Win Kelly Clarkson’s New Album, Stronger!

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Ever since Kelly Clarkson won the first season of American Idol in 2002, she’s been America’s singing sweetheart. And 10 years later she’s still crankin’ out hit after hit, from power anthem “Since U Been Gone” to the more recent jam, “Stronger,” which is also the title of her new album. Still haven’t had a chance to take a listen? Well you’re in luck, because we’re giving away twenty-five copies of the deluxe version of Stronger, which also includes her hit single “Mr. Know It All.” Do your iPod a favor and enter to win by leaving a comment on this blog post. Good luck!

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702 Responses to “Win Kelly Clarkson’s New Album, Stronger!”

  1. I would love to win Kelly’s new CD, I love her music!

  2. Who says American Idol winners don’t have longevity? Kelly is a great example of taking advantage of her exposure with AI and becoming a great entertainer.

  3. Kelly is such an incredibly talented singer, love everything she does!

  4. love Kelly

  5. would love to win this–”Stronger” is one of my favorite work-out songs!

  6. This close to buying this CD.

  7. love her voice, especially when she teams up with country’s best like Reba and Jason Aldean!

  8. She’s still an ‘Idol’ of mine. Great voice!

  9. I really like Kelly Clarkson. She seems real down to earth. I would love to win this CD!

  10. I would love to win!

  11. I love Kelly Clarkson. I have been a huge fan of her ever since she was on the first season of American Idol.

  12. I was so happy when Kelly won American Idol. I have been a fan ever since. I always look forward to seeing her perform. I pray to one day see her perform “live”. Have not purchased this CD,yet for some reason–would be nice to win! Continued Blessings and success to Kelly!

  13. Kelly is my idol, ever since American Idol. She is a total inspiration and I appreciate this chance to win her new cd.

  14. Kelly is great would love to win her CD

  15. I love Kelly Clarkson! Thank you for chance to win!

  16. I love Kelly’s soulful voice. In addition, her fame doesn’t seem to have changed her. She’s talented,humble and a great role model.

  17. Love! :)

  18. I would love to win! Thanks for the chance.

  19. I would love to win this for my daughter. She adores Kelly.

  20. I would love to win this, I <3 Kelly!!!!!!

  21. Love Love Love Kelly. Her voice and down to earth attitude is top notch!

  22. I have to say she is my favorite of all the winners.


  24. love her music

  25. Love her music!

  26. Love Love Love Kelly! Her voice is awesome and her attitude is even better….top notch artist!

  27. Would Love to win a copy of Kelly’s CD! My daughter & I sing to her songs!

  28. love KELLY CLARKSON! listen to her music all the time! would love to win!

  29. I would love to win I like her music.

  30. i love kelly clarkson i want to win her cd because she brings joy to my heart.

  31. I would love to win this for my daughter! Thank you.

  32. would love to win! love her music!

  33. Being a Texas girl myself, I love Kelly and have loved her music since Idol. Very few artists have come as far as she has since being on that show. Kelly is honest, true to herself, and believes in what she sings about. She is also a down home country girl which will never change.

  34. Kelly Clarkson, the original American Idol winner, is still my favorite. Her music is relevant for many age groups — I’m 58 and I love to exercise to her tunes.

  35. I love Kelly! What a great giveaway!

  36. Love Kelly Clarkson and would love to win her new album!!!

  37. I want to win.

  38. Kelly just keeps getting STRONGER! I would love this!

  39. I love her voice! She really deserved to be the first American Idol, and she continues to show why she won.

  40. Love Kelly Clarkson and would love to win her new album!

  41. I would love to win a copy for my daughter!

  42. I have loved kelly since american idol! would love to win this!

  43. Love her!

  44. Thank you for the opportunity! Kelly is awesome!

  45. LOVE KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Count me in!

  47. Would love to win!

  48. Always a fan & she jus’ keeps on gettin’ better! It’s such a compliment when others R singin’ her stuff now on the singing shows. Means you’ve made it BIG! Enjoy the ride, we sure are! :) I’d LOVE to win your CD ~ Thanx LHJ!

  49. I love Kelly Clarkson! She was so amazing when I saw her here in MI at the Fillmore. Although not single now she was the type of single woman I strive to be. Don’t need a man to be happy…now that’s what I’m talking about! : )

  50. Would love to have! Kelly is so talented!!

  51. kelly’s my favorite idol winner!

  52. I can’t wait to hear this album, I’ve been waiting for her to release a new one. Thank you!

  53. Speaking life to bein chosen cause Shea a true talent in so many ways.

  54. Love Kelly! She is a great musician and her music has helped push me through some tough situations in my life!

  55. That particular song, I actually looked up because it speaks to all relationships and experiences as you go through life. Never give up on life and living it.


  57. Love Kelly… would really like to win!

  58. This would be a great addition to my song list!

  59. Love her voice!!

  60. We thoroughly enjoy Kelly’s music! Thanks!

  61. i find the music inspiring, especailly trying to come back from a double amputation.

  62. My entire family loves Kelly Clarkson, ever since her first time on american idol. She has a beautiful voice! Thanks for having this contest. We would love to have her CD.

  63. would love to win this new cd of Kelly’s – absolutely love her and her music

  64. I would love to win this new album. I have all of her others and have been a big fan since American Idol.

  65. I love Kelly Clarkson! I really want to win this!


  67. I would love to win this; she’s one of my fave singers!

  68. When I listen to Stronger, I think about all the kids that are bulliied. Stand strong!

  69. Love Kelly, and would be thrilled to win!

  70. Would love to win Kelly’s CD

  71. How Totally awesome that they are giving this away especially since she is supposed to be on American Idol this week.

  72. I would love to win this! I have been wanting this since it came out!

  73. Who wouldn’t love to have Kelly Clarkson’s new CD – she’s amazing – she’s proof American Idols can succeed – she’s pure public image……

  74. Love her new song. Good addition to my music collection.

  75. I love Kelly Clarkson! When her songs play while I’m at work it’s such a great pick me up- I would love her CD!!

  76. Been wanting to buy this

  77. Love this album!!!!!!! Would love a copy of my own :)

  78. Love, love, love her! She is authentic, the best part (kind of) I don’t think of her as an American Idol participant, I just think of her as this cool rocker chick. Good for you Kelly!

  79. Love her music she is a great talent love everything she is about!!

  80. Kelly has always been and still is my favorite American Idol. That girl can sing! Love her. <3

  81. One word …AMAZING!

  82. I would love to win this for my daughter!

  83. I love several songs of Kelly’s, but “Stronger” really has given me strength in dealing with a challenging personal relationship! I love it and it inspires me!

  84. Would love to win this.

  85. Kelly has an incredible voice and I love her music!

  86. Haven’t heard her new CD yet But I’m sure it’s going to be on my FAV list…thanks

  87. Kelly Clarkson is an inspiration and fantastic role model!

  88. Would LOVE her latest cd!!!

  89. Thank you, for holding such a wonderful giveaway, I truly appreciate it! I am a 3 time cancer survivor (age 10, brain tumor[Menegeoma], age 21 Uterine Cancer [discovered when I was 6 months pregnant], age 36 skin cancer), as well as a Service Connected Disabled Veteran (US Army 6 years). I currently am battling Fibromyalgia, Chronic Neuropathy, arthritis and Compressed Disc’s in my back (I am 3 inches shorter than I used to be). However despite my medical problems, I have succeeded in losing 115 pounds!!

  90. Everyone loves Kelly Clarkson! Would love,love,love her new cd! :)

  91. we share the same name so you know she’s great-

  92. I would love to win Kelly’s new CD. I absolutely love her voice and spirit!

  93. The first week I saw Kelly on American Idol, I picked her to win!

  94. I’ve loved watching Kelly on AI and she’s done amazing ever since!

  95. I would love to win this album….

  96. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… If that ain’t the truth!

  97. I am 71 and I really like this girl.

  98. I have been a long time fan of Kelly’s so I’d love to win this…it would be a first time for me to win anything,if I did. :)
    Never know til you try, right?????

  99. That girl can sing her butt off!

  100. Her lyrics always strike close to home.

  101. I love the song that Kelly sings with Jason Aldean.

  102. Kelly Clarkson was my favorite on American Idol then and she is one of my favorites now.. She is so talented and her music is fantastic!!!!

  103. Kelly has gone from awesome young talent to a phenomenal young woman! LOVE HER!!! I would so enjoy winning this album and the cover photo is beautiful!

  104. I love Kelly’s songs and her great voice.

  105. I would LOVE to win this – my whole family loves listening to Kelly Clarkson!

  106. Kelly rocks:-)

  107. I’m glad Kelly is now singing country also. She has a voice that sounds better and better.

  108. :)

  109. she is great i would love a cd.

  110. Love Kelly Clarkson!!!

  111. I would love to win this! :)

  112. Love her!

  113. Kelly has such a gift. I would really like to win her new CD.

  114. Would love to win this for my husband. He is a big fan.

  115. would like to win her cd, but is it??? they mention Ipod

  116. “Stronger” has been my theme song for my divorce. I would love to have this music and not have to wait for it to come out on the radio!

  117. Love her!

  118. Love kelly:-)

  119. Luv Kelly. she is the best!

  120. I love her music!

  121. Beautiful and a fantastic voice! I want to win!

  122. Stronger is one of my favorites.

  123. A beautiful young lady, inside and out. She is very talented, has a joyful personality and would be a great close and personal friend to have. She is quite special, indeed!

  124. Hooray!!! I love Kelly! I hope I win!

  125. I love Kelly’s songs. PICK ME! Please!

  126. Love her music!

  127. would love this

  128. Love Kelly Clarkson! Would love to win!

  129. I want to win! Pick meeeeeeeee!!!!!! I AM STRONGER!

  130. Kelly’s energy in her music gets my blood pumping, she is awesome!

  131. Loved her ever since American Idol

  132. My son loves Kelly; would be great to win this for him.

  133. I would really like to win. Love the new songs

  134. She’s got a voice.

  135. Love Kelly Clarkson’s voice. She is a real talent!

  136. the first American Idol and going strong. She continues to have such great hits. Love “Stronger”!

  137. i would really love to win this cd….

  138. Need this for my sister. She needs to get “Stronger” after a divorce!

  139. Love to win!!!

  140. I’ve been a fan of Kelly’s from the get go when I voted for her on American Idol. She is a true talent, both as a singer and a writer.

  141. would love this

  142. I love her title song.

  143. Very nice!

  144. Love her “Stronger” song.

  145. Yes > love it !

  146. Would love to win this – thanks for the opportunity!

  147. she such a great singer

  148. Great singer!

  149. Kelly Clarkson rocks country! Her voice is amazing, she is so real, and such a sweetheart. I only have her first album, but would definitely be listening to this one in the car over and over.

  150. Kelly is still the best American Idol winner of them all! I can’t wait to see her new show, Duets!

  151. Great Voice!! Down to Earth!! I love Kelly Clarkson!!

  152. Her music is very good

  153. I think her music is empowering to women of all ages. Love listening to her! She’s got staying power!

  154. nice prize!!

  155. Love this song. It’s one of her best so far.

  156. She’s good.

  157. What an awesome performer! I hope she is blessed with a very long career!

  158. What a pretty lady!

  159. I would Love to win Kelly Clarkson’s new album!

  160. Loved her from the beginning of Idol. Going to see her in concert this summer…so would love to own this CD. Thanks!

  161. Love Kelly Clarkson! Thanks LHJ for the cool interview!

  162. Love Kelly’s songs. Such an inspiration!!!

  163. I would love to win this. Kelly has a natural true beauty that shines thru along with a beautiful voice. I admire and respect the fact that she does not need to come out half dressed to sell her music and is secure in herself. A true artist!

  164. Love this song as it is so empowering!

  165. Kelly’s an awesome role model for today’s girls! Love her!

  166. I’m a 58 year old woman and I really enjoy Kelly’s music, especially when working out. She rocks my world.

  167. love to win is cd

  168. I would love to win Kelly’s cd!

  169. Kelly is such an amazing talent. I have watched her on American Idol and been to her concerts. It amazes me how down-to-earth she is as a person. Love your music!! Thank you.

  170. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A HUGE FAN OF KELLY since her idol debut! I haven’t had the chance to get her CD and it’s my dream to win this STRONGER CD, so if I win this I would just salute you guys! I hope you will pick me, please! I really am hoping to win this, because it would fulfill my dreams.


  171. Kelly is a testament to never giving up! She could’ve faded away after her Idol success but she keeps reinventing herself and singing her heart out. She is a personal & musical inspiration!

  172. Wow, I am a big Kelly . It seems like every song she sings was written just for me to help me deal with a situation in my life. She is so amazing! I would love to win her CD!

  173. I love listening to Kelly Clarkson’s music. Each album sounds fresh and amazing. Thanks for the opportunity to win her cd.

  174. Awesome!

  175. Can’t wait to hear the album

  176. Great music!

  177. I lived the interview

  178. Kelly Clarkson is a great singer. She has really great ideas and it seems like she is very smart. She inspires me to be a strong person and she is a strong person herself.Her songs actually have a meaning to it. (:

  179. I like that song “stronger ” a lot:) would love to win the album:)

  180. Kelly is one of my favorite singers. I would be so happy to win her new cd.

  181. Her music is addictive! love it!

  182. Love Kelly & her music, even more now that I know she rescues animals. We have a 3 legged Jack Russell Terrier that the breeder wanted to “put down, because it wasn’t worth any money,” fortunately the veterinarian wouldn’t do it and we were lucky enough to adopt her. Eleven years later she is still a great addition to our family. Kelly keep up the good work, love ya girl!

  183. I would love to win, I can’t get the “Stronger” song out of my head.

  184. I would love to win Kelly’s new CD ~ thanks for the opportunity!!

  185. Kelly is such an amazing inspiration to others. Her songs heal people everyday. Stronger is one of the best songs out there. I really speaks from the heart. Kelly is a talented and beautiful girl inside and out.
    I would love to win a copy of the cd. My two daughters love her and when Stronger comes on we love to sign it out loud with each other. Jenn

  186. I love her attitude and outlook – would love to win her new cd!

  187. I loved her already for her music but now I love her more for her animal farm. What a wonderful person!

  188. I’d love to win, thanks!

  189. Kelly is so talented! I love listening to her music!

  190. I love Kelly and would really like to win her CD!

  191. Would really enjoy having your Cd,as when I go to bed, I listen to music all night

  192. Love Kelly!! Listening to her in the Recovery Room after my car accident really helped me feel better. Both of my arms were broken but I am Alive!

  193. What a great role model for my daughters! She’s happy with who she is and not what others say about her body type! I think “Stronger” is an excellent song for all of us!

  194. Beautiful girl with beautiful voice. . .

  195. Kelly is Awesome and I love her energy.

  196. I luv Kelly Clarkson
    My favorite song Stronger and Mr. Know It All, You Love Me, Einstein,Standing In Front Of You, Dont Be A Girl About It, and basically the whole album. I luv more of Kelly Clarkson songs too. Like Breackaway, Since you been gone, and more.

  197. I luvv Kelly Clarkson
    I watched her movie
    I watched America Idol (everthing of her)
    I went to 2 of her concert (I luvved them)
    I luv that she helps poor animal, I luv that she a has a animal farm for aniamls that are unwanted
    My 3th favorite song of Kelly Clarkson is Stonger, i like what Kelly Clarkson put on her rib cage “What doesn’t kill you”
    I have a lot of prosters of Kelly Clarkson and I even made a Pic Collage of her.

  198. I luv her
    i would luvvv to win her CD
    It would be my dream

  199. I would love to win her cd.

  200. Sounds like a great CD, would love to win it!

  201. would love to win this cd

  202. Have loved Kelly since she was on Idol. Would love to have her new cd.

  203. I have only faithfully watched a full season of American Idol once. It was season one and that was because I wanted to root for Kelly Clarkson. I knew she would win and it was soooo exciting when she did!! I have never been as excited for any of the winners on that show since then. She’s a fantastic performer — extremely talented. I love her bubbly personality and she seems so friendly. I don’t believe she’s ever met a stranger. I love her voice when she sings a duet.
    Simply awesome. You go, girl!! Love you very much.

  204. As a cancer survivor, I sing, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” a lot.

  205. I really enjoy listening to Kelly ever since she won American Idol. Her voice is so beautiful. Can’t wait to see her on DUETS.

  206. I love her music. She keeps getting better and better. =]

  207. I love Kelly Clarkson. American Idol hasn’t been the same since that season! I would love to win this!

  208. would love to win this :)

  209. Kelly is awesome!

  210. would love to win this

  211. Kelly is a great singing. And really has a grip on what is important in life. She would be a great friend, daughter,or mother. She makes her own happiness because she has people that she knows and they love her.

  212. I’ve watched Kelly grow up with my daughter watching her on American Idol. She is a great role model. She lives in her own shadow. What a good girl. Love her new song, it’s always been one of my favorite sayings. “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Yes, indeed. I’d love to give her new CD to my daughter!

  213. Love Kelly Clarkson and her music. Her country ties are impressive also. I have been a country fan forever! I would love a chance to win this CD. Thanks LHJ!

  214. Great Teenage anthem, as well as those fighting life threating diseases!!! Love it!

  215. Kelly Clarkson is a role rodel to all young girls I love all of her songs she is a great singer my daughter and I love love her music

  216. Would LOVE to win this to give to my wife :-)

  217. Would love to win this album.I love her music.

  218. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome CD. :)

  219. Love Kelly! Love her music.

  220. Love Kelly Clarkson! She’s an awesome singer and seems like a great gal. Proud to live in the same city she does.

  221. Thank you!! This would be awesome to win!!!

  222. Love her and would love to win this!! :)

  223. Would love to win this cd :-)

  224. Would love to win Kelly Clarkson’s CD.

  225. I would love to win, i loved all her albums so far the only idol contestant i ever truly liked!

  226. Love Kelly Clarkson!

  227. I love Kelly’s songs, especially Stronger, and would really like this CD!

  228. I remember the first time I heard the song Stronger, I was at Busch Stadium watchin the Cardinals smoke the Cubs! LOL Sorry all you Chicago fans! :) Anyway, I loved the song and went home & asked my teenage daughter who sings it. I have been singing Kelly’s songs on Singstar with my sister-in-law too. My husband has a huge crush on Kelly! Who can blame him? She’s awesome! I would love to own this new CD! Heck! My whole family would love for me to own this CD! :)

  229. I’d love to win the ablum. My Granddaughters load my IPOD with a couple of Kelly’s songs and I love to walk to them. I’d love to win the album to load on my IPOD and to share with my Granddaughters to load on the IPOD’s. I’m 64 and need all the motivation I can get to be “Stronger” and around for my seven beautiful Grandchildren!!!!

  230. Had Chemo and it didn’t kill me and I hope I’m stronger for it. Kelly’s song meant a lot during that time.

  231. Love Kelly’s music and would love a CD of her new album, Stronger.

  232. Thank you for your music! It’s wonderful to see someone in entertainment who knows themselves and sticks with their values and morals. Your songs ROCK!

  233. Kelly and her music is an inspiration to many people.

  234. Love Kelly and her music. She is an incredible singer!

  235. kellys great!

  236. I would really like to win this CD. Love Kelly and her music.

  237. Love Kelly’s music. Would love to win the CD!!

  238. I would live to win this cd…i love her songs, they are so strong and talk to my heart… she will go very far!!! thanks for this chance to win a cd that i might not be able to get otherwise.

  239. She’s a strong woman, a great singer, and a fantastic role model. I’d love to win her CD and sing along!

  240. I would love to win, love her. Count me in.

  241. I love Kelly for just being Kelly. Down to earth and staying true to herself. One of the view pop stars my teenage girls actually admire.

  242. I love Kelly Clarkson’s music. I saw her and Reba together in concert. She is great!

  243. Never win stuff and would love to win this!!

  244. I would love to win this great album.

  245. I would love to win! I love her music and especially STRONGER!

  246. Love Kelly!

  247. A great role model for my 8 yr old daughter! We luv Kelly and her music! :)

  248. A great role model for my 8 yr old daughter! We luv Kelly and her music! She is an inspiration! :)

  249. A great role model for my 8 yr old daughter. We luv Kelly and her music! She’s an inspiration! :)

  250. I want really really really bad this album :x

  251. Can’t beat Kelly!!!!

  252. Thank you, Kelly, for making me believe I CAN be a stronger person in spite of what the world can throw at you!

  253. I would love to win Kelly’s new CD. I love the song, “Stronger” and am always thrilled when I hear it on the radio….not often enough for me!

  254. Oh, Kelly. What a nice example of a strong woman comfortable in her own skin and making her dream happen! I would love to hear the new CD!!

  255. I would love to win the CD but who doesnt?! Thank you for the giveaway, Journal and Kelly Clarkson for her hard work into her awesome CD.

  256. I have been a fan of Kellysince American Idol. Her music is awesome, and she seems just like any other gal!

  257. I love Kelly! This would be great to win.

  258. Kelly is very talented. Her music very inspirational! I am happy for her that she has been so successful.

  259. Love Kelly. Amazing!

  260. Kelly Clarkston has an amazing voice!

  261. I am sooooo happy Kelly has broadened her music to include rock, soul, and country. I have enjoyed the tv specials that she has been on to promote herself and her music. pp

  262. Stronger is such an inspirational song.

  263. Just love whatever she sings. Never afraid to try any kind of music just love that about her not locked into a certain kind of music.

  264. Kelly Clarkson – priceless!

  265. Kelly is a great singer. She and Jason Aldean sound great together. I haven’t heard her new CD but I love Mr.Know It All. It’s my favorite song right now! I also like that she has all those tattoos and they all have personal meanings to her(she doesn’t seem like a tattoo person)

  266. Wonderful singer!

  267. I would love Kelly’s new CD. She was amazing on AI & I love her duets w/all the country people!

  268. I am 69 yrs old but still love Kelly Clarkson’s music. She is a good example to others and can sing all kinds of music. Thanks, LHJ!!

  269. Enjoy Kelly’s music – very inspiring.

  270. Love kelly! She is so inspirational and so identifiable! Thanks for the fun contest!

  271. Kelly is a lovely talented girl and I enjoyed
    hearing her sing on Dancing with the Stars.

  272. I’ve really been inspired by Kelly and her music.

  273. I’ve liked Kelly ever since her first album and I can’t wait for this one! Kelly is great!!!

  274. keeping my fingers crossed love this song!!!!!!

  275. Kelly has a great voice and I love her music. Thanks for the opportunity to win her latest CD.

  276. Love the song Stronger

  277. I love Kelly! Her music too!

  278. LOVE Kelly!

  279. I would love to win this album!

  280. I love Kelly Clarkson she is an amazing singer look how far she has come since American Idol not only is she a pop singer but a great country singer as well love her music and I would love to win her CD

  281. Kelly is one remarkable woman.

  282. Yes, please! Looking forward to hearing it.

  283. Kelly has really made a name for herself and become a true & wonderful American Idol success story – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!

  284. I agree with Kelly, something sounds fishy with BOTH of her people in the bottom two. The girl she sang with last night was AWESOME. They sang beautifully together and I agree with the judges, sometimes it was hard to tell who was singing what, they sound very similar.

  285. oh man, forgot to record that one!

  286. My son would love this!

  287. Kelly is pure talent! She looks great and seeing her last night is motivating me to get in shape.

  288. Love, love, love Kelly!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  289. Love Kelly’s music would love to win the cd

  290. I Wanna Win <3 :) She is Has a,Great Voicee & I Love her Sonqs

  291. Enjoy her music,love her personality and people skills.

  292. Love her music. Would love to win her cd.

  293. would love to win this Kelly Clarkson CD – I love her music

  294. Kelly is amazing!

  295. Her new song is very inspirational. I would be grateful to win her new CD.

  296. This would be great to win, Love her voice!!

  297. Would love to win this new CD.

  298. Going through a very difficult time right now. Kelly’s “Stronger” has become my theme song! My teenagers actually made me a picture frame for Mother’s Day. It contains there pictures with a quote from the song around the outer edges. “If it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger!” Thank you Kelly for the inspiration.

  299. My husband has discovered Kelly Clarkson after all these years and he loves her new music.

  300. I would love to win!!

  301. I love Kelly paired with Reba.

  302. I would love to win this cd!

  303. I liked the program, however so you can dance was on at the same time so switched back and forth. Would love the album

  304. Kelly Clarkson is awesome! Her talent has endured long past her American Idol roots.

  305. Sorry I missed it!!

  306. Watched and loved the first season of American Idol and have LOVED Kelly’s music ever since!! So thrilled that she has another new album coming out!! Keep up the good work Kelly!! :)

  307. I love giveaways! CDs are always fun!

  308. She’s the best – a phenomenal range in her voice and as cute as can be!

  309. i love kelly clarkson and i would love to win her cd!

  310. Kelly Clarkson is amazing!!!!!

  311. After seeing the clip last night of her in concert I went on line this am and ordered tickets for her concert in my area in August! Can’t wait

  312. No doubt about it……Kelly’s voice is The Voice :)

    I’d love to win your CD!

  314. I want to win.

  315. Kelly is an inspiration to follow your dreams. She is young and knows what she wants. I love her music and it makes me want to dance.

  316. I saw her last night on Duet. Love her!

  317. I would love to win Kelly’s new CD. Thank you for your consideration!

  318. I love Kelly’s music and a CD would be great!

  319. I love her new cover!! Kelly Clarkson is awesome and I would love her CD!!

  320. fun! love her!

  321. We saw Kelly at mom s weekend at WSU and she was amazing! Especially loved her video she made from Africa. Her voice is gorgeous just like she is!

  322. Just love her and her songs!! Followed her since her Idol days. Very energetic and vibrant

  323. She is such a great performer and sings as strong as her CD!!

  324. Kelly is awesome!! Would love to win!

  325. What love to WIN!!!!! :) ) Thanks!!! :) )

  326. Stronger … speaks to me!

  327. I have watched you and admired you since American Idol!! I would love to win your new CD!!!

  328. LOVED Duets! Kelly, you’re such an inspiration to so many. Hearing (and watching) you sing makes me smile, every single time!!!

  329. Awesome, thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  330. I would love to win her new Cd. I can’t afford to buy it because of all my medical co pays. Kelly your music takes me to a place where I can forget about the pain I am. God bless you cause I am sure your music helps others as well.forgot the issues they are dealing with.. weather its illness or Money problems to be able to put your issues in draw for just a little bit is a God sent and you are furled angle

  331. Yes!

  332. Would Love this cd!!!!!

  333. She is an awesome lady! Love her voice and music!!!

  334. Kelly is still by far my favorite Idol in all of the seasons. KC fan forever!!

  335. I love Kelly and would love her new cd!

  336. Love kelly

  337. Would love to win a copy!!! Thanks!!!

  338. Kelly is awesome !! She is so down to earth, funny, and still Is a rockstar!!

  339. I loved her from the first audition she did on AI. I voted for her all the way! GREAT voice!

  340. I absolutely love Kelly Clarkson. She has been my favorite singer since she won American Idol. I love how she stays true to herself and doesn’t let anyone else tell her what to do. My favorite CD of hers was the one that had all the bad hype and no one listened to. I love her and would love to win the CD :)

  341. i want it!!!!

  342. I would love to get this special cd. Thanks for considering. :-)

  343. Kelly is my FAVORITE singer and I would love to win her new album. Thank you!!

  344. I would love to win this!!! :) <3 KC!!!

  345. Kelly Clarkson is one of my favorite female singers. I love that her music covers pop, rock and country sounds. I think I relate to her music a lot because we’re the same age. Listening to her songs sound like a conversation with a friend. I love that about her!

  346. Kelly has such an amazing voice I love her music

  347. I would love to win this CD!!

  348. Pretty please with sugar on top!!

  349. Kelly Clarkson is such an inspiration. She is one of the very few role models in the music industry…I look forward to my children loving her as well.

  350. Love her singing and her attitude!

  351. I love all your songs you’ve ever written! You rock!!!!!! <3333

  352. Stronger is a great song, with many truths.. and dark side too..

  353. Kelly has gotten me through every rough time in my life. Breakups, deaths of loved ones, everything you can imagine. She is truly like no other and she gives me so much hope. (:

  354. Even if i don’t win her CD I would buy it, I have so many of her CD’s already, she is just absolutely fabulous!
    A fan forever!

  355. Kelly Clarkson is such a role model. She hasn’t let fame and fortune get to her head and doesn’t turn out filthy music. Such and inspiration!

  356. I really love her voice and music…she is amazing…..i would like to have her new album!

  357. Kelly is absolutely amazing, her voice is wonderful!

  358. I need some Kelly in my life

  359. She is not just the greatest American idol, but really one one the greatest vocalists of the last Decade…LOVE all Her music, Seen her LIve and was blown AWAY . Fan 4 Life

  360. I would love to win Kelly Clarkson’s new CD “Stronger” Kelly is an all around amazing singer and a beautiful person inside and out. Her music relates to the fans on a very personal level and helps a lot of us get through some rough days. Kelly sends such a good message and makes such a positive role model which is needed in a society like today’s. I love Kelly Clarkson!!

  361. Kelly is one of the greatest singers in the world. What an inspiration.

  362. Loves it!

  363. Kelly is amazing! I’d love to see her live once :) .
    And her album, would be great!

  364. I’m a big fan of KC! I went to see her concert for the first time in my life, at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta back in February and it was incredible. I already have a copy of her Stronger album but it’s a regular version. I would love to own the deluxe version too! :)

  365. Please, pick me, pick me!!!

  366. I would love this CD. She has gotten me through a lot of dark dark times.

  367. Kelly Clarkson is the defintion of an idol. She can take a simple song a turn it into a masterpiece. She has a voice that capture your soul in every word she sings! She in my eyes will always be the #1 American Idol and also one of my heroes!! It would be a dream come true to win one of her cds. Love ya Kelly!!!

  368. I love Kelly Clarkson! She is such an inspiration on how to be a strong woman. Her songs have gotten me trough so much in my life!

  369. I’ve been Kelly’s #1 fan since idol! Seen her in concert twice and I have all of her CDs! Love her!

  370. PICK ME! I promise if I win this Deluxe Kelly Clarkson CD to play it in my Salon for all my clients to hear for one month straight. ;-)

  371. Love Kelly Clarkson! Great talent- now get to enjoy watching her on “Duets”. Kelly’s songs are songs that both my husband and I love! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  372. Kelly just keeps getting better and better! Love the songs and her new show, Duets!!

  373. I have loved Kelly Clarkson since she was on idol. My girls and I do the “Stronger” dance together. They are 4 and 8, they love her too!

  374. Love Kelly! Seen her live 3 times. Better each time.

  375. Love Kelly! She’s such an inspiration!

  376. ME! ME! ME!

  377. I Love Kelly Clarkson , and her musc. There isnt a track that I dont like. Her music is life-changing, and I literally dont spend a day without listening to her songs. Her music gives me strength to move on in my life :)
    Greetings from Finland,

  378. Kelly Clarkson is great! Definitely one of my favourite artists right now! Would love to win her CD :)

  379. Kelly Clarkson is a very inspirational singer! Stay beautiful! ~^^~

  380. The talent Kelly has is one of a kind. She always produces great songs with great lyrics without needing to sell herself out for publicity and fans. She is genuine, which is hard to cone across in todays role models.

  381. I love Kelly Clarkson’s music, especially “Mr Know it All.”

  382. Kelly is so amazing and talented! I have been the biggest fan of her since American Idol! She is such an inspiration to me and she is so awesome! I would love to win her cd she is so talented I love all of her songs and she is a gift from God! I LOVE YOU KELLY!! <3

  383. Her new album is amazing! Love it :) <3

  384. Her music has gotten me through some tough times and I continue to love everything she puts out! She is my favorite go to artist for the rides to work, my gym playlist and to rock out too. Rock on Kelly!

  385. I already have Stronger, but I couldn’t find the Deluxe Version and only have the regular! I would LOVE to win the Deluxe Version, then I could give my regular copy to a friend and spread the Kelly Love! :)

  386. BEST AMERICAN IDOL EVER!!!!! I am a diehard fan I would love a copy of Stronger:-)

  387. Her Stronger album is amazing. I hope that Kelly will one day arrive to CZECH REPUBLIC. I live here… I have her albums and singles too, but I really want this deluxe album. I don’t know if I can win, I am from Czech… But I really love miss Kelly.. One day I will meet her. Just believe! :-) Sorry for my English…

  388. would love to win her new recording and I enjoyed her on duet too!!! she should NOT have been in the bottom with her duets!!!!

  389. Love me some Kelly Clarkson… Great voice and soooo freeking. Down to earth… On Dwts she always compliments the dancers when most singers just don’t care… Oh and she was totally robbed on duets last week!

  390. I already own a digital copy from itunes but would love a cd version. SHE is stronger and you can feel her emotions in each lyric each lik. each chorus.. You are soaring girl !!!

  391. Kelly is not only a great singer but she is so genuine. She is not afraid of being herself and I love the fact that she doesn’t take everything so serious. Her voice is amazing and the fact that she can transcend genres proves it. I wanna win!

  392. Kelly is one of my favorite artists besides Reba! She is truly an American Idol and a great role model. She truly has the pipes to sing!

  393. If you all “love” Kelly so much, then you would already have this cd!

  394. I’m sure that most people have their own stories to tell about how music keeps them going, makes the day better, just makes you want to stop and groove….I will keep it simple. Kelly is just an amazing person with a beautiful voice. I hope she is able to continue to do what she loves as long as she is able to love it! Congratulations on all her success and continued luck in the future! Thank you for keeping us grooving when we work the days away!!! :)

  395. Kelly is amazing and a true artist! She has remained humble through everything she has done!

  396. Kelly when we want to give up…Stronger really helps us become STRONGER!!!

  397. Kelly was the first American Idol winner and she along with Carrie Underwood has had the best career. Seeing Kelly on Duets was so good and the producers made a great pick in choosing her for the show. I would love to get a copy of her CD…esp for the song Mr. Know It All!! Love it!

  398. Id love to win! I love kelly I’ve been a huge fan since idol!!!

  399. omg her songs have made my life eaiser x

  400. Kelly, you’re music has been a huge inspiration. It has helped me get through a lot of tough times, and I really appreciate it. I wish you the best in your music career :)

  401. I have loved Kelly since her AI days and continue to love her music, voice and spirit.

  402. would LOVE to win this; had already bought my daughter the original CD B4 the delux was on sale, now she wants the deluxe but money being tight I would hate to buy a whole new cd for a few new songs; unfortunately my iTunes computer was stolen or else I’d get them that way.

  403. I LOVE KELLY!!! I would love to win! She is my favorite!

  404. Love KC! Her voice is so emotional & love to hear her reach up and “grab” those high notes! Would be thrilled to win!

  405. I have a few of the songs on my ipod but not the complete CD…would love to get the deluxe edition, Kelly is an inspiring woman for everyone to look up to. xoxo

  406. It would mean alot to receive this CD! I dont know what my chances are but Kelly has proved time and time again that the odd just might be in your favor, so you never know til you try! ” It seems the harder I work the luckier I become”. Thays not a quote from Kelly but its an undertine I get when I see what she has done with her career! Thats something to look up to and I most certainly do! I know Im one of many but this me putting myself out there and trying! Thanks for the consideration!

  407. Kelly’s written a song about every guy Ive ever met! And she is still the most talented “Idol” yet :)

  408. kelly has been a favorite of mine since she first auditioned for idol and i have been a fan of her music ever since :) keep continuing to grace us with your music kelly! keep up the greatness!

  409. I have loved kelly since her very first audition on American Idol.

  410. Would love to see her live, but love her cd’s. Love “Since you’ve been gone”

  411. I’ve loved her ever since I first heard “Thankful” in 6th grade – I would love to win a copy of her latest album!

  412. I love Kelly Clarkson, she is such an inspiring woman for everyone to look up to and be moved by!

  413. I love Kelly!!! Love love love her music! This CD really touches home with me thanks to the guy I’d like to forget!

  414. A beautiful lady with a BIG voice! Love x

  415. You are the reason I stayed strong , in 2007 my best fried died in a car accident and two days later we were supposed to go see you in concert and I am glad I still went in her memory

  416. I have followed Kelly Clarkson since she released her first single and she has gotten better and better with time she truly IS the only TRUE American Idol and will always be, there is nothing like the original and she truly is original, there are many imitations but there is only 1 AMERICAN IDOL and thats Kelly

  417. Kelly is amazing and her music so uplifting and positive! I would love to be able to hear her cd everyday and night!!!!
    Keep up the great influence to us all Kelly!!!!
    Love ya!

  418. Love me some Kelly Clarkson. I ran a half marathon last month listening to her song STRONGER over and over!

  419. pick me pretty please, love her music. she is amazing! xx :)

  420. I am Kelly’s biggest fan, she is by far my favourite singer and it would mean a lot to me to win this CD. But if I don’t then I will live on because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  421. I love kelly clarkson!! her music is amazing and its helped me through alot in my life. I love u kelly!!!

  422. She’s STILL the best American Idol & her music gets “Stronger” as she goes on. Thanks for all the great tunes Kelly!

  423. I bought this iTunes version the day it came out, but would love to win a delux copy of the CD. My daughter and I watched Kelly the first season of Idol, then my daughters first concert was Kelly. We went to Reno for her show, but she got sick and it was cancelled. My daughter was crushed. So then we had to go to California to see her. My daughter loved her immensely from that moment on.

  424. I have always loved Kelly! It was her voice that got me hooked on season 1, and her charming personality. (My life was always music & I have always been a singer . I prefer female voices to male because they’re more fun to sing!). I have loved every album that she’s come out with. I played “Breakaway” for years!!! I have so many memories associated with her songs!

  425. no matter how i am felling as a single mother of 2 girls . we her Kelly singing & we just get empowered & start dancing ! She lets me know no matter what I’m going through it will get better… Rock on Kelly !!!!!!!!!

  426. Kelly’s. Music and songs are such an inspiration and helps me get through a lot. She is such a blessing. She is beautiful inside and out and I love her

  427. <3 <3 <3 stronger

  428. I still think the first American Idol is the best American Idol!

  429. Kelly Clarkson is a great girl. Had the opportunity to catch her live for the 1st time in my home town and she is awesome. She puts on a great performance.

  430. I love Kelly! Would love to win!

  431. I love her!!!! She is so beautiful in every way. I use the rock band microphone and sing her songs without the rockband !!!!

  432. pick me pretty please, love her songs. she is so amazing! xx :)

  433. I love Kelly’s spirit! She has always been my fav AI! would love to win her CD….I never enter contests..fingers crossed…

  434. Kelly sings about true life, empowering yourself and about real heartbreak. Not only do I love her music and lyrics that inspire me and help me get through the day but I love how humble she is for being such a big star. She seems so genuine and down to earth and is one of the only artists that hasn’t let the “hollywood” lifestyle take away the essence of who she truly is. Thank you, Kelly!

  435. The first American Idol will always be the best :)

  436. I’d love to win Kelly’s new CD! She’s an awesome singer. Period!

  437. Kelly Clarkson is an incredible talent.
    She has a powerful and soulful voice not often heard in today’s music scene.
    She brings a certain uniqueness that cannot be compared.

    I would love to win a copy of her latest CD!

  438. Kelly, ur my American idol!!! I love all of ur songs, biggest dan ever!!! thank u so much for being in my life, especially during difficult times.

  439. She is the ONLY American Idol!! I already own most of the individual tracks, but this would be awesome!

  440. Kelly is by far the most talented “Idol” contestant..!

  441. Have loved Kelly since she was on American Idol and voted for her!!! ;)

  442. Kelly is absolutely amazing! She’s so pretty, talented and very natural. She doesn’t pretend someone she’s not. I love her music so much and I can’t imagine my world without her. Having her new album ‘Stronger’ is one of my dreams and I really don’t over the top.
    I’m from Polnad and I see that Kelly has funs all over the world :)

  443. I LOVE KELLY, SHE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) Would LOVE to win her cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  444. Ever since being diagnosed with Leukemia I have used her song “Stronger” as my anthem! Love Kelly!

  445. Love her music!

  446. Kelly Clarkson, you’ve been my favorite from day one of AI. May you continue to inspire people through music. God bless you!

  447. Kelly Clarkson is one of the most successful “idols” every and has one of the best voices in the biz. Would love to receive her Deluxe Version of “Stronger”! Go Kelly!

  448. Kelly is such a powerful and inspiring artist and a positive. Not too many who perform with confidence. Love Kelly

  449. Ive loved Kellys music for such a long time. Ive hone through a divorce and have custody of my teenage daughter, so I can really relate to most of her songs, as far asdating relationships, mother/daughter relationships, and so on. She has such a strong voice, and she’s such a talented artist. Because of my struggles, I couldnt afford to buy her music, but would appreciate winning it. Thank you for the opportunity.

  450. Kelly rocks! #1 Idol!

  451. Love her!

  452. I have always love Kelly Clarkson and her newest song “Stronger” is amazing. Her music inspires me to be a strong woman!! I love her so much!! :) <3 "What doesnt kill you makes you stronger" Is definitly a motto I have had to live by my whole life and I have become a stronger person because of it all. So it makes this song even more amazing to me.


  454. I am such a HUGE Kelly fan!!! And noW I get even more of her on Duets!!!

  455. Kelly is still my favorite Idol winner. I’ll listen to her as long as she’s making music!

  456. Love Kelly! Her spirit and strength has inspired many women of all ages, including myself for ten years now, and she shows no sign of slowing down.

  457. Love Kelly! She is the original and the best American Idol! Stronger is one of her best songs yet!

  458. Have loved Kelly since watching the 1st American Idol…& I still think she is favorite winner

  459. Love kelly! And every song of her!

  460. La-la-love Kelly Clarkson (: <3
    Would love to win

  461. Oh my, it would be a pleasure to win Stronger because this album really makes us stronger ones i bet :)

  462. Kelly Clarkson is my IDOL!!! Her music makes me stronger even on the worst of days!!!!

  463. Absolutely love Kelly!!!! So glad she went out for American idol!!!

  464. Love Kelly!!! Thanks for this great opportunity!

  465. Kelly is still making powerful music. Her music really does make you feel “Stronger”. Here’s to another 10 years and more!

  466. I would love to win her CD!! I am huge fan of her music and she is the most amazing singer in the world.

  467. Love every song of her !! She’s just amazing and talented!!

  468. Kelly is the original and the best..not to forget shes drop dead sexy and realistic

  469. I would so love this cd! My music collection really needs updated especially with Kelly’s music :-)

  470. I have been a KC fan since watching her on AI. So many of her songs have literally told the story of my life. It is as if we share parallel lives, especially since “Stronger” has been released. I have recently gained control of my emotions and feelings, and no longer allow other people to control me through their negative words and actions. I am a single mother who has raised two girls on my own, and recently graduated with a BA in Music Education at the young age of 43. I’m sure that there are plenty of other more deserving fans, but I would be honored and grateful to receive such an inspiring piece of art. Sincerely, a KC fan for life.

  471. Love your music!!!! Always my fave, would love your new cd!

  472. I would love to win her CD. She is the best.

  473. Pick me, it would make my day after a rotten month!! =D

  474. The first and still the best idol the show ever produced.

  475. Pick me pick me! I love her! What a voice and what a personality. I don’t have a physical copy of stronger and would loveeee one(:

  476. Love, love, love her!!!!!!!!!!!
    My favourite singer of all time, would be lost without her music.

  477. I saw Kelly in concert at Radio City Music Hall during the winter.

  478. Absolutely love Kelly!!! I only watched American Idol because of hearing her voice!!! She’s an inspiration!!

  479. Kelly is amazing! She set the bar really high for Idol.

  480. I don’t care what anyone says. Kelly’s My December CD is one of the best CD’s I’ve ever listened to. It has gotten some of the worst reviews from critics but it has gotten me through some of the worst times in my life. It may have in fact saved me. Kelly is an amazing and talented artist and I will forever be one of her biggest fans.

  481. I would love to win Kelly’s cd. My daughter and I love to sing her songs in the car!

  482. Ooh, Kelly’s been one of my favorite singers since her Breakaway album :) Woo!

  483. Such a beautiful voice for such a beautiful person. I love Kelly Clarkson and the wonderful music she makes! P.S. a free cd would be great!! *wink*wink*

  484. i love kelly!! she is so ispirational and relatable, her songs have been there with me through many times( good and bad) and continue to do so. its like every song she has and will have, has meaning to my life, i love kelly!

  485. Kelly is awesome

  486. Kelly’s music can save a life.

  487. I dont care what anyone says. Kellys My December CD is one of the greatest CDs ever. It had some of the worst reviews from critics but it has gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life, if not saved me. Kelly is an amazing and talented artist and I will forever be a fan!

  488. What an awesome giveaway! How bout one for her number one fan??? I love Kelly so much. As a teenage girl she has been an inspiration for me personally and musically since I was 8. She is so sweet in person. My dream of meeting her came true in January and I will never forget how amazing she was.

  489. I would love to win this!

  490. AS much as I love Kelly which is my favorite woman signer since she started.
    I wish there wouldnt have a stupid rules of ONLY in the USA can enter to win …

  491. i LOVE kelly clarkson! plus i’m legit too broke to buy this on itunes because i can’t afford a gift card haha so pleaseee pick me! :)

  492. Kelly is an inspiration to many people who just dream to become something, and go out and work hard and get to live their dream. I took my daughter to her concert, and my daughter said it was the best concert ever, and I have taken her to a few. She gives my daughter confidence through her songs, and I so appreciate that. Thank you.

  493. My daughter and I love Kelly Clarkson! Since the beginning, I have been a die-hard fan, my daughter is 5 and sings along! :-)

  494. One of the things I love most about Kelly is her integrity; she’s not afraid to march to the beat of her own drum, make the music she wants to make – no matter the cost. What confidence and courage! Kelly, you absolutely rock!!!

  495. I’ve always been such a huge fan and supported Kelly through her ups and downs. We really “don’t know a thing” about Kelly. She’s had so much phases throughout her decade long career — that has included dominating the world with Breakaway and the criticized My December. One thing that has remained consistent (though never boring) is her MUSIC and her VOICE. Kelly will always be my favorite artist and it would be a great confirmation of the effort I do to support Kelly by winning this CD.

  496. Kelly Clarkson is such an amazing and inspirational artist. This woman has faced all the odds in her life and everytime she comes back stronger. Kelly tries her best to go above and beyond to help those in need. She is such a genuine individual who has so much potential. She is destined for greatness.

  497. I watched Kelly win the first season of American Idol and havent stopped being a fan. I keep up on her page to find out when she will be on a show or a concert near me. I love her free style attitude about life. I wonder how she would have been on the new Idol with all the fancy clothes, hair and makeup and awesome stage setups, voice coaches, bands and the star treatment. She won with the bare bones first season of just a stage. Congrats Kelly and enjoy your success you have earned it.

  498. My daughter has followed her for years & we are both inspired by her comments and the fact that she doesn’t let weight be a major factor in her career more young women need to be like her! Inspirational

  499. She has always been my favorite! Stronger is the best workout song!

  500. I would love to win Kelly’s new album in the deluxe version. I own several of her albums and have purchased some singles off itunes. Pick Me!!! Kelly keep knocking out of the park, i love your music.

  501. I love Kelly’s music!!! She’s so inspiring, her voice has helped me survive all of my heartaches.

  502. I have loved Kelly Clarkson since she auditioned for American Idol and had Randy move so she could take his seat lol! I also loved the fact that she told her best friend that if she won she would buy her the car of her choice and she kept her word and bought her a convertible corvette! Kelly is a class act :)

  503. Kelly has an amazing voice and fights for what she belives is right. She is also very down to earth dispite being such a well known. Kelly has a great sense of humor and I love, love her music!

  504. I have been a fan of hers since her win on American Idol and would absolutely love to add this CD to my collection of Kelly Clarkson tunes:)

  505. I have her other albums, I’d love to win this one!

  506. How can you not love Kelly Clarkson and her music!!

  507. Kelly Clarkson is a role model to me. <3. Her music is amazing and she is so strong and confident with herself.

  508. Kelly song “Stronger” is my daughters theme song after an especially tough year. They needed a break. So My husband and I flew our daughters from Texas to Reno, NV. just to see Kelly in concert. Over my lifetime it was one of the most personal and surreal concerts ever. I will forever be a fan. Love you Kelly !!!!!!!

  509. First of all , I really like KElly Clarkson , WHY? because she’s so different than any other artists today. She never change her genre which is so good because the fact that music industry sucks and I guess there’s only few singers who is still making good music (included her of course , she’s one of that singer) She’s also my role model because she make music that is good and clean which is really COOL. I love all of her songs , especially in this album , I hear some of her songs in this album. But really i’m dying to get this album . I actually planning to buy this but I don’t have enough money :(

  510. Kelly is such an amazing artist! Would absolutely love to have a copy of her new CD. In my opinion she’s the most talented artist to ever come out of American Idol and her music has always been so inspirational to me.

  511. Kelly is a true artist, and seems like she has been able to remain down to earth. I enjoyed watching her on duets last week. Her voice is a power house, and you just dont hear that in many artists today.

  512. Hi- I LOVE Kelly and would LOVE to win her new album! Thanks so much for the offering this to her fans!

  513. Have loved her since AI!

  514. I love Kelly Clarkson!! I want to win a CD sooo bad!

  515. I love Kelly Clarkson. She is such a excellent singer, and a great talent in the music industry!

  516. I love Kelly Clarkson! She has an amazing voice.

  517. My good friend went to her concert and had an awesome time; wish I could have been in Georgia and went with her. I love her music and I would really enjoy winning this great cd!

  518. Kelly’s songs “Stronger” and “Break Away” truly inspire me.

  519. I love Kelly Clarkson!

  520. I would love to have one of her CD’s. I love her music & I especially love it when she teams up with Reba! :o )

  521. I want to win! :)

  522. Kelly is AWESOME! she is my role model! I’ve loved her ever since she started!

  523. I would love to win Kelly’s deluxe edition of STRONGER! Kelly Clarkson has an amazing voice & can sing like nobody’s business. & she is totally right about What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You #Stronger! Love that song!!! =)

  524. Thanks so much LHG for offering this out too the Kelly Clarkson fans. Shes an amazing Artist and seems so down too earth. Have loved her music since AI. Good luck too her and good luck too the winners!! <3

  525. I would love to have a copy of this CD. I bought it already but it was defective and I only got to listen to it once! I’ve been a Kelly fan since American Idol and even voted for her!

  526. Yay Kelly! Fan from day 1!

  527. I would love to win her CD!!! I went to her concert in Utah in March and it was amazing!!!!

  528. I love Kelly clarkson! Stronger is my favorite song!

  529. I love all her songs, her voice is magical. One of the best, no wonder she won the first AI. And her beauty is a great bonus :)

  530. I would love a copy of Kelly’s cd : )

  531. My husband and I picked Kelly as our favorite from show 1, season 1 of American Idol. She has remained one of our favorites all these years later. Would love her new cd.

  532. I would just love a copy of Stronger!!!

  533. #1 Idol-Kelly Clarkson!

  534. “Ahhhh Kelly Clarkson!”

  535. I have all Kelly Clarksons cds and it would be awesome to own this one. She is one of my favorite artist!

  536. I LOVE KELLY CLARKSON!! My daughter was only 4 when she went to her first Kelly Clarkson concert.

  537. Gotta love Kelly Clarkson!!!! :)

  538. Kelly Clarkson is a true idol for our youth today. With her remarkably insightful lyrics and wholesome image, Kelly is a favorable alternative to GaGa and Madonna.

  539. Kelly Clarkson has the moat inspiring music and I find it really comforting but I can still dance around my room and go crazy. I haven’t got her new cd and I really really want it. And she’s gorgeously stunning!!!

  540. I would love to win it especially if it is autographed

  541. Kelly has gotten me thru some tough times with her beautiful music. I saw her in Detroit a few years back she was amazing. Anything she touches turns to gold I’m sure her new cd will be just as great!

  542. I love Kelly!! Ever since her Idol days…til now!!


  544. I would absolutely love to win Kelly Clarkson’s new album, I have followed her since American Idol and I admire as a singer and totally look up to her as an idol of mine!!

  545. To this day, Kelly Clarkson is still my favorite American Idol winner. I’m behing her 100% and I’m already a huge fan of her new show Duets!
    She is absolutely an inspiration and beautiful inside and out.

  546. love kelly, she is a true testament of talent

  547. Kelly Clarkson is a great entertainer. She is also a good role model for our young adults. I would be privileged to win one of her CD’s!

  548. would love to win

  549. LOVE KELLY!!!!! Loved the first Duets episode!! FABULOUS voice!!


  551. I have always love her.

  552. The most successful winner ever!!! And the best one!
    I simply LOVE mr. Know it all and hope to see her live on tour <3

  553. I would love to win this! I have the mp3 version and would love an actual hard copy!!

  554. Inspirationally Cool!

  555. Would love to win this cd, I have yet to see her in concert. Beautiful voice!

  556. I really would love to win this, I <3 Kelly!!

  557. Love that Ladies Home Journal Loves Kelly Clarkson!!!!! so do I.. What could be stronger!

  558. Kelly is our favorite singer!!! She is so amazing!!!

  559. I want the new cd. I loved all the new songs

  560. What a phenomenal talent. Kelly is tops in my book. Love the singles off of Stronger. My favorite of the three is probably Stronger. What a voice! I would be thrilled to win a copy of the Cd.

  561. Kelly brings what the world needs….Words of inspiration that awaken the soul……Stronger is a song that changes the frown if despair into a smile of confidence ……..

  562. i love kelly clarkson!

  563. i live kelly clarkson!

  564. I adore Kelly – she is such a talented, accomplished and inspirational woman!

  565. My vote went to Kelly Clarkson the first time we’re get a chance to vote on American Idol. Super excited to see on Duets. #TeamKelly

  566. I hope I win! I Love you Kelly! :)

  567. Yay Kelly!

  568. I have been a Kelly Clarkson fan since her win on American Idol. I went to her concert Stronger Tour and she totally rocked! Love her so much!!

  569. While I had heard Kelly’s “Stronger” song before, as well as her many other songs, the first time I really listened to the lyrics of this song was when I had just come out of an awesome informtional job interview. I left their offices feeling extremely confident, got in the car to go back to work and on the radio was Kelly’s song, “Stronger.” After just a few words of “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – I completely agreed and turned the radio up really loud and started singing along!! Talk about an inspiration! One great song that’s true to life and an interview that couldn’t have gone any better!!! Since then, I have downloaded it onto my Kindle Fire and have it listed as one of my favorites!

    As mentioned lots of times in this blog, Kelly Clarkson is truly a role model for the young and old alike. I will be 40 years old this year and to be honest, I can’t wait!!!! I’ve read hundreds of magazines and many say, 40 is Fabulous – Well, I’m going to agree. (Not just because I’m turning 40 either. LOL!)

    Kelly keep up the good work!!

  570. I have a copy of the CD myself but I would give the CD to my father-in-law who is battling cancer. He has made STRONGER his anthem for this battle and I would love to make his day!!

  571. Love Kelly. Would be very happy to win.

  572. I’d love to win! Kelly is the best!

  573. I would love to win Kelly’s new album!

  574. Kelly is the best artist of all time!! I hope I win!

  575. I love Kelly Clarkson! and all her music! I would love to win the Stronger CD!!!!! Love kelly!

  576. I first heard Kelly’s song, “Stronger” right after a job interview. I left the office feeling very confident, got in the car and “Stronger” was playing on the radio. After hearing only, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” the radio was cranked up really loud and I started singing along! What a confidence booster – “Stronger” and an awesome job interview. Thanks Kelly!

  577. Kelly Clarkson has always proven herself to be a strong, independant woman. She is a fantastic role model for young women in an age of “the worse you behave the more famous you become.” Plus she looks so approachable like I could walk up to her and ask if she would like to join my daughter and I for a drink at Starbucks! Rock on Kelly!!

  578. I love Kelly Clarkson’s voice! She’s AWESOME! Hope I win :)

  579. Pick me

  580. I loved her album My December. It was my life in song. dating unavailable men always makes good music.

  581. anyone can be a ‘celebrity’ but it takes talent, strength, and hard work to be a ‘star’. kelly totally epitomizes that. i appreciate the fact that my nieces can look up to her and i certainly enjoy driving more when i am singing along with her. yo kelly! u totally rock!

  582. been followin kelly since american idol shes so amazing and sexy am still waiting for.her to come out tho” hurry up and do so as it wud make my day :)

  583. Saw her Stronger tour in January, She is Fantastic!! I would love to win!

  584. I love KC! Her music has always been motivational and has helped me get through a lot of rough patches. I even saw her in concert. Totally worth it! :)

  585. I hope I win!!!!!

  586. Love “What Doesn’t Kill You” so much that I made it my ringtone.

  587. kelly clarkson has been a fav of mine since idol and now duets god love it

  588. I cant wait to see her in Manchester on october 12th so excited :) i think shes amazing and every song has been fab, her voice is magical. Love her so much xx

  589. Kelly! Your voice is so recognizable and Love your CD’s. But, Why is it every time I see you my heart skips and I stop breathing!? God your beautiful. I thought I just Thought that. Um, oh yeah, I love to watch you sing. soooo sexy! I I mean I Love your music and your fire behind that mic. =-] >- peace

  590. Kelly is the only American Idol that I listen to. I love cranking up her music.

  591. I’ve loved Kelly since season 1 American Idol. She is extremely talented and so down to earth. Would love winning her CD.

  592. America has talent but not many artists have the great personality that kelly has along with a great heart! Love her music.

  593. love her music…..crank it up evertime it comes on when Im in the car. Her music helped me make it through some rough times….thanks kelly!

  594. The orginal and best American Idol! Kelly Rocks!

  595. I want to win the CD super bad! I can’t afford it, but I love KELLY, SHE IS BY FAR THE BEST AMERICAN IDOL!!!

  596. Love this Texas girl!!

  597. Kelly and I go wayyyy back. She has been amazing and beautiful since American Idol and she still is amazing and beautiful. Glad she is back and is much stronger this time around!

  598. I LOVE Kelly!!!!!!! Her music is great!

  599. Would love love LOVE to win!!!

  600. OH MY GOSH! Kelly is the most talented singer in the WORLD! I’d LOVELOVELOVE to win her AMAZING album! AAAHHH!!! :D Love her songs, her voice, her personality, she’s just amazing! <3333

  601. I have all of her albums, all except for Stonger. I would love to win and add it to my collection. She’s by far my favorite female artist. She’s brilliant.

  602. Would LOVE this!!! :D

  603. Love everything Kelly! She is amazing talent and seems to be a great person!

  604. Kelly is my favorite artist!!

  605. I’ve been a big fan since I first saw Kelly on AI. To date, she’s still my favorite from the show! Not only is she so very talented, but more importantly, she strikes me as someone who is genuinely down to earth. Would love to win the deluxe CD! :)

  606. It is said that first love just wont go faded easily, as for Kelly Clarkson, she’s been my first love I’ve ever known and would ever last. Her music speaks everyone’s soul and undeniably gives us hope to withstand through all thick and thin. But it’s her special personality that keeps me, I guess, others also, stick around with her for 10 year long. Kelly Clarkson, I just want to say this to you long time ago: thank you, thanks for appearing on AI show, thanks for being true to voice and soul, and thanks for being who you are. We, your audience, owe you so much a thing. We love you :x

  607. I love the music you make it really touches the heart and makes you think about the things that happen and what life brings to you .awesome music.

  608. I absolutely love Kelly Clarkson!! Some of my favorite songs are done by her. I especially love the duet w/her and Reba. Her songs are so inspirational!!!! They give u the strength to overcome life and love’s many obstacles!! Thank u Kelly for everything you’ve done!!!!!

  609. This CD certainly would be a fabulous addition to anyone’s music library. I never get tired of Kelly’s music! She’s a hardworking, vibrant musician; you can tell she loves what she does, and it’s awesome!

  610. Kelly is finally the superstar she always should have been!

  611. Thank you Kelly Clarkson for your beautiful voice and staying true to your fans. I love you. Your #1 fan! (but we all say were #1)

  612. Have enjoyed Kelly’s songs since the day she won idol. Can’t wait to see her in concert the end of June.

  613. Wow! 10 years doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. Kelly clarkson is an inspiration for young girls. She is authentic and that is very rare in the music business. she is the only alum of AI that I would travel miles and miles to see.

  614. Love her music

  615. Love Kelly! Love her music! Would love to win!

  616. Love me some Kelly!!

  617. I have been a huge fan forever!!

  618. dang it im 14 but i freaking love Kelly she is such an amazingly talented women, to walk this earth…… sucks that i cant enter but i still wanna put a comment to show my fan love for her :) <3♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  619. Love your music Kelly since I became a fan during American Idol.

  620. I absolutely love Kelly Clarkson!! I have been a huge fan since season 1 of American Idol. I got married back in 2003 and my first dance was a moment like this. I still love that song and play it every anniversary!! Kelly has grown so much over the years she is a amazing and down to earth girl. Love her!! Can’t wait to see her in Aug in Ok!!

  621. I am from a town a couple hrs away from ur hometown. My kids and I love ur music. Stronger is my oldest daughters favorite song and she has to hear it everyday. It gets her pumped up for anything she does. I tell her to keep that message in her head all the time and she will never be put down. Thank u for the music u give to the world!!

  622. I voted for her on American Idol and have been a fan since! She exudes talent, creativity and intelligence. I think between her interviews and her twitter notes its safe to say she is pretty down to earth and “real”. These are qualities that prove beauty; therefore, she has both inner beauty and outter beauty. What an excellent role model for the young ladies to look up to. Sure winning her music would be nice, but the real prize will be the future albums she creates as she has so much more to offer the world. I am thankful our youth has her. Go Kelly! Thanks for showing that talent can/does sell without sex, drugs or cussing!

  623. Amazing woman who knows her music and writes songs from her heart, which inspire and uplift. No swearing, no adverse film clips just pure emotion…long may she keep producing and singing!!

  624. I love Kelly Clarkson!! Favorite song right now is Stronger and really like her new video for Dark Side. I would really like to win!! :)

  625. kelly rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  626. Kelly is the real thing… she rocks!!

  627. love her

  628. Kelly Clarkson is an amazing singer. She has a great voice and has written a lot of great songs. Her music is uplifting, inspiring, and can one can relate to her music. Kelly rocks!!!

  629. “What doesn’t kill you makes you Stronger…”

  630. Kelly is an original. Always enjoy listening to her music.

  631. Meeeeeeeeeeee want the album love Kelly clarkson

  632. From a great fan of the netherlands europe i like to win the album.

  633. fingers crossed!!!1

  634. Can I have one copy even though I am living in Viet Nam, Ho Chi Minh city ?

  635. Hi Kelly, you seem like a person I could really become great friends with. I not only love your voice I love your attitude and sass that’s you sing with! I’m going through a bad separation and singing along to your songs with you has helped me get out some of my frustration..I want to say thank you Kelly!

  636. Love her <3

  637. I’m from Buenos Aires and i would really like to have this CD, you are the best!!

  638. I Love this CD. Mr Know It All and Stronger are my songs. I recently ended a 13 year relationship and these two songs have given me the motivation to move forward. Last year I cheated death three times with bacterial meningitis of the brain. I am truly a miracle. Thank you God for allowing me to survive, and with Kelly’s inspiration, have given me the strength to go forward. Thank you.

  639. I have Kelly since her first audition on American Idol. She has such an awesome personality and voice. I would love to win her new cd. I have always wanted to see her in concert. She is finally coming to Independence, Missouri but I can’t afford to go. Love you Kelly! Many blessings!

  640. Ever since I first heard her on American Idol, I have been amazed at that voice and would love to have this new music from a true diva.

  641. Love her music,inspiration to others .I like that she is like the girl next door.follow her career since day one.looking forward to see her in person she is nice spends time with you

  642. I’m from India and its hard finding an album like this here, so I badly need one. Thank you!

  643. How can you not love Kelly?!?!

  644. I love Kelly Clarkson! There is one of her songs to go with every mood that I’m in!

  645. I really love KELLY CLARKSON!! Well since when I was 7 until now… Only for 4 years though… ‘Cuz I’m still 11 years old and I want her album. I’m really dying to see her.. :( If she has a chance to have a concert here in Philippines, I’ll be delighted! I always listen to her songs… I really love it!!! :D

  646. Going thru a divorce right now and seriously her song stronger has a lot of personal meaning to me right now. Thanks Kelly! Wonderful song!

  647. I LOVE Kelly!! She is an amazingly talented singer and deserves everything she has gotten!! <3 Definatly my role model <3

  648. Love Kelly she is awsome.I got to see her in Atlanta Ga in February of this year with a friend.She put on a great show.

  649. Kelly Clarkson is the one that made me love music. I started playing the guitar, the piano and started taking voice lessons 8 years ago. Now, 8 years later I’m going to a big music school and I’m living life working with music, and I have my idol to thank for that. I’ve got all her other albums, so it would be really nice to win “Stronger” :)

  650. Kelly’s voice is a amazing and I can truly say I love all of her songs. Watching her grow as an artist is a wonderful experience. I listen to her music at the worst and the best of moments.

  651. We are Kelly’s biggest fans!

  652. I love Kelly! All the songs I’ve heard on this CD are awesome. I’d love to win this album.

  653. Would love to win!

  654. i love her!!!

  655. I’d love to win this! :D

  656. Have always been a huge Kelly fan. I even have a tattoo of that famous saying, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger !!!!! Words my gma drilled in me years ago.

  657. I so enjoy her music and think has to be one of her best albums to date!!

  658. I love Kelly’s voice and music! :-) Hope to win her album!

  659. I love her music and voice. Kelly is a true “American Idol”. I would love to listen to the Stronger CD in my car and on my IPOD.

  660. Kelly has such enthusiasm. She is an awesome singer, so talented. I’d love to win the STRONGER CD. I feel “stronger” when I hear her sing. I’ve loved her since she was a contestant on AMERICAN IDOL

  661. Kelly is such an inspiration to me and has impacted my life in a way words can’t explain. Hope I win this :D

  662. I want this!

  663. i would love to win this!!!!!!

  664. I love Stronger and this album. She continues to evolve and get better and better.

  665. sure do love to hear you sing Kelly. You got one hell of a voice. Think you are great. Such a beautiful lady. Sure would love to win this album.

  666. We all have troubles in our lives. Kelly has made me want to be a better person and be proactive. Strong women encourage others to be strong too. Kelly is awesome!

  667. Long the song Stronger. What a great title to the album. Isn’t it true “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Love the song, long the title of the album and love the album itself.

  668. Take a minute to watch how Ms. Clarkson has touched a young fan! Go Mira – GO!

  669. PICK ME! PICK ME! Always was my fav Idol performer, that girl can SANG!!!!!! :0) What a positive role model, even she wants that title or not. xoxoxo

  670. Great, upbeat music that helps me stay motivated to work out!

  671. Love Kelly Clarkson and would love to win this!

  672. Love to win this!

  673. I watched the very 1st American Idol and Kelly had my heart the whole way. So glad she has continue to improve her style and make such great CD

  674. You are Amazing Kelly! I have loved your music for YEARS! You deserve more fame than you have, even though you are extremely famous! I really hope that you make a lot more music in the future! You are great! Keep up the good work!

  675. Would love this.

  676. She’s the best American Idol winner ever. Just love her and would love the DVD.

  677. My girls and I love her previous Cd! would love to listen to this one! Thanks for offering the sweeps!

  678. Would love to hear her music! Hope I win.

  679. Good luck to us all!

  680. My favorite artist ever! Love her music!

  681. i have all of kelly’s cd’s but Stronger

  682. Love her voice and music.

  683. Love Kelly’s inspirational words and soothing voice.

  684. love it

  685. I absolutely love Kelly Clarkson & have watched/listened to her since her audition on American Idol. She is a beautiful, smart, confident woman who gives real, everyday women the courage & confidence to chase their dreams, stand up for themselves and believe in themselves. Truly a fan!!!!

  686. Would love to win the album! I’m 64 and two of my granddaughters, 10 and 12, gave their old ipod with music to walk with and one of the songs they loaded is “Stronger”. I play that over and over to walk up hills to get stronger to keep up with my seven beautiful grandchildren. I’ve always liked her songs but this one really gets me up the hills. Pick me, pick me!!!!

  687. I think Kelly is great and would LOVE to have this CD.. Thank you!!

  688. I have heard Kelly and would like to win her music.

  689. Her music is great! Next best thing to a live concert is winning this cd and cranking up the sound.

  690. Kelly Clarkson is probably the best singer out there today. Since Idol, she has shinned and continues to be so authentic and unbelievably talented. I saw her in concert in April in San Diego, OMG, that was the best concert I have been to in my entire life. Her songs are so heartfelt. Kelly is such an American Sweetheart. I love her music and I WOULD LOVE A “STRONGER” CD. I believe I have become “Stronger” just by listening to her amazing songs. I LOVE YOU KELLY CLARKSON….YOU TOTALLY ROCK..!!!

  691. I hope I win! Great music :)

  692. really like her music

  693. Love Kelly!!!

  694. Shes great

  695. Love country music. Would love to win.

  696. I love Kelly and do not yet have any of her music. I would love to add this to my music collection. It would be great – just in time for my long car trip/airplane trip next month!

  697. I’m Kelly’s biggest male fan. I would love to win

  698. love her!

  699. Love her music.

  700. Kelly Clarkson is awesome!

  701. It would be so great to win this cd with Stronger! This song has a very, very special meaning for my son and I. We are going through a troubling time right now and he and I use this song to remind ourselves that we will not stay down!
    It would be so great to win this for him! Of course I’d love to have one for myself too.

  702. Best singer! Love her voice and great attitude!