Jillian Harris Blogs The Bachelorette: Episode 7

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This week we’re down to six men in Prague, and I knew by the looks of last week’s preview that things were going to get very interesting.

Is anyone surprised that Arie got the first one-on-one date? Emily didn’t hesitate to confront him about the “little” bit of information he had been keeping from her. It turns out that Arie briefly dated one of the producers on the show years ago. Awkward! Luckily Emily and Arie were able to smooth it over and they were back to locking lips in no time.

Dear John…to be honest he just isn’t doing anything for me. He seemed to think the date went so well that he decided to fill Chris in, and he wasn’t a happy camper about that. Then Sean hit the streets to track down Emily and squeeze in a few kisses. Well played, Sean.

Next up was the group date with Doug, Chris and Sean. A carriage ride took them to a beautiful castle and Doug was the first to get Emily alone. I’m not sure what went wrong, but it wasn’t looking too good for Doug. That awkward kiss between them before Emily sent him packing was painful. Poor guy. Sean prevailed in getting a rose from Emily, and I was hoping Chris would’ve handled it a bit more smoothly, but he really showed a different side of him and it actually made me a little uncomfortable. Was Chris having a bad week or were his true colors shining through? Yikes!

Then it was time for Jef’s one-on-one date, and I could hardly wait to see what would happen. I know I’ve said that Jef might have nice-guys-finish-last syndrome, but he was such a cutie and I can tell that Emily sees him as a potential soul mate. I don’t think they let go of each other’s hands once through out the entire date. Plus, he hit the jackpot when he picked a princess puppet for little Ricki—so adorable. But I have to say that I think he should have omitted the fact that he dumped his last girlfriend solely because of his parents’ opinion. TMI! Emily was clearly a little freaked out and rightfully so, but when he said “I want date you so hard and marry the bleep out of you,” I literally laughed out loud.

Emily was definitely ready to get the rose ceremony over with so she nixed the cocktail party. First Jef got a rose, then Arie. And before Emily could announce the third, Chris piped up and asked Emily to have a few words. I don’t know if I’d call that fair but it worked in Chris’ favor and we said buh-bye to John.

Well, we’re down to the final four— Sean, Arie, Chris and Jef. Will Jef, my favorite, make it to the finish line? Who do you like out of these four? Next week it’s time to meet the parents!

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  2. Actually to be more accurate, Emily NEVER confronted Arie about the Cassie situation. Why didn’t she just ask him? Arie has always encouraged her to ask him or talk to him about anything bothering her and she still didn’t ask him during lunch!

  3. What is the point of this? Is it supposed to be a recap? It barely scratches the surface, especially if you haven’t seen the episode, and gives NO context. If it is aimed at people who have seen the episode, then what relevance is added here?? There is no new information, no personal insights. It is not very well written.

  4. To Ro-Did someone ask you to critique this blog? It’s written for those of us who enjoy getting a recap and personal perspective from someone who has actually been The Bachelorette. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.