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Another Bachelor season has come to an end and we have another happy couple…or do we? Let’s start from the beginning of this episode and discuss what happened.

First off, I think Ben’s sister and mother did a great job of asking Ben and the girls the right questions. I really appreciated that they went into it with an open mind and didn’t judge the girls until they met them for themselves. I think it was totally obvious that it was a “producer influenced” question when Ben’s sister asked him if there were any girls that the other girls didn’t like. This question was obviously going to be asked, but at the end of the day Ben’s family liked both girls and it seemed like they totally supported Ben in whatever decision he was going to make. And that’s what family should do. :-)

I absolutely loved Lindzi’s time with his mom. You could tell that Lindzi meant what she said and really cared for Ben. It absolutely broke my heart watching his final date with her knowing that she wouldn’t be chosen in the end. I mean come on…wasn’t it obvious to us all at this point that Ben was crazy about Courtney? But why wasn’t Lindzi on the After the Final Rose special? What happened there? Although, I did stay tuned in to ABC to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! to see what Lindzi had to say about Ben and the finale. She was super sweet while talking to Jimmy and genuinely seems happy, so I’m happy for her. I was was hoping she would explain why she wasn’t on After the Final Rose, but she’s in a good place now and that’s what’s important.

Back to what happened on the actual show. Courtney’s time with his mom and sister was great too. I really believed Courtney when she told them how much she cared for Ben. I think we saw a totally different side of her. I have to tell you guys that I was watching the finale with a couple of girls from Ben’s season (Rachel and Jaclyn) and they both said they really liked Courtney and that she was a sweet girl. They said that she was always sharing her clothes with the other girls and helping them get ready, so I’m kind of surprised we didn’t see the girls talk about this during the Women Tell All special. Anyway, I’m so glad Ben’s sister didn’t judge Courtney because she was a “model” or because she didn’t get along with the other girls. I respect her for that.

Ben’s last date with Courtney really showed us that they have a great connection. I could totally relate to what Ben was saying to Courtney about feeling at ease since everything was coming to an end. I remember feeling so relieved when I got down to my final two because you actually want it to be all over so you can just be with one person.

In the end, Ben proposed to Courtney. I was confused as to why she wore gloves—come on girl, get ready for that ring! I also felt like her reaction was genuine. She seemed truly overwhelmed and happy in that moment, but after the proposal it was back to real life and we saw the effect “real life” had on their relationship on After The Final Rose.

I 100 percent believe that Ben did not cheat on Courtney. If he did, he would never swear on his father’s life that he didn’t. Regardless of what you think of Ben as the bachelor, he loves his father and would never lie and use his name in the same sentence. Also, seeing Ben break down really broke my heart. You can tell that the negativity from the public has been very hard on him, and on Courtney too! I can’t say that I understand what that’s like because Roberto and I received so much support from our fans after the show ended. But I do know what it’s like to have people say very negative things about you—it hurts, it’s confusing and it makes you question yourself.

Will Ben and Courtney make it? I have no idea. Honestly, at the After the Final Rose special for my season I truly thought I would spend the rest of my life with Roberto. You just never know until you experience all the little things in life that come with being in a long-term relationship. Ben and Courtney could honestly surprise us all and end up getting married! Or they could split next week. It’s not for us to judge, it’s for them to figure out. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what any of us think. All that matters is that they’re happy, whether it’s together or as individuals. I wish them both the very best!

Until next time…and what is next time? Emily as the new Bachelorette! I’m so excited for her!


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  1. I liked Courtney’s gloves. The gloves looked very elegant. Ali Fedotowsky is the most vicious and hateful woman ever to be on the screen of the ABC The Bachelorette & the tv show 1st Look. . Vienna Girardi looks good compared to you now. Ali is the most hated of all the lead bachelorettes. Ashley Hebert is a better person that Ali. Ali is 2 faced and selfish.

  2. Great blog! Good luck with the new show. I won’t be able to see it. It comes on too late for me.

  3. Karen, who are you to be so negative on Ali’s blog?? Obviously you have issues because you take your time out to say such hateful things to such a wonderful person. I suggest you seek counseling regarding your anger issues before they spiral out of control. I will pray for you.

  4. Karen you have issues. Great blog Ali!

  5. Courtney & Ben are doomed. You tweeting pics of your new job is sickening. LISTEN GOOD: I won’t watch your show. I hope it is cancelled in the next few months. We are all tired of seeing your face, tweets & on face book. It is Roberto that I like because he is not trying to run after fame.

  6. I love this blog. You did a great job of blogging. I have no idea if Ben & Courtney will make it. They have a lot of work to do in their relationship. Good luck with your show. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to look at it unless my shift changes at work.

  7. I hope that Courtney has really learned from this experience. Living with a group of catty girls is not a situation that is normal, but I feel that it doesn’t excuse the things she said. However, since she has apologized, we should all forgive her and wish her the best with Ben! She should remember the age-old adage, “Pretty is as pretty does (or says!)”. I do believe she loves Ben and I hope they works things out together.

  8. If you’re an Ali hater, why would you even read this blog?!? Good luck with your new show Ali!! I’m sure it will be a classy show.

  9. Whst is wrong with you women commenting such negativity on Ali’s blog?? If you don’t like her then don’t read her blog, follow her twitter or watch her show!! It’s that simple! Why be so hateful? Get a life!

    Having said that – great blog! Looking forward to Emily’s season next! I wish you all the best and much success in the future. Ignore those negative comments. They are clearly unhappy, jealous people.

  10. Nicely written blog. On a side note..guys HAVE sworn on dead peoples graves before when they lie. Some men (and women) are pathological liars. I tend to believe Ben though.

  11. To Candace, I really am glad you took the time out to let Ali know (through a comment on her blog) how you truly feel about her. Way to go! Pathetic. You’re extremely classy. I hope you feel better now. Now, go on with your life & keep the negative comments to yourself.

  12. So Ali, you don’t like the negative remarks that people say about you? IF YOU CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT – DON’T GET IN THE KITCHEN! It is you who decided to chase after fame. More negative remarks to come. You will never meet another fine man like Roberto in your lifetime!

  13. I love reading your comments Ali its nice to see a point a view from someone who has been through this all.

    For those of you with the negative comments, if your not a fan why even come here and post your crap? Just stay off the site! Jealous much

  14. I think Ali was the best Bachelorette there was becauase she was so real and sweet and funny!! Whoever wrote that she is mean for giving her honest opinion about Courtney’s gloves is stupid lol just sayin!! It’s called humor, she wasn’t being mean. LOVE YOU ALI!!! awesome blog

  15. I loved the season finale, Ben and Courtney are both quirky and you can truly see that they have much love together. I wish them both the best.

  16. Great blog and appreciate your positiveness! I don’t understand why people feel they need to be negative towards you or anyone else. Anyways, I am not a Courtney fan, but I am one to root for the underdog, therefor I am rooting for her. She apologized over and over, and at some point people have to move on and get over it. I hope that she and Ben end up happy and prove everyone wrong, but realistically they probably won’t. I wish them nothing but the best and wish people would stop being so hateful! Looking forward to your blog during Emily’s season!

  17. I enjoyed reading this blog! Thanks Ali! I hope they make it even though I was not a fan of Courtney in the beginning. As for all you haters .. I sense some jealousy! Ali s a beautiful sucessful woman! Who wouldnt be jealous of that.. but perhaps your comments can be left for others not to read..

  18. Ashley Hebert is the best of all the former bachelorettes. She is not out for fame. She is about to start practicing being a dentist & a living a normal life with JP. Ali Fedotowsky is all about wanting to be famous, glitz & glamour. I do see it now. Sorry that it took me so long to see it.

  19. Don’t be mean on Ali’s blog! As long as Ali doesn’t go on to do trashy shows like Erica Rose and Vienna did, she’s fine:) Even Jillian and Travis Stork have shows now but everyone loves them.

  20. I, too, felt pretty disheartened by Ben’s choice. I think he’s a great guy and I really just wanted him to find someone that can really make him happy. He has such a good heart and hopefully Courtney can keep it safe. Who knows, the people on this show have such ill-intentions at times, it’s hard to predict what will and will not work out.

    We can use you as an example. You had a solid thing going for you with Roberto. He’s out doing great things and I’m sure if love is what you really wanted from that experience, he would have provided that for you. I’m not judging, but the fame from the Bachelor series is definitely the biggest prize for everyone. It causes you to question your morals, even people who seemed as wonderful as Ali, Ben, and other great contestants. I can say however, that Ashley is doing a great job balancing a real life and fame. Glad they showed her bit at the end of the special. What a great role model, finishing school and putting her relationship before her fame. No insult to you, but you could take advice from that woman.

    Nonetheless, I wish you success at your new career, and I wish Ben and Courtney a lifetime of happiness!

  21. Karen and Candace should look for more positive ways to express themselves. Ignore their comments, Ali and follow your dreams. We all need to do what our hearts tell us. Best of luck as you follow yours!
    I am totally surprised to hear that Rachel and Jaclyn were supportive of Courtney! We certainly didn’t see any evidence of her being friendly with any of the girls during the season. I thought it was quite telling that the audience responded so bleakly to both Ben and Courtney. I felt for Ben during this process because I think he really wanted it to be successful and because he knew that his choice was not a popular one. That sense of not being accepted really seemed to take away from his happiness which is sad. I hope that Courtney is sincere – she certainly was not a “model” citizen during the show and we can only wait and see how they handle real life as they move forward. I did feel that she appeared to care deeply about her situation with Ben (though she might have reserved her comments about not being able to trust him going forward for his ears only, to be fair). Her inability to filter was a huge issue and though Ben mentioned how much he admired that quality.. it may cause him pain in the future before this is all said and done.

  22. Wow! I can say that some of you are acting like some of the caddy girls on the show. If you do not like Ali, then why are you reading her facebook and twitter? uummm Hello???? Something doesn’t seem right there.
    And Ali is human, normal just like you and me, if she has said something about someone, who cares! it’s her life, are you so holy that you have never said something about someone else? I don’t think so. Grow up! Everyone talks about someone at some point or another.
    The saying Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt…Is a lie, words do hurt, have you ever been on the receiving end of hurtful words? it sucks! royally!
    And truly, words can ruin people’s lives! Lies ruin people’s lives,

    And also, it is not like Ali is the first person to get a great job after being on the show, lots of other people who have been on the shows have gone on to some pretty amazing jobs and offers.

    Find a hobby, and stop trying to bring people down with all your negativity.
    What comes around goes around, just wait, the day will come and your hurtful words will come back to bite you in your bum.

  23. Karen – you sound like a psychotic idiot. Ali is a wonderful person. Your remarks are so hatred filled, I think you need some counselling.

  24. I must say, I am now hooked on your blog. I never came to Ladies Home Journal until you started writing this informative, fun, and thoughtful blog posts about The Bachelor. It may sound a bit lame, but your posts inspire me to be a better person. It’s easy to watch reality shows and label people as “the good guy” or “the bad guy.” It is very classy of you and very telling of your character that when someone on the show did something that seemed a little off, rude, or silly, you always gave them the benefit of the doubt. You had been in their shoes, and you could relate in a more dynamic way than just placing arbitrary labels on people as good, bad, evil, dumb, etc.

    Thank you for your posts. I appreciate what you are doing. I think it is fabulous that you have been very successful in your career. It is likely a result of the wonderful person you are. Your positive attitude is contagious.

    I’m excited to read your blog for Emily’s season!

  25. Why are people who supposedly hate Ali, reading her blog, getting her fb updates and following her twitter?? Jealous stalkers?? Get a life ppl!!!You just sound like trashy idiots when you spread this kind of hatred and negativity.

  26. I love your blog Ali! So sorry that some people have to make themselves feel better by projecting negativity. I hope you know to let that go in one ear and out the other. Only know that you have lots of fans who love you! You are in a good place now and things are beginning to happen for you and I wish you the best in everything!! Your new show will be awesome! Love will find you again….am sorry it didn’t work out with Roberto……but you will survive and find the love of your life when the time it right! As far as Ben/Courtney go, I wish them the best…and hope that they can get through all the negativity…there are just some people who enjoy making others feel bad…if they just really listen to each other and ignore the crazy stuff out there they will be fine. Love will always win!

  27. Wow – Karen – why so very (very) ugly today? What did ALi ever do to you? Yikes! That was pretty painful.

    Ali – you rock! You are gracious, kind, fair and I love your blogs!! I cannot wait for Emily this summer! Good luck on your endeavors, do NOT listen to the jealous folks who say mean things, and keep moving forward!

  28. I wrote about them today in my blog as well. Your’s is well stated. I also wish them nothing but the best.
    I was shocked when you and Roberto broke up. Good luck with your new job. :)

  29. hey ali, it’s nice hearing you saying #ROBERTO again.. It’s like a music in my ear,. Are really no chances for you and r0berto again?! I believe what you had was real.. I feel the love and sincerity you b0th have for each other.. I even d0wnloaded your seas0n on my fone so i can watch it all over again! Its the best seas0n ever.. I just h0pe 0ne day LOVE will lead you back! He’s a great man ali and he is so precious like a gem-DIAM0ND, i believe so! May God bless both of you..

  30. I said the same thing about her gloves! Awkward to take it off to have a ring put on her finger lol!

    Love the blog! It’s so fun to read!

    As for all you haters (Karen, Kerry, and Candace) nobody cares about what you have to say. Lay off Ali for goodness sake! Yes, she tried to find love on a TV show (AND FOUND IT) and guess what, people LIKE her! She gets ratings. I doubt she is “seeking fame”.
    And shut up about Roberto. No one is judging you for your past failed relationships. Why judge her? Get some class and some compassion. The economy is not bringing The United States down, it’s negative mean people like you.

  31. First off, I’d like to address Ali’s blog. It was very well written and positive. I enjoy reading your commentary and insight into the show. I too saw a different side of Courtney at the end. I’m still not a fan, but I don’t have to be. I think he knew what he was signing up for and they are a good match.
    As for the negative comments in regards to Ali or her blog… There will always be mean spirited people out there. I think people who intentionally hurt others or are extremely negative are either unhappy or very jealous (or both). I hope that you remain positive and continue to be successful. Good luck Ali! I will continue to read your blog. :)

  32. I saw Lindzi on Good Morning America and they asked why she wasn’t on After The Final Rose and she said that she was in La or wherever it’s shot but that Ben and Courtney had a lot to talk about. She said that she was in a good place and that she didn’t need closure that After The Final Rose gave because she was already there.

  33. You people do not really know any of the people you are talking about. You only see what is on the television or printed in articles. Before you condemn anyone or any relationship you should think twice. I am not really a Courtney fan but I could care less how they end up. That is for them to work out. It is really wrong to attack people you don’t even really know and even if you knew them why publish negative comments?

  34. I’m glad that Ben has a supportive family because I think he’ll need it. Courtney has a bad habit of blaming everyone else for her behaviour and, in their relationship, that will almost certainly happen to Ben. She has him on the defensive all the time. Courtney also tends to project her own negativity onto other women. Almost all of the women were every bit as pretty as she was and some were far more gorgeous, so for her to claim they were jealous of her doesn’t hold water. I think she was insecure around them because she wasn’t the prettiest but felt she should be because she’s a model.

  35. Ali, You have really done a great job writing your blog. I have so enjoyed it and look forward to you writing other blogs like for Emily’s bachelorette that will be coming up in May, I think.
    I know you will do fantastic with the show “1st LOOK”. Have fun and I can not wait to see your first show.

  36. Karen and Candace- you both sound like people leading miserable lives. What is the point of going around hating on people?? Start dealing with your own personal issues and stop creating issues for others! I think you’ll be happier after you do!

  37. Ben didn’t expect so much drama with the girls in the house. The show is getting old with all of the drama. Good blog Ali.

  38. I loved the blog! Only time will tell if they are ment to be together. Looks like they have a lot of serious talks to have without the cameras rolling. Thanks Ali!!
    (I thought the same thing about the gloves!)

  39. Well said Ali…I wasn’t fond of them together. However, it is not our place to ridicule the situation and tell Ben who to date that part isn’t our business, but if they wouldn’t have done certain things on National Television then I’m real sure she wouldn’t have received so much negativity, and therefore both of them could have been accepted easier. All in all the tabloids I’m sure will rest and they will get some very deserved peace…
    I thought if anyone would stay together it would have been you and Roberto, but you didn’t. Oh well…

  40. Ali…
    You are a brave woman! We JUST saw how hurtful peoples comments and such can make to people like Ben and Courtney (those tears were very real) and people go and write terrible things on here! Unbelieveable.

    ANYWAYS, you are beautiful, you are important, and you are strong. Good luck on your new journey. (And besides… who really cares if you want to become famous? Doesnt’ everybody have that dream at some point in their life? Why are you other ladies seeing that as a bad thing?) If that’s the journey you want for your life… than good on you.

    All the best!

  41. Ali- You do an excellent job writing the BLOG!
    You are a wonderful young woman, and I only wish
    you success and happiness!
    ( I do not understand why some folks have to be so negative!)

  42. Ali, I love your blog and your insights!
    I’m glad the Bachelor and Bachelorette led you to the
    show you are doing. I don’t feel you went on
    the show looking for fame, I believe you were
    looking for love. We all fell a bit for Roberto but
    anyone who has been in a relationship knows
    that it always can’t work.
    I hope if Ben and Courtney are in love that they
    make it. Life is too short and things happen suddenly
    so to spend time spewing negativity is just wasting
    your own precious time.

  43. First of all to all of you negative people, why read her blog, follow her on facebook or follow her on twitter if you don’t like her? If you don’t like her stay away from her, this is kindergarten lessons, clearly you didn’t learn. Secondly, you are now guilty of everything you are accusing her of doing. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Thirdly, I LOVE your blog, I am so excited for the new show and I think you are an amazing person. I am so excited to follow you on your path, it gives me inspiration to follow my own dreams.

    As for Courtney-Honestly I think they will be very happy together. Of all the couples after the show, the seemed to genuinely love each other. I am happy for their happiness. I feel we shouldn’t judge until we watch their romance play out a little further. Instead of hating them, or dooming them let’s try giving them some support!

  44. do you and Roberto still talk, still very sad over that…you are a beautiful woman and looked like sucha great couple, can you blog about that?

  45. I honestly do not understand why people who hate Ali’s tweets and facebook dont just “unsubscribe” to her posts? I find Ali’s blogs fun to read and really enjoyed her upbeat personality on the bachelorette. I will be checking out her new show. Please if you don’t want to hear what she says unsubscribe yourself and quit ruining it for the rest of us. You guys sounds like a bunch of bitter bitches.

  46. It absolutely is for us to judge if they will be together. If not, why do we waste 22 weeks on them?

  47. I’m with KK. Ali, you are an amazing woman. You have a beautiful personality & a wonderful & full life ahead of you. The negative people are just jealous of you. Perhaps they are unhappy with their own lives / looks / personalities, whatever, that they try to drag successful, beautiful people down. There is so much in life to be grateful for. Negativity is a cancer of the soul that spreads like fire. KK is right! These negative people should seek counselling so that they too, may have full, successful lives where they may just one day crack a smile. As for Ben & Courtney, I really do wish them luck. Courtney may not have chosen the most gracious path to winning Ben’s heart, however, I imagine that situation, living with 24 other women who are dating your man would bring out the worst in a lot of people. Good luck Ben & Courtney!! If they do work out, they will have beautiful babies. And Ali, keep your head up huney!! You are such a sweetheart. Haters are just jealous people who not so secretly want to have your life. Keep on going girl!!! Love you!! xoxo

  48. Hey Ali! Suppose Roberto is the next Bachelor. Will you blog about it?

  49. Ali, You know why strangers don’t judge my relationship? Because I don’t put it on TV!! Sheesh, I wish you and your Bachelor crowd realized how hypocritical you are. How about just saying “I want to be famous” and accepting the negatives and positives that come with it.

  50. Ali is not chasing fame, it is her career. For me, she is genuinely suited to being in the public eye and dealing with people. She is bubbly, outgoing and very friendly. She also handles herself with class and fine character. Those of you who are sharing your negative opinions and hateful talk only prove that her job will never be an easy one.

    All the best to you, Ali. Stay classy.

  51. Sorry – one last thing .. Kristie, clearly you are not as happy as you claim or else you wouldn’t have wasted your time trashing someone on a blog you were not forced to read in the first place. What’s the matter sweetheart?? Is your husband sleeping with an attractive bubbly blonde like Ali??? Maybe you should go & eat a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. People like you are unattractive inside & out!! Keep up the great work, Ali!! Perhaps your happiness will be contagious enough to “cure” the jealousy disease we are seeing.

  52. LOVE your blog!! Totally agree with your opinion as to Courtney. I really do think that Ben & Courtney have the potential to make it if they do not let all the outside opions get to them.

  53. I’m not really a fan of The Bachelor. If it was a clinical trial for lasting relationships it would never be approved for use. I think there’s a 90% failure rate for these couples in the short term and worse long term. I. Watch occasionally because I only get 3 channels. Ali is the only person who put aside the drama of the final rose and saved a good Guy from a bad good bye. She’s the only person from the show I’ve ever paid attention to because of that. I’m sorry it didn’t work out with Roberto, but she deserves her success. Please take your hate to an appropriate venue, there are plenty.

  54. This finale and after rose was a little hard to watch. I dont know if it was the dramatic music towards the end, or lack of music…etc….

    But, most of all, it was just sad to watch the end because you got the feeling that no one would be happy for courtney and ben. Whether Ben chose Lindzi or Courtney….I, personally, just wanted to show some love and support. Seems like courtney is going to need some love and support after all this….I hope the tabloids, etc…die down and just let her live in peace. I hope they do that for ben and all the others too.

    I was probably one of few people who was actually wanting to not think so poorly of courtney. I forgave her at some point during the season and have since started to like her. She made some mistakes and I know I have too so I wanted to grant her some forgiveness. We all need it in life :)

    Nice reading this blog and kind of bittersweet this whole bachelor thing is over for awhile.

    Best wishes!!!!!!!!

  55. Good blog – its fun. My issue with the “bachelor” in general…everyone is a woman, although they act like little girls, its time to refer to these women as women.

  56. I wish Courtney & Ben the best. They make a sweet couple; as do Ashley & J.P. :)

  57. Hi Ali,

    I’ve been a fan of you since you first appeared on the Bachelor. I watched you every Monday night on the Bachelorette—literally dropped everything I was doing just to tune in. I’m a big fan and hope to someday be privileged to have you as a real life friend even if its via email or pen pal-ship. :)

    I don’t have much to say about the show. I really want to specifically address the negativity you’ve received from your fans. Considering the fact that you’re moving with a brand new career and may not be able to blog anymore, I felt that this very last blog may be the last opportunity I have to speak to you—also considering the fact that I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter anymore to get in touch; it’s a personal choice. So here goes:

    I totally applaud you for enduring the constant verbal beating from your so-called “fans” because of your behavior, lifestyle, and personal choices. You definitely take it all in and handle it with the utmost amount of class and respect. Bravo.

    It’s so easy for me to call all of these ‘haters’ jealous and catty but I believe it’s more than that. I think many people simply feel cheated on their efforts to survive in this “dog-eat-dog” world. They can’t quite wrap it around their minds that some people are more blessed and privileged than others. To see everything start for you on the Bachelor and then have it skyrocket into TV hosting is inviting for people to call you a “fame whore.” But I truly believe that you aren’t and that this is a career dream come true for you. The respectful thing for people to do is to acknowledge that. But instead, many people feel the need to belittle others so that they can feel equally, if not, more worthy of their sacrifices and achievements.

    So for those who are bashing on Ali, I hope you know that you are appreciated for what you have contributed to society and to our economy. I know you worked so hard to earn what you have and you’re so deserving of it. You deserve everything wonderful in this world. Yeah, I don’t personally know any of you but at the same time, none of you personally know Ali. Regardless of that, we’re all deserving of success and happiness.

    You’re awesome, Ali. Hope to meet you some day.

  58. I would like to start by saying I have never really felt compelled to write on any one’s blog, or twitter, or facebook, etc. However, after reading a few of these comments I do feel compelled to write. To those of you that have only negative things to say…well, I have nothing to say…didn’t your parents teach you that??…shame on them if they didn’t, and shame on you for wasting your life on all things you think are negative. To all those that make positive comments, WTG!! If we can learn to ignore negative comments, and not allow that to get a ‘rise’ out of us, they will quit because it will no longer be ‘fun’ for them.

    Now to Ali…YOU should be VERY PROUD of how you have carried yourself through your rollercoaster of life, and for reaching out for your dreams, and for making others feel that the decisions they make for themselves are okay no matter who agrees/disagrees. I was sad to hear of your breakup, however, you are supported as is Roberto. Both of you are amazing people and though it didn’t work to be together, both of you will find the right person when the time right. Much luck in your new job and in all you seek to do and ty for the opportunity to blog with you and for keeping in touch with your fans!!

  59. I am a 42 year old mother. I am so very glad that you aren’t my daughter. Your mother has to be ashamed of you. You have no morals. You have no respect for yourself. You are very immature to be almost 28 years old. I do not understand you. You have a college education and chasing fame in Hollywood & with tv shows. My daughter, who is 18 years old, is more mature than you. She will be starting college in the fall, goes to church on Sundays, very respectful in the community, and respectful of herself. Some one told me that you left home around the age of 16 which may be part of the upbringing that you missed. I feel sorry for you Ali. You have a lot to learn. I just don’t know of any good man would want to marry you. God truly blessed Roberto when he saw the light and dumped you.

  60. Sherry who the hell are you to judge Ali? I’m ashamed of YOU! You don’t even know her! Leave her alone, you’re a embarrassing yourself. Who do you think you are commenting on her blog? Seriously get a life and go hang out with your “perfect” 18 year old daughter. All of you leaving negative comments on Ali’s blog, get out of here. I feel sorry for you that you feel the need to put Ali down to make yourself feel better.

    You’re awesome, Ali! Don’t let negative comments bring you down.

  61. Ali, wow, you must be a truly horrible witch, judging by so many of these malicious comments. I must have you confused by someone else—a pretty blonde I saw on the Bachelor???

    What’s with all these PMS’ing, menopausal women? Lol

  62. Its the people like her, jake pavelka, kim kardashian, paris hilton that become famous for nothing (even though ali is not that famous) that glorify 15 minutes of fame. I don’t want to offend, but I just have a difference of opinion as to what a role model is.

  63. Hey Ali, great blog, love reading all of them! You can give us some insight on the show, but you also even question things like the rest of us!! I find it interesting how the show portrayed Courtney the way they did when they knew Ben picked her. Especially when a few of the girls there say they liked her?? Also, why they portrayed Ben the way they did, so boring, when he is supposedly not! Where was his fun side? They only showed him saying the same boring things, in a monotone voice! Seeing him cry last night, he definitely is upset with Courtney’s actions. I wish them luck!

    Also, good luck to you in your new show! All the haters are weird, what they write doesn’t make sense! You are very classy and have done nothing wrong! Continue to keep your head up, and love life the way you do!

  64. Hi Ali- have really enjoyed your blogs and your perspective! So impressed with all the very positive changes you are making in your life with the new job and apartment and the circle of people you surround yourself with. The real question is really not whether or not Courtney was sincere in her appologies or any of her behavior. She has a unique personality and probably did the very best she is capable of in her appologies. I dont buy the whole it was tough on me because she was cocky from day one. She aggravates me by alsways saying how hard it was on ME, never really mentioning Ben until the very end and the recap and how she made it hard on him. It was disappointing to hear him say that space was his coping mechanism. They have probably been through the worst and I wish them the best.

  65. Thanks Karen! We have all lost brain cells for having read your comments. What? Vienna is a better person than Ali? Seriously? Are we talking about the same people here? You are so off base. No one says you have to like Ali, but why do you and others need to be hurtful? It’s simple. If you don’t like her, don’t read her blog, don’t subscribe to her Facebook page, don’t read her tweets. It’s that simple. I’m sorry, you would rather be mean spirited and negative.

  66. I think Courtney will marry Ben because she does love him but also because she has to try to prove to the world that she is a good person…oh, and “winning”. LOL. But I also predict divorce down the road for the couple due to her immaturity, defensiveness, blaming others’attitude, etc. It’s so sad, but selfishness, not having insight and perspective, as well as the ability to predict consequences, general trust issues, insecurities, and difficulty getting along with people will cause relationship problems too big to overcome. Courtney will self destruct. She will push Ben away. I can see it. Been there, done that! People like that push away those they live the mist. She’ll always be testing him, making him prove his love to her.

  67. I think Roberto dumped you and you been hiding that to your fans, that explains that tattoo you got after your break-up.

  68. I grew up knowing your family in Williamstown, MA for many years. You are a true embarrassment to everyone who is associated with you. I am hurt about your behavior since engagement was called off. So very sorry that I supported you. You used your family, fans, Roberto & seems like you are using Charlie to keep your face in the talk in Hollywood circuit. Your true colors are showing! Your mother is ashamed of you. Alibali, have I missed something here? When did you become a big celebrity? Keeping your dating life a secret! Living in Hollywood has really gone to your head hasn’t it! Grateful that Roberto got away from you. We were all looking forward to your wedding but glad to see that Roberto is better off without you. Please allow me to explain what you are trying to do. First of all, you used Roberto to gain fans. Now you are using Charlie to keep your name out there among the celebrity likes in Hollywood. I do understand you. You have personality issues in making friends and moving on to new friends when they can no longer be used. I wouldn’t rule out you having a mental condition. Excited to see how the train wreck will unfold with you & your new job. All of us will know about it. Get real, Ali! You are not Jennifer Aniston or another celebrity!! Don’t stop by my house when you are in Williamstown again. You are simply no good & a person without a conscious who uses & abuses relationships& friendships. And, don’t count on me watching the 1st Look show.!!!

  69. It is very sad but it’s another indication of how Ali’s desire to remain in the public eye and pursue a career in media came into play with her & Roberto. Had she not felt the necessity to cater to her fans’ wishes so much (because for us regular folks, who cares about “fans”?) as a means to put her in a better position to find work, she wouldn’t have dragged a relationship, which we now hear was bad more of the time than it was good, out so long. It also explains why she pretended to be so happy in public all the time, even though her private reality was far different. I may be wrong, and I know it takes 2 to tango, but I gotta say I mostly feel bad for Roberto, because to me it sounds like Ali was being a bit disingenuous about her intentions for quite some time, while he was largely kept in the dark.

  70. I also appreciate Ashley Hebert more. She is not seeking fame & trying to have a normal relationship with JP away from the limelight. Ashley is the one who is not out to stretch her 15 minutes of fame like Ali.

  71. For the record, I am not jealous of you Ali. She has nothing that I want. Ali is not a person of good character & morals. Ali used all of you fans who followed her since Jake’s season. I tried to tell people about how low down of a person Ali is. She used all of you to build up her followers for a career in the spotlight. Glad that I did not fall into her trap!!! I won’t watch the 1st Look show ever.

  72. All of the posters remarks in comparing Ali Fedotowsky to Ashley Hebert are true. Ali will never be the kind of person Ashley Hebert is. I’ve gained a lot more respect for Ashley while observing Ali chase fame & use her followers to get there. Ali certainly could learn something from Ashley.

  73. I was so happy to see Amanda, Gigi’s and others comments about the real Ali, and appears some may even know her personally!

    I think fans are very naive about who she really is! They need to wake up and smell the roses! Oh, sorry for the pun!

    She used sweet Roberto and friends to get her back to Hollywood where she said she didn’t want to live. She continually uses Roberto’s name to get media attention even though the break-up was months ago! She’s going out with a “player”, Charlie & won’t even admit to it because he’s not famous!

    Roberto truly loved her when he realized she didn’t want to be a wife & mother. I also believe he ended it & she was blindsided by the fact of his unconditional love. You don’t continually put off the wedding if you love someone with stupid excuses! She’s cold-hearted, manipulative & as some friends had said, downright cruel & nasty to him! A smart man can take just so much of this type of abuse.

    I feel she really loved Frank, and wish he would have stayed on show. However, it was Roberto who was sweet, handsome & loved by the fans who would get her to Hollywood with all her hundreds of photos of them & him on her FB! Would love to know what she will do with all those beautiful photos now?

    As everyone can see, she goes from friend to friend & discards them when no longer useful. Not many of the Bachelor family have even congratulated her on new job. Does that tell you something? She’s now hanging with “B” actresses in order to get her face out there & will do anything for mag shoots & attention!

    As far as the new show goes, she now has her 30 minutes of fame in the early hours! Let’s see how long that lasts as every job she’s had has been a one-timer, including writing this blog. If all else fails, will she try to work her wiles on Roberto to get him back with her fake talk about reconcilation? I seriously doubt it, he doesn’t need to lead a miserable, controlling & abusive life anymore!

    Thank you ladies for confirming for me & others the truth about this fame-seeker! She should take some pointers from Ashley who is true to herself, her man and has a real job! Imagine, Ali holds a degree in relationships–really???

    She will definitely not be a role model for my young daughter — she’s only been on a reality show and not an actress, singer, or journalist!

  74. 100% agree with you Amanda & Joy. Ali, you went for fame, you got it. Now you need to be exposed for what you really are, a true fame wh— who used a wonderful young man & everyone else. You are as stupid as you are needy. Sorry Frank sees right through you and he will always love his woman. Roberto is rid of you for good and have no use for you anymore. Concentrate on Charlie Richie, you & he are two of a kind, made of the same user cloth. You two will be very happy together (NOT….).

  75. On topic
    I really hope Courtney and Ben make it. Can’t help but have my doubts, but lets hope they do.

    Off topic
    I’m blown away by the behavior of some of the posters. It’s simply not necessary to get so personal about Ali. Serious PMS going around? Too easy to say mean things about someone when you’re sitting behind a computer screen. Very lame.

    Further off topic.
    Kacie B for the next Bachelorette!!

    Keep up the good work Ali. Hope you’ll blog about Emily’s season.

  76. [...] I truly thought I would spend the rest of my life with Roberto,” Fedotowsky wrote on her blog for Ladies Home Journal. “You just never know until you experience all the little things in life that come with being in [...]

  77. [...] I truly thought I would spend the rest of my life with Roberto,” Fedotowsky wrote on her blog for Ladies Home Journal. “You just never know until you experience all the little things in life that come with being in [...]

  78. [...] Read more from Ali Fedotowsky on Ladies Home Journal…. [...]

  79. The funny thing is that those who REALLY knew what was going on in the relationship with Ali & Roberto are extremely happy for…..Roberto.

  80. To Ali: This is what Kristin Baldwin, of EW, said about you in her blog last week on the
    Women Tell All recap which I agree with: “Then there’s Bachelorette Ali (a.k.a. Queen of Bitch Mountain), who managed to keep Roberto in an emotional bear trap for 18 months before he gnawed his own foot off to escape, and Frank, the one that got away from her on the Bachelorette.”

  81. Let’s see – I counted about 18 different “names” of people saying demeaning things about Ali. Some are worded so much alike it makes me think they are the same person just using different names. What a sad life these people must lead, with nothing better to do than bash someone they don’t even know. Hey, news flash – we get it, you don’t like Ali. Then don’t follow her blogs or Facebook or tidbits in the tabloids. As others have said, you are just making yourselves look bad and we are tired of reading your nonsense. Ali – live your life in a way that makes you happy, and keep your positive attitude. I’m sorry you have been subjected to these people, and I’m sorry *they* feel the need to write what they do, they just can’t be happy people. Best to everyone, we all need to get along, don’t you think?

  82. I will no longer follow you on twitter & facebook. I no longer have opensky membership. I returned my 5 items in December ordered from opensky & got the credit on my credit card after reading your interview in people. You aren’t the kind of person I admire.

  83. I actually heard that Ali has been writing very good blogs about Ben Flajnik’s season and started visiting her facebook page to read them. The nasty comments here about Ali is not necessary. Chris Harrison told wet paint that Ali is after the limelight & Roberto wanted a quiet life which caused their break up which I agree with. I love how Chris describes Ali in a negative way without the name calling. Some of you here can learn from Chris Harrison.

  84. I too used to be an Ali fan. Not trying to be cruel, or hurtful, but it is very obvious to the “realists” what she has done here. I do believe she was seeking fame from the beginning, and it is sad that she has hurt so many along the way. Hope it was worth it, and best of luck.

  85. Jenna,
    I feel like you do. I was an Ali fan and now do see that she was seeking fame from the very beginning (Jake’s season). I agree with all your words. Ali has hurt so many people along the way. Do you think she care? Do you think she realize it? I look at her facebook page and see how her fans are such fools for supporting her & they do not realize it. I will never be a fool for Ali twice. Roberto is amazing. He is coaching baseball for the little league children and has carried himself in such a respectful way since the break up with Ali. Roberto will fall in love again. The next woman will be more than Ali will ever be as a person. I do not wish Ali the best in anything. One day I hope she realizes that running after fame & the limelight isn’t everything when you are dishonest to the fans & loved ones. I rather be just an average person with good morals and not hurt people.
    Ali – Look out for karma.

  86. I can’t stand to see you anymore. vienna surely goods so much better than you now. I prefer to see her on tv now then you. You are so fame hungry, it show on you, and the way you talk is disgusting. Please just get out of the fame & go back to your normal life.

  87. Sorry to disappoint you JB because I have no clue who the other posters are so there goes your theory. It was actually quite shocking to see how different Ali was to the persona I had seen in the media. She was incredibly mean and unpleasant to Roberto, including treating him like a punching bag (not a metaphor). The rumors are 100% true. Serious, serious issues.

  88. [...] and his siren Courtney Robertson. Apparently the two were spotted no March 18th post-dramatic-finale and post-Chris Harrison-arm-chair-After the Final Rose love consult in San Francisco as a brand new [...]

  89. I currently am on vacation but had to pause for a minute to read your blog. I need to close this browser and return to my time off!

  90. I’ve read too many articles mentioning the “meanness or bitchiness.” All I have to say is an saying, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    I’ve read the “Queen of Bitch Mountain” a few times. Where did that originate? Does anyone know?

  91. [...] Ali Fedotowsky [...]