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This August Rashida Jones stars in the comedy Celeste and Jesse Forever as a woman who’s getting a divorce but wants to remain best friends with her ex-husband, who’s played by Saturday Night Live‘s Andy Samberg. (Sounds tricky, right?) If she sounds familiar, that’s probably because you’ve seen her playing Ann on the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. We got the chance to interview Jones for the In My Words interview in our August issue, and here’s little a sampling of the cool things we learned about her: She co-wrote Celeste and Jesse Forever with her ex-boyfriend, she grew up with famous parents Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton, and she gets starstruck by Justin Bieber and One Direction.

Since we love Jones and Parks and Recreation so much, we’re giving you the chance to win seasons one, two and three of the show on DVD! There will be five lucky winners—all you have to do is comment on this blog post and you’re entered to win. Only one entry per person, per email address. Good luck!

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  1. Quincy’s daughter!

  2. great show

  3. Who doesn’t LOVE Parks & Recreation? Would love to win a copy!!!!! Thank you!

  4. Love Rashida Jones!

  5. Missed a lot of seasons one and two so would love to win and watch!

  6. love the show

  7. love it

  8. Would love to win this – will make for good viewing.

  9. would love to win this

  10. Clever show. I love Amy Poeler

  11. Make me a winner!

  12. This would make my month if I won it! The show is so amazing its beyond words!

  13. Great prize! Love Amy!

  14. Amy is the best!

  15. Amy! I love you. Let’s run away together. :D

  16. love the show, don’t miss it!

  17. WHO DOESN’T LOVE pARKS & rECREATION? whoops. I had my cap lock on. sorry

  18. DVD is the best way to watch TV. I’d love to win this.

  19. love seasons 2 and 3. season 1 is pretty bad but i would still love to win!

  20. Love this show!

  21. Sign me up for that comedy goodness!

  22. Amy livens up every thing she does.

  23. love to watch a good show make me a winner

  24. Discovered this show kind of late. Pick me so I can catch up!

  25. Two words – Ron Swanson

  26. Very funny show.

  27. Parks and Recreation is a great show!!!

  28. Love this show…would love to win!!

  29. I love to laugh, so this is the perfect giveaway for me.

  30. I love this show because it is one of those TV shows that is actually funny, and coming from NBC, you kind of have be, in order not to get canceled. Plus, Aubrey Plaza is one of the queens of deadpan comedy.

  31. LOVE this show!

  32. love!

  33. Great for a raining day!

  34. i love this show – it has given new life to rob lowe – ive always thought he was underrated relative to his acting skills. and who doesnt love Amy Poehler!

  35. love this show

  36. love the show but missed so many episodes due to work, would love to win!

  37. I’ve seen only 1 or 2 “Parks and Recreation” episodes, so I’d like to win the DVD’s so I can seem them all from the 1st to the last. I didn’t really understand the characters that much with just 2 shows.

  38. yes please!

  39. I haven’t seen this show – time not a lack of desire to do so – and would love to have the dvds to do so at my leisure.

  40. I would love to win these DVD’s! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  41. Rashida is a great actress. I would love to win!

  42. Love Parks & Rec! <3

  43. Would love to be a winner.

  44. Missed season 1 & 2 would love to catch up on them with this win! =D

  45. I’d love to win!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  46. Saw an episode on an airplane a few years back. Funny!

  47. Great series.

  48. Love It !!

  49. This is my favorite show, would love to win it!

  50. LOVE this show!!

  51. Would love to win this!

  52. I would love to watch this video.

  53. would like to see this show.

  54. This is a great giveaway.

  55. Love Parks and Recreation…one of the funniest shows!

  56. Pick me! I love Rashida and Parks & Rec!

  57. Absolutely love this show! Crossing my fingers, hoping to win

  58. my sister loves this show

  59. This show is so funny. Love all the characters and hope to win!

  60. Absolutely the funniest show on tv! Have been a fan from the first episode!

  61. Would love to win this show!

  62. I love to laugh, I have seen a couple of show and would love to see the rest of the season.

  63. I am a fan of this series after working in Indiana for the City of Indianapolis. I can see many similarities to the Parks and Rec Board there!

  64. I could fill in my missing episodes.

  65. Every character in this show is spot-on! It’s really the only sitcom I watch these days.

  66. treat ya self!

  67. I really need a good laugh right now!!

  68. yay, i’d love to win!!

  69. This is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. Love it!

  70. I truely enjoy this show. one the very few that I used to watch on t.v. I have cut out cable and we now borrow movies from our local library. they do not carry this and inner-library loans do not either. i would love to win so that i may watch and laugh at this hilarious show. please pick me!!! -)

  71. Rashida Jones is the perfect addition to a great show.

  72. Would love to try this show ever since I saw President Obama talk about how his family loves it!

  73. love parks and rec! thanks for the fun contest! xo

  74. Love the show!!

  75. too funny. need to see this

  76. Love that show!

  77. i loved her on the office and would love to watch her comic chops on parks & recreation!

  78. My wife and I love it!

  79. Parks and Rec is such a great show! All of the cast members work so well together! And Ron Swanson is my idol!

  80. What a great way to escape this long, hot summer!

  81. Love Quincy & Peggy & Rashida!

  82. I would love to win this great dvd

  83. Funny series.

  84. Love Rashida & love this show!

  85. Parks and Recreation is one of the funniest shows ever on television!

  86. funny show but I’m rarely able to watch it, would love the dvd’s to catch up!

  87. I have turned so many friends on to this show! It’s hilarious. Rashida is great as Anne Perkins!! Can’t wait to see what happens with Tom and Anne :)

  88. Amy and Rashida are my favorite actresses.Snl and boston public

  89. Such a great show! I’d love to win.

  90. Definitely one of the most smartly-written shows on TV right now. So much fun to watch, I’d love to own it to watch over and over again anytime!

  91. Rashida is a babe

  92. I would love to have these so I could watch at any time, again and again!

  93. I would love to watch this at my leisure.

  94. This would be fantastic to win. My husband and I have never seen the show. It sounds fascinating and funny. This would be a great way to have all 3 seasons to view and catch up!

  95. Love Parks & Recreation! Sweet and funny!

  96. My wife and I love this show.

  97. This would be the PERFECT gift for my boyfriend! We both love this show do much!

  98. Rashida is gorgeous! We all need some laughter and comedy in our lives these days! What a FAB giveway! Luv ya LHJ! :)

  99. My husband and I love” Parks and Rec” and “The Office.” We’ve watched every episode at least three times. Rashida Jones plays such great characters on each. We’re hooked!

  100. Would love to win this. Have heard great things about it and I love Rob Lowe.

  101. My husband and I love” Parks and Rec” and “The Office.” We’ve watched every episode at least three times on Netflix but would love to own them. Rashida Jones plays such great characters on each. We’re hooked!

  102. LOVE LOVE LOVE the show. I didn’t see the first season so I would love to win this.

  103. love to win it

  104. This is one of my favorite shows. I would love to win!

  105. would be the diggity bomb to win!

  106. What a great prize to win! And Rashida is so adorable!

  107. Can I say ROB LOWE? Love him. Always look forward to his scenes.

  108. very funny show, would love to own these!

  109. This is the best!!

  110. What? All of the season?

  111. Aziz Ansari is the best

  112. I am so into this show

  113. Would love to own these DVDs!

  114. Awesome giveaway for an awesome show–thank you!

  115. Pick me!

  116. Thank you!I would love to win this since I misssed a few..

  117. Would love to win! I dont always catch all the episodes so this is perfect. Thanks!

  118. One of the best shows in history

  119. This is my favorite comedy ever and Ron Swanson is my all time favorite comedy actor. Everyone on the show is great and the writing is extravagantly original.

  120. I would love to win this!

  121. Love P & R! Ron is a riot!

  122. Fun to watch


  124. I got a late start on this show. Would love to go back from the start.

  125. Parks and Recreation is my favorite show on television today. What a great prize!!!

  126. i would love to win this, I like the show a lot but had to miss so many episodes!

  127. would love to win these since I have never watched the show but heard it was good.

  128. Great show…I would love to win this. Thank-you for the opportunity.

  129. would love to win & watch

  130. Havent heard of this before but sounds like something i would like!

  131. SUCH a great show. love!

  132. This show is so funny! Love parks and rec!

  133. One of the funniest shows ever!!

  134. Faithful follower of the show. LOVE it!

  135. I’d love this for my son’s birthday. He is a police officer and really deserves a terrific gift like this. Thanks for the opportunity.

  136. awesome show! would love to win!

  137. I wish I could live next door to Ron Swanson!

  138. LOVE this show! definitely my favorite. I cannot even pick a favorite character because they’re all so great!

  139. I’ve never watched this show, but if I won I would.

  140. Too bad I’m too old for camping, I used to love it.

  141. I like Rashida’s work in Parks & Recreation and the movies she’s done. She’s beautiful AND talented!

  142. My favorite show. This would truly be appreciated and enjoyed.

  143. Would love to see the series from the start

  144. I live in Fort Wayne & I would love to have this show on DVD.

  145. Have not seen this show. I would love to catch up.

  146. I actually worked at the Park’s Department and this show is great-I can totally relate!

  147. This is great!! Hoping to win.

  148. Would love to win this!

  149. Treat yo self! This show is the best.

  150. I only saw S1 Ep1. Looked like a good show. Would love the opportunity to see the rest.

  151. I have seen advertisements but have never seen the show I will definitely have to check it out hopefully I win it :D

  152. Rashida Jones? You know we’ll watch that!

  153. Can’t wait for this movie! She and Andy make a great pair.

  154. Would love to win this as this is a family favorite! SO FUNNY

  155. I love Parks & Recreation!

  156. Love, love, LOVE this show!

  157. Rashida is awesome!

  158. Make me a winner

  159. Would love to win this to watch!

  160. I am unemployed and trying to support two grandchildren, a retired disabled husband and 2 rescued chihuahuas..what I need is a beautiful bag like this to carry my resumes with me to interviews!!! Please pick me!!! Thank you for the opportunity.

  161. I love this show and winning this would make my day!

  162. I love to listen to my teens laugh hysterically and quote this show. We love it.

  163. Boy, oh boy, I love to laugh.

  164. i havent seen it but it does look funny i work second shift so I miss all prime time tv

  165. amazing, pick me please!

  166. we love this show, laughing til our sides hurt

  167. Love the show,would like to win.

  168. Very funny show

  169. NICE!!!

  170. This is my favorite show. Would love to watch them all again!!

  171. Parks and Recreation is a great show and I want to own it.

  172. OH!! I love this show!

  173. My husband and I love this show! AWESOME SAUCE! Would love to be able to watch season one, two and three! pick me, pick me :)

  174. love it

  175. This looks great

  176. I love this show!

  177. Missed the first season. Would love to have this set!

  178. Great prize

  179. coo prize. :)

  180. I’ve never seen the show, but I love Amy Poelher!

  181. I have never seen the show so I would like to watch it.

  182. This would be a great opportunity to finally watch this show.

  183. I would love to win this, thanks for the chance!

  184. Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson is my favorite part of the show

  185. Really enjoy the show!

  186. this is one of the best t.v shows out there right now,i love it and never miss a episode!!!i really,really really,want to win this

  187. love the show

  188. I Like Rashida Jones!

  189. I have heard great things about this show but never seen it.

  190. This is the most underrated show on television. I love Ron Swanson!!

  191. I didn’t think I would like it. Now I have to watch it all the time. Definitly a very under rated show, that should get more attention.

  192. great show

  193. I would love to win a copy! Such a funny show!

  194. looks good, need it for MY collection.

  195. love the show amy is the bestttt

  196. I love the face that this show is actually funny…
    would love to win!!

  197. Would love to see this.

  198. Love this show but have mixxed too many episodes

  199. Big fan!

  200. Parks & Rec is a funny show!

  201. would love to check it out!

  202. Love the show!
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  203. I have never watched Parks and Recreation before but it certainly sounds like it is a very funny show and I really hope I can win the previous seasons on DVD so I can catch up with all the episodes. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win.

  204. wow! i would love to have this! great show!

  205. This is my son’s favorite show! He would love this.

  206. Love Amy Poehler!

  207. would love to win

  208. I would love to win. Thanks for the contest.

  209. Love this show! Would love to win these! Thank you so much for the contest and have a GREAT DAY!

  210. Great show! Hope I win the seasons!

  211. Would love this!!

  212. DJ Roooooomba!!!

    Love this show!!

  213. Love Rob Lowe!

  214. i love parks and rec!

  215. I LOVE this show – it always makes me laugh. My husband has always worked for either city or county government and we can definitely relate!

  216. Would LOVE to win!! Thanks SO much! : )

  217. Love to have this collection, thanks for the contest…

  218. amy poehler’s deadpan looks make this show hilarious!

  219. So excited! I love this show!

  220. Would love this funny video to watch this winter.

  221. Would love to win the first three season of this show. Thanks for the chance.

  222. would love to catch up

  223. Love Poehler & Rashida! One of the best comedy shows to watch. I hope to win the DVD collection!

  224. Very entertaining:)

  225. Um, yes please! Such a funny show.
    x Hilary
    hilary . l . adams @ gmail . com

  226. Very entertaining show, I would give the collection to my daughter if I win to take to college she loves the program.

  227. Can’t imagine this show with any other cast. I worked nights during seasons 1 & 2, so would like to see the beginning.

  228. I love the show esp Nick Offerman..I want to re-watch over and over

  229. My favorite show!

  230. I just started watching this show thanks to Netflix. I’m not sure how I ever lived without it!

  231. Don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this show to watch

  232. nice contest!

  233. My husband and I love comedy. This one is funny.

  234. I love this show!!! Especially Ron

  235. Would love to win the Parks and Recreation contest!