Fashion Emergency Kit Must-Haves

June 14, 2012 at 3:47 pm , by

I’ve worked on photo shoots for 9 years, so I know how to fix almost all fashion emergencies. This talent has come in handy for the countless weddings I have been in. Bride has a stain on her dress… Gab to the rescue!  Mom’s hem is down… I’m on it! Maid of honor’s shoe too slippery… fixed! (I think I just figured out the reason why I’m invited to so many weddings.) Regardless, it’s important to be prepared. Here is my list of items that you should have at home, in your desk, or in your purse when you need some styling assistance. Because I can’t be everywhere!

  • Safety pins: At least twice a week a coworker comes over and asks me for one. They’re a go-to for a broken zipper or button — or when you realize your top or dress reveals a bit more that you intended for a Thursday morning meeting with your boss.
  • Lint brush: Some days you’re just a magnet for hair, fuzz, and debris. It seems ridiculous to carry a large lint brush around with you every day so I love these lint removing sheets — they’re thin and small.
  • Shout wipes/Tide pen: Because stains happen.
  • Double stick tape: A personal favorite of mine, it’s super handy for keeping your blouse in place or to fix a hem. My go-to brand is Fashion Fix: It once kept my strapless bridesmaid dress in place for 10 hours!
  • Baby wipes: Hands get sticky, things drip. They aren’t just for baby’s bottoms!
  • A black sharpie: It can fix nicks and random stains, like that bleach stain you discover on your black lace tank when you’re already at work… or something like that.
  • Blister pads: Especially useful in the summer. Keep a few of these strips in your wallet because you never know when a blister will form.
  • Needle and thread: A small spool of black, navy and white are all you need. Pre-threading a needle now will make future you happy.

Other items like clear nail polish, tissues, static guard, Downy wrinkle release, Band-aids, hand cream, a nip of whiskey, bobby pins, and Q-Tips can come in handy as well, trust me!

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