Jillian Harris Blogs The Bachelorette: Episode 4

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Well guys, the fourth episode was set in Bermuda and I have to say that I’m finally starting to get hooked! I loved hearing Emily be open and candid about what she wants for her future, and to be honest it was a real eye opener for me. Being single and so stubborn the last few years, I haven’t worried too much about starting a family or a new relationship again. But Emily painted a pretty cute picture of what she wants and made it sound really appealing! It also seems like there are some great men in this group of bachelors, and I don’t know if Emily brings it out in them, but during my season the guys were a bit more goofy and young at heart. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my season, but these guys do seem a little more “manly” with the exception of Charlie when he was crying in the car. I love Charlie, but oh my gosh that was a little…wrong!

Doug got the first date and I was so happy that he got a rose. He’s just my style—big arms, tall and nervous in a cute way. I actually liked how he dropped the f-bomb. Plus, he’s a dad, so the date felt really natural and the post card was adorable! The moment where they walked through the Moon Gate reminded me of Ed and I in Sevilla. I think Emily’s main issue with Doug is that he seems too perfect! But I think that on this show, you don’t find out certain things until later on in the relationship.

Arie is hot, but a little immature. He had good insight when it came to Ryan calling Emily a trophy wife. And when he said he missed Emily and kissed her it made my heart pitter patter. I think his ability to communicate and be open is really important. I have mixed feelings about Arie for Emily, but I do see the strongest connection between the two of them.

I thought the sailing competition during the group date was intense but I loved the idea of it. I mean this was a date that takes a real man; it’s high pressure, a little dangerous and frankly, hot. But I have to say I’m not a big fan of Chris. I’m not sure why exactly, there’s just something a bit stiff about him. But I don’t have too much to base that off of.

I wasn’t crazy about the two-on-one date. In my opinion, neither of them will make it to the end anyway. I think a two-on-one date is the kiss of death for both guys involved, so I didn’t really pay too much attention. But I know a few things are certain—it was awkward, uncomfortable and weird. And I can almost bet you right now that neither one of them will win, even though John got the rose. He’s safe for now, but moving on….

I knew something had been bugging me about Ryan and now I think I’ve figured it out. I bet he suffers from BSD (bar star denial). He’s actually kind of creepy! But he certainly seems to think he’s a good catch. Was he just pitching himself for a future season of The Bachelor? What a tool.

On the flip side, I like Jef. I think he is rad and definitely a catch. I also really love his hipster style but I don’t think he’s Emily’s type. Those socks he wore were intense! Gutsy move, Jef.

It took me a good three-and-a-half episodes but I think I’m hooked onto this season of The Bachelorette now. What about you guys?!

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8 Responses to “Jillian Harris Blogs The Bachelorette: Episode 4”

  1. Ryan was the one who called Emily a trophy wife, not Chris.

  2. I’m glad somebody finally agrees with me about Ryan. I got a bad vibe from him from the start!

    I LOVE Jef. I love the hair and the style (although the socks were a BIT too much) and he just seems cool and laid back. Plus wasn’t he the one with the guitar? (*crosses fingers* please say yes!)

    Emily seems to be different with Arie then with all the other guys. I love him and yea he’s a bit immature but I think that’d be great in the end especially for Ricki!

    One more guy I’d like to call out…I really don’t like Kalon. Seriously. He reminds me of a grown up Richie Rich and he seriuosly bugs me. I swear he’s always down-talking her, and has a stupid smug look on his face whenever the camera is on him. Grr.

  3. I know who they say the final three are and I am not surprised. I have to say though that out of all the guys, I really like Sean. He just hit me hard from the beginning and I am really rooting for him.

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  5. Chris is SO CREEPY. He always has that stalker look on his face and is way defensive, especially about the stupid age argument. He definitely showed his immaturity in how he reacted to that. I still had a teensy bit of hope for Kalon BEFORE he made that ultra-rude comment LAST week about (paraphrasing): I like to hear you talk but if you’d just let me finish. He apparently thinks he’s super high-brow but that was very ill-mannered. I like Arie and Doug!! They are the most warm and regular guys!

  6. Having problems getting into this season’s show. I do not like having the child involved. Puts a damper on things as far as I am concerned.

  7. I love kids but I do think kids on this show takes away from it.

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