4 Easy Ways To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

May 17, 2012 at 9:30 am , by

In our Killer Heels story, we discussed the fact that wearing super-high heels can lead to some foot issues. Now, I would never tell anyone to stop wearing heels completely (everything in moderation, right?). They can do wonders for your legs — not to mention your self-esteem — but there is nothing worse than having to hobble around with sore, achy feet. Luckily there are some genius products out there that mean you don’t have to suffer.

Pressure Pointz from Foot Petals are one of my new favorites. They’re small thick adhesives you can stick  right on the area where your shoe is hurting to relieve any pressure — these definitely will be in my purse all summer. Dr Scholl’s massage gel insoles fit into any shoes and will keep you feeling like you’re walking on pillows all day. If you do get a blister, Nexcare has great waterproof bandages that will help you survive until they heal. And what about smelly feet (which can be painful to those around you)? I’m a big fan of baby powder, but then I end up tracking white footprints around my apartment. Summer Soles scented insoles keep your shoes and feet smelling fresh.

Stock up on these products and (some new shoes) and your feet will be forever grateful!

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