In My Words: Jennifer Nettles

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My band, Sugarland, is named after . . .
A town in Texas. My bandmate Kristian Bush and I were looking for a name: This one sounded so upbeat. We’ve actually been to the town a couple of times now—we met the mayor and played City Hall.

When we’re on tour we always bring . . .
A yoga teacher and a chef. Not only is it good for morale, it’s good for our health. In the past we used to eat at whatever venue we were playing. We’d consume a lot of meat on a stick.

My new ABC reality show Duets . . .
I’m on it with Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Robin Thicke. We each pick two contestants to sing duets with, then compete against one another. I like that I perform with the contestants—it’s not just about sitting back and judging someone.

Earliest performance memory . . .
Singing with the church choir in my hometown of Douglas, Georgia. Seeing people perform something with all their heart taught me authenticity. When you don’t believe in what you’re singing, people know it.

Guilty pleasure . . .
Piggy Popcorn and Piggy Pecans from the Loveless Cafe in Nashville. Basically it’s popcorn and pecans cooked in bacon renderings so they have this sweet-salty-smoky thing going on … Honey, if you ever want something that’s Southern, that’s Southern.

Philosophy I live by . . .
Be grateful—and be your best self.

Fun Facts…
Nettles calls or emails her mom nearly every day. “She’s my sounding board and my biggest adviser.”

Sugarland donates $1 of every concert ticket they sell to the Shalom Foundation, which helps the poor in Guatemala. “I did humanitarian work there during and after college, so it has a special meaning to me.”

She’s a coffee junkie. “I have a French press, a grinder and a milk frother. I love the smell of coffee, the warmth of it, the whole ritual.”

—Kate Meyers

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  1. Where can i purchase the bracelets that Jennifer Nettles is wearing in the Ladies Home Journal July 2012 issue?

  2. I would love to win.

  3. Love Jennifer’s singing and attitude towards life. Grateful that she shares her talent with us.

  4. i love jennifer so much!

  5. Love Jennifer Nettles. Love Sugarland.

  6. Jennifer is one of my role models. I love her and try to incorporate some of the things she does into my life.

  7. Thanks for doing this interview! It’s always nice seeing new sides of one of my biggest idols. Jennifer is one of the sweetest, most down to earth people in the business today. Very classy.

  8. I love Sugarland! Their music always makes me happy and sing out loud. Their ballads are beautiful and their upbeat songs are fun. I have been to a couple concerts and even jumped over 12 rows to shake their hands. Jennifer is such a free spirit and she’s so upbeat and doesn’t take herself seriously. She’s incredible. Her voice is so powerful and when she sings with Beyonce, Rihanna, or even for the President she not only holds her own, she owns it. I love Duets. Every week I get to see her sing and it’s wonderful. Kristian is such an open hearted person and they are the best country duo and I love them so much.I love Sugarland! I would love to have the autographed CD and future success for them.

  9. Love her, she is always so positive and has such a great outlook on life. Besides, she can sing the heck out of anything! If I could sing like her, I’d never speak!

  10. Sugarland,
    You rock my world every time you come to Fl.
    You were my six year olds first concert! LOVE your energy!

  11. I love Jennifer and Kristian. Whenever I’m in a funk, I turn on some Sugarland and everything is okay for a few minutes. Jennifer is so grounded and she is such an inspiration to me. They will always be my favorite country duo.

  12. I love her! She has the best attitude and is always so humble.

  13. Thank you for allowing the world to see the beauty of this young lady. Those of us that have followed her career for a while know her beauty, authenticity and love but now there will be more people that will learn this.

  14. I saw Sugarland in concert last night. Music is such a powerful thing especially when sung by Jennifer and Kristian. Their music and lyrics mean so much to me and have gotten me through some tough times. Jennifer has a tattoo of the word “believe” and i got one also to remind me of Jennifer and how much of an amazing woman she is. She is a definate role model and I’m proud to be a fan!

  15. The passion and insight you have is incredible, pun intended. I have been inspired in so many ways because of Jennifer and Kristian. Jennifer Nettles is as real as it gets (if you can’t tell by this article just watch Duets).

    Be your best self! Amazing words from an amazing person.

  16. Jennifer has always been an amazing person. I was her 4-H adviser when she was in Clovers & Co. I’m so proud of her and all that she has accomplished. I have a 4 yo daughter and she LOVES Sugarland.

  17. I love Sugarland so much. I never would have thought I could love a country band like I love them. Jennifer and Kristian are just special.

  18. I absolutely love Jennifer and Sugarland! The concerts are always so fun and entertaining! You can never go wrong with a Sugarland song!

  19. I love attending Sugarland concerts. You always have such a great time. Jennifer’s has such a great voice. WOULD LOVE TO WIN THE CD.

  20. Jennifer Nettles enough said!!!! I love Sugarland
    They are a very talented band… I don’t think I have ever heard
    A More pure and powerful voice. I watch duets and no matter
    Who Jennifer sings with it comes out amazing … I believe
    The opening show Jennifer sang with jrome think
    Song was tonight ! I was BLOWN away it sounded
    Awesome ….. Thank you Jennifer you are an amazing
    Woman !!!!!!!!!

  21. Love your music. My brother lived in Sugarland, TX back in the early 80′s. Visited there a couple of times. I really like the show Duets. Better concept of prescreening talent and not humiliating people. As far as winning the CD, I would prefer to donate them to wounded warriors.

  22. I love Jennifer so much she has the best personality and is an amazing and giving person and the most beautiful woman in the world. I look up to her and I hope to be as wonderful of a person as she is someday. I LOVE YOU JENNIFER!!!!

  23. Everyone should get a chance to hear sugarland. The combination of talents is what makes them who they are. The music they create together, and with the band, lifts people up when they are down, sends you on a working vaction, gets you high, and sends a message to the world that we need to stand up and help eachother out.
    Stand up should be our national anthem, it should be sang everywhere! Sugarland has the power to create a following that can bring us into a new tomorrow.
    Thank you Ladies Home Journal now,
    Wont you stand up! (And send me a CD!)

  24. Thanks for the great article about Jennifer. I’d love to see Sugarland live if they ever come to Australia. Jennifer thankyou for being you.

  25. Ive had that popcorn,yumm

  26. I am a HUGE Sugarland Fan! I have been in their Fan Club the past 2 years. I have been fortunate enough to see Sugarland perform five times in concert. Last week I was able to secure Sugar pit tickets (for the 1st time) to their Albany concert. It was the closest I’ve ever gotten to the stage! I absolutely love the energy and messages Sugarland sends to the fans. Many of their songs are so relatable to what I’ve gone through in my own life. They are truly gifted performers and I’d love to someday have the chance to meet them. Winning an autographed copy cd would be an amazing gift to one of their biggest fans! :)

  27. Always love to see, hear or read an interview with Jennifer Nettles – - -

    Having lived in Sugar Land, Texas going on 21 years, Jennifer is correct when she says it is an upbeat town/city. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

    Sadly I wasn’t among the 250 fans who saw their first visit/concert on February 25, 2005, because I didn’t know they were in town. I was introduced to the “Baby Girl” video on GAC on February 1st of that year and I have been a major fan ever since. I saw their second visit (“Enjoy the Ride” Release Party) on November 1, 2006. With the help of a friend I was fortunate to meet the mayor and Jen and Kristian after their concert in the Town Square Plaza on the City Hall steps.

    Jennifer always looks beautiful in my eyes, but the photo selected to accompany her comments for this article is one of my favorites.

    In it – - -
    she’s as beautiful as a “fresh fallen snow,”
    With eyes like a “goddess,”
    Hair like the softest of “silks”
    A body Beyonce would love to have,
    And weighs in at the perfect weight for her height. (5’7″)

    A few years ago identified her as one of Country’s Biggest Fashionistas -

    THE FASHION PLATE – Jennifer Nettles

    “In my words” Jennifer is – - -

    beautiful inside and out
    hand-holding friendly
    pure musical perfection
    the ultimate performer

    Favorite songs: “Fly Away” and “Sugar Land”

    I guess I kind of like her. . . .

  28. Jennifer Nettles is the best!

  29. Jennifer is so positive I wish I could be like her all the time. She is a person that just lifts our spirits up when you see her, hear her talk or even think about her. Keep rocking on sister you are truly amazing!

  30. I am a big fan of Sugarland. Their music does so much for people. It heals, it comforts, it cheers you up, and most of all it relates. It tells a story that everyone in someway or another can relate to. I have been a fan since day 1 but more recently I have really gotten into their music. I have met so many amazing people through being a fan of theirs. Back in October, a group of girls I had met through the fan club and I ventured to Atlanta for their hometown show. To say that trip was amazing is an understatement. I gained 6 new best friends that trip and I will never forget that experience. Sugarland has changed my life and brought so many good things into my life and I am forever grateful to them. They bring me up when I am down and their music heals. Thank You Jennifer & Kristian :)

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  33. Such a positive person :)

  34. I really like the hands on approach for the fans that they are doing this year. I would really like to know where I might be able to purchase the white jacket that Jennifer’s wears with the WINGS on the back and the HANDs also on it. I really like this very much.

  35. I love Sugarland!

  36. I love sugarland! I have seen them 41 times in concert, and have enjoyed every one of them. There aren’t words to express how much I love them.

  37. I have been a JNett fan since her JNB days. I love everything she does. Plus, she has bonded my daughter and I together through her music. She has inspired my daughter to reach higher and express herself through songwriting and singing. Can’t say enough good things about this woman!

  38. Terrific lady, half of a wonderful duo, and absolutely the best voice around!

  39. The most talented female singer around!! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VOICE!!

  40. [...] time out of her busy schedule (she also stars on ABC’s new show, Duets) to speak with us for July’s In My Words interview, and she was nice enough to sign copies of their most recent album, The Incredible Machine, for [...]

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