Go Ask Gab: The Easiest Way to Add Some Style

March 30, 2012 at 11:02 am , by

This time of year is confusing. Last week people were rocking strapless maxi dresses and flip flops (a little early in my opinion, I don’t care if the temperature is in the 70s) and earlier this week I saw someone with a hat and floor-length puffy coat (lady, it’s not the dead of winter — put it away!). Mother Nature, or shall I say Global Warming, is all over the place and it’s reeking havoc with our wardrobes — among other things. I find my go-to accessory these days is a fun scarf. I leave my collection on the back of my door (that’s it, at right) and grab one to finish off my outfit. I spend a lot of time out and about and a boring military jacket or a black blazer sometimes needs a pop or color or print. It’s also a perfect accessory on one of those T-shirt/jeans/flats days when I want to look a bit more put-together and not sloppy. Scarves also hide wrinkles, which is perfect for me since I have a no-iron policy. I’ve collected a lot of scarves throughout the years but here are a few of my favorite brands.

Echo  is pretty much the godfather of all scarf companies. They have been around for 89 years and have a wide selection of scarves for all seasons (not to mention some great beach coverups).

Theodora & Callum has gorgeous printed scarves. Their site also has videos of all the ways you can tie the scarf, which is genius because wrapping scarves may seem easy but they are often a little tricky.

Lemlem is another favorite. Made in Ethiopia, they have the most amazing white gauzey scarves with neon stripes. They are truly unique!

Ann Taylor, Tory Burch, American Eagle, Club MonacoJ. Crew and Boden all carry great scarves as well.

So when the weather is fickle, make your life easier and tie one on. It’s the simplest and easiest way to add some style.

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  1. I adore scarves! They are by far my favorite accessory, I have light ones for spring and summer, and soft warmer ones for the chilly months. I recently went to Thailand and bought some gorgeous silk ones.

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  3. Where can I find the best resource for various ways to tie scarves?

  4. Thank you Gabrielle and LHJ! We couldn’t agree more: scarves are the most versatile and the easiest accessories for adding a little color, fun & sophistication to anyone’s outfit. We have 10 How-to-tie videos here for quick reference & inspiration! http://www.echodesign.com/blog/category/how-to-wear/

    Love, Echo.

  5. Excellently)))))))

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