Go Ask Gab: Oscar Fashion Wrap-Up

February 27, 2012 at 11:45 am , by

The morning after Oscar night is always hard for me. I am exhausted from throwing a party and sad that my favorite night of the year is over.  Honestly, I didn’t think the show was that entertaining (The Bridesmaids, Emma Stone and Chris Rock saved it) but, I was pleased with the winners (Octavia, Woody, Muppets… Yay!) Overall it was a great night for fashion. Here are my thoughts:

Color winner of the night: White. Gwyneth, Rooney, Milla, Octavia, Shailene all rocked it.

Best over-all look: Michelle Williams. She had some hits and misses this awards season but in this coral Louis Vuitton gown she oozes chicness. And I LOVE how she always brings the best fashion accessory: her best friend Busy Phillips.

Best dress for your body moment: Octavia Spencer. One word: flawless. That Tadashi Shoji dress was ridiculously flattering. She looked gorgeous!

Most appropriate color choice of the night: Gold. Big winner Meryl Streep picked a perfectly draped Lanvin gown. Also wearing that color, Stacey Keibler, who by dating George makes her a winner for the time being.

Star of the night: Angelina’s right leg. Loved the dress but there was no need to stick the leg out and pose all night. There is already a twitter account for it and BuzzFeed has it’s top 10 moments of the night.

Please-put-it-away award: Jennifer Lopez. Come on! She would look sexy in a brown sack so why does she have us focused on her ladies the whole night. Poor Cameron Diaz was overshadowed by them. And what was with those arm slits? Second runner up: Viola Davis. LOVE you and the fact that you choose green but you are revealing a bit too much.

Sleeves that worked: Shailene Woodley. She looked amazing in her cream crochet detail Valentino Haute Couture gown. Usually girls her age look like they are going to the prom or 30 years older than they actually are.

Sleeves that didn’t work: Berenice Bejo. The mint green Ellie Saab gown was just wrong. The color and the cut wasn’t working for her. For her first time at the Oscars, I wish she wore something a bit more sexy. Honestly she would’ve looked amazing in J. Lo’s dress.

Most in need of a large mealGwyneth Paltrow. Although, I love a cape moment and loved her Tom Ford dress, I just want her to eat more. Have a burger and live a little!

Most likely to serve her the burger: Melissa Leo. What was up with that collar?

Do you agree or disagree.. let’s discuss!

2 Responses to “Go Ask Gab: Oscar Fashion Wrap-Up”

  1. No comment on Angelina’s forced leg pose?? Please put it away.

  2. Honestly, I didn’t like the dresses.