Shopping with Sue…at Kate Spade

February 21, 2012 at 12:02 pm , by

I remember my first Kate Spade sample sale. It was around 1993, I was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Kate Spade was pretty much the coolest brand on the planet. I carried the black nylon boxy tote  – you know the one – as my bookbag (how cool was I?) and even snatched up another KS bag for an interview at Seventeen magazine because nothing else would do. Fast forward almost twenty years and I’m still loving Kate Spade. Check out our March feature (shot on the adorable Beth Behrs) and you’ll see quite a few credits – like the dress pictured here.  Beth must have loved the dress too because she’s using this as her Twitter pic. And she was totally obsessing over the magazine clutch we shot too.

So, yes, we’re shooting Kate Spade like mad (here’s yet another credit in our March issue) but the newest collection isn’t the only reason to love love love KS. Here’s more:

1) Super sweet and very cool designer Deborah Lloyd. She had big shoes to fill when Ms. Spade stepped down but she’s filling them well. She’s even stylish at home – check out her lake house in Lonny.

2) Gorgeous stores. I mean, who wouldn’t love a gold paillette wall or rainbow striped floors?

3) Behind the Curtain. If you love the beautiful and colorful ads, you’ll love the look of the Kate Spade blog. Check it out here. Yesterday’s post reminds you to make donuts and follow Kate Spade on Pinterest. (Sounds like good ideas to me!)

4) Super Sales! I know, KS is no bargain brand. But the website does have amazing sales. Some of my favorites right now: The Irving Place Carmela Bag – originally $445, now $200. It’s a classic black satchel that you could use for years. And the Belina dress – originally $375, now $187. Navy with polka dots – need I say more?

Happy shopping!

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