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Is it just me or was this episode a little hard to get through? At this point I usually feel really connected to at least one of the love stories on the show and I don’t feel that way this season. Maybe it’s because I’m worried that Ben is just going to get his heart broken in the end and that makes me sad. Or it could be the fact that I was watching with a group of eight girls and we had a blast laughing and having girl talk! Either way, I had a little trouble focusing, but I was still blown away by the beautiful scenery. A trip Switzerland has to be my next vacation! The views there are absolutely breathtaking.

Let’s talk about the dates. Nicki opened up a lot on her date, which is great, but we didn’t see Ben open up to her. It was like he didn’t feel close enough to her to let her in and maybe that’s why he let her go. He even said, “I enjoy you” to her, and after that comment I was sure she was going home. When you’re crazy about someone you probably wouldn’t use the words “I enjoy you” to describe your time with them.

I know some people might think Nicki was a little over the top when she started talking about kids, but it is something you should talk about before getting engaged. You wouldn’t want to marry someone only to find out later that they don’t want any kids and you want five. Obviously, that would be a big problem, so I’m proud of Nicki for putting it all out there. But in the end, she just wasn’t the one for Ben.

Lindzi and Ben were super cute together this week. Throughout this season I’ve had a hard time seeing a strong connection between them, but that changed last tonight. I always knew Ben really liked Lindzi, but I also felt like there was weird awkwardness between them. However, last night they were totally connected. Lindzi seemed a little concerned about the overnight date, which is totally normal. Many of you probably assume that the overnight suite is for…well, you know, but that isn’t always the case. It’s different for everyone, and it’s important because it’s the first time you get to talk to each other off camera! And trust me, there are so many things you want to say that you don’t want to be aired on national television. I hope Ben and the ladies got the clarity they needed during that time together because those conversations are some of the most important conversations you’ll have on the show and in some cases, in your life.

As I was saying earlier, my girlfriends and I had a hard time focusing when we were watching the show last night—that is, until Courtney came on. I know she can be a little too much to handle but let’s face it, we all love to see what’s going to come out of her mouth next. I was really glad (and surprised) that she admitted to saying hurtful things to the other girls. She didn’t have to tell Ben so I think it was great that she did. And you know what? I’m glad Courtney didn’t always make this experience easy for Ben. A woman playing hard to get is much closer to reality than 25 women pining over one guy. Am I right? I was also surprised when Ben responded to her by saying what she did was “pretty messed up.” He seemed so upset that I almost thought that he wouldn’t give her a rose this week. The producers normally don’t show the negative side of conversations at this point in the show, but it was a conversation that needed to be had and I think it’s great that they got it out of the way.

I was so sad when Kacie B. came back to get answers from Ben about why he let her go. Kacie love, you are a kind, lovely and beautiful woman. You don’t need to know why a man doesn’t want to be with you; just accept that he doesn’t, hold your head high and go out there and find a man who will adore you for all of the wonderful qualities you possess! Kacie also tried to warn Ben about Courtney because she couldn’t bear to see him get his heart broken by her, and I have to say I am right there with Kacie on this one. I feel like Ben will get his heart broken in the end if he picks Courtney. I just don’t think she really cares for him and is getting caught up in the competition aspect of the show. I really felt for Kacie when she was telling him all of this. She was genuinely concerned for him. Bless her heart for trying to help him at the last minute.

Ben mentioned that he questioned his decisions up until now. Do you think that he questioned his decision to keep Courtney? I don’t think so. I think he’s known for a while that Courtney is the one he wants to be with, but it’s weighing heavy on him that so many of the girls are questioning her and his decision to keep her every week. All I have to say is Ben, you have to do what you think is best for you. If you think Courtney is the one, choose her, love her and put everything you have into the relationship. Time will tell if she’s the right one for you.

Okay…I’m getting a little ahead of myself! There are still two girls left and Ben might surprise us all and choose Lindzi. I still think she has a chance! Until next time…


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  1. He chooses the girl that’s just in it to win..end of the “fairy tale” and they don’t last either way.

  2. Seriously, Courtney is Vienna all over again! So exhausting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ali, I’ve watched this season year after year and like you said, have always given my 100% focus by the time the fantasy suite episode airs because I’m usually very connected to one of the girls/guys by then. However, I couldn’t get through this episode either. I don’t know what it is, but for once, I just don’t really care who the bachelor ends up with. I am absolutely looking forward to next week’s WTA though!

    Kacie was a darling and I wish her the best. What a beautiful young lady!

  4. Bad blog Ali. I think you had too much wine to drink while watching the show last night with your girlfriends. Your blog has been much better in the past.

  5. I absolutely hope, for his sake, Ben picks Lindzi. If he picks Courtney, it will be Jake and Vienna all over again. If he puts a ring on Courtney’s finger, She will put a ring in his nose!

  6. Hey Ali, another great blog as usual. I couldn’t agree with you more or have said it any better! Did you ever notice though, that Courtney never kisses Ben passionately? She kisses him and pulls away really fast from their kiss and then distracts him by saying something off topic so he won’t know that she isn’t enjoying the kiss. I have seen her do this all season long with him. All of her affection towards him is like this. I’m still routing for a twist in the end and him choosing Lindzi, shocking us all, but not that hopeful anymore. I heard a rumor today that Courtney is pregnant with Ben’s child. Not sure if it’s true or not, but I saw it posted somewhere… :) Hugs!

  7. Ali, I’ve been a fan of yours since you first came on the show. You have those qualities that I look for in the bachelors and bachelorettes. I think Emily and Kacie B had those. I think that Lindzi, and Nicki, may have them also. I think that perhaps Emily because of her obvious intelligence, beauty, kindness and class may have intimadated Ben. He is going to get what he deserves, a self centered, immature and dumb as a box of rocks person like Courtney. I’m truly fed up with the really disgusting drama that the producers are allowing on the show. We saw it with Vienna and now with Courtney. Is this what we have become? Courtney broke the rules when she showed up at Bens room, when she/he/they took off their clothes and went skinny dipping. When they didnt’ step in and say, “Ben you shoud know what’s going on. and then for GOD’s SAKE show him the clips. It looks like the producers just like to see people get their hearts broken and show that true love can’t exist. I’m all for someone putting together a show like this but one that possesses morals and values and ethics. Those things don’t seem to exist. I’m also a little fed up with the girls having to face their fears. There was a show for that, it was called fear factor. For crying out loud, why should someone who is afraid of heights have to test the boundaries! I would like to see a show where their morals and values and ethics are the things that are asked about. This may be the last Bachelor I watch. I’m also thinking of apealing to those companies who advertise on the show not to. Perhaps is the show doesn’t listen to us, and I’ve read the blogs, they will have to listen to those who advertise on it. I hear that Courtney and Ben are engaged and have been seen in Public. Just like her to break the rules. Fed up in No. Cal.

  8. Yikes!!! Bad writing this week. So disappointed in this blog Ali. We all know that Courtney is the last woman standing. Hope Emily’s season makes up for Ben’s boring season.

  9. I know he will probably pick the snake Courtney, If you google her you will find all the modeling contracts she got from this show. I think she is manipualtive and conniving. I can’t understand why Ben would want someone that is so willing to take her clothes off in front of the whole world. To me that would make me step back and wonder what else she is capable of doing. I think that Kaci B’s parents blew it for her. I think they made Ben feel very uncomfortable. I think that Lindzi is the one he should be with. Another thing that really upsets me about the Courtney thing. You never see Ben take her on a date where she has to repel down the face of a cliff, jump out of a helicopter or anything that really made her have to test if she would do it for him like the other girls. She is a fake and a phoney and when he picks her he will be hurt again. Every girl came forward about her and he still thinks they are all wrong. He has dealt with a conniving girl like Courtney before it is clear.

  10. Ali-you were my all time favorite Bachelorette, okay its a tie between you and Trista. I think at this point it is a safe bet that he is going to pick Courtney. The Bachelors never pick well. I am looking forward to Emily next season, I loved her on Brads season, I cannot wait to see her on her own.
    I personally thought this Blog was just a good as all the others. :)

  11. Im sad that I just found out that you blog about this every week. Guess I should have got a Twitter account sooner! Nikki was so sweet so I was sad to see her go, and I def think that Courtney is in it for the competition and surprised that Ben didnt realize that when Kacie quoted Courtney about there being more guys out there. Courtney has been the only thing that has kept the show interesting because I also dont have that favorite that I want to win, but obviously now I will pull for anyone to win over Courtney.

    Lindzi is a great person so I hope he picks her, but I dono if they have enough in common.

  12. Ali,

    you said in your blog a few wks ago that you had some information to say, but you were not going to say it then. What was that information?

  13. I really don’t think Ben has given this process a fair chance and has had his sights on Courtney since the beginning. I think he’ll get his heart broken, probably already has, watching her atrocious behavior during the airing of the show. I don’t feel sorry for him in the least. He knew exactly what he was getting into. I do feel for the other girls who never had a chance. I felt so bad for Kacie when she was so overcome she had to lay down in the hall, all while being filmed. I’d really like to see Kacie have another chance by being the Bachelorette next time.

  14. Ali, Why are you still talking about The Bachelorette when your season was over almost 2 years ago? Ashley Hebert is engaged to be married to JP & is the most current Bachelorette. You are the wrong person to be giving advice to Emily. You are trying to steal the spotlight from both Ashley & Emily. Time for you to go & get you a job & stop chasing fame in Hollywood!! Ashley is a dentist and is not chasing fame like you. Ali, lay off the wine because this blog sucks!

  15. Great Blog, Ali !!! Appreciate you insight! I think it will be Courtney at the end and if it is, well, we will see what happens. It is nice that she apologized to Ben, but she had a reason too (she may have lost him). True Character would have been apologizing to the women. I doubt she has it in her to do that.

  16. Just wanted to say that all these negative people on here should just keep there comments to themselves.. Your blog was great!

  17. As for your comments (Suzie & Kimberly)- haven’t you heard “If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself”?? Good gracious- Ali can write about whatever she wants. If you feel that way, then do us all a favor and don’t come back to her blog at all. Makes sense to me! Ali, I think you do an exceptional job and we obviously come to this sight to get your input on the show. Yes, we have all (mostly all) read the spoilers but I think deep down, we hope that Reality Steve is wrong. If not, we just have to hope for the best for Ben. Only time will tell…

  18. I think Lindzi said it best when she remarked that the ice queen is melting (in reference to herself)… she is so buttoned up that I don’t know or care about her! Is that due to the editing by the producers?

    I actually felt for Courtney this week. The reason she acts out with the other women and then feels guilty about it is ultimately because of deep set insecurity issues. She says she has a hard time trusting men AND women, and we know that Lindzi has a hard time trusting men because of her past.

    In summation, we have two very insecure women, both with trust issues falling for Ben. The two women who were confident, beautiful, insightful and gracious are gone! (Kacie B. and Nicki). Ben must secretly love the drama!

  19. Ha ha, I love how you Americans say you have been on a world tour if you visit 3-4 countries. Ben goes to Puerto Rico, Belize and Switzerland, and thinks he has travelled all over the world! How sad and narrow minded…

  20. I am really disappointed in Ben. I have seen the mutliple magazine issues talking about their relationship. I pretty much knew when he went skinny dipping with Courtney that he had her in mind as #1 pick. If he really cared about anyone else he would not have went skinny dipping or do the “practice” wedding. I think Courtney is a very smart girl. The only reason she came clean with Ben was because she had to address all the stuff with the other girls before he made his choice for meeting his parents. I feel like he doesn’t deserves any of the other incredible women on the show (esp Kacie B.)He will get his heart broken and that is what he deserves.

  21. I am of the opinion that Ben is the reason it was not that interesting to watch…he is simply not portrayed with much depth. Courtney is an insecure shallow being who sees life as a role to portray, suffering from acute and selfish inappropriateness perhaps because she was raised by someone who sees relationships (paraphrased) as a crap shoot. Can’t wait to move on to the Bachelorette; Emily is someone I will wholeheartedly root for to find her true love!

  22. for Lindzi’s sake I hope he doesnt pick her she deserves so much more than BEN with bad hair…him and Courtney were meant for each other!! and he’s been warned so when we see the heart break she will cause he can watch the recaps!!

  23. \I am just happy Roberto has a hot girlfriend now

  24. I saw previews of Emily being new bachelorette, but Ali I think the time was for Ashley not you. Why are you still in the spotlight. You’re taking away Ashley time to be doing what she is suppose to do. Let her enjoy the time being the newest bachelorette.She doesn’t want the fame because she has a job, so let her enjoy this time telling Emily about being a bachelorett. It is obvious you are just looking for fame. I feel sorry for you.

  25. Why are some of you so negative? Ali is beautiful, sensitive, and down to earth. She can do whatever she wants, as can all of you. I think Ben is thinking with the wrong head, and I will be more than surprised if he picks Lindzi.

  26. Ali Fedotowsky is desperate for attention. You are a FAUXLEBRITY and not a CELEBRITY. Sorry I was ever a fan of yours. I don’t like fakeness! Anyone in their right mind would stay far away from her because of her whorish reputation & filthy mouth! You remind me of a immature 14 year old seeking attention. Who is giving you advice about your career? They are telling you wrong! You tweet those ugly pictures of yourself trying to get more fans to subscribe to your fan page is ridiculous. A lot of people are saying negative things about how you used your fans to help yourself in an attempt to obtain celebrity status. You are very immature to be 27 years old. Other lead bachelorettes seemed to have their priorities in place. A lot of people who once was a fan no longer like you. People would respect you more if you were quiet and not trying to draw so much attention to yourself to become a star. People are tired and sick of you Ali trying to keep your face in front of the cameras! I agree that you are trying to steal the spotlight from both Ashley & Emily. What a shame!

  27. I think Ms Suzie needs to grow up. Maybe you are the one who needs to find something else to do…. Don’t read Ali’s blogs if you don’t want to. So sick of people like you…..

  28. Wow what is with the negativity!! Ali is honestly the most real and sweet ‘Bachelorette’ (and most importantly human being), in my opinion.
    I watch the Bachelor with my girls and a bottle of wine every week! I can’t believe people are actually condeming this. Lets be real, its great material for drinking games (For instance: drink every time a helicopter appears on a date, drink every time Ben says “I think this process is working”, drink every time there is a glass of wine in courtney’s hand, etc.) You all are pathetic and rude for judging Ali.

    Anywho… Ali I think you’re awesome, clearly. Great post. And let’s all just try to make it through these next two episodes since Ben is a fool.

  29. All of your 15 minutes have been used up. Why are you still chasing fame? Stay away from JP Rosenbaum! He is engaged to beautiful Ashley Hebert.

  30. Ali~you were a great bachelorette and a great contestant on Jake’s season! Love your perspective as you have been on both sides…haters just need to NOT read the blog…you and Trista will always be the forever favorite bachelorettes…single, married, kids whatever. I think it is great to get an “insiders” take on how things really go down and then wht editing can do. Hanging out withthe girls on Monday night drinking wine ♥ it! It makes you much more real…as for being a celebrity…so what! (again haters) Who cares if you are and how you got there…reality tv or not…oh yeah what did Paris Hilton ever do???? Kim Kardashian???? go for it girl…you probably had to give up a lot along the way…being a romantic at heart (which is what appeals to probably most viewers) I hope that you and Roberto can find your way back to each other…it really seemed like ♥♥♥ on TV! Pulling for Ashley & JP…not pulling so much for Emily…sweet girl act seems kind of fake…but I could be wrong…I am a fan of the show so I will be watching…loved Brad…hoping he finds his true ♥ and loved Jake! Great blog…always…

  31. I don’t agree with the people comparing Courtney to Vienna. They are totally different people obviously. I think Courtney made a mistake while Vienna is such a drama queen and liar. I think Lindzi is awesome, I just don’t think she’s for Ben. People should just stop hating and judging Courtney. It’s unfair for anyone to say she’s faking or going to break Ben’s heart. No one really knows what will happen in the end and who is going to have the happily ever after ending. Only time will tell. As far as Kacie goes, she’s young, pretty and naive. Among other things she needs to learn how to lose and also how to mind her own business and keep her mouth shut. JMHO. Thanks for the blog Ali! :)

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  33. I couldn’t even look at Courtney for most of her time with Ben last night. She is so boring and childish. I think he will pick her. I would ike to see Kacie B. and even Lindzi as the next Bachelorette. They are classy ladies :) Thanks for your comments, Ali !

  34. If Ben picks Courtney, he will be choosing DRAMA!

  35. I am heartsick that Ben sent Nicki home and kept Courtney. I too think that this girl is Vienna all over again. Ben mentioned his concern about Courtney’s behavior and referenced his mom and sister. I think Courtney will drive a wedge between Ben and his mom and sis. She will make him choose between her and them. Courtney will lash out at them as she has at the women in the house. She is psycho! Doesn’t Ben realize when a girl doesn’t get along with other girls that there will ALWAYS be drama? They will never have couples as friends because Courtney will make it impossible to enjoy. Courtney is EXTREMELY high maintenance. Enough said.

  36. I thought Kacie B. was adorable. I agree that her parents ruined it for her. It was painful to watch her ask for answers to her questions. I don’t think Ben came clean as to his reasons for sending her home. But if it means not disrespecting her parents and their values, kudos to him. I want Kacie B. to remind herself that there is NOTHING WRONG with her. She just wasn’t the one for Ben. He is going for sexual sparks rather than substance and true inner beauty. His loss! I will NOT feel one ounce of sorrow for Ben when Courtney dumps him in a big way. He could shock us all and choose Lindzi, but I doubt it.

  37. I think Ben can never tell the truth, but Nicky was a lovely girl, but the other two girls were that much slimmer. Sadly i think Ben is still thinking not just with his heart, hes seeing Nicky as a slightly larger girl, and why take her over the model and the athletic horse rider…
    Sad but true.

  38. Ali, thank you for your insight with your blogs every week. But OH PUH-LEESE…how are you “glad” and “surpised” that Courtney admitted to being mean to the other women. She knew things were coming to a head and she had to cover her own ass. She is quite the actress. And she was upset she may have hurt the women because she didn’t want to hurt Ben. That’s what she said. She does not care that she hurt the women or that her behavior was nasty for the other women’s sake, it was only because she was regretful that it could’ve hurt Ben aka, he could send her home for it, aka, she might not be “winning”. She is not a good person and I know you are trying to see the good in her, but it’s not there so please stop sticking up for her. It’s pissing the rest of us off when you do so.

  39. The jokes on you Courtney. How could one person be so Ridiculous… she needs major help. What a RUDE HEARTLESS Girl.How can she think it’s cool to be such a snake. Truely a disappointment.
    God be with her.

  40. Thanks for the blog Ali! I have not missed an episode in 7 years and I’m not afraid to say it. It’s nice to hear the perspective of Someone who has been there. Keep up the good work! Thanks :)

  41. Ali—you are such a special lady—you have been my most favorite next to Trista—-This Bachelor has had it’s moments for sure—Courtney is a piece of work—if Ben picks her–so be it—it will not work and he will be hurt all over again—-can’t help wondering why the producers don’t show the clips of each episode before the final rose—-the engagement night is a little late—-or even if Chris would talk to the person —have a heart to heart—-but ppl like Courtney and Vianna (sp) add drama to the show—Ali—wish you all the best—-felt like you and Roberto were mwant for each other—-take care and pay no attention to the negative comments—-

  42. I am addicted to the Bachelor and I have been since I started watching on Jake’s season. I am watching this season due to my addiction but have been so bored by it. I am usually completely and 100% devoted to loving someone at this point in the season and I hope and pray that the bachelor / bachelorette chooses the one I pick. I feel that noone has really done that to me this year and I mainly think it is because of Ben. I loved Kacie B and I love Lindzi BUT I don’t have the same obsession that I usually have and I don’t want them to end up with Ben. I feel on Brads season that he really showed us his feelings and I really believed that he had feelings for Emily, Chantel and Ashley H (Even though I knew it would be Emily).
    Ben just hasnt cut it for me… yet I liked him on Ashley H’s season (but I was obsessed with JP so I was happy with that result haha).
    I loved Emily on Brads season so I just want this crappy season to be over so we can get onto the next season.

    Ali, I loved your season, I loved you on Jakes season and I love your blogs. I hope you will continue to blog for Emily’s season too!

  43. Hi Ali, you are my favorite story teller. When people read your blogs, I’m sure they will see you in different light. You look 23 to me, I could be wrong. I think you are not only nice to look at, but you really are wise to me. I believed that you have given your all in all your relationship, but smart enough to move on on your own when you think things will never improved. Well I hope find the one. Remember guys are more likely thing to settle down with a girl when they are 28 yrs old or better older 31-35.Because no matter how much a guy loves a girl, he would never think of marriage in his early twenty. I wish you all the best and am looking forward to read more of your blogs. Thanks I’m really entertained.

  44. Dear Ali – When you’re in the spotlight, as you are, unfortunately you have little choice about hearing stupid people say stupid things. It’s especially true of some who post. That said … and I think you are savvy and mature enough to disregard these people … I am a fan of yours and have been since you first appeared. You have a terrific spirit, a joyousness that’s infectious, which is why we are all happy you’re still a celebrity.

    I think it’s admirable of you to not reveal the obvious outcome. Anyone, with any smarts, would know it by now. I’m not saying you should reveal it, just that you find another way of expressing yourself vs. pretending you don’t know.

    As to Ben and Courtney. They are both so immature and shallow, they probably deserve each other. Ben has not been thinking with his big brain from the get-go. He is a self-admitted “dude” who’s not looking for the values a wife possesses. Courtney knows how to make him feel flattered and lucky to have a model pay attention to him. She is so totally self-centered, she never utters an unselfish comment. She makes it clear that the world revolves around her and everything she does is calculated to benefit her.

    I’m glad Kacie is gone, she’s way too nice and pretty to be stuck with a jerk. I can’t believe any girl is shocked to be rejected. Surely they must see how immature Ben is.

  45. I’m beginning to think Ali is all about Ali, she probably loved Roberto as much as she could love anybody other than herself.I now think she is in love with the limelight and being popular. You know the devil can take people on a joy ride for a while, but true happiness is when someone realizes that true love is more valuable that material things. God says love’s not the world or the things of the world. Ali’s joy ride will end someday with still no loving man in her life to love her the way Roberto did or any children. Good men don’t just fall out of the sky. Good men are hard to find!!! Won’t be able to find true & real love in Hollywood, Ali.

  46. I am in complete agreement with you Suzie & Amy How can Ali give advice to Emily when her relationship failed because of her desire for Hollywood! She tries to take the “spotlight” away from everyone & sure hope she’s not going to Ashley & JP’s wedding either to steal the show there too! I don’t understand why she’s doing this blog either as she doesn’t know what love is & used sweet Roberto to get ahead in Hollywood. I wish Frank would have stayed on the show & maybe she would have chosen him since she cried so much over him when he left on the Bachelorette. She does these shows and photo shoots, but she doesn’t look her best or happy! She appears very hard, her smile and laugh are fake & her eyes don’t sparkle as when she was with Roberto . I’m sure she won’t be doing this blog again if she can’t provide the services LHJ asked of her. However, all her jobs are only one-timers and is never hired back! She hangs with a new group of actress friends, that she’s also using to get ahead and goes from one group to another to further her so-called career that she thinks she deserves. Does she really have any true, real friends as I don’t think many of the Bach people are close to her either & the ones that are are also looking for fame! Since she probably drank too much and was unable to write this blog, please tell me how she can watch the proposal episode with these new girlfriends? I’m sure she will be getting drunk during the proposal episode & have a box of tissues with her unless she has really has “ice in those veins”! How can she even watch Ben propose, without remembering Roberto’s proposal which was the most sincere, loving & sweetest one ever seen on TV & never to be duplicated! When her year or two of fame are over where will she be then? I guess she will have to date “players” or actors to keep herself in the spotlight, but she will never again find that true love she gave up in her quest for so-called fame!!! She will be a very sad girl someday!!!

  47. Nice blog:-). I am really tired of this Bachelor season. The magic of watching to persons fall in love on the show is gone. It seems as it for Ben is only about sexual chemistry, and for Cortney it obviously is about “winning” – not a good and magic match. In a way I think Ben made up his mind very early, and after the skinny dipping he has no choice. He is blinded and has not been able to open up for some of the other wonderful women at all – and it is sad to watch. Communication is not his strong side. Ben is very passive in most of the conversations, he does not ask the women interesting questions and he does not give the women good closures when he is sending them home. My opnion is that he is a very immature bachelor.

  48. I think it’s funny that people comment around who and what ali/roberto are but you have never met them! You don’t know them or what their lives are about from a hole in the wall. I think it’s the reality maybe you want to live in your own head– and that’s fine, but don’t come on some on someone’s blog and bash who they are as a person if you don’t know them.
    This show is just that…a show. Its edited beyond belief to get a reaction out of it’s audience. what happens after the bachelor/ette will only be shown by the cameras bits and pieces. get over yourself when you say someone looks or doesn’t look happy…again you don’t know them…

  49. my husband and I were remarking the other night Ali, that you were the most REAL bachelorette/bachelor to date!!! Not once were we annoyed with you, and you clearly are a very smart level-headed person. wish you all the very best!!! I agree with you that its hard to connect this season, its a snore fest….I thought Ben was a great choice at first but I much prefered Brad as the bachelor!

  50. The reason you’re not into any of the girls is that dim bulb Ben, he of the 80s haircut, has let the best ones go…. and there weren’t that many good ones to start with…. and how can you be really into Ben, when his standard comment to every thing is Uh-huh (with arched eye brows). They really blew it picking him. He disgusts me too because he dumped Kacie because he found out she might have morals. That’s low rent. I think he is going to get killed on the Women Tell All show. That show and the After the Rose show is all we got left folks. A good Vienna/Jake blowout will be all you can hope for. Honestly though, if Courtney dumped him, I can picture Flat Line Ben just tilting his head back and saying Uh-huh.

  51. I like Courtney (don’t throw pies) she’s young & I think her & Ben make a great couple.
    Don’t like Ben’s bow-tie thingy though. ;)
    Have to agree with what Joy said.

  52. I still don’t understand why Ben keeps Courtney around. It’s a real shame that he chooses her over all the other wonderful women that he let go. He’s been warned long enough about Courtneys character.

  53. To be short; Ben will pick Courtney, unfortunately, but Ben will NOT marry Courtney. Stand by – hopefully the press will keep us advised. This really is sad!

  54. I think Ali has every right to her blogs and I agree that she’s the most natural and sincere bachelorette yet (although I have to admit I haven’t watched all seasons and not all of this season’s episodes). So, to all you haters, find someone deserving.

    I think Kacie’s parent’s may have been the factor in Ben’s decision to let her go, I could tell by the way he responded to them, he seemed annoyed, didn’t he? … BUT TOO EFFIN’ BAD!!! At least they’re honest and have character and actually care about their daughter.

    Ben and Courtney should be together, they deserve each other. They are both self-centered, immature, reproachful people.

  55. I have to say I loved Courtney in this episode, she was so sweet! She’s the only real woman on the show, but she’s way too good for Ben, he’s so boring and ugly. As for Kacie B, that you all love so much, I have never seen anything so pathetic in my life. Coming back begging to be stepped on some more? When she laid down on the floor like that, how low are you willing to go for a guy?! Reminds me of Ali in Jake’s season, when she called him begging to take her back. They should put her name with the definition of pathetic in the dictionary! And speaking of pathetic, enough already with milking the Bacherorette cow – it’s over, don’t you realize that? How long are you going to live your life ad a has-been Bachelorette, promoting yourself through blogs and Facebook? Really? Showing off pictures of yourself because you have some celebrity friends, that’s not really enough to make you a celebrity. You are better than this, why not make something of yourself, something that is yours, and stop living off the crumbs from the past.

  56. Hey Alli! Great blog. Don’t listen to the haters! I’m sure they could come up with so much better insight since they’ve a) Never been on the show…TWICE and b) Never been offered a deal by LHJ! Someone said to stop chasing fame?!? So, should Jennifer Hudson have hidden all her talent since she didn’t find her big win on AI? You are gorgeous and most importantly, seem kind and funny! Your a girl’s girl, but a guys’ dream, so YOU GO GIRL! Glad to see you marketing yourself so well! I love the perspective you bring and love how you really take us behind the scenes on the private tour! ;) I think you’re spot on with Ben. I think this season fell short and it’s definitely hard to focus on. I felt the first connection ever with Ben and Lindzi last night. Can’t tell why I am not into them as a couple. Nicki is sweet but I was confused weeks ago that he kept her over someone like Emily or Kacie B. She was more into him than he was into her. I love how you catch the little things he says in response and your breakdown on that! So true! Romeo to Juliet: I really enjoy you… Good call Alli~ And finally, Courtney. She knew she was in hot water when he was questioning things, so she had to come clean. I’m not sure if she’s pure evil or an insecure girl who handled other gorgeous smart women with a viciousness of a wild animal, or if she’s just a competitive game player. Dunno, but it’s a shame all the way around. Ben knows deep down. When he questioned if she would get along with his “best friends” who are women and his mom and sister. Duh. She is a black widow for whatever reason. Bring on EMILY! I will root root root for the home team on that season! <3

  57. It makes me sick to see some of the comments here against Ali. How can you women say such cruel things about someone you don’t really know? Saying things such as she doesn’t know what love is, or that she is trying to steal the spotlight from the other bachelorettes is ridiculous. You do realize that there is plenty of ‘spotlight’ to go around for all of these wonderful women, don’t you? Ali, I loved your season, and I love your blogs. How sad that some people feel the need to judge you.

    This season has been a snore fest. I have a tough time really liking Ben. He really has no depth, and as someone mentioned, his usual response is ‘uh huh’ to most everything. I really liked Kacie and Nikki, and I think Lindzi is so sweet. I detest Courtney, but I think that she is the one that Ben picks, and I couldn’t be happier. They deserve each other, and the other women deserve so much more than immature, boring Ben.

  58. Where is the “like” button when I need one. What I find more comical is the negative comments, you are the handful of people who are completely hypocritical. Don’t judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Ali just like all of us has relationships that did not work out, how you feel if she was being as negative as you about your relationships. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Ali is giving her opinion, don’t like it? Don’t read it. That being said Ali you are one the few bachelorettes I really connected with, you make you fans feel like they are your friends. That is very admirable. I think you are sweetheart and can’t wait to see what you do next!

  59. Its really sad to me that people are using these comments to put down Ali. Ali your blog was good this week and good every week.
    Your insights and previous expereince help me understand why the show is shot in a certain way.

    I totally agree with Francesa comment. I felt for Courtney too and believe that she has deep insecurities issues that came out while she was in the house. Hey, its not easy being in a house full of woman competing for one man.

    I think Courtney hearts is in this. On her date with Ben, their wierdness and quirky humor showed and I saw the bond between them.

  60. You know her personality…like you met her? You are good friends with her?

  61. All you girls giving bad feedback should really shut your mouth and keep your comments to yourself. Ali can have a couple drinks while watching this show if she wants. After all, this is a free blog service and maybe if your disappointed you should start your own if you think you can do any better. Ali speaks from her heart.

  62. I agree with “Kim” about the bad feedback. I don’t know why some think it’s a poorly written blog. Ali, your blogs about the show are great! You write from your heart and experience. I always look forward to reading them and I’m not disappointed. You go, girl!

  63. Seriously, everyone needs to stop putting down Courtney at this point. I will admit, I thought she was awful at one point in time, but we ALL makes mistakes and when a person is apologetic for what they have done (no matter HOW LONG it took them to get to the point of being sorry) no one should ever say it is TOO LATE to accept an apology. She knows how sincere she is and I believe she is sincere. I just wish the other girls and viewers would find it in their hearts to forgive. I wish Courtney the best!!! I hope she is standing tall and staying strong despite all the hate that is being thrown at her. Hang in there Courney! You do have supporters!!!

  64. I think you’re doing a fantastic job with these blogs! You’re writing from your own experience and perspective and it’s always nice to have a fresh point of view from someone who has been on both sides. I disagree with the comments on here that you should not have advised Emily. In fact, I think they should have invited several of the former bachelorettes or, at least, one to represent each current status: married (Trista), engaged (Ashley), and newly single (you). This shows Emily that, when it works, as in Trista’s case, you can truly find happiness. She also gets to see the excitement of Ashley planning her wedding, and then she gets to see how you’re bouncing back from a relationship that didn’t work out. No matter what happens for Emily, she’ll be okay and that’s what you other gals provided for her. Why others insist on posting negativity is beyond me. Envy, or outright jealousy? Either way, they shouldn’t be so negative. Constructive criticism is fine, but no negativity, please!

  65. I couldnt think of another place to send my support and love to courtney. After watching the woman tell all, I just wanted to give courtney the biggest hug. I also need to find it in my heart to not judge the other girls and find a place in my heart for them. I understand the sides but it’s painful to watch someone (like courtney) literally be in tears and apologizing and continually having judgement thrown at her. It was like she was damned if she did and damned if she didnt. This taught me that it doesnt matter what we do, we can never please the world. We all make mistakes but not all of our mistakes are aired on national television. Courtney, I hope somehow that you are able to read this message…..and know that you are beautiful, kind, and supported. I dont think I am the only person watching who has been able to find a place in their hearts for you. Hang in there girl!
    To all the other women of the bachelor/bachelorette series who have been thrown under the bus, I need to find a place in my heart for all of you as well because I wouldnt want to be treated the way you all have…..Let’s spread love in this world, not hate!

  66. Frank is a sweetheart. Call me a romantic but I would love to see him & Ali together. They have something special and it showed when they hugged one another. :)

    I felt sad for Courtney. You’ll survive pretty girl. Be strong.

  67. I was looking forward to reading your blog this week : ( Can’t wait to read your witty and entertaining outlook on next weeks episode!

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  71. I enjoy this blog. Anyone who doesn’t can just read something else.
    I wish Lindzi were the one, because she is so cute and seems very nice. But I’m sure Ben picked Courtney because of his sexual attraction to her. Actually, I’d have enjoyed seeing Lindzi as the next Bachelorette. Oh well. It will be really great watching 3 hours on Monday. The After the Rose show should be entertaining!
    We’ll have to see how Emily fares against the dirty tricks of the producers. No doubt they’ll dig up Bentley and who knows what else.
    Hang in there, Ali. You have just as much right to blog and anyone…keep smiling!

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  73. [...] Ali Fedotowsky blogs about The Bachelor on Ladies Home Journal!! Read her latest blog post here [...]

  74. I have had a complete change of heart for Ben and Courtney since the season started and in a good way. Through the process of watching the show, I was able to look past my initial impression of courtney, in which I completley pre-judged. Yes, some mean things were said but some mean things were said by other people other than courtney as well. So, to point fingers at courtney was just alittle unfair. That aside, all the girls should forgive each other, apologize, and biggest of all….give each other the benefit of the doubt. This really is not a normal circumstance to be in and I really do think the worst can come out of someone in a situation so raw and open like this. Courtney has been pouring her heart out the last couple of weeks and even tonight on the after rose special and people are STILL shaking their heads, booeing, and making mean comments online, etc. Imagine knowing how genuinely sorry you are and someone not believing you. That feels awful. I see courtney pouring her heart out the best way she knows how on national tv (which cant be easy) and it really is like she cant say anything without someone responding negatively. She said it best when she said she doesnt know what to say anymore. At this point, it isnt her problem anymore. If she knows she is remorseful and she is a good person and other people cant believe that….its other peoples’ problems now. Hate in response to something like this, just takes more love out of this world. We need to treat others as we want to be treated. No one is perfect. And Ben said it best when he said that what matters is what those around them think. The people that know and love them. Those are the opinions that matter. Not the worlds. I cheered when he said that because that was something the viewers (myself included) needed to hear. These are real people looking for love they feel not what viewers feel. Just because the world fell inlove with lindzi or some of the other girls doesnt mean Ben would. This wasnt an arranged marriage. This was Ben’s journey that he allowed us to watch. I wish Lindzi and all the girls the best!!!! Neither of them deserve backlash, etc…as well. I am so sorry that Ben and courtney had to go through so much scrutiny.No one deserves that!!!!Ali, thanks for sharing the blog with us!!!! Wish you well!!!!!!!!!! Just had to spread some tough love with this comment. I just really value forgiveness and giving people benefit of the doubt. We all need second chances in life and even more.

  75. I love your blog, Ali! And I especially loved watching you on the Bachelorette! You were my favorite one of all the seasons :) I’m so happy about your new show and wish you all the best!