You Deserve This: Win A Cute Lilly Pulitzer Phone Case

May 1, 2012 at 10:03 am , by

There is no doubt that phone cases have become the newest accessory du jour! So, why not treat yourself to the adorable Lily Pulitzer iPhone case that was featured in our June issue? We absolutely love the sweet tropical print.

You could be one of the lucky 25 (that’s right! TWENTY-FIVE!) winners of a Lilly Pulitzer iPhone case compliments of Lifeguard Press (check out all their other Lilly stuff here).

To enter to win a Lilly Pulitzer iPhone case,  just leave a comment below!

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469 Responses to “You Deserve This: Win A Cute Lilly Pulitzer Phone Case”

  1. Love the phone case!

  2. Pink is my favorite color!

  3. I would love to win one of these Lilly Pulitzer phone cases for my daughter. She is always giving to me, & I cannot return the favor very often. This would be the perfect thing. She’s our fashionesta!

  4. What a cute phone cover! My daughter-in-law would love it!

  5. I would love to win this phone case for my daughter!

  6. Would love to win this! (Fingers crossed)

  7. Love!

  8. These are the cutest ever! would love one!

  9. They are so cute. I would love one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. I am always losing my phone in my purse…….this would help me keep up with it

  11. So bright and colorful! :-)

  12. So springy!

  13. I would love to win this case. They are very beautiful. The designer has wonderful products from what I have seen.

  14. I want one!

  15. These are so cute. I would love to win one!!!

  16. Cute iPhone cases! If I win, I will give it to my daughter since she has an iPhone.


  18. Gorgeous cases: could really use a new one, my current has taken an awful beating!

  19. I LOVE these cases. Perfect for spring and summer :)

  20. Really cute phone cases – haven’t seen any like this before.

  21. Theses Lilly Pulitzer phone cases are beautiful! I love the tropics and flowers. The colors are great! I like the pink ones. Very neat idea.

  22. I just love this case! Would love to win!

  23. so cute

  24. I love it! What a great way to make me smile everytime I reach for the phone!

  25. That is so awesome! Much better than my plain Pink Phone Cover!

  26. I don’t deserve this but my daughter Amanda does. She is an amazing young lady. Like Mary Poppins…practically perfect in every way.
    Thank you so much for considering my request!

  27. I would adore this beautiful case especially since it would be via my favorite magazine!!! Thank you for giving women a voice (thus the phone case, lol) through your Beauty Ambassador Awards, Divine Caroline, and in so many other ways. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  28. These are so cute, I want one!!:)

  29. Just ordered a new phone – would love to have this to go with it!!!

  30. Would love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the chance!!!! just lovely!!!! :)

  31. Love this!

  32. I love the phone cases, especially the pinks ones :)

  33. Love these phone covers! Any one of them I would use!

  34. I LOVE these, Gotta have one,PLEASE:)P.S. I love Purple.

  35. Wow! Love it. This would match my Lilly iPhone wallpaper perfectly. :)

  36. I would love to be able to carry this case with me on the Susan G. Komen 3 day for the Cure!!

  37. I love the blue cover-it would compliment my eyes!!

  38. My oldest granddaughter will be sweet 16 this year. This Lilly Pulitzer phone would be a great birthday gift. Sent to on!

  39. I would love to win this great prize! Very nice gift for my 13 yr. old grandaughter who needs this! Thank you if you pick us!

  40. I would absolutely love to win a Lily Pulitzer phone case. Those colors are just beautiful!!! It looks like it was made just for me!!! My birthday is on May 29th 2012, and it is the big 5 – 0!!!!!Ugh!!! That would be a nice surprise!! Have a great day!!

  41. Very cute!

  42. So cute! I would love a new case for summer! :)

  43. Ladies Home Journal brings us the cutest things! What a great phone case! I would love this beauty to be mine!!

  44. I really think these phone cases are the most prettiest ones I seen. I hope I win one they are geourgous

  45. I would love to give this to my son’s teacher. She has a new iPhone and looooves Lily!!

  46. I’ve been dying for one of these for so long!

  47. They are gorgeous!

  48. Love Lilly! The phone cases are so cute!

  49. It remind me of women’s day and representing us as feminine and delicate. It would be perfect for me since I work in a male dominant job. ;)

  50. Lilly is the best! My Mom would love this for Mother’s Day.

  51. LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!!<3

  52. These are some of the cutest cases I have seen for my phone. I would love if I won one!!
    Thank you.

  53. I love these!! :) Thanks for hosting a giveaway!!

  54. These are so cute!

  55. Really cute cases! Would love one for my Iphone!!

  56. So Cute! Would love to win this case ;)

  57. My mom would be so proud to walk around w/one of these on her hip iphone….
    She is the most amazing mom on this planet. Will do anything for you and NEVER ask for anything in return.

  58. These are adorable!! Perfect for summer, I love them!!

  59. This case is sooooooooo cute! I’ve gotta have one…please? =0)

  60. I would LOVE to win this phone case! I am forever dropping my phone and it’s a little dinged, so it could use a “makeover”.

  61. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these cases! My iPhone would look fantabulous ‘wearing’ any of them ;)

  62. need it!!!

  63. Attractive and functional, what more can someone ask for. I would love to be the new owner of one.

  64. Love it!!!

  65. Love the cases! It would be awesome to win one!!!!!

  66. Ohhh, so very pretty. I would looovvee one of these. :-)

  67. My iPhone would love a new case, it’s been wearing the same case for way too long and these are beautiful!!!

  68. These are so cute.

  69. Would love this for my daughter for graduation!

  70. These are just adorable! I’m due for a new case. Would love to win one!!!

  71. My first comment did not stick. Attractive and functional, what more can someone ask for. I would love to be a new owner of one.

  72. These are so cute!

  73. Those cases are super-cute; the perfect summer accessory!

  74. So girly and pretty!!!! Love it!!!

  75. Supercute and cheerful design! Love them all!

  76. Love it! Perfect for summer time cOlor

  77. Supe cute!

  78. So cute

  79. Pretty!! Would love to have one.

  80. Love this phone case!

  81. My toddler has chewed mine up. I need a pretty and new cover! Thanks!

  82. Don’t have Amy LP products. Would be a great start!

  83. Love it. Would love to trade my Mickey mouse my kid picked for me to something a little more grown up!

  84. This would be a PERFECT Mother’s Day gift for my mom who is also receiving an iPhone for her special day!!!

  85. These are adorable!!

  86. love the prints.

  87. Love lilly!

  88. and it all started with a Juice Stand! Creativity comes from many experiences. I would be honored to have a beautiful phone case.

  89. Love this case and would love to win it!

  90. Love them. So cute!

  91. So cute!!! Please send me one!! My iPhone case is struggling and need a new one!

  92. Wow, so preety! Would be nice to have for I dont currently have one for my phone.

  93. So cute! I’d give it to one of my girls. Granddaughter and daughters in law would be fighting over it.

  94. I love this phone case, would love to win one:)

  95. This would make a great Mothers gift for me so I don’t have to go buy myself a gift from my kids.

  96. This is adorable!

  97. They are all so cute! I’d love to have one to accessorize my new phone!

  98. I love this iPhone case… Hope I get 1….thx Lhj

  99. In a house full of boys, anything pink and girlie…oh yes ma’am!!!

  100. I love pink. I Ove flowers. TheY are my favorite

  101. Just absolutely love it!

  102. Such pretty cases!

  103. This is such a cute phone case! Hoping with fingers crossed.

  104. I would love to win one… It’s so pretty!!

  105. pInK AnD GrEen PiNk AnD gReEn= LOVE

  106. Love it!!!

  107. I went with cost saving first–an iPhone case from the dollar store which, although pretty and girly, turned out to be a giant nightmare not only for me, but my husband, the man at the gas station and the woman who was on line trying to simply buy an iced coffee (cream no sugar). My dollar case jammed the iphone Volume buttons (which explains why it was a $1.00) and blasted the volume of my iphone which just happened to be playing “I’m Sexy and I Know It” at full, screaming volume, thereby causing the gas station attendent to become startled and drop the hose, spilling gas on my husband’s shoe and resulting in my husband knocking over the woman with the ice coffee (cream, no sugar) as he burst into the the Quik Mart screaming “Napkins! I need Napkins before the gas soaks through my leather shoe!” Which of course made the cashier crack up and made me blush with embarressment which would never have happened if I got the true iphone case I deserve, a Cute Lilly Pulitzer Phone Case

  108. Love it! My birthday was yesterday…

  109. I would love to win one of these. Phone cases are so personal and tell you something about the person.

  110. I LOVE LILY her flowers make me smile.

  111. I don’t have an iPhone…but my daughter does and this would make a great Mother’s Day gift for her!! :)

  112. These phone cases are super cute!

  113. What a great eye catching phone cover! Will make others ask where did you get that & who makes it..where can they get one! :-) Love to win one!

  114. These are pretty! I would love one!

  115. Too cute! Would love to win! Have a fabulous day!

  116. Love to win for my daughter-in-law, Ashley, so pretty and fun like she is!

  117. These iphone cases are SO PRETTY! Hope I’m a lucky winner! :)

  118. This phone case is so cute. I’d love to make my phone pretty with it.

  119. Love this!!!!

  120. I love pink & flowers!!

  121. I would love, love, love to win one of those cell phone covers. Pink and flowers r my fave

  122. I would love to give it to my mother in law, so nice for spring!

  123. so cute!

  124. I sure hope I win a phone case since that one is SO cute! Pick me! Please pick me!

  125. I am really sick of the phone case that I use now. I bought it when I got the phone and it soooo out of style. I would love to have this one. Good luck to me!!

  126. I love Lilly! She’s the perfect accessory!

  127. My first comment did not show up.
    I have a phone case but I bought it when I got my phone and it is soooo out of style. I would love to win this one, the colors are great. Good luck to me!!!

  128. would love this

  129. Love Lily Pulitzer . . . an American classic . . . will never go out of style

  130. the blue is fantastic!

  131. How adorable would this look in my phone..really cute!
    Girls just want to have fun.. Happy Hump Day:)

  132. Love it!

  133. OMG! Love the Liy Pulitzer phone cases!! Pink is my favorite color!! Would love to have one, but will not be picky with any color if I win. :)

  134. Your never fully dressed without Lilly and a smile!

  135. I love those designs! (And I hate my Otter Box.)

  136. Love,love,love it.

  137. Love this adorable phone cover. Would LOVE to win it. Thanks for the possibility

  138. Love lily!

  139. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! would love one for my new iphone!!

  140. so adorable

  141. Love love love Lilly Pulitzer!

  142. Would love to be selected to win! I love this case. Thank you for giving so many away.

  143. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! would be a great accessory for my new iphone :)

  144. I love the Lilly cases!!!

  145. Those cases are so cute! Love the green/pink combination. Mother’s Day is around the corner and I’m a single mom with two kids who could use a new phone case for my i-Phone. :)

  146. It is dark and rainy out, could use a bright floral phone to brighten the day and everyday!

  147. Perfect for summer! A Lilly lovers must have.

  148. Love Love Love

  149. Just got an iphone – this case would be perfect!

  150. This iPhone case is GORGEOUS! It Is feminine and very springy/summery – I love it! My birthday is in June and this would be perfect! :)

  151. I love the blue one!

  152. love, love, love

  153. My daughter is a freshman at college and a close friend of hers died at school this past Saturday I would like to give this to her to cheer her up some

  154. Awesome—- just my style—- Would LOVE one of these!!

  155. I would love to have this phone case pretty please!!!:)

  156. Would love to win this beautiful phone case!

  157. Exquisite, lovely, and I want one so bad! :)
    Crossing my fingers!

  158. Best summer phone case I’ve seen yet!!!

  159. Love~ Love~Love it!!! My case just broke & this would be the perfect replacement!

  160. My daughter is a recent college graduate and with all the student loans, what a PERFECT surprise.

  161. I love the style of the phone cases. Very practical but colorful as well. I am at the point I need a new phone case so I would love to win one of these.

  162. It’s so cute.

  163. In ready to carry some color . My black case and clothes need to brighten up for spring !

  164. These phone cases are really cute and will get you ready for summer!

  165. So cute! I love all of them. But, only need just one! Oh my sister could use one too!

  166. What a cuuuute way to protect my phone!

  167. Love these!

  168. My daughter is graduating from college this weekend, and she has already started her first job. The first thing she wants to buy for herself is an iPhone, and she would absolutely LOVE any one of these gorgeous phone covers! (And this Mom likes that it will protect her new phone too!)

  169. Would be hard to lose this. they all say:”Here I am”!!

  170. I do not yet have a phone but love the cute pink carrying case. Hope my lucky day is near! :)

  171. Mother’s Day is this weekend, and since I’m a Mom,and I love pretty flowers, I couldn’t think of anything more wonderful to receive than this gorgeous iPhone cover. It would be like looking at a Mother’s Day bouquet every time I use it.


  173. My first comment did not show up but for one minute on here, so I’ll try it again and hope it sticks this time.
    What I want for Mother’s Day: I would like to give my wonderful daughter, who is graduating from graduate school, one of these gorgeous (hopefully with pink on it as it’s her favorite color) iPhone covers. She has worked so hard, and she just got her first iPhone but has no cover for it. I like that it will protect her new iPhone, and it will make her think of Mom every time she uses it to call me. :)

  174. Remember kicking is form of exercise

  175. I love these… would really jazz up my basic black phone…

  176. This phone case is the cutest one I’ve ever seen!:)

  177. Love it, mean it!!!!!!!!

  178. The are all cute :)

  179. Love this case! The colors are so springy!

  180. So cute!!

  181. I would love to accessorize w/one of these – it would brighten my day!

  182. so cute!!

  183. LOVE that case!!

  184. Love! Love!

  185. Looooove LP! Used to go watch the fabric being printed in Key West FL. when I was little! Great memories ! Would love a phone case to rind me of those great times! Thanks for never going out of style LP!!!

  186. I would just LOVE to have any of the lily phone covers! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  187. My husband and coworkers tease me because my phone case is so old and ratty. Maybe I’ll get one for my first mother’s day :) These are so cute, I would love to get a new case and such a unique design to boot!

  188. Would love any of these.

  189. We are the PINK GIRLS and deservr to have a PINK Phone cover!!!! Right???? Thank you and BE BLESSED!

  190. Lilly Girl for life!!! Love all of their phone cases!

  191. I am a huge Lilly lover! Life is better pink!

  192. So unique!! Love the design!!

  193. I would love to have this case!!! Perfect for the summer!

  194. My birthday is May 22 – would love to win
    this cute iPhone case, pls!

  195. i love it!!!

  196. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Would love to have one! :)

  197. I hope I win!

  198. Maybe with a cute, pink floral phone case, my boys would stop taking my phone to play games all the time.

  199. Love them!

  200. Every girl needs more Lilly in her life!!!!!

  201. The reason why I love this case so much is because it’s beautiful, feminine and I NEED a case. I just bought my phone of the 15th of April and I need something lovely to put on it!

  202. These are so cute! I hope I win!

  203. Pink for my beautiful niece!

  204. I need a new case and a blue and green one would be perfect!

  205. I Love!

  206. I love Lilly Pulitzer! The Multi Sweet Begonia print is so adorable!

  207. Love our Lilly!

  208. A unique case. I love the colors!

  209. So cute! I would love to have one!!

  210. How FUN for SuMmEr:)

  211. I sooo love Lilly!! I would love one!!

  212. I am in love with Lilly Pulitzer! And this amazing blog!! I woulddddd loveeeee one of these (had one for my iphone 3g, doesn’t fit my iphone 4 :( )

  213. Call me selfish but I want to win the phone case notfor my mother, sister,notfor my daughter or my friend ..I am ready to take control and win..please

  214. I am a granny who is trying to learn to be more tech savvy.If I won one of these great Lily cases I would also be lookin’ great at the same time! Love Lily!!

  215. I am a granny trying to learn to be more tech savvy.If I won this wonderful Lily case I would be lookin’ great also.So fashionable.LOVE Lily!

  216. Seashells By the Seashore:) Listening to my Iphone 3G with a Lilly Pulitzer “Worth Blue Docksider” coverwill transport me in my imagination to hearing the ocean in my ear like a seashell conch whispers the ocean waves & breeze to my ear:):):)

  217. These covers are adorable!!! I would love to win one. I know
    I would be the only one in my area to have this.

  218. How cute ,woohoo for Spring colors ;-) Love em all

  219. Oh, I so need a new cover. My current one peel a off a little more each day. Hoping for blue or purple.

  220. So cute!

  221. I love these cases! They are so cute!!!

  222. Absolutely adore Lilly! My daughter and I have the best time lookIng for her signature in all her designs. Darling phone case for summer!

  223. I’ve been looking for these all week! I would love to get one

  224. I’d love to win this.

  225. Yay!! So pretty!

  226. So pretty! Perfect for Mother’s Day!

  227. OMG!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE CASES!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  228. The perfect beach accessory – especially for Moms.

  229. I need a new case!

  230. I have three daughters and a son that would love for their mommy to have a cute pink I-phone case from Ladies Home Journal and Lilly Pulitzer!!! Please, Please Mothers Day is Sunday!!

  231. Love these cases! Would love to win one for my new iPhone.

  232. Love the look

  233. I love love LOVE Lilly!!!

  234. Those are really cute.

  235. Oh these are so pretty! I want one!!

  236. Love this!

  237. PRETTY PLEASE, may I win one?!?! :)

  238. PRETTY PLEASE, May I win this cool case?!?!? :)

  239. To To cute!

  240. I am on my second Lilly case and am ready for a new one!

  241. I love the bright pink color. This phone case would cheer me up all day. Great pattern choice! Love it!

  242. Love Lilly Pulitzer!

  243. What an awsome iphone cover! One of prettiest I’ve seen. Would love to be lucky enough to win.

  244. A girly phone!

  245. Yes please!

  246. Love Lilly Pulitzer. Still have a sweatshirt of hers from maybe 10 yrs ago and I’m 64!! The iPhone cover is adorable.

  247. My phone says she loves these new cases! Thanks for the chance! :)

  248. Cool cases! Almost looks Hawaiian. Would be great for this Maui gal!

  249. Guess I’ll be buying one even if I win one – my daughter will want it for sure! Love it! ;)

  250. I would love to win this very cute Lily Pulitzer iphone cover!

  251. These are so adorable and will be so much fun to coordinate your spring/summer clothes with!

  252. I LOVE the NEW COLORS of your I-Phone cases!

  253. I am sure all my friends would love this I-Phone case. The new colors are gorgeous!

  254. very cute – would love to have it!

  255. The case is really awesome! I would be proud to own one and show it off! The colors are teriffic!

  256. how can you not have a smile when you see any Lilly P print! this is darling!!

  257. Would love to have one of the phone cases! I have been admiring them for quite some time!

  258. I love Lilly and would love to upgrade my phone case to something so cute for summer!

  259. The phone cases are so very pretty. What better way to tell MY phone from my husband’s! I’m pretty sure PINK isn’t his color!! ;-)

  260. Love it !

  261. What a cute way to accessorize my phone for summer! These Lilly Pulitzer iPhone cases are adorns! Thanks for sharing them in your June issue. I would love to have one!

  262. I love Lilly Pulitzer!

  263. So very pretty and different!

  264. Yes please!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LILLY!!

  265. Love Lilly!

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  267. Lilly Pulitzer is always so feminine and cheerful!

  268. These are so happy and festive looking!

  269. My daughter would love this phone case. She is a Lilly Pulitzer fan.

  270. These are the cutest cases! I’d love one!

  271. cutest phone case I have seen!

  272. love this case. so cute.

  273. I would love to win this case for my daughter, it is so cute.

  274. I love all of them! So cute!

  275. I love Lilly Pulitzer. This would look so cute on my phone!

  276. I love these iPhone cases <3

  277. My phone case is ugly; I would love a new Lilly Pulitzer.

  278. Love anything Lilly Pulitzer. In fact “Beachy” is my signature fragrance…would so love to cover my IPhone in one of her cases!

  279. these are so pretty! love all things lilly!

  280. I love unique, pretty phone cases and this meets any expectation I have. Lilly does such a fun look…I would love to cover my phone with her great taste.

  281. Love these! My phone cover just broke. Would love to replace it with a cute one like one of these!

  282. Love these! And I am in need of a new one!

  283. Oooh I hope, I hope, I hope I win!! At least If I can’t fit in my clothes anymore my phone case will look Chic!!

  284. OMG I love these cases so much, they are so pretty. I love the tropical print and would love to have one of these as my new phone accessory.

  285. This phone case would make me smile every tone I looked at it!

  286. What a darling case. Would make this Nana a hip gal with this phone case.

  287. Love it! Maybe I can win it!

  288. These are adorable and then I would want an outfit to match!!

  289. These are so pretty. Would love to win one.

  290. Just bought my first Iphone and would love to win one of these pretty cases for it.

  291. i would love to win one of those lilly pulitzer phone cases it is so cute i just finally was able to purchase my first iphone and i havent found a cover that really caught my eye till i saw this one

  292. Perfect for my new phone :)

  293. What a cute case! If I was to win one, I might actually be able to find my phone in my purse!

  294. I have been searching for a super cute, unique case for my iPhone…I found it!! :-)

  295. Love, love, love it and I deserve it! Yes, I do!

  296. My youngest daughter (of two) is graduating from Pacific Lutheran University the end of this month. She is only the second person in all the generations of my family to obtain a four year degree, the first one was my oldest daughter. I am so proud of my girls and would love to present my youngest with this beautiful and colorful iPhone cover to celebrate her accomplishments. Thank you!

  297. I love these flowered covers. My mother passed a year ago and she loved everything flowers and taught me to appreciate them as well.

  298. What a cute case, and reasonably priced in case I don’t win!

  299. How adorable! These are great for summer!

  300. I would love to win the Lilly Pulitzer phone case. It’s so cute and I never win anything

  301. the pink case in the pictorial is so cute!

  302. To CUTE!!!!!!
    She should also make purses and totes!!

  303. Cutest iPhone cases to date. Would love to win one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  304. I have a Lilly phone cover currently and believe it or not it has been an ice breaker with others when you notice someone else has the same one. I’d love to have the one pictured. Too cute!

  305. I would love to win the iPhone case! It looks awesome and would go great with my summer style!

  306. PICK ME!! PICK ME!!!…………please. :)

  307. That case is too cute! I would love to win one!

  308. WOULD LOVE ONE :)

  309. I am unique just like these great looking covers! We need each other!!!

  310. Better late than never? I’m feeling lucky…

  311. I have four granddaughters who love Lily!

  312. Would love one for my iPhone! Thanks for the chance =)

  313. Trying out a new iPhone case is one of my favorite ways to be trendy!

  314. Love, Love, Love this iPhone case! Makes me smile just looking at it!
    Love the Lilly designs, the cover in June LHJ is georgous!

  315. i would love this phone case. IT is awesome.

  316. These are so cute! How fun it would be to win!!

  317. My granddaughter will love the case, thank you

  318. Great colors and patterns! Would love to upgrade my case!

  319. LOVE LILLY! Would love to send my daugher off to college with this cute phone case! Thanks!

  320. These are say very cute!

  321. I love these little pretties! I NEED one!

  322. I love All of Lilly’s patterns and colors! Being a mom of three, would love to see something pretty in my purse mixed in with all the toys and kids stuff!

  323. my baby girl has a birthday coming up. would love to thrill her with this fab. case. she is a fashion diva and expects only the best. this is definitely a keeper, and will put a smile on her face. Thanks!

  324. Nothing says FUN like Ladies Home Journal and Lilly Pulitzer! Luv, luv, luv BOTH! :)

  325. Nothing says FUN like LHJ and Lilly Pulitzer! Luv, Luv, LUV BOTH! :)

  326. LOVE the Lilly Pulitzer iphone cases ! must have!!

  327. Love it!!

  328. I’m in need of a phone cover; I especially adore the Lilly cover…adorable!

  329. Are these sweet, or what? Would love using one of these!

  330. I love love love the Lilly Pulitzer phone case. It is totally what I want and need. LHJ please select me to be 1 of the 25…

  331. Love it! I want one!

  332. Love LHJ and Lilly! And Multi Sweet Begonia is my daugters and my favorite pattern.

  333. I am really enjoying my new subscription to LHJ!! Beacause of it I am getting a chance to win a pretty Iphone case – so nice!! Thank you!Donna C.

  334. So much cuter than what I have now! Love Lilly!!!

  335. Love this case!

  336. how pretty!

  337. Super cute and much needed since my phone case is past it’s prime.

  338. I love the beautiful design on the iPhone case!!!!! I love the Queen of Beach Chic!!

  339. Need new phone case this I’d cute

  340. I love the UK blue. GO CATS!

  341. Love the phone case would love to win 1!!!!

  342. Sometimes a fun accessory helps turn your attitude in a fun direction!

  343. Could that case be any cuter, I don’t think so :) I just recently purchased an iPhone and have been looking for a cute case and I think I have found one!

  344. Adorable, perfect for spring!

  345. I would LOVE to win one of these!

  346. The iPhone cover is so, so springy! Love the colors, and the beautiful design!

  347. I would love to have one of these the one I currently have is just like it and I like the way it fits like a glove. Great idea to do give away.

  348. I saw this case and said that is so me! I love and wear a lot of pink and green as well as blue and green. It would be a nice June birthday present. Funny my husband and boys even recognize Lilly!

  349. It’s the bees knees!

  350. What a great new way to accessorize!

  351. This would match well with my purse. :-)

  352. Lilly Pulitzer stuff is SO cute. Would love to have this iPhone cover!

  353. I am just going tonight to get an iphone so I can be in better contact with my daughter. This would be wonderful!!

  354. Love the phone case! The design is highly appealing!

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