Get Yourself a Mother’s Day Present – Win a Windows Phone!

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I’m a big believer in carving out a bit of me-time every day, so any time I find a gadget that helps simplify my routine, I’m happy.  The new Windows Phone from Nokia does just that, and since Mother’s Day is coming up, we thought it would be nice to give one away as a treat for all the busy Moms who make life simpler for everyone in their family. Here’s how I think it’ll help free up some time:

Live Tiles – In the Windows Phone world, your screen has “tiles,” or buttons that link to photos, programs, etc. Kind of like apps, except that you can make almost anything a tile. You can have a best friend (or a husband) app on your start screen that pulls in all of that person’s photos, Facebook, and Twitter updates, so can keep up to date on your favorite people without going to three different social media sites.  Or you can make an important contacts tile that keeps phone numbers for your pediatrician, school, and babysitters all in one place. If your kids are a little older, make a family tile and you can text message everyone at once.

Camera – this is a small thing, but my jaw dropped when I first figured it out. Say your kid (or in my case, my dog) is doing something adorable and you want to take a picture. Instead of taking out your phone, unlocking it, entering your password, and opening the camera app, all you have to do is point it at the cuteness and hold down the camera button. It’ll bypass the lock function and take the picture immediately.

To enter to win a Windows phone,  just leave a comment below!

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  1. Okay so strange that I’m reading Ladies’ Home -Journal since I’m a male college student… but I definitely think this phone would be great to have. It would help me organize my work, volunteering and social life, much better than a paper planner and flip phone does for me now!

  2. Not sure if I’d give it to MY Mom for Mother’s day- or keep it for ME, since I’m also a Mom… Hmmm… Definitely a fantastic ‘gift’ no matter WHO winds up with it!
    Live tiles- looks so organized, do you think it’d make ME organized, too? Maybe I’d never forget what’s needed at the next Band, Athletics, or Scouting meeting? meh, I probably would- but, with this Windows phone- I’d look good DOING it!

  3. Be a Fountain Not a Drain.

  4. I enjoy reading LHJ for the fact that it has a diversity of articles as well as recipies. When I don’t have the magazine in hand and a computer near, I read off the internet. I also enjoy an occasional contest…those never hurt. Maybe one day I’ll win. ;-)

  5. Would be awesome to have that phone and at least try to be a little more organized. Really could have used it in my younger years with the kids!

  6. I’d love to have an Iphone to keep in touch with my son and grandson better than we currently do. Using the Iphone to store pictures and use the many apps the phone sports would be the best Mother’s Day gift ever, bar none!!

  7. I would LOVE to win this phone! I saw the commercial for the phone & commented about how sleek & fancy it looks.

  8. I would so love to win this phone!

  9. I would love to win this for Mothers Day!

  10. I so-o-o-o need this phone!!! I could take LHJ with me everywhere.

  11. I love the simplicity of this phone, especially the camera part. I always miss the great pose of my cats or dog because my phone is too slow. I would love this new phone! Thank you for the opportunity to try to win it!

  12. I am disatisfied with the tiny iPhone screen and am ready for a change!

  13. My mom does not have a nice phone, she still has a flip phone but I know she would like one to stay in touch with me, my brother, and my sister, as well as her friends. I think it would be easier for her to work and she would be able to keep more pictures on her phone, which she really likes. She thinks of them as a mini scrapbook that she always has with her.

  14. LJH is the best, imagine having a phone that I could actually find LJH on! My current phone isn’t that “smart”, I would enjoy owning the new Nokia Windows phone. As a busy college professor/grandmother and general assistant to my busier daughters, this would be an ideal way to stay on top of everything. My fingers are crossed! I have loved Ladies Home Journal since reading my Mom’s back in the ’50s!

  15. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! :)

  16. Well I never win anything. I have a phone my oldest daughter go me 2 years ao. The battery is starting to corode. I do love reading Ladies Home Journal magazine and on line.

  17. This phone would be a godsend! I have 1 child in school, a baby and another one on the way,and a part time job and on the side Im a Mary Kay Beaulty Consultant trying to build my business…soo this phone would actually be a great asset to help me organize my self and my business.

  18. I am the sticky note queen at work and home. I would love to have this phone to help me stay organized!

  19. So pretty!

  20. Great phone with super features! Would love to win it!

  21. Would love this..

  22. Wow!!!! This sounds great!

  23. I would love this phone!

  24. It would be so great to win a smart phone. I will gladly donate my phone to someone in need of a simple to use basic phone.:)

  25. Very informative!

  26. Even though I’ve had my 80th Birthday, I have tried to “keep up” with the Electronic age and love it. This smart phone would be a challenge but I know I could learn to use it!

  27. I’d give this phone to my mom, she’s just as much of a nerd as me!

  28. This phone would be a godsend to help my family’s restaurant get off the ground!

  29. hello i would like to get this phone for my daughter i would greatly appreciate it

  30. I’m entering this for my wife and her horrible time wasting iPhone… She has to reset the data connection almost hourly to keep it working. I can’t narrow down my “favorite apps for her” in just one choice, so here’s a few.

    Her current favorite app is the You Version Bible – with the daily reading plans, reminders and quick lookup features, it makes staying in the Word simple and easy. That brilliant 4.7″ screen will make reading even easier.

    Although it will kill her to give up her Instagram App, Fotoroom is almost as fun, and with one touch sharing to Facebook, it’s just as fast and easy. Plus the camera with the Zeiss lens will blow away the quality of her current camera.

    And finally, Pinsation, for hooking up new pin’s on her Pinterest page. How can you be a crafty Mom without Pinterest?

  31. I so need to upgrade my phone, it is a katana! All it good for is calls and simple texts!

  32. Would love to have something I can’t afford! I always seem to give things away to family-Nook, IPod, phones & keep nothing for myself!Promise to keep this one if I win!

  33. I am a grandmother that has a busy schedule. I need to be organized. I keep up with the latest technology. I just can not afford to keep up with all the new phone etc. Hope I can have the opportunity to be chosen.

  34. pick me i sure would like to win this new phone

  35. I love all things Windows.

  36. I just love windows!

  37. My mom hs always been my biggest cheerleader. When I left an abusive husband, with a newborn on my hip, now job, no place to live, my mom took us in. She supported me and watched my daughter while I worked and went back to college. Now, my mom is way ahead of me in technology. She has an Ipad and my brother recently bought her an Ipod. However, she does not have a phone of her own. She and my dad have been sharing one. My mom has definately been the glue of our family and she deserves a phone of her own! :)

  38. this would be the best mothers day gift.I would love to win one as it would make life easier.We are poor and can never get to save any money.A well deserved gift would make me happy.

  39. I want! I need! Thank you in advance!

  40. thank you for the opportunity to win a WINDOWS phone. without it, i would never be able to update my old phone that is scratched, coming apart but so far, still ticking. i’m a mom of 5 & it’s how we all keep in touch.

  41. would love to win iphone! (my kids will have to teach me how to use it)

  42. My phone is so old, I have no camera at all, and no internet service. I would love this as I go back to work full time now that the kids are a little bigger.

  43. I hear all about these phones….. I would love one for myself.

  44. I would truely love to win this phone. The one I have is so old that I have to tape the flip screen on so that it works.

  45. Greetings! Here’s hoping that my luck will change, maybe I will win this :) ….I think of all the pic’s I could take of my Grandchildren <3

  46. this would make an excellent Mother’s Day gift!

  47. This phone will help me organize my kids activities and my mom’s appointments. She has cancer, so trying to coordinate who takes who to school, piano, soccer, and who takes my mom to chemo can be hectic- This would be a God send, if I could win it— Synching all calendars will be the greatest present to myself!

  48. I think this would be a great phone. I would love to win it!!!

  49. This gift would be for my old fashion mom,because now she is learning too text and need a up to date phone…My dad lost his job and now everything is on her?This would be a nice gift for her.Thanks Mom

  50. This would be an awesome gift for mothers day. Early congrats to the winner. *hope its me*

  51. this would be a great gift for anyone i would love to have it. when my kids and grandkids come down for mothers day then i am so happy if not i take the day off and do nothing

  52. I would love to have this awesome phone so I could get lots of great pictures of my grandchildren and great-grandchild and to be able to keep up with their photos and goings on more easily.

  53. I would love to have this new phone..The tiles are interesting and appears to make it easy to organize and operate. I thrive for simplicity!

  54. I would love this phone , my daughter has a windows and she loves it!!

  55. I would really like to win Live Tiles!
    Publicity! maybe even a photoshoot with LHJ to have my photo with the winning of this phone in a future issue! Would be a GREAT mother’s Day present!! My kids would so be communicating with me . Not currently a subscriber to a home land line, Nor a wi-i, nor a laptop, nor a computer , nor cable tv , nor digital, etc…
    This would definitley put the “toy” presnt back into my life , for a Mother’s Day PRESENT!!!!!!

  56. thanx 2 LHJ 4 decades of info, I can recall many JOYFUL moments as a Mom over 26 yrs & especially happy right now to find this super ROBINS EGG BLUE phone since I recently got my phone wet while fishing…MY ADVICE TO PARENTS, TAKE YOUR KIDS ON PICNICS, FISHING TRIPS, QUIET RELAXING TIME TOGETHER MORE AND FORGET ALL THE GO GO GO EVENTS!
    & HAPPY MOM’S DAY TO ALL :~) plus the fact that I am empty nesting Mom now makes the ability to keep in touch with my kids thru a super phone like this all the better…WONDERFUL!!!

  57. Oh this would be the perfect gift for my mum since she recently had her old phone lost/stolen. It was an Android device but I’m sure she’ll fall in love with the WP7 interface and great “people” features. If she does win she’ll have the coolest phone in the house. My sis will be so jealous. Hoping for all the best~

  58. Me? whos that?lol I get so lost in them ,this could help me to find Me ;-) Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms and the Super Dads that do double duty ;-)

  59. All of my kids will be home this mother’s day and we will be fishing together. It is going to be a great weekend as always when we are all together.


  61. What an upgrade this phone would be over my current battery sucking Samsung Android phone :/

    Happy Mothers Day Mums! Goodluck Everyone!

  62. That’s a pretty phone! I would love to give this to Mom!

  63. I am intrigued by this phone. I love taking pictures with my phone but really like that I could just grab the phone, point and shoot. I would not have to enter my password and potentially miss the picture shot.

    Keep my fingers crossed.

  64. Great article. Really surprised with all this recent talk I’ve been hearing a lot lately about how great Windows Phone is for this and that.

    Did some research on the OS and it seems honestly not that bad. I thought Apple’s iOS was great guess they have some competition going. Great competition only leads to possible exciting innovations! :)

  65. Hi. I never won anything but who knows. Good Luck 2 all.

  66. cute phone

  67. I love the cyan color. I upgraded before this came out so I was biding my time, but would love to have it!! :)

  68. Would be nice to win this and keep up with my family on the go.

  69. Please pick me!

  70. Don’t judge me for reading Ladies Home Journal…I’d do anything to hook up my mom. And hell I could do a lot worse than reading Ladies Home Journal. :)

  71. Wow! A Windows phone!!! Too cool! This would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift. :)

  72. This Lumia is such a beautiful phone, with great reviews. I’d love to own it.

  73. I’d give this Lumia to my mom to keep her up to date with my happenings and making it easier to stay in touch.

  74. C’mon big money!.. Good luck!! ;)

  75. needs upgrade

  76. Nokia smartphones are always greatest. I’m loving it

  77. This phone would be for my sister who would definitely make good use of it. With her lifestyle, she would love it!

  78. Would love it! Go Windows Phone.

  79. I like it,the windows phone looks so beautiful and useful.It will be a great gift for the Mother’s Day!

  80. Does length give you a greater chance?

  81. I love this giveaway! I would love a new phone since my 2 year old daughter decided to throw my iPhone in the toilet!

  82. This phone looks awesome!

  83. The Lumia is a solid phone, and would be an asset to Moms or just about anyone interested in saving time!

  84. I have two small children. They’re beautiful and the most important thing in my life. Their grandparents live in Europe and Alaska and rarely get to see them. With Lumia 900 I could take and upload pictures of them to Facebook quicker than with ANY other phone in the world – fact! It would be not just an amazing Mother’s day gift for me, it would be for my Mother too! :)

  85. I wanna win this for my wife. She is a beautiful woman and a wonderful mother. We have 26month old and he is healthy happy and smart. Both Jacob and i are very to have her and this phone would be a nice gift to woman that deserves so much more.

  86. Such a beautiful phone…

  87. Would love to have such an awesome phone! Looks incredible & just what I need. :-)

  88. I want a Lumia

  89. This would make for a great belated addition to my wife’s mothers day gift.

  90. My wife is the most organized person I know but she does not have a smart phone yet. This phone would help her to be even more organized and save her a lot of time each day.

  91. That phone is beautiful!

  92. My mom’s phone is literally falling apart. I can name alot of stuff that’s wrong with it because of how long she’s had it. I think a new phone will definitely make her less frustrated with her phone not charging and will definitely be easier to talk with her

  93. I love my current windows phone but would love an upgrade to the lumina!

  94. Awesome contest, hope I win.

  95. The Live Tiles feature on this phone makes it very user-friendly. You have personalized information at the top screen level, so you don’t have to keep clicking several levels down to find out if you have email or messages or calendar appointments.

  96. I’d love to dump my iOS for a windows phone!

  97. What an awesome phone. My mom would love it! Looks & sounds perfect. :-)

  98. Wow, I would love to win a windows phone!

  99. Windows phone is really awesome, I am already using Samsung Omnia and I would like to win this phone to gift it to my mom, coz she’s the best woman of my life, and I would like her to experience the amazing experience of WP7 which I enjoy daily on my phone. There is no match to my mom, nor to WP7. I am in love with both.

  100. I love the fact that all mom are appreciated for their love to their family

  101. I’d love to win a Windows Phone!

  102. I would love to give this to my wife, who is Mom to my kids.

  103. My wife could sorely use a new phone, especially after youngest son dropped hers in a glass of water. It works… sort of.

  104. I would love to win a lumia for my mom who needs a good phone right now

  105. My wife’s and I both have Windows Phones and love them. Unfortunately my wife cracked her screen several months ago. It still works thankfully, but she’d love to have an upgrade and the cracks gone!

  106. Would love to win a windows phone for my mom, the live tiles feature makes it easy for her to keep in touch with her kids.

  107. a lumia would be awesome!

  108. im a mother of a two year old with a broken cell phone. heck, id freaking love to get a new phone! it would be an overdue treat for myself!

  109. This phone would be perfect for me. I am a busy mom who needs those live tiles and the people hub feature to keep me in-sync with my world. The Lumia is a beautiful phone and I would be proud to tote it around.

  110. Goodluck!

  111. I would LOVE to win this phone! I saw the commercial for the phone & commented about how sleek & fancy it looks (and I kinda’ want to try out he phone version of windows 8).

  112. awesome

  113. Librarians like me LOVE to be organized…and look cool while doing it…this phone is JUST the ticket!

  114. We’re not keen on the new iphone and would love to upgrade!

  115. I’ve heard so much about this phone..would love to be the proud owner of it!!

  116. i wantttttttttttt

  117. I cannot afford an iphone, so winning this would really make my year.

  118. I need to get into 2012, phone wise, so this
    would be wonderful.

  119. I would love to have this cell. I would never be able to buy myself a cell like this. Disabled and insurance and Dr.s poor!

  120. Would love to have a phone upgrade. I have the very basic now. Would love to win.

  121. Oh Windows Phone, if you were only home…

  122. I missed out on this Mother’s Day phone give away. Sure could use a new one though. Lots of life changes for me this year: husband left, started working full time, downsized and moved to apartment from a 4 bedroom house. Just trying to make ends meet. Maybe I need a full make-over!!

  123. This contest could not have come at a more perfect time. My car was broken into 5-11-12 and everything from my personal cell, work cell, shades and all chargers and then some were stolen. Call my phone carrier, since we do pay for insurance every month. It would cost us $199 to replace the phone I had with a used/refurbished phone. I am not eliglble for an upgrade until June 1, 2013. So winning this phone would be GREAT!!!!!

  124. windows is so much better than apple

  125. Would love to have an iPhone instead of my DROID. Pick me.

  126. I love new gadgets that make life easier. This phone is really cool.

  127. I would LOVE to win this phone!!

  128. I don’t even have a camera phone. I would LOVE to win Windows phone!

  129. I would love to win this!!

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