlight. This was suppose to be Ashley spot not your Ali. You seem to want to be in everything instead of you getting a real job like Ashley has. It’s time to move aside and let Ashley enjoy her spot now. All you think of is you, Ali Ali Ali, tired of that. And stop removing my comment Ali

  60. Ali and Emily are BOTH absolute sweethearts! If ya’ll don’t like Ali, stay off HER blog!!!! If ya’ll don’t like Emily, don’t watch the next season! May God Bless you in all of your endeavors Ali, you are a beautiful person inside and out and you have more than proven your dedication to your fans! P.S) Cannot wait to see Emily on the Bachelorette! She deserves love like everyone else!~ She is a sweet, genuine, southern barbie with a heart of gold! =)

  61. Hi Ali,
    I agreed on what you say about Ben.
    But!! I don’t about you and Jake..
    The only time in my entire life I was addicted to the bachelor is the Jake’s season not because of him it’s for you.
    You remind me of myself. Pretty, smart, soft from out, strong from inside and always get men attraction.
    You were in a war with Vienna which I hate her a lot and I think Courtney is just another copy of her.
    You can’t understand the idea of being competitor with such a person like her. So your pride let you step back.
    I think millions of people believe in you and jake as a couple and I still think despite your denier.
    It’s never too late to say it.. It’s never to late to admit what our heart says not our brain..
    The chemistry.. The strings ., the gAze between you.. Touched our hearts deeply.. How you could say you were in love with the idea not in him on person.!!!
    Go to YouTube and see a video named its too late who was created from one of your fans.. And you will know what I mean

  62. I think Ben and Courtney deserve each other. Once the other girls find out he skinny dipped with Courtney they won’t want anything to do with him. So he might as well pick her.
    BTW Ben when are you going to get a hair cut. Your hair looks rediculous.