Kids and Fashion: How Much is Too Much?

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Last weekend, my parents stopped by for a visit. Somehow that always means that Sophia has a few crisp singles in her pocket so she asked if we could stop by The Children’s Place. She was ready to spend. Well, when we walked into the store, I wanted to open my wallet too. Cute fruit shaped purses! Neon hair clips! Flower-adorned headbands! Pink neon rimmed aviators! Ribbon-trimmed fedoras! Sophia and I were scurrying around the store like teenagers grabbing everything in sight. And when Lily asked her “Mimi” to buy her a sequin skirt like the one her sister had, I knew I had created not one monster, but two.
Of course, we had a fashion show back at the house to display our haul. But when Pablo got home, he was not as pleased. (It had nothing to do with what I spent. I mean, you can fill a bag with accessories at TCP, use a coupon, and barely need more than a 20 spot.)

For him, it was all just too much.

Granted, they did look a little crazy. But they had piled it on just for fun. You see, I’m working on teaching the girls that these fun pieces should be styled into their wardrobes of basics. It’s not about neon head-to-toe; it’s about a hint of it. (But try telling that to a 3 year old who wants to look like her big sister who wants to look like a Selena Gomez.)

He really shouldn’t be concerned though. On most days, they’re both heading to school in tunics, leggings and Vans. So, what’s the harm in owning a cute sequin skirt or hot pink sunglasses?

Yesterday he described Sophia’s going-to-the-supermarket look as “a 15 year old celebrity heading to a nightclub”. And this morning I swear he was doing an impression of my father when he said, “She’s NOT wearing that hat to school.”
(My dad used to disagree with my outfits back in my teenager years. He’d ask my mom if she had seen what I was wearing and mom would roll her eyes and say “Yes. I just bought that for her.”)

Well, thanks for backing me up, Mom. Someday my daughters will thank me too.

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