You Deserve This: Win Macbeth Collection Gift Card

June 1, 2012 at 2:26 pm , by

There is certainly no better gift than something completely personalized. Whether it’s for yourself or a friend, we’re sure you could come up with so many ways to spend a $60 gift card to The Macbeth Collection. We love the idea of making their tool caddy into a nautical striped bin to corral your summer sunscreens. Or you could use it towards a treasure tray or a tub.  No matter what item you chose, don’t forget you can personalize it with more than 400 patterns and a choice of fonts. How about picking your family name for a one of a kind treat?
You could be one of the lucky 10 winners of a $60 gift card to be used at but you can’t win if you don’t enter!

To enter to win a $60 gift card to The Macbeth Collection,  just leave a comment below!

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438 Responses to “You Deserve This: Win Macbeth Collection Gift Card”

  1. this sounds like a fun idea!

  2. Love items that are unique, stylish, and practical. Would love to get something to store my shells and seas glass from my beach adventures.

  3. what a lovely way to make any home more welcoming

  4. Love the Macbeth Collection. Fun prints!

  5. Would be awesome!

  6. Sounds awesome sign me up pretty please!

  7. Pick me!

  8. Sounds great!

  9. I need this in my bathroom in a bad way!

  10. Bright & Cheery…great idea !!:))

  11. Would love to try it!

  12. Looks great – fingers crossed!

  13. Love the Macbeth Collection.this would come in handy in alot ways! thanks

  14. What a clever for a tool caddy. Especially when we have to “work” all the time to keep our skin health and safe.

  15. So pretty!! Would love to have this to go out on our boat and play.

  16. It seems, the ideas are endless.

  17. Love the caddy very cute way to keep my things organized and with in reach.

  18. I could really use this caddy :) It’s so cute and a good size for storage.

  19. This is such a cute caddy. I would love to make one for my daughter’s art supplies. She would enjoy seeing her name on it. Thank you LHJ for the chance to win!

  20. I would love to win this!

  21. <3 I sooo need this :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Would definately add to the beach summer theme !

  23. would love to win i never win anything

  24. Love these containers!

  25. Sounds great!

  26. Would love to win!!!

  27. Love the Macbeth collection. Winning would be great

  28. Love me some organization

  29. This would look so good, and be functional as well, in my spare room, which is a “beach” room. Thank you for this chance to win it!

  30. Very cute indeed!

  31. “Fair is foul, and foul is fair.”

  32. Thanks for the opportunity to try these products

  33. This is super cute, love anything you can personalize or monogram!

  34. Now this sounds like such a fun idea!

  35. I am all about beachy colors and decor. very nice!

  36. What a wonderful idea!

  37. Would love something from the Macbeth Collection.

  38. Summer wedding coming up with lots of out of town guests. What a lovely addition these products would make for our after wedding BBQ! Love the “drinks” bucket!

  39. I Love the Macbeth Collection, This would be a great win!

  40. A very stylish way to create unique storage ideas.

  41. Absolutely love the tool caddy!!! Perfect for all the organizing I’m trying to accomplish.

  42. Love it! Very cute idea!!

  43. This would be nice!

  44. Great idea pool season is on!!! got to protect the family

  45. Haven’t tried this yet…would love to win!!

  46. This would be wonderful!

  47. I would love to win one of these it would look good in my bathroom plus the skin care

  48. I want it!!

  49. This is definitely my style, just threw all my sunscreen in an old shoebox yesterday and slapped a label on it…..this is even more efficient!!

  50. Nice prize.

  51. What a fun caddy.

  52. I would love to have this to organize some lotions and potions I have. Thank you!!

  53. Really want to try it

  54. What a neat idea!!

  55. this would be a nice prize to win

  56. I could use any help with organizing and this is so cute on top if it all. Would be a great help in my household!

  57. Love it!

  58. Ahh,this is awesome would love to try these products!!!Wish me luck!:):)

  59. adorable. and so useful. thanks.

  60. Love it I hope to win, nice prize to win. Good Luck, Thank You.

  61. would love to win this

  62. Very cool! Thanks for the giveaway!


  64. this would be nice, something to put my stuff in.

  65. being organized saves so much time great prize idea!!

  66. Awesome!

  67. What an interesting prize-looks like such good ideas!

  68. Great to for once be pampered

  69. This looks like n awesome gift card to win. I love personalized items.

  70. I love this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. what a lovely set!

  72. So cute and organized!

  73. I so need to get organized – hope I win this!

  74. Very cute. Would love to win one.

  75. Personalized what fun!

  76. Would love to win this. Could give this
    to my daughter-in-law.

  77. Love anything nautical lookings – especially while organizing!

  78. Macbeth Collection is brand new to me. Looking forward to seeing more of it!

  79. I would love to win this gift card. Thank you, Cathy

  80. What a great way to organize! Love it!

  81. I would love to win this gift card. Thank you, Cathy

  82. Wonderful! Love to try it.

  83. Cute!

  84. Would love to win one!

  85. Love the Macbeth collection & love the caddy. So many uses.

  86. Love their collections. I would love to win this!

  87. What a brilliant idea for a vintage tool box. I love it! I could carry my bath products when I take a shower at the gym.

  88. Very classy looking. Would love to win one!

  89. This sounds great!

  90. It makes sunscreen look “chic” and that’s hard to do. Even in this day and age people are still resistant to use it but this cool looking basket,It invites ones eye to it and hopefully encourages people to use the product in it. I love the colors and would love to win this basket !!!!

  91. Love, love, love the colors! I wouldn’t know where to begin to choose which one I loved the most.

  92. Anything that helps me organize is good!

  93. Awesome

  94. I would love to win. Thanks :)


  96. I would give this to my mom! Even though mothers day and her birthday have passed, she deserves it!

  97. thank you for the contest!
    sellcrystal2 (at) yahoo dot com

  98. I have been through a lot this year and could use something fun.

  99. Love this collection! Perfect style for summer and my teen girls :)

  100. This looks like it is fun! and useful at the same time.

  101. i would love this for my home

  102. Thank you for the sweeps. This would make a nice gift.

  103. Great idea…wonderful prize!

  104. Thanks for the chance

  105. Thanks for the chance – personalized gifts are so nice!

  106. That caddy is so coool

  107. Thanks for the chance… I love that caddy!

  108. ooooOOOOOoooo treasure tray! Nice!

  109. I’m always looking for new, stylish containers to help me keep organized! This is great!

  110. Love the nautical striped bin.

  111. If I won I’d share the gift card with my daughter (her birthday is coming up). They have some really beautiful things at I love the designs!

  112. Love, love love this. My son and family just put in a pool. This will be a great container for them!

  113. Love the Macbeth Idea….

  114. Fun site! I love the pitchers! Thanks!

  115. I love it! Too cute! Love the nautical look!

  116. I love this giveaway! Great for organization!

  117. wow i love this! thanks so much for the great contest! xo

  118. I’d love to win this gift card. Thank you, Cathy

  119. Love the nautical look and how appropriate it is for summertime celebrations – so many uses!

  120. very cute, summer themed. great for the season

  121. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :) My birthday is June 14th so this would be a cool birthday present for me, I’m turning 30! :)

  122. Would love something like this to decorate my new house!

  123. Would love to win this! This would be more organized for my kids sun lotion, better than the plastic bag that I currently use:)

  124. I would like to win this! would like to try your product have never used it before.

  125. I am over do for some pampering :)

  126. This is nice!

  127. I would love to win. Thank you for the opportunity!

  128. What a wonderful idea love it

  129. would love to try these products

  130. This collection looks amazing!! Would love to win a gift card!!

  131. I always need a caddy and how lovely to be able to personalize !! How creative and exciting !!

  132. I would give this as a gift to my daughter filled with red, white and blue flowers.

  133. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!

  134. Colorful items that are so practical and useful.

  135. Reminds me of the beach!

  136. Love it

  137. What a great way to keep everything organized and easy access and portability for teens.

  138. Wonderful products!!!! Great stuff!!

  139. storage caddy is adorable. thanks macbeth

  140. This is way cute, would love to shop the Macbeth Collection.

  141. Love it, would be excited to try the Macbeth Collection products!




  145. Ihave so many ideas on what I can do with this. The fun of it all. My quote Life is to short to be unhappy

  146. I want to be more organized. This caddy would make it easy–and fun. Love it!

  147. What a wonderful way to organize and beautify my house all at the same time! I love all the bright, beautiful colors!

  148. I love the MacBeth collection! Would love to receive the caddy. :)

  149. I’ve never tried the Macbeth Collection but would love to try it and the caddy too!

  150. I would love to own a caddy to put my cosmetic stuff in. The Macbeth collection sounds so interesting for me to try. Please, pick me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))))))))))))))))))))

  151. I need one!

  152. Love it! thanks for the chance

  153. looks good! luv it:)

  154. Love this idea. People are always leaving sunscreen at our house – this is a cute way to store the collection!

  155. I love to decorate and redocrate so this is right down my ally! Look great to store picnic items–plates, napkins, etc.

  156. Just got a house… I can use ALL the help I can get!!! THANK YOU

  157. I love unique decor and if I can use it for storage even better! I am looking forward to seeing more on their website

  158. I keep all of my family’s sunscreen in a BUCKET! This would look so much better!

  159. WOW! Love it! Hope to win!

  160. What a delightful caddy. So many ideas for it.

  161. I’m an over-the-top organizer so would love one of these cute caddies!

  162. this is new to me; Hopefully this will help me get (and stay) organised!

  163. Never heard of this company before, but looks awesome and would love to give it a try! Hope I win!!

  164. Perfect for organizing so many things.

  165. My house is tiny and I am always looking for pretty ways to organize

  166. Sounds like it is a really great collection.

  167. I am currently in the organizing mode/getting rid of stuff mode, so I could really use this!

  168. So cute! Would love to win this and use it to hold all my swim/pool items!!!

  169. Cute!!! Fingers crossed!

  170. Could totally get into this caddy, love it

  171. What a great idea for to help get organized.

  172. This would look perfect by the pool with these products on my nautical themed patio! Would love to add this to it!

  173. Sounds like a great product. I’d love to give it a try.

  174. This would be great to have at my beach house as guests are always looking for sunscreen, which we all need to use everyday. So cute!!

  175. I have two little girls and having a cute place to corral all our summer sunscreens, hair things, nail polishes, and beach stuff would be fantastic! Thanks

  176. Love the opportunity to try new things, thanks!

  177. this looks like a great accessory i could sure use!

  178. I have always loved the Macbeth Collection!!!! This would be a great treat!!! :)

  179. I would love this for my pool stuff!

  180. Great Idea!!Would love to have one for my bathroom. It’s perfect for my weekend guests, necessary items.

  181. Neat! My bathroom needs help. This would be a great way to get my stuff together….

  182. This is awesome,I’m so excited..hope I win!! Sunscreen is a necessity for me now and I am passing ‘the good’ of sunscreen on to my children! Thanks for this opportunity !!

  183. Great gift for my wife’s upcoming birthday.

  184. I love this prize!

  185. i would love to try this

  186. would love this

  187. What a great idea to round-up all my stuff on the counter, a tool caddy. Love to win! I need sunscreen since I just had some precancer removed.

  188. Would love to try their products!

  189. Would love to win!

  190. great contest! good luck!

  191. Very nice organizer


  193. What an awesome prize, would love to have. Thank you!

  194. Thank you for hosting such a nice giveaway. If I am chosen as the winner. Bitsy Bucket for me !!
    I love the dog bone. How cute.

  195. I would love to have any of your products! It will be hard to choose if I win…

  196. cool prize

  197. I love these products! Cute and functional! What can be better than that.

  198. would love to paint it with hearts!

  199. What cute stuff- Love it!

  200. This would be so awesome to win, especially with 5 kids to organize for!

  201. Cool stuff, great prize

  202. Love this handy dandy caddy!! Happy to enter for a chance to win!!! *fingers crossed*

  203. would love to win :)

  204. I’m clicking my heels together, I hope I win, I hope I win……..

  205. I’m getting into the whole labeling craze right now so this would be great addition to my storage plans

  206. What a cute caddy!

  207. What a great prize! Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  208. I would love to win!!

  209. Love the collection.

  210. Would love to win.

  211. wife would love

  212. Never win, no way

  213. This would be great when family and friends are poolside. I can easily pass around the sunscreen!

  214. I would love, love to carry this caddy to the pool.

  215. Love the collection!

  216. I would love to try the products and decorate my grandchildren’s room in my house with the caddy.
    They love the beach and that’s the look we are going for this time. Make 3 people happy and protected with the gift.

  217. Creative.

  218. Sounds great.

  219. cool beans, love it

  220. I would just love to try out all these great products!!!!!

  221. I love the homemade appeal of their products.

  222. Would love to win!!

  223. Caddy really looks neat!

  224. What an adorable way to keep beach necessities all in one place and organized! I love that it’s able to be personalized, keeps me unique just the way I like it.

  225. i wanna win this great bag

  226. I would like to win.

  227. Great idea-love that it can be personalized!

  228. Style AND Organization!! Who could ask for anything more! LHJ has the best giveaways! :)

  229. I am not familiar with this product, but would love to win and try it out.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win prizes!

  230. I love the Macbeth products!!!

  231. Wow – I love this product – so versatile and my wheels are spinning with ideas on how many different ways it could be use. Love it!

  232. I think this is very creative! I love the idea of making it your own. I would love to have it!!!!!!!

  233. what a fun giveaway, thank you!

  234. How nice! This would be perfect for our summer beach excursions!

  235. Adorable and too much fun. Unique and clever.

  236. Love the caddy and the macbeth website. Hope I win!

  237. Would be great for a hard working mother!!

  238. This would be very very very nice for a grandmother of 13 to win. HAPPY I would be~~~~~~

  239. Love this month’s issue! Lots of great ideas and articles,. Really like the one on Real bathing suit bodies.

  240. I LOVE LHJ – and it is now the only physical magazine I subscribe to. I have been a subscriber for many, many years, copying my mom. The articles have always been timely throughout the years. This month’s articles on Jillian Michaels and “Fix Your Health Problems over Lunch” are great! Thank you!

  241. My sister treated me to issues of LHJ,I’m really enjoying them and the caddy attracted my attention!!

  242. I love the striped nails…going to look for them.

  243. The Macbeth collection is super cute!! Watch out Vera Bradley ;)

  244. Great collection. I’d love to win!!!

  245. Adore organization!! Hope I win!! Thanks!!

  246. I really like that I can personalize it with my own pattern and font. Also I’d love to put my family name it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  247. Great containers!

  248. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! I would love to begin organized my pool items on my sunporch…right now, they’re just kind of scattered all over the place on a shelf! Thank you for the chance to win it!!! :)

  249. Lovely prize!

  250. I love storage totes and use them all over the house. A caddy that could hold summer cosmetic items and look cute at the same time would be a real plus.

  251. Very cute organizer!

  252. The MacBeth Collection would be awesome in my bathroom. Thank you.

  253. Love this!

  254. Love your ideas, thanks for the chance to win.

  255. If I won, I’d give this to my wife so she could get some things for herself.

  256. So adorable!

  257. I am completely blessed to have a 4 foot pop up pool by the side of our house so that I can swim with my children all summer! The only thing that would make me even luckier is having the awesome macbeth caddy to carry our sunscreen out every day! :)

  258. I love thinking about all the ways I could customize the caddy.

  259. Would like n’ luv this!

  260. I am a container collector and this one needs to come home to me!

  261. There are some very unique items. I like the general purpose of this and the added colors. Fun and eyecatching!

  262. I wanna win!

  263. Need it!

  264. i love free stuff what better way to try new items to see if they are what you want to buy in the future.

  265. A Perfect Gift For The Summer !!!!

  266. Totally awesome caddy which will look great in the mudroom exit on the way to the pool. The bright colors will assure it won’t be left behind.

  267. What a beautiful treat!!

  268. Would love to win!

  269. Love it!!!


  271. It would be so great to win a gift card to choose wonderful items from the MACBETH COLLECTION!!!!

  272. How fun! Wouldn’t this be cute for a get-together with friends?

  273. Would love to win to hang on my wall & store all my goodies!

  274. Love this

  275. I would love to win the gift certificate to shop at The Macbeth Collection. I just visited their website and they have such cute and fun storage/gift/home accessories. I have never heard of this company and now am in love with their things!

  276. This caddy by Macbeth is adorable; would love to win! Thank you!

  277. Everyone deserves a surprise once in a while. This is a great surprise. The Macbeth collection is fabulous!! A new mom like myself would really enjoy this gift.

  278. the caddy is cute..going to make my own! Need stuff to fill it with : )

  279. This item would certainly be a great organization tool…would look great in my granddaughter’s bathroom! Hope I win it for her!

  280. I am so happy that I found out about this website. Very nice things! Would love to win this container!

  281. love it

  282. Love this!! Would be perfect for summer organizing!!

  283. Would really love to win this prize! It would be perfect!

  284. I could really use this!

  285. I love the caddy! I would personalize for my sister’s upcoming birthday; she would just adore it. LHJ has the best finds! Thank you for the giveaway!

  286. I am always looking for new ways to get organized, and this is just soo cute! I hope I win.

  287. They have such fun stuff! I would love to win!

  288. An adorable first step to becoming more organized- fingers crossed!

  289. Lame. They have such lame stuff, it would ruin my day if I won.

  290. The caddy is great and very versitile would get a lot of use out of it

  291. I would love this prize it looks great.

  292. The bright colors and beachy theme of macbeth products are where fun and entertaining meet. I would bring this caddy of sunscreen products to the beach or to my deck while entertaining friends.

    Fabulous, Fun caddy, with Flair! Would love to show it off!

  293. Perfect for Florida this winter!!

  294. would love to fill the caddy with the sunscreens to keep on my patio-living in sunny south florida, one can never have enought sun screen! thanks for the opportunity!

  295. Love the stripes! Ready for the beach.

  296. So cute and useful! A place to collect all the necessary sunscreens, sunglasses, etc. so they are always ready to go!

  297. Would be perfect for indoor or outdoor gatherings!

  298. The possibilites I see for this are endless.

  299. I would love this – wish me luck!

  300. Sounds fun! Would love to win!

  301. Sweet organizer and would love to try the products.

  302. I hope to win the neat Patriotic tin caddy. My husband retired from the Navy and would like this fixed up in a US Navy design.

  303. I try and try to be organized and I find it’s best if your looking totally organized, neat and your friends get all jealous! This would be the envy!

  304. After looking on The Macbeth Collection website I’ve already mentally spent my imaginary $60 giftcard.

  305. Love the nautical look, my whole wardrobe would be nautical. New to the macbeth collection but I would love the caddy to get organized with.

  306. My husband and I recently moved from a humid sea-level area to the dry high desert of Northern California(around 4600 ft). Our skin would love to win the Macbeth Collection Gift Card.

  307. We sure could use storage help.

  308. What a fun give-away.

  309. How nice it would be to win The Macbeth Collection. You get choose your gift and even personalize if you are so inclined.

  310. That looks cool. I could find something interesting on their site.

  311. Great prize, would love to win it. My skin is always on the dry side, it would be great to try their products.

  312. Would be fun to win. Need a pick me up prize.

  313. Site’s got some jazzy looking stuff. I’d love to shop it…

  314. I love to keep everything nicely stored – The MacBeth Collection comes perfectly stored!

  315. I would love to try this product,so I can share with my friends!

  316. Looks like a great product.

  317. I just moved from NY to CA and we’re looking to decorate our house with a “beachy” theme. I love this collection!

  318. Great way to get organized!

  319. i need to get organized…& this would really help! thanks

  320. Would be grateful if I were to win this. Thanks so much!

  321. Love this collection, I hope I win!

  322. Hope I am lucky enough to win this!

  323. I would love to try these products. Thank you for the opportunity!

  324. I can always use a good sunscreen.

  325. I would love to win the gift card and then have fun spending it to help me organize things!

  326. Amazing!

  327. I think it would be GREAT!!

  328. This is a great give away!

  329. It says Welcome Home to me!

  330. I Would be so grateful if I were to win this! My son is a red head… we are always looking for a GOOD sunscreen. I have our bathroom done with many different seashells we collected from Sanibel Island Florida, along with a 7 armed starfish that had floated to shore. This nautical themed organizer would fit in perfect! What a cute and great idea.

  331. So many possibilities! I hope I win!

  332. Love unique and interesting ideas! Would love this fun item.

  333. Very summary color and cute design. ..

  334. I would love to win this cool caddy. Thanks for giving your readers a chance to win!

  335. Oh so cute! Love all the lines.
    So girly girl! Would cherish the opportunity
    to win. Thank you for offering the opportunity.

  336. Macbeth collection is a great way to try different kinds of essential items that they offer in a smart-looking caddy. Anybody would certainly enjoy this gift.

  337. great for gift/favor

  338. This would be a wonderful gift to win!!!

  339. Entering to win. Pick ME.

  340. I’m always in this twilight, of the shadow of your heart…

  341. I deserve it because I believe every woman should have a reason to get excited- may the force be with you.

  342. With two daughters and a granddaughter I could really use the help at Christmas ! Thanks for the wonderful ideas !

  343. To be or not to be, that is the Macbeth Collection.
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to go with the vases
    Totes and Caddies of Good Fortune
    Or to use the Bins and Trays awash in a Sea of Design
    And by their colors to adore them; to enjoy; to keep.

    Oh, wait. That’s Hamlet.
    Just tryin’ to be creative, folks.

  344. Yes, I deserve it and I love bathroom caddies. Cute!

  345. I love LHJ and love this giveaway!!

  346. What I great giveaway! I would love to win!

  347. I would love to win!

  348. I could really use that tray. It’s so nice to put in the shower. Would also like to see what else they have that I need.

  349. love this

  350. would love to win this.

  351. Looking forward to acquuiring a very nice gift,with pleasant anticipation.

  352. This is so cute and useful.

  353. Who wouldn’t love this?

  354. I love the prints

  355. Adorable!

  356. Would love to win this!

  357. My husband was laid off and I would love to win this to give as a gift for Christmas or the upcoming birthday month (October). I would rather keep it for myself though!!

  358. Thank you for this giveaway! What a treat!

  359. would love to win!

  360. I would love to win.

  361. Looks like a great prize

  362. LHJ always have great articles. Contest are great too.

  363. Nice!!

  364. love to win

  365. Love the collection

  366. Always looking for new ideas, this sounds great

  367. These are so neat I would love to own one.

  368. Love to win

  369. There’s some good stuff in there! That will last me all year!

  370. This would be fun and useful if I win!

  371. Something fun!

  372. Would luv to win!!!

  373. I’ve got a new last name to flaunt and I would love to have it printed on one of these adorable totes!

  374. wow how nice of you to be offering this to us, would love to win this , thanks ; )

  375. This is a great way for my kids to know what belongs to who!

  376. This is so nice of you to offer!!!! Love these products.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  377. i would really love to0 get that purse.

  378. Treat me good!

  379. ooh, ohh, pick me! pick me! adorable crate!!

  380. Cute way to get organized!

  381. I love to be treated like a woman…

  382. This seems like something my mother would probably LOVE ..she needs some time to take care of herself for a change!. Thank you for allowing me to enter this contest.

  383. With 1 redhead and 2 super fair skinned people in our family, we go through a lot of sunscreen! Of course, everyone uses a different SPF. This would be great to hold them all in! Thanks!

  384. A great product to mind us how important our skin and health me to all of us and others as well.

  385. Would love to win this gift card!

  386. Sounds fantastic! Hope I win.

  387. Love the caddy! Would really like a gift card!

  388. Love the collection!

  389. Love this collection!!

  390. Ah,Macbeth how lovely a gift from thee would be!

  391. Like it ALL!

  392. something new for my new apartment… would be wonderful

  393. Would be perfect for me

  394. Gift card would be a great surprise

  395. looks great. I would love to win it

  396. Would love to have this!

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  402. Whoever wins this gift card is definitely getting pampered!

  403. A gift card sounds fantastic!

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