Win A Signed Copy of Sugarland’s Latest Album, The Incredible Machine

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Here at the LHJ offices, we love to listen to good country music and Sugarland—which consists of bandmates Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush—is one of our favorites. And even though the Grammy-winning duo hasn’t released a new album since 2010, they’re satiating fans this summer with an interactive “in the hands of the fans” tour where fans can make song requests for each show, so every night is a brand new set. Jennifer Nettles took some time out of her busy schedule (she also stars on ABC’s new show, Duets) to speak with us for July’s In My Words interview, and she was nice enough to sign copies of their most recent album, The Incredible Machine, for three lucky fans to win! So if you’re a big Sugarland fan, here’s your chance to get an autographed copy! And if you’re new to their music, this is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted. Enter to win by leaving a comment on this blog post. Only one entry per person, per email address. Good luck!

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  1. I’d love to own a copy of this! Thank you, Cathy

  2. I love Sugarland! What a great prize to win:-)

  3. Sugarland (emphasis on the “sugar”) has been through our town several times – always loved and appreciated. Their music is beautiful – even haunting. “Why Don’t You Stay” is amazing. They put so much of themselves into it. Would love to win.

  4. I would love this :)

  5. I’vw waited my whole life for a band like this with amazing and diverse music. Kristian is an amazing musician and Nettles voice blows you away every time ! I would love an autographed CD <3

  6. Love them!

  7. love to hear you & Kristian when you sing!!!
    u are an awesome group, Sugarland.

  8. would love this

  9. Sugarland…awesome!

  10. would love it

  11. wife’s favorite

  12. very cool! Hope to win!

  13. Love Sugarland! I would love a copy of their CD!

  14. love them and love their music..

  15. Love the sweet music that Sugarland offers to their fans. Jennifer….Enjoy seeing and hearing you on Duets. Thank you. I would be honored to win a copy of “The Incredible Machine”.

  16. Love Sugarland’s music. “Why don’t you stay” is a classic. Looking forward to their next album!

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE SUGARLAND!!! Jennifer’s voice is so awesome! I saw them in concert a few yrs ago at the NY State Fair, opening for Kenny Chesney, OMG!!! WHAT AN AWESOME CONCERT!!!! <3 I would love to have this signed CD! <3 Love Duets too, great new show! Keep up the great music!

  18. Sugarland has always been great!!!!

  19. Jennifer has the most incredible voice in Country music, and along with Kristian, they are one of the most fantastic duets.

  20. Love, love Sugarland. Would be awesome to win
    I never win anything.

  21. Love them

  22. Hoping to catch their show in New Hampshire later this month!

  23. My favorite Sugarland song Is What I’d Give. The first time I heard it I had tears come to my eyes. I would love to win this album. Sugarland holds a very special place in my heart.

  24. I got to see Sugarland in concert at the Kentucky State fair with Little Big Town in 2011 and loved it. My favorite song is “Stuck Like Glue” and the video is awesome. Love her new show Duets, she has an awesome voice.

  25. I LOVE Sugarland and would really appreciate it if I won.

  26. Sugarland puts on an awesome concert. Seen them twice. Would love to have their new cd.

  27. Sugarland can deliver on some awesome sounds. This would be a great prize to win.

  28. If you can’t go to a concert, then what better way to appreciate their sound – hope to win and be able to share their great music with our family when we get together to celebrate the 4th of July!

  29. Very nice!

  30. “These are the days” is my favorite Sugarland song. Such an awesome band – love their music!

  31. What a cool prize to offer and to win!

  32. I love to hear them sing. I would like to have the autographed album

  33. I love Sugarland! One of the best concerts I’ve ever attended!

  34. My husband and I both LOVE Sugarland. Always enjoy going to their concerts.

  35. Really enjoyed Jennifer’s interview in the July issue of LHJ.

  36. This is one of the groups my whole family listens to. My daughter loves their music and she’s 6.

  37. I enjoy listening to Sugarland and I also enjoy watching Jennifer on “Duets”.

  38. Nettles voice is one of the most incredible I’ve ever heard. I would be so thankful to win her most recent album. Love, love, love Duets!

  39. love sugarland

  40. I love their music and the fact that their name came from a town in Texas makes it all the better.

  41. I really like Sugarland. They are great.

  42. Sugarland is a talented group and I have great respect for their ability to entertain and write their own music. I would very much like an autographed CD. It would be treasured!

  43. Would love to win this.

  44. hey, this would be cool, i don’t have this album yet!!



  47. I love Sugarland !!!! I would love a signed copy!

  48. I am 62 and I have followed their music from day one. I live in Sugar Land. Love Love their music. Great to listen to their music no matter what you are doing, from house cleaning (get alot done on their fast tunes) to driving in the car. It would be super to have a signed album of theirs!!!!

  49. I love Sugarland…Jennifer Nettles seems like she would be “one of the girls”! Someone I would love to meet!
    Love the song, “all I wanna do…” along with so many other hits!
    Would love to win!

  50. It would be great to win a signed copy of Sugarland. They always seem to respect their fans.

  51. I love Sugarland and would love to have this signed copy of their album.

  52. I think Jennifer Nettles has a wonderful voice. I had never heard her sing before the show duet because I have never liked country music, but she is definitely a game changer. Her voice is the real deal!I would love to win a signed copy of sugarlands album.

  53. awesome!!!

  54. I would love to win this!

  55. I would LOVE to win this album! I love Sugarland’s music! Thanks for the opportunity! =)

  56. Love Sugarland! This would be such a nice thing to win. :)

  57. Love Sugarland. They are my favorite. This album would make my day.


  59. Sweet!

  60. I love their music but never had their cd! :)


  62. i was listening to Sugarland on Sunday with my daughter as we enjoyed our day! i still think that “Stay” is one of my favorite videos because of the simplicity & raw emotion!

  63. I just love them! Would love to have the album!

  64. Sugarland is totally awesome and I would love to win a signed copy of their new cd “The Incredible Machine”!!!

  65. Sweeeett

  66. Good, real country music. Jennifer has a real country voice.

  67. would love to win …

  68. so excited about this giveaway!!! Thanks

  69. Love love love them ……..

  70. love Sugarland would love to win this cd!

  71. I love Sugarland. One of the best concerts I’ve been to in years.

  72. I have been following Sugarland since I first heard them on country raido. Love, love , love them!

  73. so excited about this giveaway, thanks!!

  74. I’d love to win this!

  75. would love to win a copy

  76. I finally just saw Sugarland in Concert at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in CA! They sound just as good if not better live than they do on their albums! It was the best concert I’ve ever been to! I was a huge fan before but now I love them even more! They gave away a signed guitar at the concert & I was holding my breathe hoping I would win it. I didn’t but it would still be a dream come true to win a signed cd of the Incredible Machine. Especially since it’s my favorite album!

  77. Love Sugarland .. would love to win. Good luck to all.

  78. I want to be reincarnated as Jennifer Nettles! She is the most amazing country music performer, beautiful woman and amazing personality. I adore and envy her!

  79. I love Sugarland and I’d love to win this!

  80. I love Sugarland and would love to win.

  81. What a great group – I really enjoy their music

  82. Sugarland is the most origianl country western music around today.

  83. Well, not only am I a big fan, but am related in a sort of, kind of way…. one of my nicknames is ‘sugarbear’ so that’s a valid connection/reason, right? LOL… pick me! pick me! :)

  84. Beautiful music!

  85. I love their music, I can always find a song that speaks toy mood. I’d love to win this!!!

  86. I would be so thrilled to win Sugarland’s latest album. Love them!

  87. Love Sugerland’s music and enjoy Jennifer on Duets!!!

  88. would love to win the sugarland cd. They are a great group. Love them.

  89. love them. Hope I win.

  90. I would love to win the album by Sugarland!

  91. I have alway’s liked Sugarland, but really fell in love with her while watching Duet’s. I absolutely love her guy’s and was very touched by both of their songs from inspirational night, very touching

  92. Even tho we’re old Hubby 74 Cougar 80, We LOVE YOU.Went to your concert last year in Bakersfield, Loved it. So wonderful to see you on Duets. Sure hope it goes over big. We have 3 of your albums, would really love a signed one.

  93. Jennifer and Christian make each and every person they entertain for feel important with music, actions, and their feelings. Everytime I see them on stage I can really feel exactly what they are singing because they show that in all their moves and facial expressions. They are my all time favorite singers of all time. Jennifer’s voice is like no other!! I love you! It would be a dream to own an autographed album by the Great Sugarland!!!!!

  94. I love to hear Sugarland sing. You have great harmony. Jennifer your the best!!! I’d love to have anything autographed by Sugarland.

  95. In the July 2012 issue of Ladies Home Journal, Jennifer Nettles answered questions In the “Notes – In My Words” section on page 9.
    In the “Philosophy I live by….”, she said “Be grateful-and be your best self”.
    I believe she lives out this philosophy every time she sings to an audience. She’s grateful for getting to do what she loves, which is sing; and when she sings, she is her true and best self.
    I would love to win a signed copy of Sugarland’s latest album Incredible Machine.
    Thank you,
    Wanda Wentz

  96. My husband and I love Sugarland and would love to have an autographed album!

  97. Would love to win this album!

  98. This would make a terrific Father’s Day gift.

  99. Pick me! Pick me! =)

  100. Sugarland is awesom and one of my first introductions to country… them

  101. Iwould lke to own a copy.

  102. Would love to win!

  103. I begain listening to Sugarland when they first came out with my daughter.Years later we are still enjoying them with my little grandson who loves to boogie when he hears their music.I would love to shair this with them and everyone.

  104. would be awesome

  105. my 10 year old grandson has loved sugarland from the beginning. we both have their music on our phones. it would be so fantastic to have a signed album for him.

  106. I LOVE Sugarland!!! Good Luck to me!

  107. Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles & Kristen Bush along with their band have created some on the Best music…like everthing about them. A signed album would be fantastic! Glad to see Jennifer in LHJ!

  108. i love sugarland’s music, and i thought they were great in concert a few years ago when i saw them at the NYS fair….

  109. Jennifer could sing the phone book and sound wonderful!! Kristian and his guitar make a perfect “couple” and balance Sugarland! Love their music!!

  110. Sugarland is one of my favorite groups…. Please pick me.

  111. I love you Sugarland, would love to win your album!

  112. Ooh, I hope I win! I would love it!

  113. My 3 grandaughters and I love to sing along on the radio with Sugarland. I crank it waaaaay UP!

  114. Love Sugarland!!!

  115. Sugarland is a great band. Not to mention that I can now see Jennifer on Duets! I love her and her style. A signed album would make a great addition to my country music cds. I was thrilled to see Jennifer interviewed in Ladies Home Journal. Thanks!

  116. I’d love to win the CD since Sugarland has been my favorite duet since they first came out. I love Jennifer’s voice!

  117. One of my favorite bands. I really hope to win. Thankyou so much for the opportunity.

  118. I love Sugarland. Such a great sound.

  119. I love Sugarland. They put on an awesome concert! Jennifer’s voice and Kristian’s playing are spectacular and I could listen to them all day long!

  120. These guys are awesome, even coming from a “rocker chick”! Would love to win this!

  121. I have enjoyed Sugarland’s music since they started- so proud that they are from my state of Georgia! Their music helps me survive the long road trip to my daughter’s college that I drove at least three times a year! Their song “There you go making my heart beat again” makes me dance in my seat and reminds me of my college love- we’ve been married 32 years. Would be so excited to win an autographed copy of their new music!!

  122. love, love, love Sugarland…especially Jennifer Nettles

  123. Love ya as Sugarland. Jennifer, you’re the best on
    Duets. Just stay away from falling stages! : )

  124. Entering for my daughter who just loves Jennifer Nettles! She would love it!

  125. Would love to have latest Sugerland album, especially an autographed copy!

  126. Have enjoyed Jennifer on Duets and whenever she hosts award shoes. Their Christmas special was fabulous.

  127. Have enjoyed Jennifer on Duets and whenever she hosts award shows. Their Christmas special was fabulous.

  128. .

  129. I have not yet seen you guys in concert but definitely plan to when you come back around to the central PA area. Love your music!

  130. Would love to win this cd. Have all the others. I love to watch her every chance I get esp. the show Duets. She does a fantastic job with whomever she is paired with.

  131. Luv what she wears on Duets

  132. Love Jennifer,love the album

  133. My husband and I love Sugarland. He tells me all the time that he would leave me in a second for Jennifer!

  134. 71 years old and still swinging to the Music of Sugarland. Youth is only a number right?

  135. I love Sugarland and enjoy watching Jennifer on Duets.

  136. Sugarland always makes me feel better!

  137. I would love to give this album to my friend who let his wife to brain cancer and is raising his two children with so much love without bitterness or asking “why me”!he loves Sugarlands’s music !

  138. I would love to win this Sugarland album. I love Sugarland!!! Jennifer is wonderful on Duets too!

  139. I love Sugarland!! Would love to win this!

  140. Sugarland is incredible! Cannot wait to see them live this year. :) Would kill for an autographed copy! (Figuratively speaking of course)

  141. I would love to win an album! I love Sugarland…and Jennifer!!

  142. Been a Lifelong Sugarland fan would love to add this to my collection.

  143. Jennifer Nettles has one of the most amazing voices in music today. She inspires my 3 year old to belt out songs in the most unbelievable way. We never miss a concert. Sugarland is the best!

  144. I would love to win the album.

  145. What an incredible person and she has an amazing voice to boot! I hope I win!

  146. I absolutely love Sugarland! Their music is wonderful to listen to! I would love to win this amazing prize. :)

  147. Sugarland is my favorite band! I just saw them in Albany last night they were amazing!

  148. Id love to win this! Sugarland rocks!

  149. Jennifer Nettles is such an inspiration, good call on having her in for an interview! Thanks for the opportunity to win an autographed CD!

  150. I am definitely leaving some LHJ love!!

    Thanks for the great chance. . .

    to a signed album being able to dance!

  151. I would love to win……love sugarland

  152. Sugarland has gotten myself, my sister and my Mom through an extremely rocky past two years. I’ll save the sob story, but it would be awesome to win this!

  153. I Love Sugarland and have been a fan since day 1! An amazing duet that seems down to earth and a couple people I would LOVE to party down with!!! =)

  154. My grandpa and I absolutely love sugarland… Although sometimes he calls them sugarloaf! They are such an amazing band! Jennifer’s voice is amazing and I could listen to her all day everyday!

  155. my daughter and i LOVE you and your music. if i were to win this cd i will give it to my daughter! think she knows most every song you have by heart and we enjoy singing along to all of them in the car driving her brothers crazy sometimes. keep up the great work

  156. I love Sugarland!!!!! Winning their CD would be awesome!

  157. My FAV FAV singer!!

  158. Only started listening to country music in the past year, but I love it and Sugarland are one of my favourite duo’s. Would love to see them in England soon:)

  159. I wanna win!!

  160. I have been a huge Sugalrand fan since the release of Baby Girl and have had the opportunity to see them in concert in Ohio with my sister..what an amazing experience I have never been so happy to see artists I love perform live!!! I can’t wait to see them in concert again and have a blast in the Sugarpit :)

  161. This “Little Miss” would love to win this Sugarland album!

  162. I have been reading LHJ for a while. My mom subcribes and I’d steal it when I was younger to read it. This issue is going to be one of my favorites. Sugarland was my first country concert ever. Love them! My grandmother and I bond over them. We are the only ones in our familyto like country! Jennifer Nettles has an amazing voice and heart. I would love to win an autographed copy Sugarland’s latest CD!

  163. I would SO love to win this! I HEART Sugarland! They are FABulous in concert. I got to ride the elevator with Kristian Bush last year during CMA Fest. So cool! Would have been even better if Jennifer had been with him. I would give her the biggest HUG ever! Love love love them!!

  164. HUGE fan of Sugarland, Jennifer’s voice is amazing! Thanks for this opportunity, it’s a great prize!

  165. Love Sugarland! Loved them since I first hear “Baby Girl” on the radio. Have seen them three times. They put on a great show! Love all their songs.

  166. I absolutely love Sugarland! Great interview with Jennifer :)

  167. I would love a signed Sugarland album … by far my absolute favorite band! This would be the best birthday present ever … AND my birthday is next week!!! Jennifer is always so fun & so well-spoken. I bet that was a fun interview :)

  168. LOVE Sugarland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Have loved them from the beginning!! Jennifer is an amazing person. Would LOVE to win a signed copy of the Incredible Machine by her!!!

  170. I love Sugarland and would love to win one.

  171. I love sugarland and Jennifer seems like a doll.

  172. Jennifer has the most distinctive voice in modern music. “Stay” is one of the best songs every written! Love me some Sugarland!

  173. Would love to win the Sugarland album. I’m also for team Jennifer on Duets.

  174. Jennifer has the voice of a Southern Angel!

  175. I’m a huge Sugarland fan! The first country song I heard was “Settlin’” and I’ve been in love ever since. I recently saw them perform in Mountain View, CA where they put on an amazing show. When Jennier sang “Stay” it brought tears to my eyes. Her performance was so raw and emotional, it was beautiful!

  176. Sugarland iks just awesome and jennifer has the most beautiful voice.

  177. My daughter and I went to see Sugarland in Mountain View, CA a couple of weeks ago. What a fantastic show! She had never heard of Sugarland but is a huge fan now. :-) xo

  178. would love to win……

  179. Jennifer’s warmth and humor, and deep passion for what she does, all make her someone to be admired. Thank you for giving us a little more insight into her thoughts!

  180. I got to meet Jennifer and Kristian at one of their concerts. Very down to earth. Great people with awesome talent. Jennifer Nettles is a music goddess! Amazing!

  181. LOVE Sugarland and love how kind and sweet she is would Love to have an autographed album from her. One day I would love to go see her in concert. THanks LHJ for the story and interview with my favorite singer. Am loving duets too!!

  182. Sugarland is my all time favorite I’ve been a fan for almost five years now. They mean the absolute world to me, I try and see them out on the road as much as I can. I don’t know if I can describe what they truly mean to me! I love them so much :)

  183. I love Sugarland! I hope I win!

  184. Jennifer is such a strong, incredible woman and inspires people around the world. She inspires me to take hold of the reins and hang on for the ride that life takes you on! Not to mention, Kristian is an amazing musician and big part of Sugarland…without him it wouldn’t be the same! Have loved their music from day one and continue to be blown away each time I hear their beautiful voices! Would just LOVE to have a copy of this CD!!

  185. I went to see Sugarland last night in my home town in NY. It was my first ever experience in the Sugarpit and it is one that I will never forget.I have seen them in concert before but there is just something about being in the pit right up at the stage… I had chills from the moment they walked onto the stage until the moment the show ended. Last night was truely the most memorable night of my life!! Jennifer is such an inspiration to me and her music has gotten me through some of the toughest points in my life and I thank her for that!!

  186. Pick me! Pick me! Would love an autographed copy!

  187. Love Jennifer Nettles!! And Sugarland! Saw them in concert a few weeks ago and it was amazing!

  188. I love Sugarland, Jennifer you are so beautiful<3

  189. I am a huge fan of sugarland and even got a chance to see them in concert once! They put on one heck of a show! I would LOVE to win!

  190. Im a sugarland FANatic. :-D

  191. Sugarland is by far my favorite duo… Jennifer & Kristian’s harmonies are beautiful regardless of whether they’re singing with each other or other artists. winning the album would be wonderful, but win or lose you’ll always have a loyal fan :)

  192. Sugarland is my favorite band of all time. I can really relate to so many of their songs and I love the way Jennifer and Kristian are truly passionate about what they are singing. It is my favorite thing in the world to crank up the Incredible Machine CD in the car and sing to the words with emotion. I get to see them live next weekend at Country Fest 2012 in Cadott, WI and have only seen them live 1 other time in Detroit Lakes, MN last summer. They are truly incredible!

  193. LOVE Sugarland, LOVE Jennifer and LOVE her and JRome on Duets. I would love to see a Sugarland/JRome group album be made.

  194. I love Jennifer and love Sugarland!! :) Would make me extremely happy to win something signed by my favorite singer.

  195. I have followed Jennifer since her days in the Jennifer nettles band. She is a very giving person.

  196. Love Sugarland!!! They have amazing voices and are so much fun to see in concert. They put on a awesome show. I would love the autographed album.

  197. I LOVE Sugarland! I Love Jennifer! She’s amazing! I would be forever happy if I won this!! :) )

  198. I would love to win this! Jennifer is such an amazing person and she is my role model. I wish I could meet her!

  199. Sugarland ROCKS!!!

  200. Stuck Like Glue and It happens are just 2 of my favorite songs they are really cool and amazing

  201. I absolutely love Sugarland. Their music, what they stand for, the way they give, and so much more. it makes me smile! I’d like to win, but whoever does win, i just want to say congratulations! a signed copy of their album is truly a great gift! Best of luck everyone! keep on rocking to those country beats :)

  202. Huge-normous fan… hope im the winner ( or one of ‘em)

  203. I recently started listening to country music, I found Sugarland, Wow , what a voice and message,! Keep the hits coming!

  204. Jennifer Nettles, I’ve been loving her since the beginning and now to see and watch her in a more intimate and personal light on duets is such a treat!! I’m always trying to sing her music but you just can’t compare with her vocal talent, not me anyhow lol…thank you LHJ for the interview, and Jennifer if you’re reading this, I can’t wait for my opportunity one day to see you live, love ya girl! X o

  205. Sugarland is the real thing – wonderful songs, great melodies & harmonies – and THAT VOICE! Thank you, Jennifer – your heart is in every note!

  206. Awesome!

  207. I am going to see them tomorrow night!!!

  208. Love Jennifer!! She’s so down to earth! Would love to win her new CD!!

  209. Sugarland has been one of my favorite bands for as long as I can remember. I listen to them on repeat all the time at home, and while studying in law school. I would LOVE a signed copy of their album!

  210. Sugarland is my favor duo. I would love to own their last album so I can continue to share Country music with my three kids!!! We love to sing along with Jennifer & Christian!!! They have had so many wonderful tunes but “Stay” just tears my heart apart…its like it was written just for me!!

  211. Love me some Sugarland!!!

  212. Omg Sugarland is by far the most Amazing, Incredible, Awesome group there is! I Love me some Sugarland! One of these days I hope to actually catch them in concert!! They will always be my first choice!

  213. Sugarland has always been an inspriaton to me. They gave me a chance to feel emotion though song. Their music made me feel whole again. I have not had a easy life. Thier songs reflect that. I went to see the Sugarland in Greenville, SC on March 10, 2011. I was able to bring my mom to that show. She has stage 3 cancer and was bed ridden prior to the show. She stood to see the band play. They gave me and her a wonderful memory. We dont get to go places together and this was something that was a once in a life time thing and I thank them for it.

  214. I love Sugarland!!! I love Jennifer Nettles and her amazing voice. Every time I’m feeling down I can listen to their music and it just lifts my spirit… it’s like ‘feel good music’ to me. They just make me happy. I adore Jennifer’s voice and am a huge fan of hers and Sugarland. I love the songs I’ve heard from the CD and it would be amazing to have an autographed copy of it…. would be a treasured item for sure.

  215. LOVE LOVE LOVE Sugarland <3 and I'd love to win this!!! Hope they come back and do another concert near RI soon!!!

  216. I was hooked when I heard ‘Stay’ and watched the video! I love how Jennifer wears a minimal amount of make-up. Makes it look and feel so natural! Awesome voice, too! More of this band can only be a great thing!Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ!

  217. My family would looooooove to have Sugarland’s new CD!

  218. Fell in love with my Honey b. to her singing Stuck like glue at a karaoke night. <3

  219. Love Love Love Sugarland. Was so excited to read the interview. I have all my toes and fingers crossed for the chance to win this autographed album. Thank you for the opportunity. :)

  220. What a great prize, I love sugarland!

  221. I love Sugarland they are amazing. I went to my first Sugarland concert awhile back and it was the best time of my life. I also love Jennifer on duets she has the best team

  222. please come to Denmark.

    Sugarland is the best

  223. Thanks for sharing the interview with Jennifer. Always have loved her voice, style and connection with her fans.

  224. I absolutely LOVE Sugarland! I’ve listened to them since they started. Their songs have helped me through all of my ups and downs. Jennifer has an amazing voice and I am a HUGE fan! <3

  225. Love Sugarland!! I’ve seen them 6 times thus far and can’t wait to see them again!!

  226. I absolutely love sugarlands music she has an amazing voice and the most electrifying shows i would LOVE to own a autographed album from the southern goddess

  227. OMG…we just love Sugarland..we go to see them every year 3 to 4 times….But there are no shows in PA……Please dont forget about good old PA next year….WE NEED SUGARLAND IN PA..

  228. I love Sugarland they are amazing. I went to my first Sugarland concert awhile back and it was the best time of my life. I also love Jennifer on duets she has the best team I would love so much to when that signed cd

  229. Love Sugarland! I can’t wait to take my daughter to see them the next time they come this way!

  230. I think Jennifer is so great.

  231. Saw Sugarland in Charlottesville, Va several years ago. Would love to see them come back. Best concert ever!

  232. Love lhj! Love Jennifer nettles, so does my son! I have a giant Sugarland tattoo on my back! They always lift me up and have got me through so many hard times! They are my favorite, I’m not sure what I’d do without them! Amazing!

  233. I love that Jennifer is so down to earth! Sugarland is #1 in my book.

  234. The first time I heard “Stay” I became a Sugarland fan. And when I heard it live I became a fan for life. The vocals and energy of the show were amazing and I managed to introduce some new fans to the Sugarland train that night. Love the music and the fun on stage is contagious!

  235. I can only imagine how fun this interview was! Jennifer is such an amazing and fun person. I admire her and Kristian so much.. and enjoy their music! So glad she took the time out to do this interview. Love Sugarland!!!!

  236. Can’t get enough of Sugarland!!! Would love to win the CD.

  237. Love the message Sugarland puts out! Fantastic band :-)

  238. I have seen Sugarland a bunch of times and have tried to watch every interview and appearance that I can see. I love their music and the writing is so personal. They have great ballads and the upbeat songs are fun. Her performance is open and inviting and you know she’s just such a fun, smart, gracious person. I love her accent and Duets is a great show. I absolutely love her voice and that she can compete with anyone. When she sings with Beyonce, Rihanna, or even the President, she has no fear and she will sing as hard and as strong as she can. I think she’s great and I love Kristian and his open heart and love for people. They are great. Sugarland rules!

  239. i love sugarland so much!!!

  240. Bin a fan 4 a long time/cementd when they so caringly responded to the State Fair Tragedy here/caught ther free thank you concert at the fieldhouse downtown–1-DER-FUL!!! Sugarland is one classy act! Thanks, Jen & Kristian! Keep on keepn on!

  241. Near the end of the concert in Indianapolis in October 2011 Jennifer Nettles actually took the time to pause a bit longer for a picture while my wife was taking one of her. We were shocked that she would have the realization and wherewithal to do that mid show. We looked at each other afterwards like “Did you see that?!?!?” as we realized what had just happened together.

  242. Would love to win the CD! My family has been a fan since the first single!!!

  243. Man I thought I might have a chance; then, I remembered Jennifer is so amazing. I love Sugarland and she has an awesome voice and is beautiful. I will be one of many who will say the same.

  244. Sugarland’s music has inspired me with every song they have written, released, and performed. Jennifer and Kristian are great role models and this prize would be amazing to receive! “Blood, Love, Hope, Lust, and Steam.” <3

  245. To me Jennifer Nettles is the perfection of Music…I love to here her singing weather it is Sugarlands music, cover songs…and would probably listen to her version of the phonebook…That voice is that of an angel and the woman is my idea of perfection….Someday I hope to see a live show and who love to meet and have a conversation with Jennifer….May God bless and keep you.

  246. Girl crush for sure! Love Sugarland and would love to win a signed CD!!! =)

  247. I have been able to see them in concert twice and loved every second of it! They are so inspiring and they have a song to go with any emotion I’m feeling and they also have one to lift my moods when I’m down. We are a blessed generation to have them around!

  248. Jennifer is such an AMAZING WOMAN! Anyone that has the chance to meet her, should. She is GREAT! The only thing I’m missing is her Autograph. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Sugarland! I can relate to so many of their songs!

  249. It would be AWESOME to win a signed copy of their cd. I love sugarland!!!

  250. My 3 year old Grandson loves the song “Stuck Like Glue”. Everytime I play it in the car he is bobbin his head to the music. When the song is over he always tells me to play it again. I live in Indiana and wanted to go see them at the State Fair, but was not financially able to. Sugarland is one of my favorite duos.

  251. I absolutely love Jennifer!!!! Love Sugarland!
    I would love to get a copy of her interview!

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  258. Jennifer is the best singer in the world. Her music helped me so much that I don’t know where I would be now if it wasn’t for her. She is my role model now and I’m happier person because of her. Just one song from that woman’s voice and she can make you feel like a brand new person.

  259. It’s time for me to win… and what a great prize an autographed Sugarland album would be

  260. The album would go great with my sugarland tat on the back of my neck. Sugarland rocks

  261. Sugarland rocks… <3

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  263. I love Sugarland with all my heart :) I would love to win the cd!!

  264. I have loved them since the first time I heard them in 05. I have been to 8 shows and counting. Including the first show of in your hands on 4/5 and will be there again on 8/3 in cinci. Ohio loves us some Sugarland! It would be an honor to win one of these cds.

  265. <3 Sugarland

  266. I <3 them! This would make a great sursie for the hubby-to-be!

  267. Thee most amazing voice that we have in this day of age. Let her sing the alphabet and it would be amazing!! Always nice to get another interview to read from Jennifer.

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  270. Sugarland stays true to their country roots and I absolutely love that about them! They are by far my favorite country artists and they put on the best concerts. I saw them in small town Minot, ND and we were tickled pink that they would take the time to perform to such a small venue compared to some of their others. Jennifer Nettles is an inspiration and a role model. I Love Sugarland!

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  276. Always love to hear Sugarland music. Plan on having “Tonight” as our song for our wedding. Carol M in TX/

  277. It would truly be an honor to win a signed copy of such an unbelievable album! I’m such a huge fan of Jennifer and Christian, and I would LOVE to have a small piece of them in my home! Keep up the great work! God bless!

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  279. Thank you Ladies Home Journal for offering this possibility of winning. I have always enjoyed all types of music but I can honestly say, ever since I have heard Jennifer’s (what I like to call it) twang of a voice, I thoroughly enjoy Sugarland and their music. Many Blessings to all.

  280. good stuff!

  281. It would be my honor to add a signed copy from Jennifer to my CD collection. She is beyond talented, and radiates when she performs. Good luck to her!

  282. What a inspirational woman! She’s received some bad rap with the Indianapolis stage falling but she has a good heart! Thanks LHJ!

  283. My cousin and I (she’s my country concert partner) have seen Sugarland together 5 times. If they’re in driving distance, we go! They are so much fun to watch and sing along with! They just make you feel good! xo

  284. Winning this would be super!

  285. I love Sugarland! such an amazing duo. I own a few of their songs, but would love the whole CD. Thanks for the opportunity!

  286. Duets is the must see TV of the summer! It has been such a joy to get Jennifer in our living rooms once a week. Its nice to let America in on what has been the fans little secret. Jennifer is not only a great singer but witty and wonderfully entertaining as well. Can’t wait to catch the live show this month.

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  289. I loved reading this article. Jennifer is truly a down to earth American woman!

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  292. THE best band or duo in any genre of music today. Would love to have an autographed copy of anything by them.

  293. I absolutely love Sugarland! Seen them in concert for the first time last year here in Pennsylvaniaon their Incredible Machine Tour. They definitely put on a show beyond comparison. They are such wonderful humanitarians aside from their great musical artistry. They cannot be beat!It would be a great honor for me to own a signed copy of their Incredible Machine album! Keep up the great work Sugarland and Ladies Home Journal!!!!

  294. Hey Sugarland!! I’m on my way now to see you in AC!!! I hope you are excited to perform at Revel!!! Look for me- I will be holding a kindergarten sign! Support NJ teachers!!!!

  295. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Please please please pick me with a cherry on top!!!

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  298. Just saw Sugarland in Phoenix! Dream come true! J Nettles is brilliantly talented, gorgeous, and an amazing entertainer! My favorite band in country music for years! Even my 3 year little girls loves her! Now, pretty please send me her signed CD ;)

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  300. ***Always*** looking forwarding to hearing what creative music Sugarland is going to share with us fans next!! Thank you! Luv ya’ll!

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  302. I went to their In Your Hands show last night in Albany!!! They are amazing! I would love a signed copy of their album! =]

  303. I went to their concert last night in Albany NY!! I would love to win this so I can give it to my girlfriend as an anniversary gift!!

  304. Love Sugarland, Stay is so matter of fact raw & filled with emotion! One of my favorites. Would love to win the autographed copy :The Incredible Machine” to gift to my daughter. she and her best friend are faithful concert fans of SL. Blessings!

  305. I love Sugarland!!! No matter what mood I’m in, there is always a Sugarland song for it. My first concert was a Sugarland concert and I am so excited to be seeing them again on my birthday!!! Jennifer is an inspiration to me! She is so grounded and always looks to the positive things in life to get through the hard times. I love Sugarland!!!

  306. Just saw Sugarland in Irvin CA. What a great show!

  307. love Sugarland,Jennifer Nettles has the most incredible vocals i’ve ever heard,an amazing singer,the best—–mark—-

  308. Love Sugarland! In Your Hands is a great show, wish I could go again!!

  309. Thank you for the interview with Ms Nettles. Jennifer always has something special to bring to the table and is constantly surprising me with her thoughts and ideas.
    I am very happy about her participation on “Duets” and this summer’s concert tour of “In The Hands of the Fans”.

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  313. I think Jenn is down to earth and very kind person. Would love a copy.

  314. Why am I a sugarland fan? There music is so inspiring. So uplifting. And Jennifer and Kristian are just such amazing down to earth people that love to grow and I as a fan love to grow with them and see what’s next! Their shows are so spectacular and I’ve been front row for every one. I have yet to meet them but I’ve heard they are breathtaking. I can’t tell you how thankful I am of them for the people they brought into my life as well. I’ve met so many great friends at shows that I’ve talked to through twitter and Fanclub. I could go on and on but I love them and wouldn’t mind a little signed gift I could hang on my wall(:

  315. My daughter & I LOVE Sugarland and my dughter has always wanted to meet her. this would mean soooo much to her to win this!!!! Jennifer truly is an inspiration to her. For her 21st Birthday I bought my daughter (Britt) Sugar Pit Tickets to their concert in IN, unfortunately didn’t turn out as we had hoped, but still remain LOYAL LISTENERS and SUPPORTERS. Her lyrics are down to earth and touch people everyday. This would mean so much to Britt to add to her shadow box of memories :) <3 God Bless

  316. I love Sugarland. They could sing a phonebook and people would buy it. I would love love to win a signed copy of this CD. Keep on singing Sugarland!! :o )

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    Love SugarLnd!

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  323. Jennifer is AWESOME!!!!! Whenever I hear one of there sellygs I really get into it. Would love to have this amazing keepsake

  324. I have been a HUGE Sugarland fan from the beginning!!! Would love to win something Jennifer signed. Loved when she did Crossroads with Bon Jovi! I’m watching Duets and love how down to earth she is with her contestants! She’s an amazing human being with lots to give back to the world! Also love that she’s true to her southern roots! Gotta love that twang!!!

  325. Love, love, love Sugarland! Jennifer is more than a fantastic voice, she comes across so real! Keep up the great work.. You guys are AMAZING!!

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    be very happy. Much Aloha Mildred

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  333. I love the positive energy Sugarland brings to the table. I just saw them in Albany NY and left there feeling recharged. I admire their connection with the fans, a duet that seems to truly have fun when they are out there singing their hearts out….(I love that she talks to her mom everyday, thats great!)

  334. Love, love, love Sugarland! Have seen them twice in the last few years at concerts in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I have every album they recorded.
    To have a signed copy of The Incredible Machine would just be icing on the cake!

  335. I would really love to win this. I have 5 girls and 2 boys still at home and my girls and I love sugarland so much, but with the economy the way it is…money goes to more needed things instead of cd’s. we’d love to have it. I know we would wear it out…sugarland is the best.

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  337. I have a lot of respect for you and what you do. Love your music and love Duets! How Great Thou Art brought me to tears.

  338. Sugarland’s music always puts a smile on my face and just love that voice!!

  339. Sugarland’s music is my go-to on days when being pushing 60 and unemployed get to me. Thank you, Jennifer & Christian, for all the great tunes!

  340. Sugarland’s music is my go-to when being pushing 60 and being unemployed get me down. Thank you, Jennifer & Christian, for the great tunes!

  341. Would love this. I love Sugarland! And I love hearing my 5yr old sing along!!

  342. No one performs better live than Jennifer Nettles, Kristian Bush and Sugarland. Go see them live.

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  344. Jennifer is a truly beautiful, talented woman. Her voice is amazing, it doesn’t matter what she’s singing it always sounds amazing. But what i love most about her is the fact that she’s just a woman, she just like us! Thats what makes her human and a robot “star”

    Love you Jennifer keep doing what your doing.

  345. Jennifer and Kristian are fabulous! Great people, great music!

  346. I was lucky enough to see Sugarland last week in Irvine, CA. Since I can’t take them home, would love to have their signed album! Such a pleasure to watch Jennifer and Kristian light up the stage! Thank you…<3

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  349. Great article LHJ loved it

  350. I had a blast at your June 1st mountain view , ca. Concert. Sang my heart out and lost my voice. Thank you sugarland for comin here . Those tickets I got Was the best birthday present I have ever gotten. Much love and keep giving us that great music..

  351. I love Sugarland they are my favorite group have seen them the last 2 times they have come to Utah ! And they put on an Amazing concert ! Can wait til they get here again in September for another Awesome concert ! Love them and love there voices !

  352. Anyone who knows me knows I am Sugarland obsessed. my absolute dream would be to meet Jennifer and have a few minutes to chat…wow! I am moved and inspired by their music, their passion for their fans, and what great people they are. Always here listening and loving Sugarland!!!!

  353. Sugarland’s music is amazing!

  354. Sugarland’s music and jennifer’s voice has been such an inspiration to me. Their lyrics reach our soul and speak the truth. her and kristian are truly amazing artists.

  355. I went to three Sugarland concerts this year. Jennifer is by far the best singer I have heard in the last thirty years.

  356. Kristian is so talented and Jennifer is one of my husband’s favorites! I would love to win a copy of the CD for my husband. :)

  357. Jennifer Nettles voice is so unique and amazing to me. While I really love country music, she stands out as one of my favorite artists by far because she is so different. She truly has talent and I LOVE when her songs come on the radio!

  358. My favorite band!

  359. I am a huge Sugarland fan! I’ve seen the Incredible Machine tour both times it’s come to my home town! And it was at the first performance, while listening to “Want To” that I decided to ask out my boyfriend of two years. Thank you Sugarland for helping me make one of the best decisions of my life!

  360. Sugarland is my favorite group and Jennifer is most awesome. Love her on Duets as well.

  361. I am OBSESSED with SL…I love them so much. It would be an INCREDIBLE honor to own a signed copy of T.I.M!!!Go Team Jennifer!!!!

  362. I would love to win this, great contest.

  363. Love Jennifer! Wonderful human being!

  364. My friends say that every time I watch Jennifer I am mesmorized. I have been to see them in concert five times. Adding a signed album would be so Awesome!

  365. I especially love this quote from this article: “Be grateful and be your best self.” This is a great example of the person that Jennifer is,and the family that makes up the band’s fan base. Great article!

  366. I have loved Sugarland sense Baby Girl and discovering their older material (Jennifer and Kristians) has been such a fun adventure. Their music inspires, it breathes and lives and loves. They are like no-other. Some of the greatest people on the planet. I was in the Sugarpit at the Raleigh show for In Your Hands 2012. So Amazing.. :)

    I would love to have a Autographed Copy of such an amazing record. Made of Blood and Love and Hope and Lust and Steam.. Calling…..

  367. Sugarland rocks!!! They have helped me through some rough times. I am “Baby Girl grows up to be Little Miss will go far.” I would love to have this!

  368. I have been to one of their concerts this year and i think all artists could take ques from them! Jennifer read my sign and help it up for all to see, they even posted a pic of her holding my sign on their web site my only regret was not putting a message on there for them to autograph it for me! The music the duo creates sends messages to the world promoting, love and happiness… not to mention working vacations ; )

  369. I live in Southern Cali & was recently fortunate enough to see 3 Sugarland concerts in the same week! What a way to start my summer! So much fun! J Nett is A-mazing!!! Would LOVE an autographed anything!!!!!

  370. From Jennifer Nettles Band to Soul Miner’s Daughter, to Sugarland, an inspiration to me always. I fell in love with Baby Girl the first time I heard it and every word I have heard come from Jennifer’s mouth since continues to inspire me. The old stuff makes me wish I could tell a story that well. The new stuff makes me love life and wish my guitar could be a full time job. I am grateful for the footsteps to follow.

  371. I love Sugarland and always enjoy reading a little more about them! Jennifer and Kristian are both such humble, caring, inspiring, and genuine people. Thank you for giving us more insight into their life on the road. Can’t wait to see them on tour again!

  372. Love Sugarland. Keep up the incredible entertainment.

  373. Would love to have this. Love Sugarland!

  374. My husband and I love Sugarland. I suprised him last year with a meet and great at their concert in KC.

  375. I am a huge sugar land fan. They are awesome.

  376. Can’t wait for a new album!

  377. I have been captured by Jennifer and Kristian’s beautiful music since I heard them for the first time when I was about 7 years old. I have been a loyal follower and fan of them ever since. I know every single song of theirs by heart and I love them all. I LOVE YOU TWO SOO MUCH!!!!

  378. My daughter absolutely LOVE Sugarland we’ve been to 2 concerts including the one in Indy. My daughter is probably one of their biggest fans and she would absolutely love this!

  379. I love Jennifer. She has the most wonderful controlled singing voice. Beautiful music!

  380. I am a Sugarlandaholic! <3 I listen to their music 24/7 and I have been to two concerts. They are amazing performers and entertainers, but more importantly, they are just truly incredible people. I hope to get the chance to meet them one day and tell them how much they inspire me!

  381. Would feel very lucky to win such a prize…love their music.

  382. I was lucky enough to see Sugarland’ Incredible Machine tour at PNC in NJ last May 21sy, the day that was predicted to be the ‘Rapture’. Little Big Town opened for them & Matt Nathanson also performed. Icing on the cake was the good ‘ol hootenanny to end the show. Simply amazing!

  383. Thanks for the opportunity. Jennifer has the most unique voice in music today!

  384. Absolutely LOVE Sugarland and what they stand for!!!

  385. I have loved Jennifer and Kris since the first hit Baby Girl. My son and I have had the pleasure of seeing them in venues tbat have allowed us to talk for a bit. As exciting as that was I was blown away when she remember my sons name from a St. Judes radiothone 5months earlier. They are incredibly real people and my son and I will always love them

  386. Sugarland my favorite. Seen them last year in concert by far the best concert I’ve seen. Can’t wait to see them again this year. I could listen to there music 24/7. There voices sing to my heart. It’s not often u get a group and can sing and entertain like this. I would love a copy of the cd.

  387. Jennifer and Kristian- you guys truly are amazing. In fact, the whole Sugarland crew is amazing! Your music is so inspiring, and your voices are beautiful. I didn’t think it was possible to be so in love with a band, but I guess I proved that wrong. ;) Just know you really are a huge impact on my life. Keep on singin’, and I’ll keep on listenin’. :) I will be a Sugarland fan for as long as I live! <3

  388. I have loved Sugarland from the first time I heard them. Their song “Just Might (Make me believe)” helped me through a rough time. I would so much love to win one of the awesome, once in a lifetime autographed copy of the new CD. By the way, I thought my mom was the only person who popped corn in bacon grease! : )

  389. Oh, how can one put into words the effect Jennifer Nettles and the music of Sugarland has on not only me, but all of their fans? Regardless of the mood one may be in, Sugarland has a song that relates. Jennifer and Kristian write and perform their own music with such heart and soul. When she sings, you not only hear what she is saying, but you feel it and see it.Their love of their music and their fans is definitely apparent and returned to them full circle by stadiums of smiling people singing their songs back to them on a nightly basis. Thank you, Jennifer and Kristian for all that you do.
    “Dreams come true”

  390. I love Sugarland! Jennifer is such an inspiration to me! I want to incorporated some of the things she does to my life, such as eating healthier and doing yoga.

  391. I think Jennifer Nettles is just about the cutest person on the planet!

  392. I suggest the Ladies Home Journal auction off the 3 signed copies of Sugarland’s Incredible Machine for as much money as possible on Sugarland’s website to Sugarland fans and donate the money to one of Jennifer’s favorite causes like the Shalom Foundation!!! Nice thought don’t you think?..John

  393. I absolutely LOVE Sugarland! Their harmonies are amazing and sometimes unusual, and they always manage to write songs that I can really relate to!

  394. I have seen Sugarland every year with my best friend. We have seen them in 5 different cities as well! We would love more opportunities to see them – and if you haven’t before – it is a must! It’s a great show and Jennifer has an even better voice live! We recently saw them in a very small venue in Niagara Falls – an it was the best concert yet!
    I can’t wait to see them again!!

  395. I am a huge fan of Sugarland! They are amazing and even better in concert! I have seen them twice this year so far and am seeing them again in September!

  396. I’ve already seen Sugarland twice. Can’t wait for the next time. I already have the CD but how kewl would it be to have an autographed one!

  397. Sugarland is an amazing band, and a true inspiration to so many people!!! Their concerts are incredible, and Jennifer Nettles has a voice like no other!

  398. Sugarland is so awsome I love there music,And Jennifer Nettles has such an awsome voice like no other she is so amazing. The band is a true inspiration.

  399. Never forget the first time I heard their first single Baby Girl on the radio. Hwy 212 in Damascus, Or. They will be the PERIOD on the end of an amazing decade in music history. The 2 of them pushing the “limits” of country music bringing together hip hop, southern blues, gospel, blue grass… They are exactly who you see in a crowd at one of there shows. Wranglers next to BCBG, next to a Ramones shirt. You have 2 beautiful young men arm in arm while grandpa tries to work his first digital camera in hopes of capturing a tangible microsecond of the indescribable genius that is Jennifer Nettles and Christian Bush… radiating unlike any 2 ever have or will. There is nothing like SUGARLAND. All while never losing who they were and why they are there. They write from their hearts and sing it with everything they have. They are like your first tattoo… As soon as you are finished, you find yourself needing another. There is a song and a line from them that seems as if it was written just for you. I feel like trying to sum them up is pointless because you never know what you are gonna get here in SUGARLAND :0)

  400. Saying Sugarland has changed my life is the understatement of the century! i had been a fan since I first heard something more in ’04 or ’05 and then when I was 12 I because a super-sugaraddict! I rarely listen to anything but them! Im 16 now and just finished my junior year! I don’t know how I would have survived high school without their music! I have been able to go to 6 shows in less than two years and I love how everyone in my town knows that I love sugarland!! (I have had teachers tell me when they are appearing on shows {which I already knew but hey, its funny!}) I would be so ecstatic to win this ablum not only because of how much Ialove Sugarland, but because it has my favorite song on it, Little Miss. I swear it’s like Jennifer and Kristian wrote a song about me personally. I have listened to it over 1500 times since the October 2010 release and that song never gets old. Please consider me for winning this autographed album. And Thank You Jennifer and Kristian for Changing My Life!!! <3sugrlndchgdmylif

  401. My daughter and I just love Sugarland! I took her to see them a few years back when they would get in the giant balls and roll over the crowd. Jennifer rolled over my daughters hand and winked at her. That kid was so excited she didn’t sleep all night. Nothing says true fan like a six year old who wouldn’t wash her left hand for a week! We also saw them on their In Your Hands tour….awesomeness!!! Favor duo of all time. Ole girl could sing the phone book and it sound wonderful!!!

  402. My favorite part of the article:
    Philosophy I live by . . .
    Be grateful—and be your best self.
    So TRUE!!

  403. Love,love Sugarland. Jennifer is so down to earth and
    really connects with her fans. She makes things look so easy.
    Just her ways and how she encourages people to believe is the best . I am new to being a fan of Sugarland but it didn’t take long at all to realize that they are the best. Winning this would be great to share with my mom. Thanks so much.

  404. I love Sugarland and I think Jennifer Nettles is amazing! I’m from England so it sucks not having the chance to see them live etc because I think they would have a really great concert. This would be such a brilliant prize to win :)

  405. Sugarland is my favorite band EVER!

  406. I love Jennifer!

  407. Jennifer is by far the most insightful on Duets and her two contestants are the best. She’s so genuine. I love the way she feels her songs when she sings them. I can’t listen to Sugarland enough!

  408. I have been a big fan of Sugarland from day one. Jenifer is great but it takes 2 to make up Sugarland. Kristian is a very important part also. I would love to win especially since I don’t own anything by them. I am 69 years old and on limited income. Music is good for the soul. Makes you feel better.

  409. I want to win! :)

  410. LOVE LOVE LOVE sugarland!!!

  411. Sugarland <3

  412. Going to see Sugarland next week at CountryFest in Cadotte, Wisconsin. Jenn has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. Love her on Duets!
    She is definitely the all American girl next door.

  413. I was 15 the first time I heard a Sugarland song, and was touched by the emotion and openness of “Just Might Make Me Believe.” I’m 22 now, and still turn to Sugarland for inspiration. Jennifer’s passion, songwriting, and soulful singing inspires my own creativity and zest for life. Thank you to Ladies Home Journal for publishing a wonderful article that helps all of us fans to connect with our favorite singer and role model! I do believe that the heart is an “incredible machine,” and it would be an honor to win a copy of one of my favorite Sugarland albums :)

  414. Why I want to win this signed CD by the one the only SugarLand? Well, because I believe I’m the biggest fan ever! I loved them ever since Baby Girl came out, my aunt brain washed me with that song (and thank god she did). I have all there CDs and two SugarLand T-shirts, one I got for christmas and the otehr one I found on a Target shelf (Thank you Target!). The only thing that I haven’t done yet is go to one of their concerts, I can never afford it, but I’ll get there one day!
    SugarLand is such an insperation to me, they keep me going and smiling :) I love them so much that I started to make a scrapbook about the and hope to get that signed by them. SugarLand is a great band and I love them so much! Winning this would mean the world to me, thanks for reading this! <3
    ~Jessica Heady

  415. I attended my 13th Sugarland show in Atlantic City, N.J. last night. Their shows just keeps getting better. I would love to have a signed copy of this incredible cd.

  416. Love Sugarland and especially Jennifer Nettles on Duets. would love to have a signed copy of the cd

  417. I would love to win this.In this economy I can’t afford much and this would be really great to have.

  418. I’d love a signed copy of Incredible Machine to replace my current worn out one!

  419. You’re my favorite group!

  420. I love Sugarland, their previous cds helped me through a few bumps in the road and although I can’t afford the things I used to take for granted, I am so happy that I got to experience their music.

  421. Jennifer is beautiful on the inside and that is what makes her beautiful on the outside!!!

  422. Oh, how i love sugarland. Jennifer is by far my favorite singer of all time. I would be so happy, so appreciative to win this autographed c.d.! Just saw them in concert – awesome.

  423. Wow, with so many superstars today you forget that at one time they were normal people, people may poke fun because i enjoy the musical art and sound that sugarland provides but at least i can say that sugarland doesn’t advortise drugs or alcohol or profanity but can realaxe and help you unwind or bring a smile to your face because originally music was about being able to express yourself,and to bring happieness too others

  424. They are truly a wonderful band. I saw them last summer it was awesome.

  425. Jennifer is such an inspiration. I love what she sings and stands for. She’s such a great role model in a time when good role models are hard to find. Thank you for this opportunity. Win or lose we all have won for having a place in our heart for her music

  426. Oh, how I love Sugarland. Best band ever and a group of great people! Always recognize the young people in the audience. I love that! Would love to win!

  427. I love Sugarland!

  428. I would absolutely love to win this! Sugarland is my favorite band! I just love the chemistry that Jennifer and Kristian have together and the music is awesome too!

  429. Yay! Sugarland. Great article.

  430. Love the music. Jennifer and Kristian bring to the stage to a whole new level of energy and there is no way I can stay in my seat. My feet may be sore by the end of the concert but the dancing is so worth it.

  431. I love Sugarland so much, especially Jennifer! I saw their Incredible Machine tour in St. Louis, MO. They were sooo incredibly great!

  432. I would so love to win their album!

  433. Jennifer is truly amazing! I have seen her live and wow what an example of true talent and a fierce woman!

  434. I would really like to have their album!!!

  435. Would love to win

  436. I love Sugarland and would love to win a signed copy of their latest album.

  437. I just saw Sugarland perform in Atlantic City this weekend after missing them the past couple of years at the PNC Bank Arts Center. Jennifer Nettles has an amazing voice and I am a true fan. I just read in LHJ that she donates $1 from each ticket to Guatemala. It just so happens that the friend I brought with me to the concert who wasn’t too familiar with the group before but loved the concert has an adopted son from Guatemala. My friend will be very happy when she hears this news. Thank you, Sugarland, for bringing me joy every time I hear your music!

  438. Jennifer is a successful, amazing, gifted artist with looks to boot. And with all of that she approaches life with a fun, entergetic, and caring personality and will speak her mind when needed, stand back…she can be feisty, but so sweet and loving as well. Thanks for giving us the little extra tibits on what she likes. I love here to pieces and she is my perfect role model :)

  439. Oh, wow. Jennifer is my idol. She exhibits everything I oh, so terribly want…

  440. Such great music! Fantastic all the way around

  441. Sugarland is the best. Awesome songs and talented artists. Jennifer Nettles rocks on Duets. I loved the Incredible Machine tour last year when they stopped in Pittsburgh, PA. It was my time to see Sugarland in concert. It would definitely rock my world if I won the autographed cd.

  442. Just reading the above entries shows why SugarLand is such an important band in the music industry today. They’ve impacted so many lives with – - -

    Great musical talent
    Great tours……
    Great songs……
    Outstanding performances……
    A love for family and community

    All in the career of great musicians…..

    They are one of my dozen heroes and have been since I first saw the “Baby Girl” video on February 1st, 2005. Now as a retiree, they are my favorite hobby and a signed copy of “The Incredible Machine” would be a great addition to my memorabilia.

    “SugarLand” – Kristian and Jennifer: Two small town dreamers who were raised by some down to earth family members who gave them values I would be proud for my son to have. And until someone proves me wrong about rumors, I stand pat.
    Handsome and beautiful, talented writers, singers and performers, they have paid their dues and have provided the country music genre with some awesome, emotional and meaningful songs. Forming SugarLand was a gamble that has paid off. When Kristen left, it could have all fallen apart. But they went into San Antonio (my first concert) and performed their hearts out. The rest is music history that some seem to want to debate for years and hey!! that’s ok. But they are my heroes and will continue to be until I see something that determines otherwise. Gotta love ‘em…..

  443. Love Jennifer and Sugarland!! Such amazing voices and music! Would absolutely love to own a signed copy :)

  444. I would LOVE to win this signed Album from the amazing Sugarland !!!!

  445. Sugarland literally saved my life. I am a huge fan of both Jennifer and Kristian. I hope to be able to meet both of them and thank them in person someday. I would be thrilled to win an autographed CD from them. My wife and I have seen them 5 times in concert. They are beautiful people both inside and out.

  446. Would love to win a signed copy of the Incredible Machine. Love Sugarland! P.S. I can’t wait to see them in Vegas!

  447. WOW! LOTS of responses! But Jennifer seems like such a great person, so it doesn’t suprise me that everyone wants to win a copy of this!! ;) All I can say is that I just heard today that she and her husband are expecting their first child, and I am SO VERY excited for them!! Becoming a parent is, by far, THE greatest gift in the world! Though there are hard times and good times.. I think she will make one amazing momma through them all!! ;) Congrats to them both and it will surely be one very gorgeous, blessed child! Not sure if she actually reads these or not, but best of luck and wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy!! I know it can be rough at times (I’ve been through it twice & would do it again in a hearbeat) But it really DOES go fast! so try to enjoy every moment & know that all of the “pain” will be over and, SOMEHOW, you really DO forget allll about it when you get to hold that amazing gift from god that only you and your husband can create! ;) Much peace & Love ~ Stephanie

  448. I would absolutely love to get a signed copy of The Incredible Machine album because I would share it with my daughter who absolutely LOVES Sugarland so much. My daughter and I have both gone to a few Sugarland concerts, each time with a cd or shirt in our hands hoping to get it signed or meet Jennifer and Kristian. I don’t think there is a single minute where my daughter or I are not listening to Sugarland- my daughter has actually fallen asleep listening to Sugarland. “What I’d give…” to have a signed copy of the album. Sugarland is incredible, Jennifer and Kristian have come so far and are very dedicated to the fans. Thank you Sugarland for everything and everyday you have made better for me. Love you Sugarland.

  449. I would really like to win

  450. Love Sugarland! Been to 12 concerts!

  451. She is such a positive role model

  452. There are very few performers that we encounter in our lives who consistently cause us to believe every word they sing! There are even fewer that couple that with soulful goose bumps every time you hear them! Jennifer Nettles is one of them. Whether I am a winner of the autographed album or not, I will own the latest album, I promise!

  453. Absolutely the best act in country music right now. I’ve always loved them, but was still surprised at Jennifer’s amazing talent on “Duets” – without a doubt, it will be one of her singers who wins! She is great at picking the right song for the singer. Can’t wait til the next show!

  454. Sugarland is amazing in Concert San Diego 2012

  455. I Love Sugarland…i have been to a couple of their concerts they give me chills everytime i hear them perform. They are amazing in everyway Jennifers glow on her face and way of making every performance so much fun to watch. I hope i win this signed album. I have always wanted to meet them in person but this will be the next best thing.. I love LHJ also :)

  456. I’m so infatuated with their music…What I’d Give to win this CD!!!

  457. I really LOVE Sugarland? I have been a fan club member for this is my third year but as of yet have not been able to MEET & GREET with them. I still think they are the greatest. Lasy year I was able too see the show on May 7 in St. Paul/Mpls, MN and it was the MOST AWESOME SHOW I have ever been too. My Boyfriend Greg always plays the song “ALL I WANT TO” when we go to bars to have a drink and something to eat and I always start too sing the song to him and due some hand and eye cordinations to the song, he will also play the song “STUCK LIKE GLUE”. but the song we fell in LOVE to is All I Want To and that is when he said he really started too fsll in LOVE with me. I would really like to be able to have a signed CD from sugarland because I LOVE them, and He LOVES me. Sugarland is the BEST Dual of the century. I also have “BabyGirl” as my ringtone for my dad when he calls me. Their Songs, their interactions on stage and their songs are super great. I just wish I had the money and ability to be able to travel more to see their shows. I am also really hoping that they make it here to Minnesota this year and hope that I finally get the chance to finally Meet with them, which would make my life complete. I LOVE YOU SUGARLAND Deb

  458. would love this!!!!

  459. Jennifer, congrats on becoming a mommy!! best wishes to you and Justin :) <3

  460. Congratulations on expecting your baby in Nov!!! what fantastic news!! :) Saw the tour opener show in Toledo, it was FANTASTIC, seeing them again in Detroit. Can’t wait :)

  461. Love Sugarland and would love to be the winner!


  463. Jennifer is gorgeous! Sugarland is FAB! Luv, luv, luv LHJ! The best mag with the best giveaways! :)

  464. My husband is a big country music fan and Sugarland has always been his favorite. He plays his music in his truck, when I am not around. I am a cool jazz fan. It wasn’t until I happened to see the group on T.V. one evening and I said “Wow, what a great and powerful voice that gal has”. Crow does taste a bit like chicken.

  465. Jennifer Nettles has the most beautiful voice with such a fantastic range. She can sing any type song and sing it beautifully. Love seeing her every week on Duets. Her personality is as great as her singing.

  466. Pick me please!!

  467. Love this group and their music. Would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  468. Jennifer Nettles is awesome! And I love Sugarland. Jennifer and Kristain are the best! I have seen them in concert three times in the past two years and am looking forward to seeing them next month! It would be awesome to get a CD signed by Jennifer or Kristain. (I always hope for that guitar you give away at the concerts.)

  469. Love your music, you are two very talented and inspiring people, thank you ps-a big ‘congrats’ Jennifer to you and your husband, just read your wonderful news :)

  470. I LOVE SUGARLAND so much. Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are awesome singers and are awesome performers! I love going to the concerts and getting a close seat so I can you both dance and sing. I also love when you spray paint LOVE on a flag and send someone through the crowd with it. I wish I could be one of the people to do that. It would be an awesome dream to meet SUGARLAND but it is also awesome to win an autographed CD. I love you guys. and congrats on Jennifer on your awesome news. You will be a great MOMMY!

  471. I love Sugarland!!!!!!!! Jennifer and Kristian have voices so amazing that angelic and heavenly come to mind!!!!!!! Congrats Jennifer on your news, I’m a mother of four and raising my angels has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

  472. Hi Guys
    Love your music! Jennifer, congrats on your pregnancy. Tina

  473. Just read the article in LHJ and loved it! Jennifer Nettles has a sweet spirit and I just love singing along and listening to her songs. I would love to win anything by this deserving artist. Congrats on the pregnancy. God is Good!

  474. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I love your music and I would love to win this prize.

  475. Loved the article and their music and also the TV show Duets

  476. I love sugarland! Have seen you guys 41 times in concert..would love to win! See u in valdosta Georgia very soon!

  477. I love sugarland and would love to win this contest!!!

  478. Jenn is the best role model for any young woman or up and coming singer. She is talented beyond belief and has the voice of an angel. She has wisdom beyond her years. And I am Sugarland’s #1 fan!

  479. I am going to see Sugarland in concert in 24 hours and I can’t wait. I am Jennifer’s biggest fan. I am praying that I will be able to meet her at the concert. It would be a dream come true to receive this autographed CD. She is such an inspiration and a great role model. Love the show Duets. I am so touched everytime I hear a Sugarland song, it brings me to tears and I can’t help singing along. I am so happy to hear her wonderful news. She will be a wonderful mother.

  480. I would love to win a signed copy of SUGARLAND! My daughter loves your music and I would surprise her with it.

  481. They both have super voices and I just love Sugarland! Jennifer is the best on Duets and we DVR it just to listen to her and her partners over and over. Would love to win this :-) .

  482. I have Sugarland for almost their entire career! Besides the great music and pure entertainment Jen & Kris offer, I also appreciate the positive energy flow they exude. It is infectious. I also so appreciate their philanthropic efforts, too. :-)

  483. Stuck like glue is “our song” and my husband and I just love it. We just had our 36 anniversary on Tuesday, June 19th. Thanks so much.

  484. I would love to win this. Sugarland is great!And Bon Jovi kissed Jennifer lucky girl!! lol

  485. I Looovveee this band! They are such an inspiration! They drive me to be a better person & their music is so impacting! I would absolutely love a signed copy from such a genuine person! I think I would scream from the mountain tops – j/k, I would in private though :b

  486. One of the best groups around. Love their style of music and would love to win the signed copy. Thanks, LHJ for the giveaway!

  487. I love the voices of Sugarland!

  488. I love Sugar and Sugarland :)

  489. I am stuck on SUGARLAND!!!!! <3 I'd b stuck to the cd like glue if I would win the signed copy!!! Love their energy & all they do!!! Such a positive influence on people. ;)


  491. I just want to take a moment to compliment LHJ for interviewing one of the greatest voices of our time. I have always been a huge fan of Jennifer Nettles. She is so inspiring, and such a wonderful vocalist. She definitely puts the SUGAR in Sugarland!!!!

  492. Not exactly sure if making a long post helps or not but regardless I will write away.

    It might sound strange but every time I attend a concert of theirs I have a letter tucked away to give to Jennifer one day. The letter started about 5 years ago and I have rewritten it a dozen times at time goes on continuing to express my gratitude. Although I was not old enough to follow her from her start I have found such beauty in her music she wrote when she was “The Jennifer Nettles Band” and of course through her time being apart of Sugarland. I have found incredible strength in myself that I honestly didn’t know existed because of her. The lyrics Kristian and Jennifer write have inspired me to go further in this journey of life. I am 19 years old but when I talk about her and hear things about her I feel like I am 7 years old again looking to one day be like my idol. I honestly could go on for days about how she has helped me out of my depression and about how somebody on such a different level as myself has saved my life in more ways then you could imagine, but my story isn’t the one that matters. It’s the story of the fans as a whole, the survivors, the creative ones, the musical ones, and the ones with absolutely no musical talent or singing ability but still drive down dirt roads blaring her songs and singing together at the top of their lungs. She is truly an inspiration and I am so honored that I had Jennifer to look up to growing up and guide me through my current stage of life.

  493. Great interview! I would love to win a signed copy of The Incredible Machine!

  494. What a gift ! Hearing Jennifer sing and watching her perform ALWAYS lifts me up. I am so grateful for her positive impact in my life ! ^_^

  495. Love them!

  496. I love Jennifer and Kristian…can’t wait for them to record a new album. Congrats on the new baby, Jennifer!

  497. WE just love Jennifer Nettles and Sugarland and wish her all the very best !!

  498. I don’t believe i could be this lucky. But i can dream.

  499. Congratulations! Love your music.

  500. Love the town of Sugarland, TX & the fact that Sugarland donates $1 of every concert ticket they sell to the Shalom Foundation, which helps the poor in Guatemala.

  501. That would be awesome!

  502. I would be thrilled to win!!

  503. I would love to have an autographed copy! I love Sugarland!

  504. I LOVE Sugarland … am SO excited about the new baby! :) Congrats to Jennifer & hubby!

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  506. I love Sugarland and LHJ!!

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  508. Super good

  509. I would love to win this as I am a huge fan and love what she’s doing on Duets. A truly talented artist!

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  515. I love that Sugarland is a favorite that both my daughter and myself enjoy together. Their music keeps us connected. Thanks!

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  523. Love Sugarland. This would be great to win.

  524. They are great and would love to have a signed copy of their newest album.

  525. Thank you for the neat In my words article about Jennifer Nettles. I was really interesting to find out where the name of the band Sugarland came from.

  526. Love “em

  527. I hope I’m chosen! So many entries!

  528. I like their music – sign me up please!

  529. i read the article in lhj and was just so enthralled by the down home ways of sugarland.have loved their music since day one .i would be so exicted to win.

  530. Love Sugarland please enter me in the drawing – thanks!

  531. I am a great fan of Sugarland and Jennifer Nettles. I was Duets every week just to hear her sing new songs! I believe Jennifer has the most beautiful voice & I enjoy watching her sing. She is a down to earth, beautiful woman so very talented! Love you guys! Congratulations, Jennifer on your pregnancy!!!!! I would love to win this CD!!!!!

  532. I’m always looking for new, upbeat, and fun music to listen too. I like quite a few of Sugarland’s songs and would LOVE to win an autographed copy of their latest :) Thanks LHJ for hosting this giveaway!

  533. i would love to win this cd

  534. OMGosh! Love Sugarland. Soo much fun and energy – happy music. Would love to get a signed copy.

  535. Love Sugarland! Sooo country!

  536. I’m so happy that Jennifer is going to be a Mommy.

  537. Sugarland has a unique sound and story to tell.Jennifer Nettles has an amazing voice.

  538. Love Jennifer Nettles on Duets and would love this Sugarland CD!!!! Thank you LHJ!

  539. The first time I heard your band, you were singing, “Your Baby Girl” at R&R Bar-B-Que on Pitts School Rd., Concord, NC. I loved your singing.

  540. I love your music. Hear it when Baby Girl came out. Would love to win!

  541. I want to hear more from them. Thanks.

  542. Sugarland is amazing!!! I love their music, and I would love to see them in concert sometime :)

  543. I would LOVE to have an autographed copy of their newest album! I’d also love to see Sugarland in concert!! :)

  544. I would love to win this music — just love listening to Sugarland!

  545. sugarland whoo hoo

  546. Jennifer Nettles has an amazing voice! The girl can sing anything-even the proverbial phone book! Great group. I would love to win the CD.

  547. I would LOVE to win a signed copy of ‘The Incredible Machine.’
    I am 68 years old and love listening to, and watching Sugarland perform. Jennifer Nettle’s voice goes right to my heart.

  548. My daughter Kelly, has traveled all over to see sugarland’s concerts with two of her girlfriends. Even now that she’s pregnant with her first child, she doesn’t miss the concert even if it’s extremely hot out. She truly has been and is a fan. It would be great to surprise her with a signed CD.

  549. I’m 52 and I’m what you might say, old school when it comes to country music. What I mean is alot of the country music, in my opinion, is not country music anymore. I love the older classics when it comes to country. Its great and it will never be surpassed. Alot of the so called country doesn’t really sound country, But I’m sure the younger generation loves it. I’m not saying I don’t like or that I hate it, its just not like George and Tammy or Patsy Cline. Anyways I do think Sugarland’s music is different and up beat and I enjoy listening to it. So how awesome would it be to push my oldie cassettes and my CD’s aside, which I do not have many of, to replace it with the Sugarland CD. Keep up the good work and the music Sugarland!!!!! Jennifer’s voice is angelic!!!!

  550. would love it. Awesome.

  551. Sugarland’s music is phenomenal; Jennifer and Kristian seem real in every way.

  552. I love Sugarland! Their album was the first album my refugee foster daughter owned and their song Stuck on You was the first song she learned in Engligh! Great band that we love.

  553. I just love Sugarland! Jennifer’s voice is incredible. I love the way she sings, dresses and animates her face or body with her songs. I am so happy to hear that she is having a baby! It’s a special time in both their lives. Together they make wonderful music together!

  554. Thank you for the opportunity to win this!

  555. love listening to Sugarland – would love to add this album to my selection.

  556. I absolutely LOVE Sugarland!! It would be so awesome if I won this!

  557. Sugarland rocks!! Pick me :)

  558. It’s been fun watching Jennifer on Duet. Hope I can win this for my husband

  559. I would love this!

  560. I love Sugarland and their music really speaks to one’s heart. They are a fantastic duo and each song they sing is sung with passion. I saw them in concert a few years ago and have been following them since that time…thank you for the opportunity to enter my name with so many others to win this album to add to my collection.

  561. My wife and i are huge Sugarland fans and would love to win this one of a kind cd!

  562. My husband and I saw Sugarland @ Snowden Grove, Southaven, MS. What a show!!!! Love watching Jennifer Nettles on Duets!

  563. Wonderful music. Hope I win this. Thank you.

  564. I have been a fan of Sugarland since they began (way back when there was 3 members). I would love to win this cd! Jennifer Nettles can belt out a tune like no one else!

  565. I’m a big fan and would love to win this CD!

  566. Loved the article in LHJ and so did my teenage daughter. Would love to win this CD for her and I to sing to in the car on our girl’s day out!

  567. wouild love this

  568. I would love this CD, too. Sugarland has such a unique sound, I always know when I hear them. Jennifer and I share a love of coffee and I think my sister looks like her

  569. Love their music, would love the chance to win their latest CD.

  570. fantastic prize

  571. Would really like to win their latest CD.

  572. Love Sugarland