Kids TV shows: The kind that won’t make you cringe

April 13, 2012 at 11:20 am , by

D-D-D-D-D-DORA! DORA DORA DORA THE EXPLORER!!!!!! If you’re a parent, there’s no doubt that you just shuddered from reading that. Listen, I know I should love her. My kids have learned more Spanish from Dora than from their Spanish-speaking father. And they love her. But, she’s just so annoying. I mean, I love a good exclamation point but why does every sentence need to be said with that much enthusiasm? Thankfully, we’re beginning to phase her out of our house. (Lily’s almost 4. I think it’s time.) And lucky for us, there are plenty of other cute, educational shows that have lovable characters – and even have good music. Here’s the Erneta-family approved list of fun kid’s shows:

Bubble Guppies (pictured) – In each episode, little mermaid/fish-type characters delve into one specific subject like flying in an airplane in Gup, Gup and Away or going to the hospital in Call Me A Clambulance. It’s fast paced and funny, with really cute songs. Don’t ask me how guppies have airplanes or hospitals but just trust me and go with it.

Team Umizoomi¬† – This is Lily’s current favorite. Cute little characters solve problems in Umi City using math skills. And there is nothing wrong with that.

The Backyardigans – We always love the music, dancing and most importantly, the creative storylines. It really shows kids that you can go anywhere right from your backyard just by using your imagination.

Olivia – I must say I was worried when I heard that the beloved character from Ian Falconer’s books was going to be made into a TV show but it really does work. That Olivia sure has a mind of her own – and we love her for it.

Sid The Science Kid – A cool kid that learns about science at home and in school. Bonus: fantastic music and dancing. (I have been know to bust out Gabriella’s playground dance moves in my living room. True story.)

Super Why? – Superheroes go into books to solve problems. The characters are adorable and seeing Lily put words together is a treat too.

Doc McStuffins – We’re loving this sweet new show on Disney Junior. It combines the toys-come-to-life concept of Toy Story with a kid vet – something my little girls are obsessed with right now.

Little Einsteins – Lily loves this one and I certainly have no problem with her learning about fine art and classical music.

I hope this list will give you something new to introduce your kids to. Because, let’s face it, you have to listen to it too! And life is too short for Dora, The Wiggles and Barney.

Happy watching!


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