Win Seasons One and Two of The Good Wife on DVD!

March 29, 2012 at 10:00 am , by

The Good Wife is one of our top must-see TV dramas, so we were thrilled to talk with actress Christine Baranski for the In My Words interview in our May issue. One of our favorite soundbites? When asked what she loves most about her take-charge lawyer character Diane she says, “She can live in a man’s world, talk with them and have love affairs with them, without losing herself.” We love that about Diane too!

If you haven’t seen The Good Wife, which is currently in its third season, don’t fret—25 lucky readers will win seasons one and two on DVD! And if you’re already a devoted fan of the series, consider this an opportunity to re-watch some of your favorite episodes. All you have to do is comment on this blog post and you’re entered to win.

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216 Responses to “Win Seasons One and Two of The Good Wife on DVD!”

  1. I would like to win seasons one and two.

  2. Would love to win these. I’m a big fan of both “The Good Wife” (ER’s Carol Hathaway) and Archie Panjabi (since Bend it Like Beckham).

  3. Love this show! Have loved her since ER!

  4. I’ve been missing this

  5. I’ve been watching since the first episode and haven’t missed one since. Love Love this show and the story lines are so interesting.

  6. Great contest! My DW & I love watching this show.

  7. thanks :)

  8. Have not seen these shows before, but have heard about them and would like to have opportunity to view them.

  9. would love this

  10. My sister loves “The Goodwife” and I would like to surprise her with season one and two, it would be awesome ! Thanks so much !

  11. This is one of our favorite shows.

  12. My daughter loves this show & I’d like to gift her with this prize, if I am lucky enough to win it.

  13. good actors!

  14. This is the best show on Network TV, in my opinion.

  15. This is my favorite show! I would love to win! I always spread the word about what a great show it is!!! It has it all: drama, love, suspense and so much more!!

  16. Excellant show! Great story line and great actors.

  17. I have only recently started to watch this series and would love to watch the beginning.

  18. This is my FAVE, I’m really not a TV watcher, but this one I won’t miss. Would love to have the whole series.

  19. Love!! This show!!!! Kids know to “leave mom alone” when the show pops up as auto-tuned.

  20. This series has been one of my most favorites. I love the strong women characters. They remind me of my Mom who taught me to be strong, listen to both sides, express my opinions and always be respectful of everyones ideas.

  21. Great show! I’m a fan.

  22. My daughters and I love to watch the show!

  23. I love the show I should would like my own copy

  24. Smart and entertaining show. Betsy

  25. This is my FAVORITE show! Can’t wait till Sunday nights! Smart writing and excellent acting! Hope I win!

  26. I love this show especially Julianna Marguilies (loved her in ER). Also really like Josh Charles and Christine Baranski. I would love to have the 2 season set so I watch every episode over and over again! Thank you.

  27. From the few episodes I’ve watched, this is a great show!! It always seemed to be on at the wrong time with kids, etc. Would love to be able to watch on my own time :)

  28. I came into this show late. I would love to get caught up.

  29. I love The Good Wife. I have even got my husband watching it the last several weeks. Love Michael J Fox and Jason Bateman on the show.

  30. I love LHJ and The Good Wife looks like such a good show!! I’d love to win season one and two!!!

  31. The Good Wife is one of the best.

  32. I didn’t start watching The Good Wife until this current season — boy, did I ever miss out! I have become a devoted fan, and would love to own Season 1 and Season 2 so that I could fully understand the background of the characters.

  33. The Good Wife is the best series on TV. I missed the Season 1 and Season 2. I would love to win these DVDs so I could catch up with all the characters. I love Julianna Marguilies in this series. She is by far a better character than in the show Emergency. Can’t wait till the next show on Sunday nights!


  35. I just recently became hooked on this show and would love to be able to watch seasons one and two! It is so addicting!

  36. I’ve been wanting to see this show forever!

  37. I love this show! It’s one of the best dramas on television. I would love to own season 1 and 2 !

  38. I have someimes had to miss episodes and would love to get the complete set now.

  39. Nice for the collection.

  40. I hope I win.

  41. I love the show, it would be great to win season one and two.

  42. Wife would like this.

  43. I would love to have these. Great show!

  44. LOVE the show. What a talented and awesome conglomeration of actors. I’ve loved many of these folks for years, and I’m thrilled to see them all together: Margulies (ER), Charles (Sports Night and teen films ;) ), Baranski (Cybill), Cumming (Romy & Michele), Noth (L&O), Boatman (Spin City), and a bunch of newbies (to me) that bring their own talent and energy to the cast. This is my only “scheduled” TV. I watch it when it’s aired, and I look forward to it all week. Would love to be able to relive seasons one and two on DVD or BluRay.

  45. All I can say is don’t bother me when that show is on … totally hooked on it. The earlier years it was “Dallas” now it’s “The Good Wife”. The actors all do a great job but would like to thank the writers for keeping it so interesting!!

  46. love that showww but missed some episodes I would like to catch up.hope Iwin so I can

  47. I would love to be one of the lucky ones! I could kick back and enjoy a Good Wife fest!

  48. Can’t wait to win!

  49. One of the few shows my husband and I BOTH enjoyed. But we managed to miss Series 2. Hence my enthusiasm for this competition!

  50. I look forward to watching The Good Wife every Sunday evening on CBS.

  51. This is the one show I try to watch faithfully, but often end up missing it. Would love to have all the episodes to start all over with.

  52. I fell in love with this show the first season, and would love to be able to revisit all my favorite moments.

  53. it’s my favorite show currently airing on tv! love the drama.

  54. Please put my name in the hat

  55. Good show. Would love to win these. Thanks for the chance.

  56. Although I try to always watch, I sometimes miss the show or parts of it. I try not to even answer the phone unless it’s my 7 year old granddaughter.
    I have been addicted since the beginning and would love to be able to watch those shows I have missed.

  57. Love, love, love this show!

  58. Everyone loves this show – I would like to watch it from the beginning.

  59. Would love to win this and watch this show!

  60. I love this show! and it just keeps getting better…everyone does a great job with their characters! I look forward to watching each new episode!

  61. It’s a great show and I’d love to win the DVD’s of season 1 & 2!!

  62. Winning these DVDs would sure make my husband happy. He can stop crying about the couple episodes he missed.

  63. This is one of the best shows on TV right now. My husband and I watch togather every Sunday night. Love everyone in it.

  64. This is one of the best shows on televison right now. Love to win the DVD’s. Love everyone all the show.

  65. The Good Wife is at the top of our list of t.v. series to NOT miss! We 70 and 71, married 9 yrs. and are totally in love with each other and the way the show keeps us entertained and educated about the legal system. We would be proud to win the DVD’s to enjoy, over and over! Thank you.

  66. Love this show. Never saw the first season, started watching the show in the middle of the second season. I make sure no one in the house interrupts me while I am watching the show. I have to catch every line that is delivered.

  67. best show on tv!!!

  68. I would love to win! The Good Wife is my favorite show and I set it to recorded so I can watch it uninterrupted. Pick Me!

  69. One of the best shows on TV right now. Wish it could be on 5 nights a week. Perfect casting.

  70. Would love to win these.

  71. I have watched The Good Wife from the beginning and it is a highlight of my week. I have encouraged my family and friends to watch the show.

  72. Would love to win this prize for my mom as a Moher’s Day gift; she lives this show. Thank you!

  73. I have always wanted to get the DVDs so I can start watching this show. It would be awesome to win them!

  74. I am not a tv watcher but only have 1 or 2 favorite shows and this is one of them. I work at night so have not seen a lot of them. Would seriously love to win!!!

  75. High quality show with interesting characters.

  76. I’ve never seen a full episode, but my DVR is set extra long for another show, because football games always run over. I always get caught up in what tapes unintentionally. I’d love to see the show from the beginning.

  77. I have watched this fascinating show from the beginning. The actors and writters are fabulous.

  78. I would love to win The Goodwife DVDs to take camping. That way if one of the grandkids wants “something to eat & drink”, I can just pause the show. :)

  79. Great show!

  80. Love the The Goodwife!!!!

  81. I would love to watch the first 2 seasons as I just starting watching the show

  82. Great show. I missed a few shows so it would be great to have DVD.

  83. Would LOVE to WIN !!

  84. Always worth staying up for!!!

  85. i always wanted to watch the show, the previews look great, but i always seem to miss it. i would love to see all the eposodes.

  86. My favorite show! Would love to have the dvd sets.

  87. I’ve watched the show from the start and would love to win!

  88. I love the show and would love to win so I can watch it again again and again great show. DVD sets would be great

  89. I love the show and would love to win so I can watch it again again and again great show. DVD sets would be great

  90. Great show

  91. Great show love it.

  92. Great show, I look forward to it weekly!

  93. My husband really likes the show. I haven’t sorted all of the characters out yet. Maybe winning season 1&2 will catch us up.

  94. The Good Wife is one of my favorite shows. I have watched it since it’s inception. My daughter has commented that she would love to watch it, but doesn’t think she can catch up. This would be her chance. Thanks!

  95. Hi. Want to become a new fan of The Good Wife. The current time slot is right when my kids have to get ready for he next school day. Would love to watch The Good Wife on my time.

  96. Great show — would love to win since I’ve missed several of the espisodes during these seasons.

  97. Love this show! Its been a long time since
    I had a favorite, and this is it. Esp a fan
    of Archie Panjabi, and Juliana Marguilis.
    Terrific ensemble cast, great writing. Cant say enough about it.

  98. The Good Wife is my favorite show! I can’t wait every Sunday night to watch it and if I can’t watch it, I DVR it and watchi it as soon as possible!!! I would love to win Seasons One and Two on Video.

  99. This would be great. Thanks for the chance.

  100. Favorite show on TV. Can’t hardly wait for the next episode each week!

  101. I would love to win these.

  102. The Good Wife is one of our favorite shows. Interesting, thought-provoking story lines and top-notch actors across the board! I really enjoy the development of the personal dynamics and the strength of the female characters as they face varied personal and professional struggles. I also love to see the story line with Michael J. Fox. I’m always anxious for the next show! Great job!!

  103. love to win the dvds

  104. I would like to win

  105. One of my most favorite shows!!!!

  106. I would be so excited to win this

  107. I just got into this show 1/2 way thru season 2, so I would love to win the DVDs!

  108. I never win anything so winning would be amazing. I haven’t watched the show, only because I missed the first episode. I am quirky and won’t watch a show if I’ve missed the first few episodes. But I’ve heard nothing but great things and I am eager to watch. Thank you.

  109. My all time favorite show. I never miss it and would love to own season 1 & 2

  110. Would LOVE to win this !

  111. Thanks for the chance to win. I started watching but am WAY behind. This would get me caught up.

  112. If we are not home on the night of the show, we make sure we DVR it.

  113. I’ve heard this show is amazing. Would love to start watching it!

  114. Apparently I’ve been missing the best show ever. Winning this would redeem me with all my friends!

  115. Love this show! Julianna Margulies is awesome.

  116. I LOVE this show!!!
    I have been struggling to get caught up
    on this show. Not easy with little ones.
    Would love to win this and enjoy the little
    bit of oasis that the show has brought me.
    Getting out of my world for just a moment,
    like the old “Calgon, take me away” commercials
    I remember from childhood. The cast is sooo good.
    I love that this show intertwines both the law and politics. So entertaining.

  117. I was able to watch the first few episodes of the first season, but being a busy mom of two boys has relegated me to Spongebob, Team UmiZoomi, and homework on most nights now, lol! Would love to win this set so that I could watch them during a “mommy time” moment after their bedtime. :)

  118. I love this show! It
    would be great to win!

  119. I live in WYOMING and don’t have tv stations…believe it or not. I would enjoy seeing the series for the FIRST time!

  120. I’ve seen several episodes, but would love to start from the beginning.

  121. Love to start on the series! Only seen a few shows, looks good! :)

  122. me too!

  123. I would love this set! Thanks for the contest!

  124. This is one of the absolute best shows on tv at the current time. I used to love Dallas but I find “The Good Wife” even more exciting. I never miss a show.

  125. Love this show!

  126. Love The Good Wife!

  127. Honestly, I keep hearing people talk about how great this show is, but I missed out on the original seasons and didn’t know if I could jump in after the fact. Would love to win seasons 1 and 2 so that I could be up to speed! My sister thinks this show is the greatest!

  128. I’ve heard this is a good show & have been wanting to get caught up on it…this would be a great way!

  129. My daughter loves this show and she is a good wife. She is celebrating her 2nd anniversary on may 14th. And I would love to give her season one and two. And then I will be able to watch too.

  130. I have watched the good wife from the beginning, mainly because I like the lead actress and actor; Julianna and Mr Big…lol

  131. Such a great show. I never know what will happen next. Alicia is coming into her own. Watch out Mommie in law. She’s coming after you!

  132. I would love to win this. I’ve always wanted to watch the show, the previews always look good.

  133. I don’t always get to see The Good Wife so I would love to win this wonderful prize!!

  134. Would love to win this great show!

  135. Never miss an episode. Great show! Love it!!

  136. Would love to own a DVD!

  137. I love the Good Wife!!! I watched every episode for seasons 1 & 2. Now that it was moved to Sunday nights for season 3, I have to wait for the episodes to show up on On Demand. The storylines are real, the acting is believeable. A wonderful show.

  138. I’ve only seen the commercials, interviews on talk shows,read articles and seen comments on the web, but like some things in life, I GOTTA HAVE IT!

  139. Oh! This is such a great opportunity! I’m in love with this show, but I missed so many episodes from the second season and have been dying to catch up! Either way, one day I will own this!

  140. Would love to win so i can get on the good wife show

  141. Love the show. It’s one of the best.

  142. This is my all time favorite show. If I win, I will be ecstatic.

  143. i’ve always wanted to catch this show, but the timing never worked out. However I am recovering from foot surgery and while laying in bed for 2 weeks my best friend brought me a copy of LHJ, and it’s been great. When I saw the giveaway it seemed the perfect time to check it the show!

  144. Great writing and the chemistry between the characters is great. Love to watch it!!

  145. This is one of the few shows that my husband and I actually find time to sit down together and watch eveery week. It is an engaging drama with complex characters.

  146. I would love to be able to what The Good Wife on DVD.


  148. Love this show! Would love to win!

  149. One of my favorites. Would love to watch season one and two again.

  150. Love the show…especially the episodes with Michael J Fox. Sunday nights are sometime busy so having the DVDs would be great!

  151. Great show

  152. love this show never miss

  153. I have only recently discovered this show and love it! I would like the opportunity to get cauht up with the back episodes. Not only that , but the show is frequently delayed and my DVR only gets part of it!

  154. I am always ready for nine to see what happens next to Alicia and the rest of the cast. It is my favorite show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. The Good Wife is one of my most favorite shows !!! There is always a twist in the show and I just love Alicia. Of course I love Dianne too, She is a classy lady!!! Sometimes I want to get a stick after Will!!! But is is a great show!!

  156. I love this show!! Alicia and Dianne are strong and inspirational characters.

  157. GREAT SHOW! Have watched since the beginning. Would love to own the DVD’s!

  158. I have been a fan of this show since day one. I love the storyline and I love how strong the characters are. I have wanted the show on Dvd forever. I would love to win.

  159. This show is terrific! I rarely watch other shows twice, but I make an exception for the Good Wife!

  160. This is a terrific show. It is well written and well acted.

  161. This is my favorite show. I can hardly wait for the next episode to run. I would live to have season one and two.

  162. I love this show, it is my very favorite of all tv shows. I missed the first season, so I definitely would love to win season 1 & 2 that way I watch it from the beginning. Great Show…

  163. Since I go to bed at 10 pm i have to tape this show each week and watch it later
    This fills up my dvr before i can get to all of them plus i would like to “start Over” watching them from the beginning. Winning season 1 & 2 would allow me to start over and to clear out my dvr. This is an awesome show and I love Juliana. I am really excited at the prospect of getting this ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  164. This would be great to win. I’ve been meaning to try out this show :)

  165. I’d love to win this.

  166. This is a great show. The kind of show usually made with a man character but has a woman lead. She is independent and holds her own in a mans role.

  167. Would love to win so I could watch all the episodes at once.

  168. I love The Good Wife. It is my favorite show! This would really make my day if I win. Then I can watch all summer while I’m waiting for the new season to start! :)

  169. Good luck To the WINNER“~ wonder who it will be?….Me?

  170. I would love to win, this is a great show and I have misssed some episodes so I would love the DVDs.

  171. love the show – would love to win the DVDs

  172. I’m such a hit and miss watcher–I’d love to catch up!

  173. I haven’t seen the show but hear that it is fantastic. This would be a great opportunity for me to finally see it!

  174. Only watched two shows, but they seemed wonderfully written. Would really enjoy seeing the entire season.

  175. i would love to win

  176. I love the Good Wife. I would love to win this!! Great show!!!

  177. Would love to win!

  178. :)

  179. love the writing. so smart acting so restrained excellent

  180. Haven’t watched the show in a while, and would love to catch up.

  181. I love this program!!!From the first show I was hooked.

  182. LOVE LOVE LOVE The Good Wife! Pick ME, pick ME!

  183. I’ve only seen a few show… Would love to see all of them :)

  184. This is one of the best shows on TV!

  185. This is such a teriffic show. I would love to win these dvd’s. Thank you for the chance.

  186. Love this show!!!!!!!

  187. I would love to win. Such a great show!

  188. Have been dying to watch this. Please enter me to win dvds. thanks

  189. Love the show, the characters, and the story line – keeps your interested. I’m always surprised and can’t wait for the next episode.

  190. Love the Good Wife!

  191. There is nothing better than having the option of watching one episode or several based on your personal schedule. I haven’t had the chance to see The Good Wife, even though I have heard it is fantastic, I hope I win so I can snuggle up with a cup of tea and spend the entire day watching!

  192. This is my favorite show currently on TV. My husband and teenage kids all sit down with me and we watch this together. Great writing, acting and story lines. Would be great to win the DVDs!!

  193. A favorite. My husband and I are big fans. I love how Alicia stays calm in all situations. But she gets the last word!!

  194. My sister got me interested in The Good Wife – she passed away 3 months ago and Sunday nights watching The Good Wife make me feel close to her.

  195. My wife loves this, but we missed a lot of episodes. This will help!

  196. Thanks for the giveaway! I love watching The Good Wife.

  197. Woohoo, thanks for the opportunity! Love The Good Wife.

  198. Love the show – Julianna is awesome and I am so glad to have her back on TV. Long live the GOOD WIFE!!

  199. We began watching with this season and would thoroughly enjoy learning what transpired before.

  200. i love this show. But presently we have no cable or satelite hookup. We are remodeling an old farmhouse and decided not to get cable til done. Well, it has been almost two years and we are not done yet. So we have an occasional dvd to keep us from going crazy!!!!!! So i would love to win “the good wive” to keep my sanity!!!!! Please pick me!!!!! My honey would love it too, after all i hooked him on “desperate housewifes”!!!!!!

  201. I love this show!!!! But we do not have cable or satelite right now so i only get to see it if we are at someone else home.
    We are remodeling an 120 yr old farmhouse and agreed not to get cable til we finished the house. Well of course it is taking much longer then we originally expected!!!
    So we have the occasional dvd to keep us from going crazy. We could really use “the good wive” to keep our sanity til we finish our house.

  202. Would love to win!

  203. I’ve never seen this show, but if it’s as good as these comments indicate, I sure hope I win. I need lot’s of help being a good wife. Been married to the same man 40 years, but looking forward to improving.


  205. May absolute favorite show! Can’t wait until season 4 this fall.

  206. This would be the best win.

  207. One of the consistently best shows on TV. Can’t wait to see what happens next season!

  208. This is my favorites shwo and i would love to win seasons one and two. Hopefully my name will come up.

  209. Already submitted my name on the above comment.

  210. I have seen most of the shows, but would love to watch,from the beginning, enjoying them,catching up, all over again. A definite favorite!!

  211. I’m addicted to the show now, but I missed the first couple of seasons, so I would love to win this!

  212. This win would certainly make my day!

  213. This would be a great win. I love this show….

  214. LOVE the Good Wife!!

  215. I saw season one, but I am waiting for the libary to get season 2 so I can see it.

  216. I have been hooked since the very first episode…and make it a point to record it or watch it online if I cannot be home to watch. Bravo to all involved in the show!