Fix Your Health Problems Over a Lunchtime Salad

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Our guide to the green stuff will help you understand what fruits, veggies and grains will not only provide a healthy (and delicious!) lunch, but will also fight diabetes, encourage heart-health, sharpen your senses and aid your digestive track. Who knew you could solve your health problems over lunch? Check out the salads here!

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  2. To avoid boredom and ensuring that fulfillment of our daily nutritional needs, varing in the composition and types of salads that we may eat every day for lunch. Although there is no secret that salads help us to lose weight, eating the right type of salad for lunch can benefit us by supporting in weight-loss efforts. The leafy parts in salad are low in calories and contain small amounts of fiber. The fiber in salad makes us feel full at lunch and into the afternoon. As per research both Men and women need about 38 and 25 g of fiber, respectively. If anyone is having high calorie, eating a low-calorie salad at lunch can help to stay within the range. But sometimes eating low-calorie salads for lunch may make it difficult to meet caloric needs for the day. If we begin to lose more than 2 lb. a week, then it is better to increase the number of calories in our salad or throughout the day. Saturated fats in salad dressings can contribute to heart disease as well

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