Go Ask Gab: Clueless On What To Wear Right Now?

April 26, 2012 at 4:32 pm , by

Gab, what the heck am I supposed to wear this time of year? The weather is crazy! Please advise. — Olivia 

This question might as well be from all the ladies I know since I think we are all clueless right now. On Monday night, I was wearing 5 different layers at a baseball game and two days earlier I was in a short dress and sandals. To be honest there is no right answer but here are some tips:

  • Rock layers. Sometimes it’s very cold in the morning and then it warms up around lunch so layer up and add or remove as needed. Put a blazer or jean jacket over your new spring dress.
  • Bring your winter coats and puffers to the dry cleaners and tell them see ya in September. I don’t care how cold it is, they are wrong. Yes, I am talking to you, lady in the puffer and bare legs!
  • Keep your sweaters nearby. Chunky and t-neck ones should be put away but v-neck and crew necks are still fine, and even necessary. Cardigans are handy all year round. Sweaters can be worn with skirts or over lighter-weight maxi dresses.
  • Don’t put your boots and booties away either. They completely work this time of year. But any styles with fur or shearling should be stored. Bye-bye!
  • Remember what I said a few weeks ago about scarves! Learn it. Know it. Live it.
  • It’s still too soon for items like white linen pants, flip flops and super-summery dresses so hold your horses for another month.
  • Tights can be tricky. Personally, once I go tightness I don’t go back, but this spring has been quite chilly. There are no rules and tights can seem appropriate one week and completely wrong the next. Follow the temperature. It may feel silly but being cold is sillier.
  • If you are just constantly reaching for jeans (or black pants or the equivalent), don’t sweat it. The weather is making it hard to be stylish so just wear some fun jewelry or shoes and in a few weeks it will be easier to wear that dress or skirt.

Bottom line: Like anything else, trust your instinct. If it seems wrong it probably is—so don’t wear it. Godspeed…

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  2. I’m going 5to Florida in Nov thu Feb. Need tips on what clothes to take with me Driving, so space is not a problem. Thx