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  1. Love Giada and Target!

  2. How does she stay so thin with all the great cooking???

  3. Thank you for bringing someone sincere to represent women on T.V.

  4. Love Giada! She so enjoys putting food together, and her smile brightens up the room!

  5. Love cookbooks and anxious to try her receipes

  6. I love Giada. She oozes enthusiasm when she cooks and I enjoy the way she puts it all together.

  7. As I read the article I couldn’t help but think a lot about my daughter. She is exactly 41 years old, too, and juggles her schedule to include helping her husband run a busy heating and cooling company,active in her church and busy schedules for three children including working heavily with the PTO for their school and running them to basketball, cheerleading, tumbling and more. She puts so much of herself into caring for others I am going to give her this article to remind her to take care of herself. She would really enjoy receiving a copy of your cookbook as she is also an excellent cook.

  8. What can I say, I love Giada like everyone else! I met her during her tour in Lexington, KY when she came out with her first cookbook. I have that cookbook with her autograph and I love it! I DVR her shows everyday from the food network channel, it truly is a quite, relaxing time for me. Not to mention, the food is terrific! I would love to win this prize, but who wouldn’t. Best of luck everyone!!!

  9. Want these for my niece who is getting married this summer.

  10. Love Giada and everything she does!

  11. You make cooking fun!

  12. I love Giada’s product line at Target!

  13. Love Giada and her cooking! Would love to win these items!!

  14. I Love watching her cook. You can see she loves everything she is doing. So pretty and sweet.

  15. Love her recipes, simple and elegant!

  16. Watched her first show and loved her cooking from the beginning.

  17. Enjoy watching her and her daughter cooking in the kitchen, love and cooking
    Also happy she loves target too.. just love target